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If Shingeki no Kyojin was a regular shounen

•Mikasa’s boobs would have been more important.
•Armin would be a “trap”.
•Eren would’ve at least walked in on Mikasa chaning once.
•Jean and Connie would’ve probably been severely perverted.
•The 104th trainee squad arc would’ve been longer.
•We would’ve had sneak peeks from the girls dormitory.
•Eren would have probably had a boob landing on Annie.
•Ymir would be groping Historia/Krista in public.
•Titan shifters would come out of their titans naked.
•When the girls be riding horses they be jiggling.
•Hanji’s gender was gonna be assumed.
•Eren and Mikasa would’ve -God forbid-kissed in chapter 50.
•They would’ve went to the beach-idk how-and the hot springs in the middle of a battle.
•Eren would be even blunter and denser.
•Mikasa would’ve been extremely stupid.

Just some stupid thoughts with no need to be released whatsoever…

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Ahhhh I'm not good with these requests things and idk I don't wanna rush you or force you to do it or anything but what would it be like if each main Mystic messemger character ran their own kingdom?

~I might be running with this ? so forgive me lol. 

◉ Yoosung 

  • If he had a kingdom, he would be an elf king ????
  • He’d be the youngest king to rule
  • But everyone loves him because he’s so kind and caring
  • I see him as an elf because he’s extremely smart, he values those that are near and dear to him especially family, he’s gentle but can be brave when he needs to be 
  • He would probably take a lot of walks in the forests of the kingdom to watch the animals and gather herbs 
  • He would be very very involved in the affairs of his subjects 
  • Yoosung would walk around the towns and if he see’s any injustices he is stepping in 

◉ Jumin 

  • Everyone is a little scared of him
  • Like, no one in the kingdom really sees him ? 
  • Or knows him
  • He hides himself away but he runs the kingdom very efficiently 
  • The truth is that he just doesn’t care to be so public 
  • He likes to keep to himself 
  • He isn’t mean but he is strict and expects his castle to be run a certain way 
  • SUPER good at communications with other kingdoms and lands to establish trades 
  • People are usually scared to ask him for help but when they actually do, they find that he is surprisingly kind and diplomatic 
  • He will do whatever he can to ensure that his subjects are happy and safe 
  • People that work in the castle are crazy loyal to him

◉ Zen 

  • Knight King
  • Classic style 
  • He is a king but his true heart lies in doing the classical knight stuff 
  • He lives to joust 
  • He’s often training and gets annoyed when he is called to do actual work like looking over treaties and paperwork etc 
  • His advisors keep pushing him to pick a queen, and they hold SO MANY balls for him 
  • But he always leaves early and never pays attention to the girls that throw themselves at him 
  • He thinks he will rescue his true love one day and they will live happily ever after 

◉ Jaehee 

  • Honestly, Elizabeth 1st anyone???? ((this isn’t a cat joke lol))
  • She is crazy about supporting the arts 
  • Often attends the plays and performances of her kingdom 
  • She is actually a pretty stern Queen 
  • It’s not that she is cruel, but if someone is breaking the rules then she will not hesitate to bring them to justice and she won’t feel bad about it 
  • She travels often
  • She enjoys seeing the lands around her kingdom and tasting the food from the villages 
  • Being a Queen is a lot of pressure for her sometimes so she will dress down and walk around to better interact with her subjects and be free of some stress
  • It makes her happy to feel like a normal person every now and then 

◉ Saeyoung  

  • He’d constantly have competitions where he could watch his subjects battle it out 
  • He grew up as a poor kid in the village and was found to be an heir so he took over
  • Sneaks out of the castle A LOT 
  • You could find him at his favorite inn/tavern place stuffing his face 
  • Castle food is great but its not the food he grew up with 
  • Tries to constantly bribe Saeran into dressing up and pretending to be him so he can be free of all of the boring stuff he would have to do 
  • One of his favorite things is riding his horse 
  • If they’re going on a hunt, no one can keep up with him 
  • Him and his horse have a special bond and they’re lightning fast when they get into open terrain 

Warrior Culture : Mongol

The Mongolian Empire is perhaps the most underrated of them all. Ironic since at its hights it controlled more land than Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler combined. They were predominantly a nomadic horse warrior people, able to ride for days and outwit, out maneuver, and out survive their enemies. Brutal and effective in battle with enemies, but magnanimous in peace with friends, as it should be.

  • France: Emperor Napoleon, I brought you your ride for the battle!
  • Napoléon: ... France... that's not a horse... THATS A PONY!!
  • France: I know, and isn't she cute~ You'll look adorable riding her to battle~~
  • France: really? Because 'dictator' doesn't suit you at all.
  • Napoléon: ... if you weren't my country, and if I weren't doing this for you, I swear, I will-

Ok, so I have few things to point out from the Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer.



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I might never get over that. Immigrant song is the one I used to drive my parents nuts as a teenager LOL

Ok, to the trailer.

I took few screencaps because these images caught my eye.


Is this Valkyrie riding in to fight Hela on flying horses? If yes - Awesome

She loses her sword in the battle, so I assume she is also stuck on the Grand Master’s planet. That would mean there’s a reason she captures Thor to fight against the Hulk.


Is Hela the most badass villain of badass villains? I mean





Jeez. Loki has found a worthy competitor.


I never imagined Heimdal with long locks and I am so sorry I never did.

Last but not least - LOKI




Everything is SO swoonworthy

I love it that they used this particular design of the helmet. Because it lets those locks FREEEEEEEEE!!!!

And now excuse me I have to go and drive hubby mad by playing Immigrant song on repeat for the rest of the evening


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Obi is Zen’s Foil (AnS)

I don’t know if anyone’s already made the connection, or pointed this out before, but I’ve recently gotten into the Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair) fandom, and it struck me that Obi and Zen are total opposites in almost every single way. Their contrasting qualities go beyond mere esthetics, too, which I figured out after carefully watching both seasons of the anime and doing some basic research into the manga. I’m only just now getting into reading the manga, so please bear with me if I jump to the wrong conclusions.

To prove my point, I’ll break down their characteristics, including physical appearance, skills, mannerisms, habits, personalities, etc (hopefully you all find this as interesting as I did):

*spoilers, obviously*

  • Zen and Obi’s colours are direct inversions of each other. Zen has white hair and blue eyes, whereas Obi has black hair and yellow eyes.
  • Zen wears mostly white/silver regalia with blue accents, whereas Obi wears dark tones, often black, brown, and other earth colours. His attire is usually more casual and that of a lower station.
  • Zen has a serious nature and can be quick to temper. He is described as being a very straight forward, easy to understand person. His emotions are very readable. Obi has a relaxed nature that borders on easy-going. He jokes around and avoids answering questions seriously. He often veils his true emotions to the point of being considered mysterious by almost all of his acquaintances. He rarely shows his true feelings to anyone.  
  • Zen is literally a prince, the highest form of nobility, whereas Obi is an ex thief with no title: a mercenary with no social status. They exist on opposite ends of the medieval caste system.
  • Zen is a master swordsman who fights in the open, preferring to announce himself to his opponent, giving them a fair chance before engaging in battle. Obi hides in the shadows and attacks with hand blades, throwing knives, and other projectile weapons. He moves silently, never giving his position or his intention away to his enemy.
  • Zen has no visible scars or birthmarks. His appearance is totally symmetrical. Obi has several very noticeable scars: one over his left eye, one massive scar across his chest, and many others etching the rest of his body.
  • Zen has bodyguards looking after him day and night. Obi is a bodyguard.
  • Zen has a lengthy name and title: Zen Wistaria, Second Prince of Clarines. Obi is just Obi. He has no known last name.
  • Zen rides a horse or in a carriage almost exclusively while traveling. Obi not only avoids riding in carriages, but is rarely shown riding a horse. He moves around mostly by running on foot or traversing through the trees.
  • Zen, despite having Shirayuki’s love and attention, gets jealous when others spend time with her. This is especially true when the person she’s spending time with is Obi or even Raji. Curiously, Obi fully supports Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship, not getting jealous of Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship despite having complicated feelings for Shirayuki. Even in love they are completely opposite.
  • Zen comfortably refers to Shirayuki by her first name. Obi uses pet names in place of Shirayuki’s first name, preferring to call her ‘Miss’, ‘Little Miss’, and ‘Mistress’ instead, and has been shown to feel embarrassed or shy while saying her actual name, often catching himself before finishing the word out loud.
  • Zen shows his face openly, rarely disguising his features. Obi initially covered some, or all of his face before Zen instructed him to not mask his face while in his employ.
  • Zen’s posture is fixed, upright and proper. Obi’s is fluid, often shifting from a position of extreme alertness to that of complete relaxation, much like a cat. He often walks around with his hands resting on his hips or behind his head.
  • Zen is popular and well-loved by his people, including his aides, Mitsuhide and Kiki. He has very little trouble winning friendships throughout his kingdom with his charm and good looks. Obi, on the other hand, is trusted by few people, forming no lasting friendships or relationships, preferring to keep to himself. Only Shirayuki and Zen initially trust Obi.
  • Zen is classically handsome with blue eyes and light hair. He is princely in both title and appearance. Obi is ruggedly handsome, with animal-like features, short, messy hair, and a scar over his eye.
  • Zen has no freedoms and is monitored constantly both at home in the castle and abroad. Obi goes wherever he pleases, initially choosing to serve Zen on a whim, his attachments unknown.
  • Zen, as Clarines’ second prince, is forced to abide by his brother’s rules. He asks permission and negotiates before acting. This includes times of emergency, an example being Shirayuki’s kidnapping in Tanbarun. Even though he was visibly upset by the news he received, he chose to act only after formally requesting permission from his brother, the first prince of Clarines. Obi acts first, often forgoing giving people notice, let alone asking permission. When Shirayuki was kidnapped, he immediately rushed after her, despite being injured by her kidnappers the night before.

These are the ones I’ve noticed so far. I’m sure there are plenty of others I’m forgetting, so I may update this list at some point to make it more complete.

A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 1

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Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North. 

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name 

Warning: Mean Robb (>3<)

The snow falling always made your heart warm, the way the fallen snow melted against your skin made you smile. You are now of age, a lady in waiting. You are in the snow garden at Castle Elderfrost, a large gray castle with tall skinny trees and frost on all of the blue winter roses. 

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DM's Law #39: Into the Fray
  • Dr. Dungeon Master: Let's face it, nobody likes to spend the majority of a session in slow RP exposition. Players want the quest, but don't always want to go through 2+ hours of buildup before they even get to the action! This is especially true when you are short for time or running a "quick" one-shot.
  • Dr. DM: The solution, skipping right into the middle of the action and filtering in the background information as you go along. This works if you set it up showing the players their characters are already midway through some shenanigans.
  • Dr. DM: The other night I tested this theory, getting my one shot crew together and immediately telling them to roll Initiative and mark their HPs as Bloodied (I also marked the monsters as bloodied). Then, during each turn I told the players what their PCs were seeing and what they've done (they robbed a stone giant of his magical goodies and were making their escape while the giant pursued).
  • Dr. DM: The game became a little like The Hangover, where the party was in a chaotic and confusing situation, left to pick up the pieces while being chased. But, it went very quickly. Pre rolling initiative meant we were in combat already, and the bloodied status meant that the battle had already been going down and we were on the second half! We finished in about an hour, which is sometimes hard for a lvl 6 party of 3.
  • Dr. DM: The entire encounter included a footrace to escape, dire wolf vs. riding horse, getaway car as a ostrich-pulled Chariot carrying the crippled Warlock strapped in the back, dodging trees being thrown into the road, and knocking a giant off a stone bridge and running over his fingers until he loses his grip and falls into a valley with a roaring river below.
  • Dr. DM: it was awesome!
submitter wished to be Anon

1. Scout hates the taste of wine. He refuses any sort of wine, no matter what.
2. He loves plushies, but hates to admit it. He has at least 35 plush bears back home.
3. He eats so much McDonalds when he gets the chance it is almost scary.
4. He has a fear of horses. Got kicked in the sack when he was 17, and he refused to go near a horse ever again.
5. When he is in his room, he tries his best to do knife tricks like spy. He fails. A lot. Cuts up and down his hands, but he still does it.

1. His “perfect family” is a wife, a boy and girl. No more, no less. If he gets two girls, he will try his best to make it as manly as hell.
2. He made Zhanna an eye-ring. He ripped a man’s eye out just so he could make it. And she loves it.
3. He doesn’t like chocolate that much. Don’t ask why…
4. No tea for this man, “that is not Amarican!”
5. He tried to stop smoking.
He failed…

1. They love talking to engie when they can’t sleep. Very good friends.
2. They burnt down their house when they where 13. They where angry… their mother beat them until they cried when it happend.
3. They like the sound of glass breaking. They don’t know why.
4. They are smart. Not engie smart, but smart. They make a lot of homemade weapons.
5. They will kill someone for a strawberry lollipop

1. A good cook. Makes really good food, and is the one that makes dinner most of the time.
2. A REALLY good kisser. He can’t really prove it, but he is. He is a natural.
3. He doesn’t get drunk in front of ladies or his family. He tries to stear clear of any beer around them.
4. A honest to god funny guy, but he is kinda an ass when he is drunk.
5. He loves coffee and tea. He can drink both. At once. And still enjoy it!

1. A massive softie when it comes to the people he cares for, which is sadly low(his family and the Medic).
2. He won’t KILL anyone if they touch his gun, but he will break an arm and a leg.
3. He has a bear plushie with amo around his chest like he does in battle. His sister made it, and he loves it so much that he put it on his bed and never lets anyone touch it.
4. He once broke the soilder’s helmet with his bare hands. But thankfully there where more.
5. Sometimes he talks in german with the medic. He knows a little german, enough to have a convo with him but he is not the best.

1. He loves horses. He would ride them all the time when he was a teen.
2. He makes the best damn pancakes, and is a good cook too.
3. He is friendly, but also deadly. He will saw someones limbs off if they ever try to harm anyone he cares for.
4. A hard-ass worker. He will stay up all night to get anything done.
5. He doesn’t like taking off his helment to much, he hates the fact he is bald.

1. He doesn’t give a shit if you die, unless you’re Heavy, His family or his birds you can jump off the roof for all he cares.
2. He found his love for doves when he was 10. His father had one and he fell in love with it.
3. He is Jewish, but he doesn’t really speak of it. He learned to hide it from his time living in Germany.
4. He loves tea. Coffee is a no-no for him.
5. The medic loves it when one of his doves rest on his sholder. It feels natural to him.

1. If you thought peeing in a jar was gross, you won’t like what he does in the little hole behind the shed he scopes in…
2. He likes being alone. No one to bother him or tell him how to work.
3. He loves eating simple foods. Fancy foods will never make him happy.
4. Even though his parents don’t like his work, he still loves them and was really sad when they passed away.
5. He doesn’t smoke all that much, only when he is really stressed. He can control it which is rare for most people.

1. He cannot cook for the life of him. He has tried. Once he burnt ice cream.
2. He has a disguise for a lot of people, not just the mercs.
3. He enjoy’s Miss pauling. Not as a lover or anything, but just as a person. Not really a friend either.
4. He can understand a little german, but not that much
5. He started smoking when he was 16. A long story…

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Could you do 1 or 54, please?


Short opinion: Anyone who says that this series became dark over time has clearly not reread the first book in a while.

Long opinion:

While it is true that there are lighter books (#14, #35, #44, #51) and there are darker books (#6, #22, #30, #33, #52) I’m not convinced that the series gets darker as it goes.  Sure, the kids become more violent, more competent, and more morally compromised.  Yes, the yeerks gradually win the war all the way up through #52 at which point they start losing.  No, the protagonists do not grow as people over the course of the story so much as they fall apart as people over the course of the story.  However, right from the start K.A. Applegate makes no bones about the fact that this is a war, one in which there will be no nice neat simple answers, so you’d better strap in, kids, because these depictions of trauma are not for the faint of heart.  

This book is about its protagonists fighting a major battle which they lose. It contains a scene with Marco extracting a promise from Jake that Jake will kill him before letting him become a controller.  It heavily implies that Cassie is the first person on the team to become a murderer, because she doesn’t have another way to stop the controller-cop from telling the other yeerks she was morphing.  It features a battle in which the “good guys” suffer casualties (Tobias is trapped in morph; several human hosts get killed) while also accomplishing almost nothing to advance the war effort (they free one human? Maybe?), giving us the sense that Marco was probably right that they should have stayed home.  It lovingly describes pieces of Elfangor’s body falling from Visser Three’s jaws so that the hungry taxxons below can devour them.  

The series also doesn’t magically become lighter from there.  The arc of #2 hinges on the horrifying realization that, as awful as Melissa Chapman’s life has become living with neglectful and emotionally abusive parents, the alternative is infinitely worse because those same parents are allowing their conscious willpower to be destroyed in order to shield her from slavery.  #3 builds up to and then graphically describes a scene in which its narrator attempts to commit suicide.  Although #4 is lighter overall, it explores the impact Marco’s death would have on everyone from Peter to Cassie.  #5 has The Scene With The Ants.  So on and so forth.  But that’s what makes this series so freaking good: it is always horrifying, it’s always funny, it’s always heartwarming, it’s always tense, and it always features a clever balance of plot and character driving one another forward.  K.A. Applegate is a grand master wizard when it comes to emotional flow, one who does far better than most series writers I’ve ever encountered (JKR, Cornelia Funke, Jonathan Stroud, JRRT, Jeff Lindsay: take notes) at imbuing her tragedy with comedy and her comedy with tragedy without ever mocking her characters’ real pain or overdramatizing her more ridiculous plots.  

Anyway, this book doesn’t spend any time at all messing around before it launches the characters on their adventure.  The narration fulfills the promise on the back of the book (“everyone is in really big trouble.  Yeah, even you.”) right from the start by giving us enough details to make the Animorphs’ hometown vivid and individuated while also making it feel like Anywheresville, USA.  Jake’s got the most “typical” (according to fiction, anyway) life of anyone on the team: married parents, golden retriever, one sibling, big suburban house, home computer, swingset in the backyard.  And it turns out that not only are there aliens invading, there are aliens that have already invaded his house.  Jake’s been surrounded on all sides by the war for weeks if not months, and he was just pleasantly clueless enough to avoid realizing that fact until Elfangor came along and woke that boy up.  Of course Jake’s apple-pie life is the exception not the rule on this team, but the fact remains that he’s the “everyman” on the team… and he’s also under the most immediate threat of infestation.  Jake punches Marco in the head for implying that Tom’s a controller (as Cates mentioned, Jake’s a heck of a lot less practical about the whole aliens-have-your-family bit than Marco is) and we can’t even necessarily blame him—he has the most to lose in this war of anyone on the team.  The call knows where he lives; he doesn’t even have the option of refusal.

The plot wastes no time at all in having the kids encounter an alien and end up on the run for their lives, but also gives us tons of characterization along the way.  Rachel thinks Jake’s an idiot for thinking he can protect her and Cassie from anything, but agrees to walk home with him and Marco so that Cassie can have a chance to talk to him.  Jake really is kind of an idiot, since he’s apparently in the habit of climbing abandoned construction equipment in his spare time.  Marco’s a fairly brilliant video game player and all-around more mature than Jake, not that you’d know it from all his irreverent jokes throughout this plot.  Jake is adorably baffled by Rachel’s response to Tobias, because he thinks of his cousin as the kind of person who eats men for breakfast and totally fails to consider that maybe she’s got a crush like any other teenager on the planet.  Tobias goes from “it’s a flying saucer” to “we find the yeerk pool, and when we do we blow it up and kill every one of those evil slugs” in about .03 seconds flat, and to some extent drags everyone else (especially Marco) into the war kicking and screaming.  Cassie’s more than a little starry-eyed at the idea of becoming a horse, and in some ways she’s almost as naive as Jake about where this war is going.  (Marco, by contrast, figures it out a lot faster: “You sure this is just the yeerk pool?… I see a guy with horns and a pitchfork and I’m outta here.”)  

Given the immediacy and scale of the acute tension here—the planet is being taken over by parasitic aliens!—the chronic tension seems sort of silly.  Jake didn’t make the basketball team, boo-hoo.  However, he only wanted to make the basketball team so badly because he was hoping it would make Tom want to hang out with him again.  Because Tom’s been acting distant toward his whole family recently, to the point where Jake’s parents are mildly concerned.  Because Tom’s been wrapped up with this new organization, The Sharing.  Because The Sharing seems to have some really strange effects on its “full members”… Because the planet is being taken over by parasitic aliens.  I love the subtlety with which everything in Jake’s life comes around.  The war has already started reshaping his school, his town, his family, and his whole life, well before he starts turning into animals and killing aliens.  This book is scary, because not only is the invasion moving quickly but also because the Animorphs’ early attempts to fight back are like spitting on a forest fire.  Anyone could be a controller.  None of the other Animorphs know for sure about their own families until #49.  These kids can’t even ask their own families and friends for help.  

As scary as this book is, it still has room for a lot of wonder.  Cassie compares them to ancient warriors tapping mystical animal spirits for help in protecting the Earth.  Tobias reacts like every one of us sci fi fans would to finding out that aliens exist.  Jake insists that there’s hope for the planet no matter what just as long as the andalites are out there.  Right from the moment the Animorphs lose their first battle, both on a personal scale (they don’t save Tom, and lose Tobias) and on a cosmic one (they find out that Visser Three is a lot better at morphing than they are) this series sends the message: buckle up, because it’s going to be a hell of a ride.  But as scary as it’s going to be, there’s still space for Marco’s awful driving, Cassie’s wondering fascination with dolphins and horses, Tobias’s crazy eagerness to embrace the bizarre, Rachel’s joyful exploration of her inner elephant, and Jake’s heartbreaking willingness to walk into hell in order to try and protect his big brother.  

Getting Somewhere

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Summary: You and Sigrid have a very in-depth conversation about your past with Thranduil and the King tries to apologize in his own little way.

Pairings: Thranduil x Reader

Words: 2,063

Warnings: Mentions of Loss of Family Members; Slight Mentions of Hatred from Parents.

A/N: I’ve been hella tired lately so I haven’t been doing anything. No writing no nothing. I think that’s how the weekend is going to go too. Sorry guys. Also this was hard to write. I wanted like a lot of angst, but I couldn’t find a way to fix it so I kinda f’ed up lol

Master List  Part 1

It takes you about three days to reach Dale. You had not spoken to Sigrid and you felt bad. You didn’t want her to feel like everything was her fault.

You both get off of your horse as you reach the entrance. You hand your horse over to a stable boy after gathering your things.

“Sigrid-,” you start, slinging your pack over your shoulder. She shakes her head, stopping you from continuing.

“I understand, y/n. You had a lot on your mind, it’s fine,” she says and you smile at the human before you.

 You had lived a very LONG life and she is by far your favorite human.

During the Battle of the Five Armies, you had saved them from a bunch of orcs chasing after them. When you had seen the fear in her eyes, it struck a chord with you and from then on you vowed to protect her and her siblings, something you couldn’t do for your own.

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Being married to Sir Gwaine would involve...

For @skymundane477 (sorry there’s no gif, I’m on mobile!)


• So.Many.Pickup.Lines

• “You’re almost perfect. But I don’t like your last name, would you like to have mine instead?”
“Gwaine, we’re already married.”

• Watching him in tournaments, because you’re his lucky charm

• Being relationship goals

• So many kisses; goodbye kisses before he goes away with the knights, good luck kisses before tournaments, stolen kisses when he passes you in the castle, just too many kisses. You’d never complain though

• Having races when you go horse riding together

• You always win

• Dragging you out in the middle of the night to look at the stars

• Embarrassing you in front of your friends with terrible singing and poetry

• All the knights teasing him about how besotted with you he is

• Being terrified during the last battle when you’re working with the healers, because you haven’t seen him for hours

• Finding him after the battle and neither of you leaving the other’s side for days because “oh gods I almost lost you”

• Y'all live until a good old age becAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT, BRING BACK GWAINE 2K16


One shot - Ivar and Björn

Imagine: Björn and Ivar coming back from a successful a raid and challenge each other for a race back to camp. Because they know you are there waiting for them and the first to get there is the first to have you.

Words: 1375

Both of their faces were covered in blood, not to talk about their clothes. The smell of death was all over them, but the smiles on their faces had never been so bright. In the background Vikings were shouting and singing. The raid had ended in their favour, they had found a lot of gold and silver and by that they had lost almost none of their friends. “You did a good job, Ivar, I have to tell you that.” Björn guided his horse closer towards Ivar’s chariot and looked at his half-brother with a big smile on his face. It was Ivar who thought about the strategy they used, and although Björn had his doubts about it in advance, it had turned out very well. “I knew it would work.” Ivar told Björn with an evil smirk on his face. He was resting his arms on the knob on his chariot. “The brains and the muscles.” Björn said with a little nod and stroke over his long braid. “There is one thing I want right now more than all the gold and silver we won today.” Ivar said and Björn looked at him with a frown on his face. It only took a few second to realize what he meant. “A woman.” Björn whispered and grunted softly. He grabbed his saddle and displaced himself in his saddle from eagerness. “More than just a woman. I want y/n.” Ivar’s words made Björn frown his face. “Keep on dreaming, brother.”
“Why?” Ivar said with an evil smile and raised his eyebrows. “If I want her, I can have her.” Björn turned his horse closer towards the chariot. Ivar tried to dodge his hand, but he didn’t had much space to move. Björn had locked his hand around Ivar’s collar and pulled him against him. “No you cannot. She is mine. I laid with her before.” He whispered with an angry undertone in his voice. Ivar looked straight into the eyes of Björn and started to laugh. With his hands he pushed Björn away and again leaned forward relaxed. “That does not mean anything, Björn. You are not married to her.” Ivar had fun seeing Björn getting angry about the situation. “What are you even saying Ivar? Look at me, and then look at you.” Björn straightened his back and pulled the reins to contain his horse. It was still full of energy from the battle. “Then we will battle.” Ivar said and licked his lower lip. Björn started to laugh, he leaned his head forward and looked at the sky. “I’ll cut you to pieces.” Björn said with an enormous smile. “I am not talking about a fight. I am talking about a race.”
“A race?” Björn asked in confusion. “A race.” Ivar repeated. He pointed with one hand to the white horse in front of his chariot and after that to the dappled grey one that Björn was riding. “The first back in the camp can have y/n.” Ivar pointed out the rules and looked at Björn in a questioning way, waiting for him to accept or decline. “You have lost already.” Björn smirked and pulled up an eyebrow. He shook his head with a smile on his face, already thinking about his price. “You know my horse has more stamina and more muscles, Björn.” Ivar warned him and looked away, acting like he didn’t care. “And I got more stamina and muscles then you, Ivar. So stop talking empty words and show me something.” Björn started to wake his horse, which made him scamper on spot. “Are you sure you don’t want any head start?” Ivar asked and bit his lip to prevent himself from laughing. “Shut up and turn the reins.” Björn commanded him and nodded at him, making clear he was about to set off. “What are you waiting for?” He asked one last time and finally saw Ivar picking up his reins. Björn pressed his heels against his horse and felt it jump forward. Ivar smacked his reins on the hind of his white horse and with a soft yell to encourage him he felt the chariot starting to go forward.
Björn was a long way ahead of Ivar. His horse was able to pull of more speed than Ivar’s horse. The wheels of the chariot sunk half away in the moist grass and made it very hard for his horse to pull it at high speed. But Ivar didn’t allow him to give up, and eventually the ground started to became firmer which gave him more grip. “I’m gaining on you.” Ivar yelled behind Björn and smacked his reins harder on the hind of his horse. Björn looked over his shoulder and indeed saw Ivar come closer. He felt his own horse starting to get tired, his breath was hasty and here and there he started to stumble over his own feet. “By Odin.” He cursed in silence and drilled his heels in the ribs of his horse. Ivar’s laughter became louder and louder, and eventually the both of them were racing next to each other. “I warned you. Y/n is mine.” Ivar spotted and laughed Björn in the face. Björn felt his horse was on the point of collapsing, and as much as he wanted to win you for himself, he wouldn’t want his horse to die for it. “She’s mine.” Ivar sang, and at the same moment his chariot flew from the ground. Ivar wasn’t paying attention to the road and didn’t saw the rock coming. So his horse jumped right over it, but the chariot wasn’t able to follow. A big crack sounded, and one of the weels came off. The chariot lost control and brought his horse to stumble. “Ivar!” Björn yelled and pulled his reins to stop his own horse. He saw both the chariot and the horse slide over the gravel. Björn jumped from his horse while it was still running and ran towards the wreck. “Ivar.” He yelled again and jumped over the chariot to go to his brother who was catapulted away a little further. “Don’t touch me.” Ivar yelled furious and pressed his jaws firmly on each other. There was a fresh wound on his head, but further he was okay. “The horse!” Ivar snorted with rage and started to crawl towards his white horse that was on the ground. It was trying to get up, but the wrecked chariot and gravity worked against him. Immediately Björn lifted up the cracked wood and helped the horse to find his legs. Apart from two bleeding knees he looked fine. “It’s all right Ivar. Floki can fix your chariot and time will heal your horse.” Björn petted the white horse over his shoulder and tried to calm it down.
His brother was harder to calm down. Ivar needed a few more minutes. He had screamed the lungs outside of his body, thrown away some broken pieces of wood and most of all being stubborn about accepting Björn’s help. In the meantime Björn had released Ivar’s horse from the broken chariot and had caught his own horse. “Last time Ivar, let me bring you back to camp? If you want to crawl, fine by me but by the time you arrive we’ll be back in Kattegat.” Ivar grunted and dragged himself towards Björn. “Fine.” He said against his enthusiasm and looked at Björn with a glance that was able to kill. But it only made Björn laugh softly. He bowed forward and picked his brother from the ground as if he was a feather. He laid him down behind the saddle which he took place in after Ivar had found some balance. “Here.” He handed him the reins of his own horse and made the dappled grey go forward. “I guess we already know who has won.” Björn said in a teasing way and looked behind him at Ivar who laid sideways over the back of the horse. “Shut your mouth and get on.” Ivar murmured and turned away his face. “I’ll think of you when..” - “Didn’t you hear me? Shut your mouth.” Ivar’s temper had sunk below zero. Björn’s only response was to laugh and shake his head from left to right.