Coda - Bloody Stream [Pokémon RSE Soundfont]

Challenges: April Edition

Benny Creations Challenge
Theme: Ships
Entry Post: Here

Castiel Graphics Challenge
Theme: Textures
Entry Post: Here

Dean Creations Challenge
Theme: Storylines
Entry Post: Released Late-March

Castiel Color Challenge
Theme: Colours
Entry Post: Released Early-April

DeanCas Graphics Challenge
Theme: Text-Free + TV Show Quotes
Entry Post: Here

Fandom Writing Challenge
Theme: Date Night
Entry Post: Here

Gif Battle Challenge
Theme: Brothers
Entry Post: Here

Multifandom Graphics Challenge
Theme: Protagonists + Emotions
Entry Post: Here

Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge
Theme: Colour Palettes
Entry Post: Released Early-April

SPN Ladies Graphics Challenge
Theme: TBA
Entry Post: Released Late-March

Supernatural Creations Challenge
Theme: Family
Entry Post: Here

SPN Song Creations Challenge
Theme: 200th Episode
Entry Post: Here

Supernatural Poetry Challenge
Theme: Opposites
Entry Post: Here

Sasata Sata - Battle Quotes

Battle Theme: The Source (Chaos and Confusion) by The Bloody Beetroots
Battle intro:
“You sure you want to lose it all on this?”
“I warned you! Now pay up!”
“I guess it just wasn’t in the cards this time…”
“What’s the matter? You afraid of a girl with a deck of cards?”
Reacting to Taunt:
“Oh, pickin’ on the little guy now, huh?”
Tie: “Huh. That’s a rarity. Another hand?”
Perfect Victory:
“You can’t beat a well-timed royal flush!”
Final Finisher:
Hoo boy, you’re gonna get it now!”
“You called the right girl. I got this!”
Your muse down during Assist:
“Can’t win ‘em all, I guess…”
Using item:
“’Scuse me while I whip this out!”
“Let’s reshuffle this deck and change fate a bit!”
Tag Team Special: “Hold on, I’ll deal you in!”


gif battle: harryspotter vs dallisons: hp edition
↳ round one: the golden trio + gold

hermione, when have any of our plans ever actually worked? we plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose.

Here, have some appropriate battle music!

A close call for Undyne, but she still came out okay! Seems someone else was watching, though…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

your crown is burning
gold and blood, dripping
power down your back.

the sky is bruised purple
like wine or lilacs. you are
waiting for it to fall down.
even atlas cannot stand

you are watching a bird fly,
its precious gem wings a-flutter.
it loops into the sunset, drawn away
from the chaos of your kingdom.

crowns sit heavy on the hearts
of heroes, both born and bred
and forged from flames.

caesar was a boy once.
rome was a village once.

destiny is calling, little king.
you can carve your name
into the heart of the forest
but even a king cannot
survive alone.

call the bird back, let it sing.
crown a queen to rule beside you.
give atlas a hand.

build yourself a new rome
and let the sky be your walls.
this kingdom of yours, caesar –
don’t let it crumble down.