• shiro:keith, we need to talk
  • keith:no...
  • pidge:just listen to us, please
  • keith, backing away:no.. g-go away...
  • lance:dude, really, we need to discuss this
  • keith:i'm warning you... stay back
  • hunk:man you can't keep putting ice cubes in your apple juice its so weird
  • keith, drawing his knife:dont come any closer

I met Mac McLeod in 1933.
And I witnessed up close the price of real change.

Watch the first trailer for In Dubious Battle, directed by and starring James Franco, with Nat Wolff, Bryan Cranston, Ed Harris, Robert Duvall, Selena GomezScott HazeSam Shepherd, Zach Braff, Ashley Greene, Josh Hutcherson, Analeigh Tipton, and Ahna O’Reilly.

Based on John Steinbeck’s novel and set to premiere next weekend at Venice Film Festival, the story follows Wolff as Jim Nolan, a young recruit who joins activist Mac McLeod to organize a group of California fruit-pickers oppressed by a ruthless tycoon. The drama chronicles their infiltration of the workers’ world, the ensuing strike, and how they both help and complicate the situation — and at what cost.



Draco x Reader where they have been in a secret relationship since fifth year (the reader is a Gryffindor). They meet at the battle of Hogwarts where Draco’s parents call him to come to them and he has to side with Voldemort.

Draco hears it before he sees it. A high, cold rasp that he’s become far too familiar with. A shriek and a cry and shock seizing the base of his spine when he finally can make out the words.

Harry Potter is dead.”

Dread floods his mouth, hot and thick, as he stumbles down the crumbling limestone steps, glances around the ash mottled courtyard, sees the lifeless body of Harry Potter hoisted in the groundskeeper’s arms.

The Boy Who Lived.

The Savior.


The thought seems more like a requiem than an anthem.

And Draco –

Draco is seventeen years old. There’s soot beneath his fingernails and blood smeared across his knuckles and a Dark Mark stamped onto the skin of his arm. He’s caught, inexplicably, between two sides of a war. His blood doesn’t feel so special anymore, not when his father’s been locked up for it and his family’s been threatened for it.

The world has been turned upside down. Crystal vases shattering and misconceptions cracking. Love wilting like a rose in the wintertime.

He can see her. Standing just a few feet ahead of him. Gryffindor tie loose around her neck and cheek streaked with dirt. She won’t look at him. She’s wearing the bracelet he had given her their fifth year, only a short while after they had begun dating.

She had refused it initially, on principle.

He’s still not sure how he managed to wear her down about that, how he managed to catch her in the first place; when she’s brave and reckless and he’s scared, too scared to let anyone even know that they’re more than they seem.

He’d ruined everything.

Y/N didn’t know. Didn’t know about his task or about the mark until it was too late to salvage anything.

Draco still loves her. So fucking much.

It’s a curse, he thinks, almost worse than the one on his arm.

He can hear his father, hissing his name across the courtyard. He can see in his peripheral the gazes of his classmates, the thin lipped frown twisting McGonagall’s face, the trembling of Y/N’s shoulders.

He takes a step forward.

It’s more than a step.

It’s a betrayal.

It’s a thunder strike.

It’s a heart break.

Draco knows what he’s doing. Knows that he’s deciding between his family and her. Knows that when he reaches them, when he sides with them, it’s all over.


Draco steps forward.

Y/N watches him. Clenches her jaw and steels her spine and watches as he chooses.

Because this –

It’s nothing short of anguish. The final straw and the last rift in a broken heart. It’s sides being picked and ribs being snapped and the final chords of a love song that was never really meant to be.

She can see, almost through a penseive, the cracked films of memories. His fingers in hers, the cool nights atop the astronomy tower, lipstick stained kisses and legs tangled against a Slytherin green mattress. She can see the moment it all fell apart. His face through the steam of the platform sixth year, a difference and a change and the beginning of an end.

But Draco’s falling into place beside his parents, beside the Death Eaters, and suddenly Y/N seems to understand.

The gravity of it all is overwhelming. Moon pulled tides that sweep over her head and fill up her lungs.

She’s drowning and nobody can even see.

Neville Longbottom is shuffling across the courtyard.

Draco meets her eyes. Licks his lips and shifts his feet.

No one notices as she undoes the bracelet clasped around her wrist. Tosses it against the stone of the courtyard among the rubble.

But Draco sees. Sees and understands with a startling amount of clarity.

The war isn’t over yet, but everything between them is.


Ruby: and this is why we’ve enforced a “no weapons allowed during game time” rule.

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