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Kim Jinwoo who doesn’t lack anything

Okay, this comeback had me crying for Kim Jinwoo. 

first of all, every time he’s on screen cleans my face with all blemishes and closes all my pores.. he’s so beautiful. 

Now we got that out of the way, let me talk about how awesome Jinwoo is right now. 

This fancam highlights a few things to me about Winner. 

They have very different dancing styles like Big Bang has their own choreographed controlled chaos the difference is that Winner still follows the choreography but with their own personal twist. 

Song Mino’s moves are strong and heavy, Lee Seunghoon is precise and energetic, Kang Seungyoon is fun to watch and his body rolls,, gaaaad.

Now we have Kim Jinwoo. Jinwoo who used to be a nervous wreck during WIN, Jinwoo who can do a long-ass, knee breaking half squat (see Don’t Stop the Music).. look at the new smol-hyung who dances the stage with so much confidence. He’s like an elf on stage.. remember that scene in Lord of the Rings:ROTK when Legolas battled a big-ass elephant and glided on its trunk after? .. that’s what I was reminded of when I saw Jinwoo properly dancing. 

Also that part in 3:10 of this video, and in their studio version.. that part slayed me.. full voice, hitting that note confidently. I am so proud… huhuhu! 

The more the spotlight shines on him, the more he grows. Kim Jinwoo is a star.

Love and Ruin (Chilipepper) playlist

About Love, About Ruin and their Tale

One Piece chapter 821

Fandom: “Zoro will beat Jack!” “No, Luffy will beat Jack!” “No, Law will defeat Jack!”


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) Review

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword joins the list of many filmed interpretations of King Arthur’s story that came before it. The source material for these films and television shows like the BBC’s Merlin are derived from collections of stories about Arthurian Legends. Arthurian Literature is full of a rich palette of characters from Merlin to Tristan to Morgan Le Fay, but I’ve never been very invested in the iconic character of King Arthur himself. He always seemed too noble, idealistic, and more vague than any of the minor characters that surrounded him. I could not, no matter how much I tried, find a way to relate to this guy no less actually see him as a realistic person. His character was simply overwhelmed by the scale of his mission, the power of his weapon Excalibur and the importance of his destiny and heritage.

So honestly, when I first saw a snippet of the trailer for this film, I did roll my eyes because here there would be another film version of a story that I felt had been told enough times already. How many times can Hollywood recycle ideas with all its remakes and sequels and generally the inability to let something original stay original? However, I did watch the trailer and what I saw was something vastly different from the King Arthur versions I had seen and read before. The tone of the movie was hardly dull or set up an ambiguous character. This Arthur had drive, had passion and humor and overall seemed like a realistic, complex character that I could believe in. So, I decided to go see the film despite all the horrible reviews that I had read because it seemed like something special or at the very least I knew I had to find out for myself what this movie felt like.

The opening sequence immediately inserts you into the film. It’s the middle of an intense battle with giant elephants and armies and dark magic. The King, Uther Pendragon, is hardly the type of guy who sits on his horse and gives commands to his soldiers. No, he’s heavily engaged in the action and in this visually stunning sequence, Excalibur makes its first appearance and Uther uses it to defeat his enemy. Therefore, magic and the crown (the Pendragon line) are tied together and fighting with that sword, believing in it, is what helps this king rule. However, the tension certainly does not end with that battle sequence. Danger lies not only in magic but in blood, which creates an interesting dynamic for the story as it proceeds into Arthur’s timeline as a young man growing up. The entire movie creates this very dangerous, yet realistic world for young Arthur to grow up in and makes the point that we are products of the world we live in and vice versa (the world is a product of the people in it).

Due to the betrayal toward his family and awful massacre, young Arthur becomes an orphan and barely manages to escape. He grows up in a brothel and is raised by the women that work there, which certainly shapes his views of women and the way he respects them later on in the film. This future king has nothing and from nothing he finds his strength. It turns him into this epic warrior who isn’t polished with graceful moves or formal manners or fine clothes and weapons. His fighting is rough like the life he grew up in and he becomes a sort of wise con man, navigating deals and earning money. It also seems a big reason for him learning to fight was to protect the women of the brothel that raised him, who were being beaten by their customers. In that respect, Arthur is noble and chivalrous in one of the best ways possible because he values women and does not appear to treat them as his inferiors at any point in the movie.

The way that this film is shot with the cutting back and forth is a signature thing for Guy Ritchie and he’s used it in many of his films before. I think it works really well in this film because Arthur is the same way. He’s very physical sure, but he’s also an intelligent, fast talking guy and it’s almost as if the way the movie is shot is representative of Arthur’s personality. His language is notably different from that of Vortigen and the people in the castle. I don’t see that as a clumsy mistake, but a careful detail included in order to ensure the separation of classes and emphasize Arthur’s place as an outsider.

Another element that I really want to focus on is the music in this film because it felt like a whole other brilliant character. The soundtrack was done by Daniel Pemberton, whose other credits include: Steve Jobs and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I think his music was a beautiful addition to the film and that it has tremendous presence in scenes without dialogue. Particularly the scene where Arthur is riding into the castle after he is bitten by the snake, Pemberton’s song The Devil and the Huntsman featuring artist Sam Lee is playing and it transported me so vividly into that world with all its magical realism and brutality. A face moving in a tree and a giant snake could’ve easily become silly, but the film kept a nice tone of gravity in dealing with the magical elements of the Arthurian world. It set up the stage for something epic to occur. Even the shot with the famous Lady of the Lake was breathtaking and the shot right after with Arthur rising out of mud and holding up Excalibur was such a powerful image. I think it captivated the struggle of rising out of poverty and essentially thwarting all the dangerous obstacles his uncle put in his way. I suppose that’s also one of the reasons I love fantasy films because they key in on images and how powerful they can still be without words. Some people might see that as a weakness in saying that there isn’t enough dialogue in the film, but I disagree. I see it as a strength and there is certainly enough fast talking banter between Arthur and the other characters to add a wonderful layer of comedy to this film.

I also enjoyed Arthur’s teamwork with all his friends. It felt like a very different Knights of the Roundtable because it seemed like a bunch of good mates that were hardly knights. Yet, they had the qualities of knighthood and would each sacrifice their lives for each other. Also, the character of the mage was fantastic and my favorite thing was that she was not made into a love interest. She was an important part of the narrative and showed how magic helped Arthur regain his throne, but she didn’t have to become his Guinevere.

Overall, I was impressed over the attention to detail that this movie had and it really disappointed me that so many reviews were writing it off as unoriginal and accusing it of plagiarism. There was a mention of the elephant scene being too similar to Lord of The Rings. I’m a huge LOTR fan and the scene in Pelennor Fields where those massive creatures show up is totally different in my opinion to the scene in King Arthur. I just feel that scene in LOTR:ROTK is so iconic and the shots feel different, especially the way that the elephants become obstacles for people on the battlefield in LOTR is different. In King Arthur it’s really short and the elephants just don’t feel like they have as much presence. They’re just there being controlled by magic and represent the power and danger of magic in that world whereas in LOTR they were enslaved creatures trained for war. The scenes are different also because of the scale and the focus. In LOTR it’s much more of a collaboration of all these warriors and the focus is constantly switching from Eowyn and Peregrin to the other Rohirrim and then Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli. It’s the battle before the final battle. In King Arthur, this battle is just the beginning and it sets up the war setting that Arthur grows up into. The focus is on Uther solely and everything else around him is just there so he can prove himself as a capable king. Now, could other animals been used at the beginning so as not to cause such a controversy? Of course and I do see how people could easily call it plagiarism. Perhaps the director was paying tribute to other fantasy movies in his film by having creatures like the elephants, giant snakes, big rodents, bats…etc. However, I’m an English major and I want to point out that there is a serious difference between plagiarism and paying tribute to other films. Also, I’d like to point out that Arthurian Literature is much older than a lot of the fantasy stories we know well like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter…etc. All modern fantasy stories draw upon centuries of folklore and Arthurian literature is medieval. So, a lot of stories that include these strange beasts are actually not as original as we’d like to think. J.K Rowling did not create giant snakes (basilisk) just as Tolkien does not own the myth of dragons or elves. They did what great fantasy writers do and they did their research and brought new interpretations to old myths. I would say that King Arthur has also done that because it is relying upon characters that have been around for a very long time and it uses magical beasts, but why is that such a bad thing when it creates something pretty awesome and unique in the process? I recommend this movie for anyone that wants to go on an exciting, adrenaline pumping action ride and also feel like what they’re watching is witty and funny and worthy of their time. Feel free to ask me questions if you’ve seen the film ad want to discuss it!

This picture allegedly shows a traditional horse armour originating in India. According to Indian myth, the ancient warlords would have their horses wear long trunk-like extensions in their headpieces so that, when fighting an enemy utilizing war elephants, the elephants would not do harm to the horses, thinking they were in fact small baby elephants. The war elephants would then naturally not attack, as it is against their nature. Whether or not this is true, or just a mere mythical historical remnant, I will leave to the indologists and historians. Further information very much so appreciated.  


When you hear Hannibal now people automatically think of the fictional movie character that was a cannibal due to pop culture, but long before that, Hannibal Barca gave the name its legacy. Hannibal Barca was born in the year 247 B.C. in North Africa which at the time was named Carthage. Hannibal live during a time where there was constant war in the Mediterranean as the Roman republic ruled these lands. Hannibal at young age made an oath to his father to never become allies with Rome and forever fight against Roman Oppression and rule. 

Hannibal Became the Military leader of the North African Army of Carthage after his fathers death. He would lead his troops of over 100,000 fearless African Soldiers into many battles during the Punic wars with many of Rome’s Allies, destroying them and occupying their land and establishing dominance on the way to take on the Roman empire. Barca’s had a genius ability to determine an opponents strengths and weakness’ then use them to his advantage. He is legendary for using battalions of tamed elephants during battle and brilliant strategies of attack along with an overwhelming force that had never been seen before in war. In one legendary battle Hanniial annihilated and embarrassed the Roman empire by killing over 70,000 Roman soldiers and only losing 6,000 of his own in one day.

Hannibal Barca would win countless battles against his oppressors, he only truly loss to old age as he was 64 years old when Romans finally captured him after he was betrayed. Instead of giving Romans any satisfaction by allowing them to torture or imprison him, Hannibal Barca took his own life using poison to ensure his legacy as the strong and fearless, leader of North Africa. White Historians try to lie about or hide the importance of this Great Black Leader because of the huge embarrassments he gave to the Roman empire and because he was African. They even try to hide the fact that he was Black at all, Historians try to depict him as a White Man, but his North African Roots and family along with coins depicting a clear image of an African Man on one side along with his famous elephants on the other. Learn the Truth about your Rich History. SanCopha Salute! 

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songs for january 15th 2017 

15 songs to look back on these past three years and celebrate canon johnlock  

tracklist: watch me rise // sick of losing soulmates // stag night // cigarette daydreams // battle cry // lionhearted // elephant in the room // faint of heart // nothing’s gonna stop us now // history maker // go hard // uprising // the greatest // we found love // the x-files

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Opening Credits: Electric Feel by MGMT
Waking Up: Vaporize by Broken Bells
First Day At School: Sweet Emotion by The Kooks
Falling In Love: Nice House by Joywave
Fight Song: Dreamy Bruises by Sylvan Esso
Breaking Up: Drop The Game by Chet Faker and Flume
Life’s OK: Elsewhere by Young the Giant
Getting Back Together: Hot Thoughts by Spoon
Wedding: To Build A Home (feat. Patrick Watson)
Birth of Child: Interlude 2 by alt-J
Final Battle: Elephant by Tame Impala
Death Scene: New Ways by Daughter
Funeral Song: Promise by Ben Howard
End Credits: Apocalypse Dreams by Tame Impala

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