Follow Forever 2013

Thanks for making another hellish year on tumblr bearable and thanks for being as sleep deprived as I am. 

The greatest people you will ever meet

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And the worst… Beware of the Terror Squad. 

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i’ve never made a follow forever before, but what better time to finally be less lazy than christmas? basically, this is a way to say thank you to the people i follow who made the year a little brighter for me, and hopefully for others as well. I hope your 2013 was spiffy, and that your 2014 will be even spiffier! DFTBA!

( the bolded names are my tumblr crushes)

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biomechas asked:



My otp: you/tsundere dwalin
My most hated pairing: you/white males
My unusual otp: you/me
My crossover otp: you/dean/aidan/richard does this count
My brotp/friendship otp: you/faffie

Battle Royale RP Community


So, this is a bit of a last resort type recruiting post. The Battle Royale RP community on Tumblr is nearly dead, despite having been very popular in the past (I believe there was an RP-er for every single student in the class at one point). There are now only four of us left who are at all active, and, since we’ve all put a lot of time into the RP, it’d be great to be able to continue with more people.

If you are into the idea of roleplaying in the BR universe, we would be extremely happy to have you. It’s not really a paragraph style RP- we operate the blogs as if they are the characters themselves and interact IC through a chatzy- but I’m sure most of us would be open to the idea if contacted OOC. You don’t need to audition, and you can roleplay as whichever student you want, even if there’s already a blog for said student.

This is a huge long-shot, since I think most of the people who’d be interested have already come and gone, but it would be amazing if anyone is. hasn’t been updated in a while, but the FAQ is very relevant to anyone who wants to join. Anyone who’s active is pretty much guaranteed to follow a Battle Royale RP blog back, and of course you’re obviously not just limited to RP-ing within the class either.

Message any of us for the link to the current Chatzy, or if you’re looking for information on the RP itself (although I think it’s best explained on )

Also, for anyone who’s RP-ed in the past and thought about coming back, please do! We most likely miss the hell out of you.


biomechas asked:



My otp: Thorin/Bilbo wHOOPS
My most hated pairing: Bilbo/idk anyone else really
My unusual otp: Bilbo/i dont even ship bilbo with anyone other than thorin in a strange way so
My crossover otp: i’m not a big fan of crossover otps
My brotp/friendship otp: Bofur and Bilbo are pretty good bros

ryuheisasagawa asked:

Kusaka! How yer been?? You an' Kitano still doin' th' bakery thing? When's it open? I wanna go!

SASAGAWA! I’ve been doing great, thanks! I feel kinda bad for dropping off the face of the earth like that, heh…It’s been, what? Almost a year? Ack…

Well I’m…sorta back now! And we’re about to start up, everything’s going well so far! Yukiko’s doing most of the work and I’m mostly just taste-testing, haha!

What’ve you been up to? It’s really been too long…I’ve really missed everyone a whole ton!

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Hello, my name is Ogawa Sakura, and if you are a stranger please refer to me by my surname.

Many horrid and unthinkable things took place the night my class was chosen for the Battle Royale Program, however I chose not to play the sick “game” and opted out early. I don’t know what’s going on or if I am the only one that is truly back, but I’ve come here in search of classmates, so if any of my classmates are out there, please, please let me know!

ryuheisasagawa asked:

Yo, Ogawa, where yer been? Yer really dunno how fuckin' happy I am t' see yer.

 I don’t know..! About a month ago I just.. up and woke right up in my bed! And for the longest time I thought it had all just been a dream until I saw my uniform.

Really? You’re happy to see me? I’m glad to see you too! It’s reassuring knowing I’m not here alone! Are there others here as well?

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