The last few days had been very quiet around the the flat. Ludo had done his best to not push anything to Batty, and instead just let he be. He greeted her whenever he saw her but didn’t push the conversation although he couldn’t fight how difficult it was.

He had woken up especially early that day to run to the bakery she had mentioned one of the time they hung out and picked up several scones. As well as coffee and tea, not entirely sure of her preference. As he heard some movement in the hallway he stood up from his seat. “Morning. I was hoping we could stop the silence thing, i got breakfast as a peace offering”.

I remember after Patty was introduced seeing that post in the tag saying they were “waiting to see how long it would take for Patty to get hate from Westallen fans who feel their ship is threatened” or some bullshit.

Strangely, most of the hate I’m seeing about Patty is more along the lines of “I hope Patty sticks around because Iris/Westallen sucks.”

Funny how that works, huh?

I just ordered this adorable #bat plushie from Tinkerbellskawaii on Etsy!

Ive been looking for a little bat minion for Tarty for awhile now 💜 so excited!!!

I do not own the image.. All credit to Amanda White / TinkerBellsKawaii


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