battlefield iv

Alternate Video Game Titles

Mass Effect: Everything is cool and amazing and we are all gonna die.

Mass Effect 2: Interstellar Suicide Squad

Mass Effect 3: The lens flares will cover my tears.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Less Dragons More Suffering

Assassin’s Creed III: Angry child becomes Vengeful Adult

Assassin’s Creed IV: Mean Pirate becomes Somewhat Nice Pirate

Fallout 3: The world sucks and I can’t find my father.

Fallout 3 (Updated): The world sucks and my father is dead.

Fallout 4: The world sucks and I can’t find my kid.

Fallout 4 (Updated): The world sucks and my kid’s a dick.

Fallout New Vegas: Cowboys and slavers and anger and booze.

Spore: Make a penis monster and rule the galaxy.

Sims: Drown your people, rule their lives, delete the toilet.

Call of Duty (All of them): GUN BULLET GUN

Battlefield (All of them): GUN BULLET PLANE TANK GUN

Gears of War (All of them): Testosterone and Chainsaws

Halo (All of them): Kill Shit to find Ultra Shit

Minecraft: (Explore+Build+Die)^3

The Last of Us: Emotions Hurt More Than Zombies

Subnautica: Fuck the Ocean - Alien Edition

Until Dawn: Get Everyone Killed and Restart

Grand Theft Auto IV: My Cousin Got Me Killed

Grand Theft Auto V: San Andreas 2

Saint’s Row: Urban Gangs

Saint’s Row II: Ultra Gangs

Saint’s Row III: Criminal Syndicates

Saint’s Row IV: Governments (wait a second…)

He’s talking about the tango scene, hehe.

N7 Day is approaching!! Which means there will be a slight increase of silly Mass Effect doodles in my art blog woooo~~~

I. The last time I let myself love another human being he took everything I had and threw it in the fire. Now parts of my skin permenantly smell like smoke. Most days I can still feel my skin burning, and I wonder if that was his plan all along. To make sure I could never touch another persons skin for fear that they would get burnt too.

II. They say your body is a temple but my body is a home that he broke into; he stole everything valuable before he left. Now my body is a shell.

III. The first time you kissed me you told me to stop shaking. You promised you would never hurt me, I was shaking because I was scared you tasted him, too. I was shaking because I didn’t want you to smell the smoke, I didn’t want you to realize that my body is a battlefield.

IV. Whisper me a lie; tell me my eyes still shine and that my skin still glows. Please, ignore the burnt spots and my hollow insides

V. I soon discovered that you are a damn good liar and that I am pretty damn naive. I know you tasted him those nights, I know you felt the way my skin burnt against your sheets. I know my uncertainty is what scared you away, but thank you for calling me beautiful anyway.

VI. I am so tired of gasping for air through all this smoke. Please, don’t go. Remind me what love feels like.
—  the fire // ahn

life is better with you [listen]

a mix about being in love (with a girl)

i. home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
ii. i love you will still sound the same - oh honey
iii. whaur will we gang? / march of the ceili man - battlefield band
iv. there she goes - sixpence none the richer
v. she looks so perfect - 5 seconds of summer
vi. fearless - taylor swift
vii. girlfriend - icona pop
viii. here comes the sun - the beatles
ix. fireproof - one direction
x. life is better with you - michael franti & spearhead