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1, 17, 49 yo

1. Have you met your soul mate?

you, lil dino. *finger guns aggressively*

17. Favorite game as a child?

oKAY SO LISTEN HERE. video games were a huge part of my childhood. I adored almost all of the games on my Super Nintendo - Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (my mom beat the entire game for me, but i still remember her screaming at the game bc it took her hours to beat the last level), Super Jurassic Park, Super Battleship. and that’s really all I think i played on the Nintendo, but I loved them all. (my brother bought me a super nintendo a few years back, and a giant box of my old games, and now im like, “i must have been amazing at games because i cannot beat a single thing.”) also i loved Dune 2000 on the computer, and i’m still trying to find a good download for that game to keep playing it. and then i liked my N64 with James Bond Goldeneye, that was a fun game as a kid. And my mom was obsessed with Hydro Thunder and she unlocked every single boat for me 

(basically, if i can get my mom into a game, she will spend the next few weeks unlocking every secret mission/weapon/vehicle/skin/whatever and then i can enjoy playing it with cool additions)

49. First love?


tbh i havent ever had a first love. anytime i think i like a guy, i go out with him and then go, “ooooh bad idea i no longer like him.” nothing the guy did, the guys are great, im just so wishy-washy and also like to NOT worry about impressing someone.

Japanese battleship “Nagato” in the Parking lot, shortly before they are sent to Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) for testing. With the ship stripped of their weapons medium caliber, one of the masts and a large number of other naval assets. Overall the ship is in bad condition. During the transition to the Bikini Atoll had to stop for urgent repairs.


     This is when the photos start to get good. After becoming a more practiced photographer, I visited USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park on 11/11/2013 and was surprised to find A-12 #06938! This would be the last Habu I would “stumble upon”. Every bird from here on out would be sought out for this project. Moreover, I found the bird outside, which is a somewhat rare occurrence. They usually keep her inside, but needed to make room in the main display hanger for a Veteran’s Day Service. The two top photos were taken with my cell phone. The others were shot with my Canon s110. 

Memorial Day
Nothing funny today. This is Memorial Day weekend. Last weekend the half scale traveling version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall was in Mobile at Battleship Park. I went to see it and I’m glad I did. The wall had a huge impact on me as I walked slowly past 58,000 names - each one representing a life lost during the Vietnam war. There were also another 300,000 men and women wounded. And for what?  It’s interesting to know that all items left at the wall in DC -and this includes everything from letters, photographs, Purple Hearts to cans of beer - are collected daily, boxed and stored in a warehouse. If you’re ever in Mobile, I highly recommend going to see the battleship Alabama. She served in both the Atlantic and Pacific in WWII. The submarine Drum is also there as well as some aircraft and several nice memorials on the grounds. I wish all of you a safe and happy Memorial Day!

German battleship “Tirpitz” while parked in one of the Norwegian fiords. At the side of the battleship is the ship-power “Karl Junge” which were supplied with electricity on the “Tirpitz”, after his disruption of the British midget submarines of type X during operation “Source” (“Source”). In the foreground are visible torpedo nets that surrounded the battleship.