battler is incompetent

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Name: Battler Ushiromiya | Tohya Hachijo
Nickname: Incompetent, Endless Golden Sorcerer.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer.
Gender: Male.
Favourite Colour/s: Gold, blue & red.
Average Hours of Sleep: 5-6 hours typically. 
Last Thing You Googled: When will google come to the 80s? n/a
Height: 5″11″


Name: Lane.
Nickname: Tenma, satan’s lapdog, emotional sadist.
Zodiac Sign: Aries.
Gender: Male. 
Favourite Colour: Black, and blue.
Average Hours of Sleep: 5-6 weekdays, 8-9 weekends.
Last Thing You Googled: pascal’s wager for philosophy class.
Height: 5″9″