After completely freaking out about it, bouncing up and down and hugging my monitor several times I finally feel ready to share it!

I managed to get a commission from the utterly talented @merwild of my Quel’Dorei badass Azalyn Silverspell and I’m really SO over the moon. She was a bliss to work with and really patient with the little tweaks I wanted and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much again!

Azalyn Celestia Silverspell is not your typical Quel’dorei beauty. She’s not ugly but certainly not as beautiful as most of her kin are considered to be.
She is muscular and trains hard to keep herself fit.
Once upon a time she was trained to become a Priestess but it was clear that life was not suited for her.
She now uses the Light to do good things (if she can) and kick butts.

Server: Argent Dawn
Guild: Wayward Adventurers