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Bryaxis is so cute

I mean, this crazy scary demon monster thing that lives at the bottom of the library and Cassian is super afraid of, could have asked for anything. And when offered the chance to be free, he was like “nah I’m fine here” and the only two things he asked for in Feyre’s bargains were someone to talk to, and a window. That is just so pure, I mean the Bone Carver made her look into the mirror and Bryaxis was like “I just want to see the sky”

If I could tell you a million stories of where I’ve been and who I’ve become, we’d be here for hours - until our eyelids droop with exhaustion and our bones begin to ache. I would tell you that there is always a sunrise after every dark night. That every place your feet have trod becomes better. That every battle makes you stronger. You would realize, through the pain of another, that life is worth all the living and more.

- a.k.

Pokemon move limitations
  • Unlike the games and anime, Pokémon can learn more than 4 moves, and instead retain the ones that are either natural or well-practiced. However, only 4 can be registered for battles – a limit set by the League’s battle legislation – while the usage of non-registered moves are considered illegal and will result in penalties such as immediate disqualification or banning participation entirely. Repeated or severe offences could lead to the revoking of a trainer’s battle license permit.
  • This however, does not deter more conniving trainers to slip in illegal moves by masking them with registered ones to gain an unfair advantage (i.e. Wendie).
  • That said, a Pokémon’s move pool is only as extensive as its ability to learn and retain. The average Pokémon knows at least 10-15 moves, inclusive of innate moves – while a particularly skilled Pokémon could know up to 30.
  • All Pokémon have intrinsic moves that are a part of their natural biology which they are less likely to forget (i.e. Tackle, Bite, Growl, Peck, Fly, Dive). As Pokémon mature, simpler, basic moves are usually forgotten in favor of stronger, advanced ones due to specialisation and substitution. However, others may also find it a challenge to learn new and more complex moves. The former is most apparent in battle-trained Pokémon where powerful moves are an asset, but they won’t forget natural ones.
  • For example, a Charizard adept at using Flamethrower has no need for a weaker move like Ember and might forget how to execute it because it’s grown used to channelling higher volumes of fire in battle. It won’t forget how to Growl however, because that’s a natural move.
  • In most cases, the growth of a move (Ember > Flamethrower) marks the natural progression of a Pokémon’s maturity and development. The flame sacs of fire Pokémon naturally expand as they grow, allowing them to produce a stronger, hotter fire that requires less effort than before.  Some Pokémon forget moves that are no longer essential for survival upon maturity, a prime example being pupae Pokémon with their signature move, Harden. Some trainers opt to keep these moves alive through practice and constant reinforcement.
  • The types of moves a Pokémon learns and retains are not based of their species but also attributed to their individual temperaments. A move-tutor Pokémon of Don’s calibre requires excellent memory, control and studious discipline to constantly practice, master and recall all his moves in an instant, while a Pokémon like Aoi who is easily overwhelmed and bored by complicated moves, and prefers to stick to what comes naturally has a more limited move pool tailored to his personality. It is dependent on both nature and training.
  • It is beneficial to register a move a Pokémon is comfortable with to yield better battle performances. Some Pokémon may lapse into more familiar but unregistered moves if put in a tight pinch which could result in disqualifications.
  • Being able to execute both basic and advanced moves flawlessly is an indication of a different kind of specialisation that requires precise control. Move-tutor Pokémon (such as Zion’s Shiftry) are usually capable of possessing a larger move pool that includes a variety of basic and advanced moves.  A good teacher requires a strong foundation and has to be able to teach the fundamentals in order to move on to more complex techniques. Every advanced move begins with a basic one after all.
  • Some moves are simply variations of each other such as Double Slap, Wake-Up Slap, even Tail Slap (since some Pokémon would use their tails to “slap” rather than their hands)

(it would be nice~)

Hello everybirdie :3

I think it’s time for one more masterpost about Virgo, maybe the last one before launching the demo, if everything runs smoothly until then!

I’ll show you some more about the Zodiac Realms system and more in depth info on battle system! I’ll also talk a little about my considerations in regards of a crowdfunding campaign in the near future for Virgo!

In Virgo you will travel through multiple worlds with vastly different enviroments to explore, each owned by a different Zodiac Sign. Each realm will be themed by the characteristics of their ruling sign. The main quest of Virgo is very clear: You have to dethrone all of the other Zodiacs, but as you go along the areas, Virgo will see herself amidst different paths and side quests, that will somewhat change her vision of this world around her, since she never really had a direct connection with (almost) any of the Zodiacs as she’s experiencing now by visiting their realms.

You can interact with almost anything on the game, except for trees - they aren’t friendly. Sometimes interactions may present you with choices for different actions that may change your path as you go.

Stat points can also be earned through interaction with the enviroment and characters. There will be plenty of situations in which the player must make a choice that not only will impact the story, but also Virgo’s statistic growth. Maybe forcing your way into a roadblock will raise your Ambition while waiting for it to be cleared will raise Patience. Several stat-checks will also be present, enabling some secret areas and rewards for different player builds~

This will affect the whole playthrough. Items received can be different and even the responses to the environment, as you may trigger specific events.

Players will progress from world to world, all connected to a Hub area, which will often be filled with NPCs you’ve encountered in the areas previously visited, so it’s possible to find Salarygoats there, for example.

Zodiac Realms may be revisited once they’re completed and each will feature its specific Black Hole Zone - the only places where Heretics respawn endlessly for optional bonus experience, currency and special rewards. The game will be perfectly winnable without spending time on these arena-like zones, though, so if you absurdly despise grinding, you don’t have to go there.

Virgo’s combat system is designed around making every turn very significant. From guarding when enemies will most probably strike you with all they’ve got to removing their buffs at the right time to not get countered and abusing their weakness through skill combos, the core philosophy is to give meaning to every single action and mechanic.

Buffs should be drastically noticeable, enemies will fight with their own varied intelligence so that players won’t ever find a single optimal strategy for the whole game.

Virgo will be the only playable character, but think of it as a plus, as the story and every enemy will be personally designed for her, giving a lot more meaning to all of your actions throughout the game.

(Look, it’s Musashi!)

Every single fight is made to test the player’s skills and tactical thinking, with a focus on in-conflict demands and results, as opposed to having dungeons with dozens of easy battles that just matter to wear down the characters slowly so they must manage their resources over time.

In Virgo, Purity (the resource used to cast abilities) regenerates naturally in battle and outside of it and items are significantly powerful, but can only be carried in very limited amounts, to assure a per-conflict danger.

A battle against a very tough foe can’t just be brute-forced through by spamming Attack 35 times and using 56 Potions, but a smart use of skills available as well as taking advantage of special items to inflict status effects on foes.

Skills and abilities are earned through equipment; items will often give Virgo a new ability in addition to stats and passive effects. Players are encouraged to mix and match pieces of equipment to create various skill combos, such as combining a Shield’s risky Block-chance Buff (that works at the cost of armor) to a Ribbon’s Blinding Spell to minimize the downsides of the first buff.

I think the development of the game untill now is doing really great! Now I’m in a critical moment where I find bugs that weren’t supposed to be there, so setting a date for the release of the demo is hard, but saying it will certainly be around this month or early march is certain!

I also am going to release a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (kickstarter doesn’t accept my country unfortunatelly), so I can pay my musician, buy some new equipment (still using a decade-old computer for this) and maybe feed myself with lots of cupcakes to fuel development directly (through unhealthy amounts of sugar). I plan on launching the campaign on Virgo season (august/september), so please keep up with me until then~!

Also, I’ll probably have to launch a greenlight campaign soon for Virgo because of the new Steam direct policy (with its potentially absurd fees), so if you could help me with the greenlight it would mean the world to me~! Thank you all for your support until now reblogging and spreading the love on Virgo, it makes me constantly glad to have this community helping me with my little gaimu T____T~


Fortune favoures the brave, sir,” said Carrot cheerfully.
“Good. Good. Pleased to hear it, captain. What is her position vis à vis heavily armed, well prepared and excessively manned armies?”
“Oh, no one’s ever heard of fortune favouring them, sir.”
“According to General Tacticus, its because they favour themselves,” said Vimes. He opened the battered book. Bits of paper and string indicated his many bookmarks. “In fact, men, the general has this to say about ensuring against defeat when outnumbered, out-weaponed and out-positioned. It is…” he turned the page, “ ‘Don’t Have A Battle.’
—  Terry Pratchett - Jingo
I appreciate that what’s good in life won’t come easy. It simply won’t. Without the obstacles, the trials, the tears, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m proud. I’m proud that I decided to stand not fall, to swim not sink, to dream not die. I’m proud I’ve made it this far and that I’m still willing to keep going. I want the good despite the challenges. I want to say that I’ve stared life in the face and won my battles. My fight isn’t over quite yet.