before the hogwarts battle
  • Hermione: Look, if we don't make it...
  • [kisses Draco]
  • Draco: Wait a minute! I thought you liked Weasley.
  • Hermione: I lied. I just wanted to get to know you better. You see, I'm a very cautious person, and I tend to take things-
  • [Draco interrupts, kissing her]

“Don’t mess with the God of Destruction”

I’m tired of seeing Beerus treated as a giant kitten in DBS lately, i mean … he’s a fucking god of destruction ! So i decided to draw him in a more badass-way … I hope you’ll like it ! :)

Special thanks to @redviolett for her background suggestion, and @sarahw-world and @blacksheep1105 for helping me finding refs for his arms too ! (omg it was starting to give me a headache xD)

As always, i used watercolour, pencils and gouache, but this time i used a cheaper paper and i’m strongly regretting it :(

SYRIA. Aleppo governorate. Outskirts of Aleppo. June 12, 2012. Free Syrian Army fighters sit in a house.

This picture was part of a larger portfolio of images from Syria by AP photographers that won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize.

Photograph: Khalil Hamra/AP