going to do my favourite blogs of 2011..

ohmygoditssophie strikinglike-lightning givemel0ve charlll keepcalmandkerrieon battlegr0und daggerinmyheart 

sexytimewithsykess headinthecl0uds p-0intless fallen4youreyes em-ergency astr00naut

imgladnathancame copypokerface mydreamsaremywings its-0kay-not-to-be-okay war-zone white–diamonds the-love-anxiety smilesandbruises 500daysofmaddy s0ldyourself m0nocle yellanie justworldsapart

chasingthesun-tw jessiicamcguiiness c0ld-coffee

i love more than this, but these are all i can think of atm<3<3

Merry Christmas to all my lovely followers! I've made some amazing friends on here, and i just wanted to thank you all for such a lovely year on Tumblr:-) have a lovely Christmas everyone! Xx