In Excelsis Deo-The West Wing Season 1

Tobey Ziegler: A homeless Korean War veteran, a Lance corporal of the United States 27th died last night. The ambulance took an hour and 20 minutes.

Pres. Bartlet: If we start pulling strings like this, you don’t think every homeless veteran would come out of the woodwork?

Tobey: I can only hope so

I’m finishing up a policy analysis of Army suicide prevention programs. After reading through a plethora of rates on suicides, mental health struggles, and watching documentaries of veterans and soldiers in combat, I am tearfully reminded of the hell our men and women in uniform go through not only in war but back home. Photojournalist Danfung Dennis aptly named his documentary on a recovering Marine sgt, To Hell and Back Again.

I couldn’t help but also remember one of my favorite West Wing episodes when Tobey Ziegler uses his power as a White House staffer to arrange a full military honor guard and funeral for a Korean War veteran who died homeless. And as frustrating as Washignton has been in the past year, at least they unanimously came together to pass a bill helping our veterans find jobs and transition back home. The White House has launched new initiatives and task forces to help our veterans and soldiers as they come home. 

God Bless America


My first ever character, Sixteen. He’s a Warforged Battlemind with kick-ass armblades.

Sixteen suffered from the same problem I think most first-characters do: He didn’t have much of a personality. Luckily, I could put it down to him being, well, a robot. He also died in Tomb of Horrors, but it’s cool; he got better.

Warforged are awesome.

I had a dream of a monster - a terrible gnoll! He could teleport himself instantly, a truly frightening power! I was scared at first, but the dream was not a nightmare. I think, perhaps, he might have been a hero? I hope so. I wish him luck, wherever he might be now.

Newsflash: 4th of July is NOT AWESOME for soldiers.

Seriously, it’s not. I was a soldier. My husband is a soldier. There is nothing, NOTHING fun about things exploding outside the house. It doesn’t bother me, but I never had to deal with rockets or mortars.

The hubby on the other hand is usually an antsy bundle of nerves whenever firework time rolls around, be the 4th of July or the 1st of January. He has dealt with rocket attacks, mortar attacks, fire fights, etc and fireworks bring all that stress back full circle.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a real thing and it always makes me feel terrible to watch him deal with fireworks. It’s not a “run and hide” sort of reaction he gets, but the stress does ramp up. It’s called Battlemind and it’s not a fun thing to deal with as a soldier or as a sympathetic family member.

Sorry to be a downer. o.o;

Happy Independence Day everybody!! >.>

i want to become better at my craft

almost every day, I challenge myself to do one thing that could make me a better warrior.  Whether it’s brushing up on 9-lines, reading up on military history, or physical fitness, constantly challenging myself keeps me motivated.  But now that I have an AR platform, I want to get better at fighting with it.  

my dnd character is a minotaur named….pontificus or something weird….and hes super cute, and stoic but also very embarrassed of himself and tries to be serious. hes a battlemind and hes a very impressive young cow boy