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The Signs as Straight White Boy Texts

Aries: nudes?
Taurus: wanna have sex?
Gemini: bout to work out!
Cancer: netflix and chill?
Leo: haha and then what? ;)
Virgo: im horny right now
Libra: Haha hey
Scorpio:  what would you do if I was here? ;) 
Sagittarius: wanna see a dick pic?
Capricorn: bra size? 
Aquarius: wanna play 20 questions? 
Pisces: are you a virgin?

1. Karma Is a Bitch (And So Is Tash)

If Karma were the name of one of the models, she’d be the most talked about girl in the house. I hear she’s a bitch!

As annoying as it is to hear Courtney and Tash use the word “karma” so often, it’s also hilarious that they both seem to think karma will prevail against the other one. If karma is firing from both directions, does it cancel out or do both girls fall victim to it?

Courtney may have used the K-word first during Tash’s makeover meltdown (“I’m not saying karma’s real, but, like, karma’s definitely real,”) but Tash is acting like she just learned the definition of karma from a Word-of-the-Day calendar.    

After the epic shouting from Binta, which as you can see, Cody enjoyed a little too much, Tash senses that karma is coming.

She also takes Binta’s outburst as validation of her own feelings rather than saying, “Holy shit, that was a wildly unreasonable way to handle the situation.”

Each time Tash moans about Courtney acting like a victim, I want to smack her across the face and say, as I’ve argued before, “It’s because you’re making her look like a victim!” Leave her alone and she’ll look plenty dumb on her own.

Because right now it’s Tash who likes like an asshole on TV. She’s showing a total lack of self-awareness. Almost as much self-unawareness as Courtney declaring that all the girls are going to wish they were nicer to her when she wins while wearing panda pajamas.

That is priceless.

Let me be perfectly clear, Courtney is not blameless. Drew’s assessment of Courtney is spot on. She whines too much and craves sympathy. But you know what’s just as bad as a chronic complainer? Some bitches who won’t stop complaining about someone else complaining. Call it out a time or two, but the more you engage in that behavior, the more you become indistinguishable from the one you say complains too much.

The twins could take a lesson from Giah, who has the sense to not look like an asshole by comforting Courtney after she falls the down the stairs. Mind you, Giah still reads Courtney an appropriate amount in the confessional afterward, which is her right and obligation as a reality show participant. It’s also a much healthier outlet than repeatedly berating her to her face.

I do think the show buries the lede when Giah offhandedly references having fallen down the stairs twice. Are the producers rubbing Crisco on the steps or something? (That’s devious, but it has my approval.) Just make sure to keep a camera stationed there so we have prime GIF material, please.

Meanwhile, how does Tash handle Courtney’s staircase fall? She calls it karma and says that Courtney “deserves” it.

All the proof you need that the twins are just as petty as Courtney occurs when Drew tells the models to grab a dress for the party off a rack, first come, first serve. Courtney gets to the dress Cody wants first, and Cody complains that Courtney literally clawed her for the dress.

The video footage shows no such contact. Besides, complaining about a minor wound literally puts Cody at the same level as Courtney. Given that it’s a competition, Courtney is not sorry for grabbing the same dress Cody wanted, and though it perhaps displays that touch of “evil” the twins claim to see, I don’t blame her.

The right way for Cody to handle that situation would be to throw some shade in Courtney’s direction. If I were her, I would wonder aloud how Courtney was able to sprint to the clothing rack so quickly while dealing with scoliosis and a broken arm and then just leave it at that.

The dress drama comes back to bite, Courtney, though, when it turns out her chosen dress doesn’t fit her. She wears it anyway, probably because it matches her bandage, which she inexplicably keeps on during her photoshoot. Tash is pleased that the dress doesn’t fit properly and cites “karma” once again.

Unfortunately for Tash, it turns out that Courtney had invoked the power of karma against her, as well.

After Tash applauds all the minor instances of karma against Courtney, karma winds up coming the hardest for her when the judges decide to cut her for making a truly shitty Instagram story. It probably could have just as easily come for Cody, but the judges are too obsessed with turning the Beta Twin into the “life of the party,” so Tash has to pay the price. Sorry that you looked like a total shithead on TV!

4 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 4

omg Amir had a livestream on insta n i just found out last minute and b4 I went on apparently he was women being amazing,, also was ranting abt how he hates Physics but he has that class tmrw n he doesn’t want to do the hw bc he only wants to act n sing but was like “don’t follow that” lmaoo then was telling us to never smoke ciggarettes bc he went thru shit last year w/ it n he regrets it What a icon

Brianna had her septum pierced a year and a half ago by Cody. Tonight she decided to pick out some new and fancy jewelry. 

We are in love with how gorgeous this clicker looks on her. 14k yellow gold with cultured Akoya pearls. 

Thank you as always Brianna! Enjoy your new jewelry! 

Monterey, CA

The Signs as Holiday Songs
  • Aries: All I Want for Christmas is You
  • Taurus: Frosty the Snowman
  • Gemini: Sleigh Bells
  • Cancer: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)
  • Leo: Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Virgo: White Christmas
  • Libra: Jingle Bells
  • Scorpio: Santa Baby
  • Sagittarius: The Christmas Waltz
  • Capricorn: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Aquarius: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  • Pisces: The Chipmunk Song

anonymous asked:

i mean it would've been nice if you actually said when applications closed on the post announcing that they were open since people are still reblogging it

it also would’ve been nice if you’d phrased that more politely

Cody and Brittney are at the studio all day for all of your piercing and jewelry needs. We are open until 8pm, so be sure to swing on by. 

Andrea had her daith pierced by Cody a little over a year ago. She healed up wonderfully and stopped by yesterday for a fancy upgrade. 

She picked out this gorgeous Tash clicker. 14k rose gold with CZ’s bezel set with scalloped edges. 

Stunning choice, Andrea. Your daith looks absolutely amazing! 

Monterey, CA

The Signs at 2am

Aries: Attempting to finish homework
Taurus: Taking stupid online quizzes
Gemini: Going to commit a murder 
Cancer: Chilling and watching Netflix
Leo: Late-night McDonald run
Virgo: Video gaming
Libra: Laughing at memes
Scorpio: Searching the refrigerator  
Sagittarius: Stalking people on Facebook
Capricorn: Crying
Aquarius: Asleep
Pisces: Painting/drawing