I made a free seamless pattern for World Goth Day! Feel free to use this as a mobile wallpaper, Tumblr theme background, whatever ya want (just, please, don’t sell it as your own). Enjoy!!

It’s also available on products you can buy that I’ll get some money from here:


Pudgy Bat sewing patterns & kits @

I want all the bats ;o; Seriously, those pastels and albino, I’m dying of cuteness.

Also I need to make a 5x size jumbo batty :D

Reblogs are much appreciated *0* thank you for loving my batties!

S01.E13 - Batty

Written by Rhonda Smiley, Storyboard by Fanny Marseau & Thomas Astruc, Cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin

This episode was a pretty cool one : besides the new haircuts and outfits for most of our crew, we also had a guest artist working on it : the second half of the episode was storyboarded by Thomas Astruc, director of Miraculous ! Thomas also helped us to correct and rewrite most of the script. Not that we asked for him to do it : he just couldn’t stop himself… which brought me tons of additional work to manage the recording of all the new lines he changed. ;) 

Fun fact : on a first version of Thomas’ board, Iris and Praxina’s fight was much more kung-fu / martial arts oriented (Miraculous style). Unfortunately, for various reason, we couldn’t keep it as it was, and had to change it, which was kinda sad.

Anyway, it was a really nice collaboration, and a part of why we consider Miraculous and LoliRock to be “cousins shows” : a lot of people of the staff worked on both projects at some point. 

Bellow are a few sheets and posings from this episode. 

Day 9 - Screech

Apparently This is just Thrilling Intent month for me!!! Again, not a problem! But dayum xD

This one was also a stretch in terms of the prompt word, but Screech honestly didnt bring any images to mind that were particularly inspiring.

Bats screech though… right? 
“But Savvy, Batty can’t talk because of the mas-”

Either way, here’s Batty, which i took as an opportunity to practice some more foreshortening in a different angle this time though!
Relatively pleased :)