battletech marauder

And look! MORE Marauders.

BattleTech has had some great announcements the last few months. Catalyst began in July show-casing our re-imagined Warhammer.

Then the great crew at Harebrained Schemes up-notch-kicked that something fierce with the news they would shortly launch a Kickstarter for a turn-based PC BattleTech game.

Then Monday Piranha Games joined the deluge in style, posting up a pre-order for their re-imagine Marauder for MechWarrior Online.

Well, Piranha showed us theirs, so only fair we show them ours…this final line drawing of our re-imagined Marauder just came in this morning and as usual, immediately sharing.

As I’m working on scripts for some short videos to go along with HBS BattleTech Kickstarter, watching this re-imagined artwork flowing in for our coming Combat Manuals (and other books), and salivating at the idea of playing a Warhammer in MechWarrior Online…what a great time to be a BattleTech fan.

Next few years are gonna be one amazing ride!