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Brotherly Battles

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Lucy jumped away from the stove and dropped her book at the sound of Natsu screaming in her living room, followed by the sound of punching and explosions.

Lucy turned off the flame, leaving her grilled cheese yet to be gooey and delicious as she hurried out of the kitchen.


Lucy looked down at the floor to find the two young men, sitting side by side as they pressed down on their controllers.

She followed their cords as it lead to the television, showing a 3d cartoon battlefield with a short red man in overalls fighting with a taller green man in matching overalls. 

She sighed with relief as she realized the two weren’t actually fighting.

“Natsu can you please keep it down!” She shouted, gaining the attention of her husband.

“He keeps button mashing! It’s not fair!” Natsu spat, pointing an arm at the black haired man beside him who had paused their game.

“Orrrrr…I’m just better than you.” Zeref said as he mockingly began looking at his nails in flamboyant manner.

“As if! You’re cheating!” Natsu whined.

Zeref chuckled as he turned his head toward his sister-in-law.

“I’m awfully sorry Lucy, I know the noise isn’t good for the baby.” He said apologetically.

Natsu’s eyes widened at that, and quickly scurried over towards Lucy as he nuzzled his face against her tiny bump.

“Daddy’s sorry! Is my baby still okay?” He cooed, rubbing her tummy in tiny circles.

The baby responded with a soft kick, and the couple’s face lit up with glee.

“Did you feel that Lucy? That was their first kick!” Natsu said with wonderment as he looked up at the blonde.

She was too flustered to respond, merely nodding as her eyes pricked with tears.

Zeref watched as his brother quickly began kissing his wife’s tears, gushing with words to keep her from crying even more.

He smiled softly as he remembered watching them first interact on the battlefield. 

She was so mad at him, shouting at him for running away and leaving her, yet all she could do was cling to him as she cried.

He remembered how his brother held her like she was the most precious thing in the world. The way Natsu seethed with rage when he had almost killed Lucy.

Zeref watched as Natsu rubbed her tummy softly, telling it he was sorry that Uncle Zeref is a dirty button masher.

Uncle Zeref.

Zeref was going to be an uncle for his brother’s child.

But it had barely been a few years ago that he wanted to take that away from him…

“Well…I supposed I’ll be off. It’s getting late.” Zeref sighed, getting up as he reached for his coat.

Natsu’s face fell when he saw Zeref’s averting eyes and small frown.

Before he could walk out the door, Natsu threw his arm’s around his brother’s neck.

Zeref froze.

“I know why you feel that way…but please don’t.” He spoke softly.

“Natsu….” Zeref choked.

“We’re gonna fight sometimes, but that’s what brothers do..” Natsu said, pulling away as his hand reached out to touch Zeref’s locket.

“This is what mom would’ve wanted.” Natsu’s breath hitched, quickly wiping a tear before grinning at Zeref.

Lucy watched with a soft smile as Zeref pulled Natsu into another hug.

“I’m pretty sure you guys have a match to finish.” Lucy said.

“Oh yeah! I still have to kick your ass!” Natsu said happily, scrambling to his controller.

Zeref rolled his eyes as he grabbed his controller and resumed the match.

Sakurai’s Daily Pic - December 23

Well Rosalina sure is tall, Peach and Mario have nothing on her, and Mario really doesn’t have anything on Peach.  Rosalina is a big target to be hit so it will be interesting to see how much of a role her size plays.  Now I am interested in Sakurai going with her being on the lighter side as she has been considered heavy in Mario Kart Wii and 7.  Interesting how he came to her being light with the anti-gravity effect.

Sunday Rumor Mill - Demos Demos and Demos

Hello! I know there have been a lot of “leaks” lately so of course, believe what you want . I don’t have as much info as some of the other people who have shared things in the last few weeks, but I thought I’d fill you all in on some new things I’ve found out.

I work for a ~PAL Region~ Nintendo office. I won’t say which one because obviously I need to keep my location and identity a secret!

Some time in the next few months (most likely around April) there will be Smash demos installed on Wii U and 3DS demo stations that are currently at certain retailers (in my region- not sure about other regions plans for this but I imagine they’re the same). The Wii U version of the demo has been finalized and we have the code at our offices. That’s what I’m here to share info on.

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