DUNKIRK (2017)
  • I just saw Dunkirk in 70mm and IMAX and
  • It was the single most amazing cinematic experience of my life
  • As you may have heard, there was very little dialogue throughout the movie which can make a film feel slow or even boring at times, but I was completely captivated
  • But never did I feel that the screen was bogged down with too many lengthy series of quick cuts
  • The angles used in the air were incredible and I’m sure not easily chosen
  • The use of silence in the film was fantastic and their timing impeccable; it was loud and quiet at the same time
  • His score was just too good, as usual (especially the bit where they’re trying to reach the boat in time)
  • Lee Smith is an editorial god
  • Christopher Nolan and the two mentioned above are literally the dream team
  • Can’t believe he wrote that cause, like, it’s easy to imagine something but to write it down in a concise way that doesn’t involve two characters just talking is really difficult let alone in a warzone
  • I commend their use of mostly practical effects and real props
  • There’s a point where it’s night and there’s a bunch of people in a lifeboat with flashlights (or maybe it was fire in the background, I can’t remember) while a guy shivers on the deck of a ship and it reminded me of Titanic
  • Real stories are eerily impressionable, at least in my mind
  • The depiction of what I would call the main characters was very well done
  • Taking fictional characters with a fictional story and having them seamlessly blend into the story of the movie, the story of the Battle of Dunkirk… Well done
  • It’s easy to believe that, despite being created, it may have been someone’s real story, something experienced by a real soldier on that beach
  • The events of the film are harrowing
  • So much emotion delivered in just 147min
  • Tom Hardy’s plane
  • His sacrifice and the way the men cheered for him
  • How they made us think that his landing gear wasn’t going to come out, but it did with the most beautiful colours (great colour scheme all around) of the sun lending its light for his landing down on the beach
  • How his plane became engulfed in flames, burning ablaze on the beach before he stepped into the Germans’ arms
  • It was the first time we see his face
  • But never once do we see the enemy’s face
  • It’s not about the enemy, it was never about winning anything
  • It was about survival and making it home to fight another day and in that itself is a victory
  • This story belongs to the British and although I myself am not a Brit, I have always been fascinated by this particular event in the war
  • (Sidenote: Go watch Atonement or YouTube it’s glorious 5-minute long single shot on the beach at Dunkirk)
  • My mind was basically blown when I discovered this one thing
  • Throughout the film, there’s this theme of “home” and getting there
  • Several civilian fishing boats travel across the channel in hopes of delivering soldiers back to England and like I mentioned, I saw the movie in 70mm
  • ((THANK YOU JESUS for allowing Christopher Nolan and Hoyte van Hoyte to bless us with these beautiful images))
  • At least, most of it was in 70mm
  • I immediately noticed that from time to time it would switch from full screen  70mm to widescreen 35mm. I assumed they were using a different camera for these shots/scenes, but I couldn’t figure out why
  • Then, in the car after the movie it hit me: All of the widescreen shots were of England, of home. You see, the civilian ships coming to rescue them were referred to and represented home so all the shots on the little boat were in done in 35mm as well as the ones at the end of the movie on the train and such
  • The reading of the newspaper was a nice touch made beautiful in a perfect movie
  • The boys on the train
  • The boy on the boat…
  • I could go on—but instead—
  • just do yourself a favour and go see it for yourself
Pokémon GO - Legendary Guide! LEGENDARY RAIDS = LEVEL UP

We forgive you Niantic, you were waiting almost 2-years to introduce all Legendary Birds all at once!

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, & Lugia!

x1 Candy Per Legendary?! (LOOK AT THE CP: 1589 ARTICUNO)

  • In 2016 It would only have been Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres! No Lugia.

Articuno to have Frost Breath and Icy Wind (SEE TRAILER)

Once captured your Articuno will randomly generate a charge move from the move pool:

  • Blizzard
  • Icy Wind
  • Ice Beam

Zapdos to have Thunder Shock and Zap Cannon (SEE TRAILER)

Once captured your Zapdos will randomly generate a charge move from the move pool:

  • Thunder
  • Zap Cannon
  • Thunderbolt

Moltres to have Ember and Overheat (SEE TRAILER)

Once captured your Moltres will randomly generate a charge move from the move pool:

  • Fire Blast
  • Overheat 
  • Heat Wave

Lugia to have Dragon Tail and Aeroblast (SEE TRAILER)

Once captured your Lugia will randomly generate a charge move from the move pool: 

  • Aeroblast
  • Sky Attack
  • Hydro Pump
  • Future Sight

Legendary Raid Passes will be given free!! What?!

You heard that right! As trainers “prove” to be Pokémon Masters and their levels increase, Legendary Raid Pass invitation will come to them when a Legendary Raid Egg appears.

  • It was also rumored to be included for 500 PokéCoins later on in the years.

It seems as if the Legendaries that will be launching are only the Gen 1 and 2 Legendary Birds, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Lugia and Ho-Oh. Raikou, Entei and Suicune are nowhere to be seen, and neither are the mythics Mew and Celebi.

Mythic Pokémon may be hidden in the wild or save for something better since the datamine found their classification as mythic and not legendary.

Win 10 Legendary Battles (Bronze) +1 Master Ball Drop

Win 50 Legendary Battles (Silver) +2 Master Ball Drop

Win 100 Legendary Battles (Gold) +3 Master Ball Drop

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Episode Poster For Return To Mewni

Decided to make posters for every Battle For Mewni episode to try something different for once. Starting with the first one which is Return To Mewni. I usually don’t do backgrounds so I’m a little unexperienced when it comes to them. You can see a small grail swimming in the goop alongside Lekmet’s horn which is a reference to the Holy Grail theory by @analysis-by-vaylon which you should definitely give a read.