Late Night Crew - Let’s get high!

Sooo, dis is an old request from nekokat42 owo Its the late night crew with Cry, Russ, Red, Minx, Raven, Jund, Snake und Battlestar :D Gotta love them- eh Im not soooooooooooooooo happy with it but its okay ouo)“  The background is- … not the best - i mean- hay- balloooooons :3

The Little Girl


The sun was brightening the day, the birds singing to him, making the ambient even happier. On a plate, a big chocolate cake was reposing and the kids around it were almost drooling, looking at the delicious cake with hunger in their big eyes.

On his little hands were his new brand pokemon cards. He looked at his sides, thinking on his next move, looking at the blue eyed-boy in front of him, who smirked arching an eyebrow.

‘’What is it, Jund? You know you are going to lose…’’ The little kid with big brown eyes only laughed.

‘’You will be begging for mercy…’’ Russ gulped, looking at the pair then at the three of them, biting his lower lip.

After a couple of minutes, a chorus of growls sounded on the hill were the four boys where, apart from their other friends.

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