Kaladesh storyline starts SOON AAAAAAHAHAHA

The Eldritch Moon storyline ended with a bang a month ago. Very, very soon, we kick off the Kaladesh storyline, and it’ll get going FAST. This week you’ll get to meet some new people, hear more about Saheeli Rai, and read a few tidbits about what event is buzzing on Chandra’s home plane.

And then in less than a week, as a legion of WotC folks heads to PAX West THIS COMING WEEKEND HOLY SMOKES, we’ll blow the doors open, spilling an avalanche of ingenious invention-y details about Kaladesh the world and Kaladesh the set. Streamed panels, social media reveals, discussions from pros, cosplay, a blast of Magic Story episodes, behind-the-scenes making-of anecdotes – you know, the stuff we like to do around PAX time.

We got a glimpse of Kaladesh last year in Magic Origins, but I can honestly say that we’ve barely scratched the polished copper surface of this place. I am just brain-poppingly excited – like pawing-my-own-face anxiouscited and happyfreaked – that we’ll finally get to share all the work that went into Kaladesh.

  • shiro:keith, we need to talk
  • keith:no...
  • pidge:just listen to us, please
  • keith, backing away:no.. g-go away...
  • lance:dude, really, we need to discuss this
  • keith:i'm warning you... stay back
  • hunk:man you can't keep putting ice cubes in your apple juice its so weird
  • keith, drawing his knife:dont come any closer

[ ロストワンの号哭 ] Yoosung

Mystic Messenger 

 [ Lost one’s Weeping ] 유성


I met Mac McLeod in 1933.
And I witnessed up close the price of real change.

Watch the first trailer for In Dubious Battle, directed by and starring James Franco, with Nat Wolff, Bryan Cranston, Ed Harris, Robert Duvall, Selena GomezScott HazeSam Shepherd, Zach Braff, Ashley Greene, Josh Hutcherson, Analeigh Tipton, and Ahna O’Reilly.

Based on John Steinbeck’s novel and set to premiere next weekend at Venice Film Festival, the story follows Wolff as Jim Nolan, a young recruit who joins activist Mac McLeod to organize a group of California fruit-pickers oppressed by a ruthless tycoon. The drama chronicles their infiltration of the workers’ world, the ensuing strike, and how they both help and complicate the situation — and at what cost.

twigthewigwig  asked:

I have very quickly developed an unyielding love of Lori... Can you tell me more about her?

Lori is from what could be called the country side in the Galra nation. A small mountain covered planet, they have terrible reception (I have this hc about the original Galra nation where it was a solar system with many planets and the main Garla species migrated to different planets in the system and over time adapted and evolved differently to the conditions. so the further the planet is from the sun the more fur the species have. made a rough drawing)

I thought about this waaaay too much (s2 gimme info i must know)

back to Lori. She is the 4th oldest out of 7 children, has 3 parents, is an auntie. Courted one of the head generals of Galra’s military and the sous chef of the royal Galra palace kitchen. loves em.

Loves being the Red Paladin, but gets homesick a lot. She becomes really close to Coran quickly, seeing him as family, even brought him over to her planet to introduce him to her family.

During the war against Galra’s empire, Lori was able to penetrate through Zarkon’s forces and Lori’s last transmission was she was going to go and try to talk some sense back into Zarkon

and that was the last time she was ever heard of…