Kuratas Robot - Rideable Battle Mech

BattleTech Art...

When I originally commissioned this art several years back, it was an homage to the original Warhammer art found on the first, second and third editions of the BattleTech box set. 

Art has always been an indelible part of BattleTech and this still captures that great visceral feel of a giant ‘Mech stalking an alien world. Ray threw the Inner Sphere map behind it and it adds a whole other great story telling level…may just make that my desktop for a while…and I immediately wanted to share…

More BattleTech Lance Packs

We just posted Street Dates for the various games/books that will be available on game store shelves this February.

I already provided a slew of sneak previews for Shadowrun Run Faster (such as here, here, here…), but I also previously provided a more detailed look at the miniatures from the first two Lance Packs. So of course I’m doing the same here (once more, huge thanks to Dak of the fantastic camospecs crew for these great photos).

First up, the Support Lance Pack:

Next up is the Battle Lance Pack: