A Battle of Wits | AU

Voices filled the office corridors and the Nara chuckled quietly to himself as he walked past open doors, greeting those that worked there with a self-satisfied smirk spread across his face. Mondays were usually filled with grumbled remarks about having to head into work after a relaxing weekend, but this Monday was different. 

He’d gotten wind of a new account his company was trying to secure and not only was the commission through the roof, but the prestige and bragging rights that would come with it was more than enough to get his normally dismal juices flowing. Kiba and Chouji were already in his office, their expressions signalling that they’d heard the same rumors. 

“Gentlemen,” he said, brow raised as the smirk spread. “It seems we’ve got ourselves some work to do, ne?”


Who’s your favorite???


Super Junior A DAY | 140802

IG-leedonghae: See u soon -CN-ELF I’m coming!!

IG-kimheenim:Thanks, my best friend Lee HyukJae!! I received the earphones after an year and half ^-^ Now, all that remains is the t-shirt you took from me 11 years ago? Looking back to the past days, Lee Donghae-guy insisted that he’d buy me a wallet and belt for my birthday 11 years ago despite me saying no, but he still hasn’t bought me them. But on that day, while Donghae and I was walking on the street, we met Son YaeJin noona.. #TheSummerScent #SpringWaltz #BattleofWits #MaSiwon #MaSimallow (T)

weibo-haohaohyuk:See you soon

IG-siwon1987:Well. test instagram.

IG-siwon1987:keep learning instagram.