The winners for the L4D2 VS. Matchup II is Team Battleships. Winning out best of 2 out 3. 

Team Destroyers had a rough start on the first map, while Team Battleships were able to capitalize on their mistakes and get to the end of level and win the first round.

Second Round was really close, with Team Destroyers pulling the lead and Team Battleships just barely making by. However, Team Battleships was able to tied at the end, leading all to come down to the final level. 

Battleships were up first, they manage reach the event and got quarter way before half of team get push off the roof by charger, causing the round to end. Battleships only had one option left, to defeat them before the event start. Destroyers ran and was getting close to the event, but fail when Battleships block them at one-way ladder. Leading to Battleships Victory.

Here the quote from our winners.

“I never thought it will feel good to clockblock the Destroyers from climbing up a shaft” - Icekong

“Danny Phantom’s kind of a twink” - LaysLays

“Before I die…. tell my waifu… that I love her…asldfaklsf;kljsfkljfkjlfkjlafjadfak;dlsf" - Nyaa