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First Succession War Art Notes

A few weeks back I posted about art note generation (specifically referring to work for the BattleTech: First Succession War sourcebook).

Based upon those notes, Matt Plog turned in the following sketch, with this additional note:

Ghost rain.  (illo #1)  Much of this will be black. The planet below the escaping raiders and bombarding warships is in night-time.  So in addition to the lasers and still flying nukes, all the nukes currently going off on the planet are visible.

As is always the case when sketches come in for BattleTech, Brent, Ray and I review and discuss it. And here’s the specifics we each posted:

Randall: Having all the WarShips bow first to the atmosphere is really odd. Having one wouldn’t be bad, but most of them are going to have their broadsides to the planet surface.

Brent:  I like the composition.  My only concerns are (1) the sense of scale created by aerofighters close to camera against giant warships far off.  We’ll need to use a visual mechanic (shadows or details or something) on the two types of vessels to reinforce the titanic relative scale of the war ships.  Also (2) we will need to add drive trails behind the aerofighters so they don’t look like they are stationary.

[In this case, Ray didn’t have any further comments beyond ours…very often the case for all of us.]

Brent then takes all of our discussion, makes the final calls (he is the art director after all), and passes along the salient details to hone the image into its final form.

Matt Plog filled my first ever cover credit book–Northwhind Highlanders scenario pack–with amazing illustrations and it’s so great to be almost two decades later and still working together.

We should be seeing the final illustration on Monday…and if all goes well, First Succession Wars heads to print next week!

In celebration, I can’t help myself…I’ve been told not to release another full-page illustration of a new, re-imagined imagine…but…well…nobody said I couldn’t release the leg and see who can figure which BattleMech this is (it will have a nice, full-page treatment in First Succession War).