Here’s my latest drawing. It’s a Warforged Battlemind named Titan. I drew it as another part of limeskeleton7 ’s surprise gifts for his D&D Dark Sun session that he runs in the summer. This is a depiction of one of the player’s characters. Next, I’ll be drawing the other three, which consist of a pixie, gnome, and I forgot what the third was. limeskeleton7 gets the descriptions from his players and I’ve been drawing them. once I’m done drawing them all, I’ll start coloring the pictures next week!


My first ever character, Sixteen. He’s a Warforged Battlemind with kick-ass armblades.

Sixteen suffered from the same problem I think most first-characters do: He didn’t have much of a personality. Luckily, I could put it down to him being, well, a robot. He also died in Tomb of Horrors, but it’s cool; he got better.

Warforged are awesome.