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ive been up for hours watching tom interviews and refreshing his instagram and ive just finally realized. His last IG post says “#tb to my Curls + tash” and this whole time i’ve been like “wtf is a tash” then i watched an interview of his where he calls his mustache “tash” and if thats not the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard then idk what is


EVERYONE PLEASE WATCH THIS ARTIST. Tash Sultana is my new obsession because of how talented and unique she is. I 10/10 recommend you watch this whole video (and the guitar solo near the end of the first song). SHE IS SO DAMN TALENTED I CAN’T. Plus she gay @ all you little homos;)


From the trailer; I’m pretty sure that’s Tash. Killed in Season 1 by Two. We saw her again in the alternate universe in Season 2.

Three possible theories:
- Is she who was in the shuttle?
- Is this the alternate universe again?
- Is there time travel involved?

What do you guys think? I thought Tash was pretty badass, and Jessica Sipos is great. I’m looking forward to this!

omg Amir had a livestream on insta n i just found out last minute and b4 I went on apparently he was women being amazing,, also was ranting abt how he hates Physics but he has that class tmrw n he doesn’t want to do the hw bc he only wants to act n sing but was like “don’t follow that” lmaoo then was telling us to never smoke ciggarettes bc he went thru shit last year w/ it n he regrets it What a icon

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Hey, can I have multiple? I want to ask both 11 and 17, but I can't really choose between those. And perhaps F too if you feel like it?

11. How do they cope with confusion (seek clarification, pretend they understand, etc)?

Depends. If it’s something that affects him personally, then he will try to clarify it. If it’s just , like, the explanation about some kind of maching or something that he doesn’t understand, then he’ll just accept it and pretend to understand.

17. Are they easily embarrassed?

Ohh no. I think it is physically impossible to embarrass Tash.

F) What do you feel when you think of your OC (pride, excitement, frustration, etc)

I’m definitely proud of my little fluff ball :3
Funfact: The story was originally planned with humans and stuff. But i decided to remove all humans and replace them with more cartoony anthropomorphic creatures. Because they make the comic much more unique AND are more fun to draw.

Narnia Theories: The Origins of Tash the Inexorable

So guys, here’s my first theory analysis for the Chronicles of Narnia!

So, the other day, a buddy and I were on a relatively long drive from his house to mine, and we ended up discussing Narnia theories. One of the questions that came up during the conversation was “Where did evil come from?” Now obviously anyone who has read the books will immediately and correctly respond that the first evil to enter Narnia was the former ruler/destroyer of the nation Charn, Jadis, better known as the White Witch. She came in during Narnia’s creation, and lingered for around 900 years before finally setting off the Hundred Years Winter. However, though Jadis is the most powerful and well known force of evil in the series, she is not the only one. Specifically, we were thinking about Tash, the four armed, vulture headed god of the Calormen nation. It’s made fairly obvious in The Last Battle that he is a real entity with real power, so where the heck does something that evil and powerful come from? It certainly wasn’t created along with the rest of the Narnian inhabitants in The Magician’s Nephew. Was it a corrupted minor god originally created by Aslan? Or is there more to his origin than meets the eye?

I decided to do a little research, as I had a few suspicions. The first place I decided to look was for the first time he was mentioned in the books, to try and pinpoint when and where he was first sighted in Narnia. The Horse and His Boy contains the earliest canon reference to Tash, and by the narrative, seems to be an integral part of the Calormen culture. According to an official Narnian timeline, the Country of Calormen was founded in 204 Narnian Time by Archenlander exiles, roughly 200 years after Narnia’s creation. We can assume that Tash began to be worshiped somewhere within a generation after that, putting the first encounter with Tash somewhere between 210 N.T. and 260 N.T. This makes Tash pretty old.

The next thing I checked out was the appearance and description of Tash, to see if I could detect any similarities. Here’s what I found:

First, take a look at these two photos, the only depictions we have of Tash for the entirety of the series:

So, first thing I want you guys to look at is the clothing (however little there is). First thing you might notice is that is is very distinctly NOT Calormen. For comparison, These two images:

The Calormenes have a very Arabian or Persian feel to them, reflecting the desert based culture. Tash’s clothing is much more reminiscent of a mix of Babylonian and Incan styles. So what gives? Well, as I did some more digging, I remembered these:

The Royals of Charn. These are uncannily similar in style to Tash’s appearance, and have a very Babylonian feel to them. For example, the two royals on the left have crowns incredibly similar to the Sumerian style of crown seen in Babylonian carvings.

This is when the pieces of the puzzle began to come together. However, this isn’t even the best part. I continued to look through the pictures of Charn from MN, and came across this photo:

This caught my eye originally due to the giant bird statue on the fountain, but then my eyes drifted to the gate carvings and their distinctly Incan/Mayan style. See it? It’s the carving directly to the left of the statue’s claw. Now see it? No? Well here, I did a side by side comparison.

LOOK AT THAT. LOOK. IT’S FRIGGIN TASH. The similarities are mindblowing, down to the tongue, the feathered crest, the curly forehead bit, etc.

This is all the proof I think we need to deduce that Tash is not a native of Narnia, but of the dead world Charn. He was likely drawn into this realm by the sorcery of Jadis, who probably was looking for a way to combat the power of Aslan with the demonic abilities of one of her realm’s denizens. The timeline even matches up, with Jadis in exile and looking for ways to supplant Narnia.


Anyone else have anything to say? Feel free to let me know if there’s anything I should add, or if you have any points you’d like to make regarding this particular theory.