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Imagine the sides playing Just Dance though


Sorry, I have four older siblings and when I was younger we’d all get into big dance dance revolution battles and oh my gosh

Anxiety is good by default, but when he focuses he may, may, miss one step.

Morality never knows what to do with his hands, but has surprisingly decent foot coordination.

Logic- ha! He can’t keep a beat to save his life and gives up shortly into the battle and sits down to watch

Prince is, of course, amazing at dancing, and is really Anxiety’s only competition.

And when I say this, I mean it. Anxiety is great at dancing, he gets very involved in it. Prince can keep up, but its harder for him, because his dancing preference is more traditional, so he has problems keeping up with Anxiety sometimes (which frustrates him to no end)

she’d kick ur ass on and off the dance floor

so my brain is cooking up aNOTHER au and its poly Moonbeamshipping and oh my gosh - Dance Battle Rivals and a newly hired DJ -hope to make more content before another au, new or old, grabs me

had Ikuze by SUPERDRAGON and Nutmeg by Infected Mushroom in my ears on repeat during 100% of making this

Tomorrow I’m gonna probably get the last 3 PoF masteries I need and then I’ll start farming parts for Bifrost I guess?

I am not at all looking forward to doing WvW for the Gift of Battle, gosh I just do not like PvP in any form.

Also gonna have a bunch of sketches to upload soon, I just got a new tablet and I’m in love with it!!! I will be drawing all of the things, I’m having fun :D

Day 3: Expeditions

“Okay… Okay, I know we’re getting close,” May mumbled aloud, turning her map over in her hands to look at it from a new angle. Drew raised an eyebrow at her, but kept stride; they had been wandering the city for about twenty minutes, and while their misguided expedition had been amusing at first, Drew was starting to get hungry.

“It’s upside-down, May,” he remarked dryly. May hastily tried to turn it in the right direction again.

“I knew that,” she said indignantly, but Drew shook his head.

“What’s the name of this place again?” he asked.

“The Striaton Restaurant!” May answered, her cheerful disposition returning. Drew pulled out his phone and started typing the title into search bar. Although he was no longer listening, May continued, “It’s supposed to be really good. Like 5-stars good.”

They stopped at a street corner. May squinted at the map, then glanced to her left. “Okay, I think we have to go this way,” she said.

“Well, according to my phone, it’s right there,” Drew said, pointing straight ahead. May blinked and lowered her map again. The building matched the pictures she had seen online.


They moved ahead, but Drew, of course, couldn’t let the moment pass without a snarky comment. “How you manage to navigate traveling without me, I’ll never know,” he quipped.

“Hey,” May retorted. “I just won the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Obviously, I can do well on my own.”

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pls consider: Keith learning how to wield a sword by being part of a LARP group. Tiny pre-teen Keith squiring for an older LARPer/s in exchange for lessons and armour to borrow during battles.


Like, I know next to nothing about LARPing, but I want this and need this so badly!!!

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Channing Tatum & Beyonce’s -Run The World (Girls)- vs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s -Pony- - Lip Sync Battle

Oh my gosh the LOLs this is GOLD!

Top 5 Gruvia Moments

5) Gray goes back for the scarf.
4) Gray seeing Juvia’s face before iced shell.
3) “The synchronized attack of love!”
2) “I’m here with you.”
1) Gray breaks down in Juvia’s arms.

Honorable mention: Gray saves Juvia from Ultear. Gray “dies” for Juvia. Graybread. Their battle against each other.

Gosh, this was hard.

Rewatching the episode 68 battle and… oh gosh. Scanlan really saved the day again and again. If he hadn’t cast the reverse gravity spell that wound up taking out two of the baddies (including the spellcaster!)… wow. At that horrible moment where they realized Keyleth, Percy, Scanlan, and Trinket were all unconscious at the same time… all six of their enemies could’ve still been standing, including the one with the superior healing potion. That’s TPK territory.

And then he saved the day again by being close enough to counterspell that fireball right at the end of the fight. I mean, it very well could’ve knocked out Keyleth, Percy, Vax, and Kynan… and Vex too? Percy was going to be out for good regardless, but with that extra bit of leeway Ripley could very easily have finished off at least one of the others as well before the end.

Side note: Percy’s use of Diplomacy on Kynan stunned him for a round, preventing him from attacking the unconscious Keyleth on his next turn, before Vax got through to him. If he’d been especially brutal (or desperate), with two attacks that both would’ve been auto-crits, he would’ve killed her then and there.

Seven times people went unconscious in this battle. It was definitely a disaster, but they narrowly avoided something a whole lot worse.