Announcing Type 74 Electronic Observation Device Translation Project

The Type 74 Electronic Observation Device (Electronic Observer for short) is a custom browser application intended to help Kancolle players (much like Kancolle Viewer or KC3). I have begun a translation attempt to bring it to non-Japanese players of Kancolle, endorsed (but not supported) by Andante, the original developer of the project.

What does it do?

  • Internal browser with zoom, screenshot, and mute (independent of notifications)
  • Fleet status and condition
  • Docks, showing of ships in progress, results of development (even if failure)
  • Admiral status, including resources, rank, ship/equipment slots
  • Special combat features
    • Prediction of next node
    • Enemy fleet composition shown before battle
    • Display of battle results before battle conclusion (including MVP)
  • Display of HP remaining on boss gauges, critical damage warnings
  • Complete quest tracking (with full depth, not just Kancolle’s 50% and 80%)
  • Complete ship and equipment encyclopedia, including enemy data
  • Notification system (including sounds and customized notifications, even under Windows 7) for expeditions, morale, and repair
  • Sort-able equipment and ship lists
  • Savable record of drops, crafts, and more.

Most of all, the Electronic Observer supports complete user customization. See as much, or as little data as you’d like, organized the way you like it.

Additionally, the English translation project will add Region Cookie support for foreign players.

There is currently no prediction for how long this translation project may take. Currently, there are no binary releases, though the browser function has now been translated. The in progress translation source tree can be found here.

I encourage anyone interested to keep track of my “Electronic Observer Translation” tag as I continue work on this project!