This style of dance “flexin” is brought to you by Battlefest League out in NY. This style originated from bruk-up. Bruk-up comes from Jamaican-influence. It encompasses so many different types of dance and putting it on stage as a performance. There have been many BAY vs. NY battles, due to the strong similarities of style-flipping, swag, animation, and imagination. Both have their own culture, coming from opposite poles of the US to battle it out on the dance floor.

In this video, Rudeboy goes first against Problemz, and to me the battle was pretty one-sided. I’ve followed Problemz for a while and I’ve seen him go off against other dancers, but not tonight. Rudeboy came with precision and creativity. Problemz was a bit sloppy the first two rounds, but came back hard with that third.

Just wanted to share.


BattleFest League Episode 2 came out yesterday! Have y'all seen it yet? Remember, in this series your vote counts, so we need to hear your voice to determine the winner. There’s also a giveaway going for people that like and share the video. Watch the ending for more details. If you haven’t seen it yet, check this Tumblr’s archive to find it! Good luck guys and thank you all for the love.


DAILY DOPE- Jonathan Showoff Cespedes hits the Battlefest Ring to show us why he’s aptly named. #lojowerkz #LoJoWerkzDailyDope #StreetArt #battlefest #showoff #jonathanshowoffcespedes #battlefestleague #worldofdance

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