sometimes feeling beautiful is far, far away. sometimes staying positive and steadfast is exhausting. that’s humanness though. we don’t always wake up feeling 100% every single day. we don’t always wake up wanting to adventure out in the world and be at our very best, especially when we are going through an inner battle. but be patient and kind with yourself. on your bad days and your good days. you’re worthy of that.
—  Alex Elle

my favorite thing about utena is how saionji got owned so hard in that battle with utena he locked himself in his dojo and wouldnt come out for days now thats what i call a friendzone™

Okay, but the bringing up the one time that Elijah was ready to kill Klaus was very deliberate.  People that haven’t watched tvd won’t know about that, and a lot of them may have forgotten.  Elijah was very pro-klaus all episode, until the end.  Theoretically, if they can hide Hope’s magic, then Dahalia cannot track them into the bayou.  Which means that they can keep Hope safe while Dahlia is dealt with.  My theory, is Elijah daggering Klaus is only temporary.  Ill-advised, but temporary.  Elijah made a point of choosing Klaus all episode, until he thought Klaus killed Aiden for no reason.  Elijah did not choose Hayley.  Elijah choose Hope.  Elijah made a choice to take Klaus’s paranoia out of the equation until they took out Dahlia, until Klaus damaged his, Klaus’s, relationship with Hayley further.  Elijah thought he was acting in accordance with reason and logic, which, on some levels, he was.  Klaus didn’t tell him that he didn’t kill Aiden.  So Elijah is trying to make things safe for Hope, by taking Klaus out of the equation. Do I expect better from Elijah’s reasoning skills?  Absolutely.  However, I can see a logic to what he did.  He likely knows that he will be daggered, or killed for what he has done.  But this is not a long term “let’s stick Klaus and get him back” daggering.  This is a “Elijah seeing a plan and believing the worst about Klaus because let’s face it, Klaus took ownership of a murder he didn’t commit and let’s take Klaus’s paranoia out of the equation and save his daughter and then bring him back” daggering