battles to ride a horse into

mojomajillo  My @bravocompanyusa11.5in SBR. This right here is my#mainsqueeze , the weapon that never leaves my side! I know you guys have yours as well! Your favorite piece, the gun you would hop on your horse and ride into battle, the gun you would fight the zombies with! Post it and tag me! I wanna see what you guys are running!

Hey you know what would make all this better?

Is if in the finale, Carol hops off her horse after riding into battle and slaying, and when Daryl sees her standing there he looks her up and down - like a parallel to the “You look ridiculous” scene. but instead of making a weird face he gets breathless and gulps and Carol looks at him smirking. :D


figured i’d make it a new post cause it was getting long

When Shiro asks about the stray dog the other campers give him this honourfied look because what do you mean huge stray dog you shouldn’t be near that dog

And despite all the freak outs it takes forever for him to realize it’s Lance’s dog

Allura doesn’t tell him because Shiro’s see her dotting on the dog, and Keith doesn’t tell him because he doesn’t get the big deal

Also I reckon Lance would make jokes about ‘riding cerberus 1 into battle’ because he doesn’t feel comfortable riding horses (due to Poseidon being the king of horses)

So hear me out...

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so bear with me. I saw these prompts for arranged marriages, and my delightful brain thought, why not combine them?

“We’re both about to enter into separate arranged marriages, but we’re madly in love and I’m pretty sure our future spouses are hooking up too” and “We fell in love, so how can we convince our parents that an arranged marriage between us would be a politically good idea?”

And, of course, it’s ABO, because fuck it if that ain’t my jam.

  • So the Novaks and the Winchesters are old friends; their kingdoms have never fought or been in a war against each other, although they’ve allied together several times.
  • Growing up, Cas was just the nerdy kid from the kingdom next door; he liked to read history books and study entomology and create model battle fields from throughout history. Dean liked to ride horses and hunt and practice fighting, like any good knight in training would. It’s not that he ever held Cas’s oddness against him; no, he liked that Cas was a little different. They were essentially best friends, he, Sammy, and Cas. They were always together, always visiting each other’s kingdoms, and each time, Dean couldn’t help but think how lucky he was to have a friend like Cas, even with all his little quirks that Dean couldn’t help but like. But he didn’t realize how much he liked it until they each presented.
  • Suddenly, Cas was just so much more interesting with his big gummy smile and his crinkly blue eyes and his dorky jokes and his nerdy pastimes. It didn’t hurt that he smelled amazing, all soft and warm like an omega should. And just like that, Dean knew that he was in love with his best friend. And, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, Cas suddenly loved him back, too. Well, apparently, he’d been in love with Dean for a while, but he’d been so careful about hiding it, not letting it show. But the second that Dean sneaks him away from the others and takes his hand and smiles that special way at him, Cas’s smile blossoms even more beautifully than before, because he doesn’t have to hide it anymore. And as Dean claims his first kiss from his beautiful omega, all he can think is how lucky he is to have a love like Cas.
  • Now, if only his father saw it the same way.
  • Dean tries to come up with some way to present it so that the king will allow them to mate, because it is coming to that time in Dean’s life. Within a year, he’ll have to wed, and John’s looking to make some strong political connections. So over dinner, John is tossing out names and kingdoms that would be advantageous, when Dean, oh-so-casually, throws out Cas’s name, and says it would be good to cement the friendships between their kingdoms. But John counters that they already have a firm relationship with the Novaks, they don’t need to cement anything. And then he goes right on listing other kingdoms.
  • Dean tries to hide his disappointment; Mary tries not to beat the shit out of her dumbass husband.
  • No matter how they present it, John will not budge, not when Mary threatens to withhold *ahem* special privileges, not when Dean pleads and begs, not when Sammy gives him the famous puppy-dog eyes. He’s firm in this, and they can’t understand why. Until news comes of an uprising to the east, in the opposite direction of Cas’s kingdom. There are dark forces on the rise, a former prince named Lucifer who broke away from his family and seems bent on destruction…and he’s coming right toward their kingdom, right toward the Novak kingdom, too. And suddenly, Dean realizes why he needs to marry into another kingdom. The Novaks, they’ll stand by them and fight with them through thick and thin, but they’re going to need so much more than just their two kingdoms if they’re going to protect themselves…if Dean’s going to protect Cas.
  • So he agrees to marry the daughter of the king of Milton, a beta named Anna.
  • Of course, his father joyously announces the news before Dean has a chance to explain to Cas. So when Dean goes to try to explain himself, Cas won’t see him. Instead, he sends out one of his servants, some catty girl named Meg, with a note saying that it’s probably for the best that they don’t see each other again. Dean returns home, heartbroken and alone, but his resolve is firm; he needs to protect the Novak kingdom, needs to protect Cas, and if marrying Anna is the way to do it, so be it.
  • John also arranges a marriage for Sam to the Moore kingdom, to an omega named Jess. They won’t get married for a few years yet, since they’re still young, but the tie is there. Dean can’t help but feel happy for Sam, who’s obviously head over heels for the omega from the moment he meets her.
  • John, busy as ever wheeling and dealing and solidifying alliances, convinces Charles, king of Novak, to arrange a marriage for Castiel. So Castiel gets promised to the prince Michael, solidifying ties with yet another kingdom for their alliance.
  • And of course, what better way to celebrate all of these alliances than with a giant, two-week-long festival held right within the Winchester kingdom (a festival that may or may not be just a front for the alliances to begin planning their defense and attack strategy).
  • When Dean sees Cas across the ballroom at the ball they hold on the first night, he can’t help but stare. It’s been months since he’s seen his omega, months, and he looks so much better than Dean even remembers. Of course, there’s an air of sadness about him, a frigidity that has nothing to do with the temperature of the room. He won’t even look at Dean (it hurts too much. He hadn’t even wanted to come, but his father had forced him, pointing out that the festival was to celebrate his arranged marriage, and he had to be there). Dean tries all night to catch his eye, but to no avail. If he weren’t so sure of the omega’s feelings for him, he might think that Cas hated him. But he knows Cas, he knows his omega. And he has to see him, to talk to him. He has to explain why he’s doing this, explain that he’s doing it for Cas.
  • Without any pomp or fanfare, without any warning, he steals Cas away from Michael’s side for a dance. It’s supposed to be a waltz, nothing too fancy, but suddenly Cas finds himself breathless as he’s whisked around the floor. He has no choice now; he has to look at Dean, at his alpha, and Dean sees it then. Cas still loves him, so very much. To most observers, it looks like just another dance, a waltz between old friends. But to those who know—Dean’s mother and brother, Jess, Cas’s cousin Gabriel—it’s painful to watch. They can practically see Cas’s heart breaking with every step, see the way his blue eyes fill with tears as Dean speaks softly to him. As soon as the dance has ended, Cas rushes from the ballroom with no more than a whispered plea for Dean to stop tormenting him.
  • That should be the end of it. Dean’s had his dance; he’s had his chance to explain himself to Cas. And yet, it’s not. Every time he sees Cas and Michael standing together, the few times Michael wraps his arm around Castiel or takes his hand, Dean has to rein his alpha in with extreme force of will. He wants nothing more than to rip Michael’s hand, the hand that’s touching his omega, away and steal Cas back. But he can’t. He knows that Castiel and Michael haven’t solidified their bond yet; even back when they believed that their bond was a sure thing, Cas wouldn’t let Dean take him because of his devout religious beliefs. Even knowing that, Dean needs the affirmation that Cas is still his, that he still loves him. Luckily, he knows where to find Cas in the few private moments they’re afforded.
  • He sneaks into the library, day after day, stolen moments between all the other festivities and events, just to catch glimpses of his omega curled up with a book in front of the fireplace, just to catch a whiff of that wonderful scent, sad and resigned though it may be. He thinks he’s being careful, sneaky even, until the fourth day when Castiel sighs heavily and tells him to come out of hiding. At first, he plans to just sit across from him, to look at him and talk to him, but when do things ever go according to plan? They end up sitting on the floor in a darkened corner, Cas curled into his side as they whisper soft apologies and regrets. Before he leaves, Dean claims another kiss, this one broken and sad.
  • The next day, they sneak into their back corner of the library again, and Dean takes another kiss. And the next day another, and the next day another. Each is just as wonderful and terrible as the one before, and somehow even more still. For Cas, it’s the only truth he has left, the only bit of sanity for him to cling to. He finds himself in Dean’s kisses, loses himself to the alpha’s mouth, drowns in his scent. Every desperate press of lips is an invisible brand he leaves on his alpha, hoping that Anna won’t ever be able to truly wash them away. He can’t help but wonder what would happen if he just offered himself up to Dean, went ahead and mated with the man he loves despite everything. But he can’t; he can’t do that to their kingdoms and their families. He’ll just have to keep smiling and allowing Michael to wrap his arm around him; he’ll have to keep pretending that he’s not dying inside every time he sees Dean and Anna together.
  • They’re so busy sneaking off together, they don’t notice Anna and Michael’s increasingly long absences. If either of them had taken the time to notice, they probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it. In fact, no one suspects a thing until one of the maids walks in on their betrotheds in bed together…and not just in bed, but tied together, fresh mating marks on their neck.
  • At first, all is in an uproar. John wants to seek recompense for the broken agreements, demanding for things to be made right. He brought these families to his kingdom to help them, not humiliate them. All seems lost; the alliances won’t happen, and they’ll have to stand alone against the coming evil. But Dean knows that they still need these alliances, that they can’t afford to make enemies out of these kingdoms, so he offers an alternative option. He can see that Michael and Anna love each other; he recognizes the symptoms easily, having experienced the same with his omega. He proposes that Michael and Anna mate, joining their two kingdoms, but that the overall alliance of kingdoms still remain intact. They’ll all still be allied, just not through marriage. They’ll stand together, a unified confederation against Lucifer and his forces. 
  • Michael and Anna, along with their families, readily agree. They know that it’s only a matter of time before Lucifer defeats the Winchesters and Novaks and heads for them next, and they’re wise enough to realize that Dean’s offering them a solid out, no strings attached. So they draw up new contracts between the kingdoms, contracts that don’t involve marriages but are still just as binding. 
  • Cas tries to hide his elation as their fathers all sign the contracts that free him from his oppresive farce of a marriage and open up a world of possibilities for him and Dean. 
  • Of course, this leaves both him and Cas without mates, and oh no! what are they ever to do about it? 
  • After seeing the wisdom Dean exhibited with the situation, John realizes that Dean will make a great king someday, but he also knows that a great king needs a supportive mate, and he can see that there will be no one more supportive of his son than Castiel. He finally agrees to the mating and gives his blessing.
  • The two are married within a month. It’s not that they mean to rush, but they both feel that they’ve waited long enough. Dean finally claims Cas in their large, warm bed, their scents blending and bleeding onto the sheets as he takes him again and again. After, as they lie there sated and panting, Cas smiles dopily, that big beautiful gummy smile that Dean had fallen in love with so long ago, and whispers that this is everything he’s ever wanted.
  • Dean can’t help but agree.

A horseman rides near a pontoon bridge spanning the Potomac River in Berlin (now Brunswick), Maryland, 1861.

Pontoon bridges have been in use since ancient times and have been used to great advantage in many battles throughout history.The spelling “ponton” in English dates from at least 1870.

The use continued in references found in U.S. patents during the 1890s. It continued to be spelled in that fashion through World War II, when temporary floating bridges were used extensively throughout the European theatre. U.S. combat engineers commonly pronounced the word “ponton” rather than “pontoon” and U.S. military manuals spelled it using a single ‘o’.The original word was derived from Old French ponton, from Latin ponto (“ferryboat”), from pons (“bridge”).

So I had some time to draw some more Battle Ready Baggins. Here we have an argument is seems. 

“Bilbo had signed the contract. Begrudgingly it would seem.

Riding his horse at the head of the company, he had assumed since he was the one to make this quest that he would lead. Thorin, being the very king that he was, thought otherwise. 

They get into spats every now and then as they traveled down the road, making snark remarks at each other. Fili and Kili at first thought it was hilarious, though it quickly dissolved into the most tiresome conversation they had ever seen. 

“Would you two just exchange vows already?” Kili had growled out one day when they were passing through a small town into the forest. He received the most venomous glare from Thorin and Bilbo that day. 

After leaving the town that day, the company had run into a pack of orcs. It made the situation more dire seeing as that word was spreading about the One Ring. They engaged in battle, fighting against the orcs as if it were their journey to Erebor. 

Bilbo at some point had gotten surrounded by three orcs, and Thorin could see that the odds were not in the hobbit’s favor. Or so he thought. 

Thorin was fighting his way to the hobbit, however he soon found that he didn’t need to lift a finger for Bilbo had slipped around the orcs so swiftly. Before he knew it, Bilbo had beheaded one and impaled the last two with his letter-opener sword. The Dwarf king just stood, bewildered and unaware of the orc that was creeping behind him. Before he could react, Bilbo had sent Sting flying towards the orc before it could strike Thorin and it fell to the ground in a heap. 

Yes, Thorin was quite bewildered with their hobbit. Bilbo had indeed come a long way. 

That night the company made camp by a small stream. Thorin left the others to eat their meals when he noticed that the hobbit was missing. Holding two bowls of stew, he went searching for the Bilbo until he found the hobbit sitting by the water bank, his back turned towards the company and smoking his pipe.

Thorin set the bowl next to Bilbo, taking a seat by him on the bank. They shared a long silence, Bilbo taking up his bowl and eating it quietly. Thorin ate his stew, getting the bottom of the bowl before he could no longer take the silence and looked to Bilbo. 

“I feel I must apologize. Again. For the way I have treated you,” the Dwarf King looked up to the hobbit. 

Bilbo had paused, the spoon full of stew hanging in the air. He frowned, taking another bite. 

“You have come so far, you aren’t the same hobbit I remember those years ago,” Thorin continued.

Bilbo’s face was turning into a grimace, his frown heavy as he continue to eat. 

“You’re a lot stronger then I thought-”

“Oh come off it Thorin!” 

Bilbo had slammed his bowl down, some of it contents spilling onto the ground. Bilbo looked up to Thorin, brow furrowed and the pain evident on his face, “Now you - you don’t get to apologize so easily,” he said, “Especially after all that has happened.”

Thorin sighed, “I am aware of that, and I hope I would have your forgiveness in time.”

“In time,” Bilbo hummed, “Hm. Yes - IN TIME I will POSSIBLY forgive you for almost throwing me over the wall of Erebor. You think me too soft, Thorin.

You banished me from Erebor, Thorin. You banished me from seeing my friends or even getting a chance to say goodbye - I was THROWN OUT, Thorin! Thrown out of Erebor with nothing but the clothes on my back and the wizard leading me home.

Oh and I received your letters, the ones where you ask for forgiveness. All I saw was a poor attempt to make your conscience clear! You didn’t care about how I was doing or how I felt - you only cared about YOURSELF!

"Then do you not remember Laketown?” Thorin’s voice broke in to Bilbo’s angered filled ramble.

Bilbo had stopped, his voice only hitching with a small hum as he looked away from Thorin. The hobbit remembered Laketown very thoroughly, his heart aches every time the memory glosses over his mind. The dwarf could see Bilbo’s eyes fill with a watery haze, reflecting the fire from the camp, “That time does not matter anymore-”

“It does to me,” Thorin stepped forward, now realizing that they were both standing on the bank. “I was brought out of that gold sickness thinking of you, thinking of what we had. I had set out to find you, but when I came to the Shire your home was empty.”

“I don’t belong in the Shire anymore.” Bilbo said quietly, obviously not wanting to get into the details.

“Then why did you not call for our aid, Bilbo?” Thorin was strictly using the hobbit’s name now.

“I don’t need your help!” Bilbo shot out, pointing a finger to Thorin, “I never WANTED it!

“This isn’t a journey you should be taking alone!“

"I can handle myself blast it!”

“It’s too dangerous! Even for you-”

I KNOW how dangerous it is! That’s why I didn’t tell you!”

“Now you’re being foolish-”

“You’re wasting your breath, Thorin! Why do you insist on thi-”

“Because I can’t lose you again!”

There was silence between them, Bilbo taken back at Thorin’s outburst. The tears were threatening to spill down his cheeks as he stared at the dwarf. Thorin could only allow his shoulders to sag as he continued to speak, “I cannot lose you again, Bilbo. Not when I know I have a chance to at least fix things -” he looked up to Bilbo, “if you will let me.”

Thorin had stepped forward, seeing as Bilbo’s eyes turned to the ground and his body shake lightly. He lowered his head gently against Bilbo’s, his voice was soft and low, “I can’t bare it, Bilbo,” he brought a hand up to cup around Bilbo’s next, “I want to make things right.”

Bilbo’s only response was his silent tears streaming down his face.”

My apologies. For this was so long. 

But I’m not going to apologize where it ended. :)

Stay tuned.

A Homecoming Surprise- A LOTR short fic

Request: Frodo X reader (Sam’s younger sister) where they are in a relationship before he leaves for the quest and she finds she is pregnant with their child, but doesn’t tell him because he leaves before she could. And so when they all return to the shire they have an emotional meet up and he gets to meet their daughter.

Pairing: Frodo x Reader

Warnings: Implied sexual actions

Word Count: 2757

You put a hand on your swollen belly and let out a deep sigh. Frodo had been gone for almost six months with your older brother Sam, and you had hardly heard any word about how he and the company were doing. Of course rumors were swirling around the Shire about their whereabouts. Mostly the whispers were nonsense, although they did scare you quite a bit. Once in awhile strangers would stop by and tell of the happenings outside of your small world. Stories of men riding wild horses into battle, tales of elves aiding unlikely allies, and as always, Sauron’s sharp eye watching out upon the world. These stories would strike panic into your heart, and you would fear for Frodo and Sam’s safety.

Your fellow hobbits would talk behind your back, and tell stories about you. As your stomach had grown larger, they would talk about you in very mean ways and would often shun you from their circles. “I heard that she was with so many men, that she doesn’t know who the father of the baby is.”

“I heard that she went away with a dwarf for one night.” None of these were true since no one knew the real story…

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∷ ❈ Lord Xalynir Trevelyan ❈ ∷  
Lord Inquisitor, former Junior Enchanter of the Circle of Ostwick


  Archetype: Knight

The Knight archetype is primarily associated with chivalry, courtly romance, protection of the Princess, and going to battle only for honorable causes. The Knight serves his King or Lord and so this archetype has spiritual overtones as well of service and devotion. Loyalty and self-sacrifice are the Knight’s great virtues, along with a natural ability to get things done.

The Black Knight donning dark armor and riding a black horse represents the shadow characteristics of this archetype, especially the absence of honor and chivalry. Somewhat like the Warrior, the shadow Knight manifests as loyalty to a questionable ruler or principle. In its negative aspect, the Knight can also, like the Rescuer, fall into a pattern of saving others but ignoring his own needs. A true Knight, like the Mystic, walks the fine line between self-sacrifice and self-neglect.

  Tarot: I hesitated between the world and the magician…

The Magician : Confident · Creative · Important communications · Skillful · Talented & proficient
The Magician is about making higher - and better - use of all of one’s power. Spiritual, emotional, and otherwise. This is another card that often signifies new beginnings and great expectations. This is a very powerful, positive omen in a reading. This card reminds us that we have the power to make a difference, in our lives and in the greater world, if we simply make a point to try.  

   In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas
      ↳ “In necessary things unity, in doubtful things liberty, in all things kindness”

  Represented By:

Gold (Or) : Generosity and elevation of the mind
Blue (Azure) : Truth and loyalty
Book : learning / knowledge
Buck : One who will not fight unless provoked; peace and harmony
Dolphin : Swiftness, diligence, charity and love
Lamb  : Faith; innocence, bravery, gentleness, purity, resolute spirit
Pelican : Self-sacrifice and charitable nature

   Self Description: Altruistic


   Armed With: His lightning staff, his courage, and a dagger from his family hidden in his boots

   Accompanied By: Cassandra, Sera, Dorian - basically his bestfriends and his lover

   Strategy (Top moves and/or abilities)
Most used : Chain lightning, energy barrage, lightning bolt, dispel, barrier, spirit blade
Favourites : Chain lightning, spirit blade, tempest
Another he’s developed is a lightining blast : it works like the mind blast but instead of telekinetic force, his body charges electricity and sends a stunning wave.

   Battle Cry: Xal doesn’t usually yell during battle, or maybe for giving directions or reacting to a fallen companion. If the battle is hard and the comapnions seem to be losing strength, he yells : “Ath-bhrosnaich !” which is scottish gaelic for “rally” or “re-encourage”.


  Core Desire: To protect those who can’t fight for themselves, to help everyone regardless of who they are. No cruelty, no malice

   Talent: Tolerance, honesty, kindness, helpfulness. Focused and tenacious in battle

   Tragic Flaw: Too selfless, naïve, too emotional. All of these combined can lead to a disatrous situation for him (which is almost what happens in his post trespasser story)

Inspired by @sunshinemage​ ‘s posts that you should totally check out.
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The Mongol hordes and their empire 

The Mongol empire was only 700,000 metres short of being the biggest empire the world has ever seen or will continue to see. It stands as the second biggest empire in the world. When you consider the first biggest was a bunch of well trained dudes with rifles (British) and the mongols were a army of horse riding nomads with swords. They did well for themselves 

The Mongol hordes began from the unicification of all the mongolian tribes under the leadership of Genghis Khan who was proclaimed Great Khan in 1206. Genghis khan was one of the most ruthless leaders in history. He led genius invasions into china and the surrounding areas however this millitary skill was nothing compared to his brutality. Victories were often followed by wholesale slaughter of the civilian population. Genghis intended to butcher so many civilians that the enemy in the next battle would be too scared to fight them. This worked and armies were fleeing from the battlefield before the battle had even begun. By the great khans death, the mongol empire had taken China, Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan and krygistan. 

well the mongols were lightning fast warriors who awalys rode horseback. They would attack and leave as soon as they arrived. The empire managed to incorporate archers on horseback and they’re light armour made them fast when attacking cities. The Mongols did not settle or organise government. They lived in tents and slept from place to place gathering supplies. Their need to not gather supplies made them even faster. 

When Genghis died his empire was divided into 4 khanates with each one being given to his sons. The Mongol machine kept on rolling into russia. 

Keep in mind nor hitler or napoleon managed to conquer russia. 

the mongols did

The Mongols elected Ogedei Khan as their new great khan and like the cool aid man he burst onto the scene in europe invading the baltic states. However when he died. His son was chosen as his sucessor. He suffered the first mongol defeat ever and he reigned for only 8 uears before kublai khan won the throne. A desecendant from a rival mongol family. Kublai khan managed to keep the other families following his orders. By the time he died, the empire had broken into four who each pursued their own interests. 

The empire had completley fractured and dissolved and china would rise again. In its wake. 

Okay but imagine if Thranduil had had absolutely no intention of riding an elk into battle this time, like he had a normal horse picked out and everything because let’s face it, twelve dwarves in a cave don’t really require elk levels of warfare
But as soon as he saw Bard he was like “shit, nothing I do is impressing this guy”
(Long thinking pause)


Epona, The Celtic Goddess

She appears here riding a horse, holding a shield and a spear on an exceedingly rare and exceptionally fine Celtic gold stater from Rennes, Gaul that dates to the 2nd century BC. The image on this coin is commonly identified as Epona, but, as a protectress of horses, a fertility goddess, and a leader of souls into the afterlife, Epona is usually depicted elsewhere in Celtic art with attributes such as the patera (saucer-shaped drinking vessel) and cornucopiae rather than weaponry. The warrior-queen advancing into battle was, however, a popular theme in Celtic legend, and may well be represented here. Stars, a musical instrument and a wheel also adorn the reverse while the obverse shows the Celticized head of Apollo wearing a laurel wreath.

The estimated value of this super rare coin is $40,000 - 50,000.