Winter’s Flower: Robb Stark X Reader

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Warnings: Fear. Kissing. Intimacy.

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You were so afraid, but you could not let it show.

The men of the North were cold, tough, they told you.

“Are you ready, Lady Y/N?” A guard asked and you nodded taking a deep breath as you were lead through the tent and into the room.

“Introduce yourself.” A lord called at you so coldly, you gulped slightly and looked down.

“I am the Lady Y/N-”

“Louder, girl!”

“Easy Lord Bolten.” The King of the North growled at him, “She is helping us. Continue, Lady Y/N.”

You sighed and looked at the kind eyes of the King of the North who smiled gently at you as you began again, “I am Lady Y/N of the House Tyrell. I have come here, accept the term of traitor and deserter of the South and would like to share everything I know of the Baratheon-Lannister house.” 

The king smile grew and nodded at you, “Continue.”

“The Baratheon and Lannister men have been combined and they plan to take the North by means of Siege.”

A lord looked down at you. “How many men?”

“Around 40,000.”

“And the penalty you give yourself should this be false?” The Lord Bolton spat causing you to look at the ground.

“Traitor of the North.” You replied numbly, “Death.”

This caused the room to fall silent as they waited for the King to speak next.

He stood up and walked towards you, “Very well. I will take Lady Y/N to her tent. Thank you for my consul, my Lords. I will see you in the morn.” Offering you his arm, you looked at him nervously and took it as he lead you along to your tent.

You didn’t get much sleep, fearing the Lord Bolten would break into your room and strangle you, but you didn’t dislike the North. The clothing, the hair styles, even the weather please you far more the South or even the Reach.

The North’s king was not all bad either.

He was kind to you, spearing moments he could to get you out of your tent, inviting you to sit at his table for dinner, even allowing you to sit at the occasional council meetings. He was also generous to provide you with whatever you needed and in whatever supply. Be it books, paper, bards, jesters, even supplies of ink. Whatever you commanded her did his best to supply.

On top of that, he was incredibly good looking.

You wondered often, what the end of this war would mean. Should the Lannisters’ win I shall surly loose my head, but what of the Starks? Or Baratheon?

The Stark’s wanted nothing but the revenge they truly deserved. The death of Lord Eddard was cruel and unjust. The North, at last, deserved it’s freedom from the realm. It was due to this, not your life on the line that you prayed for the Stark’s victory, but the question remained.

What will be done with me when Robb Stark is officially made King of the North by more than his banner men?

Your handmaiden’s claimed he would wed you, giving him some claim to Highgarden and the Reach along with the North. You constantly reassured them of the unlikely hood of this, as the Lord Stark was promised to another yet they insisted. You tried to ignore this as it was highly impractical, yet you prayed for it to be true.

You envied your sister for having Joffrey, who you heard was nothing more than a child and tried not to hide it. Your sister wrote that Sansa Stark’s exact words were monster, at least last time she wrote to you. This left you terrified for her and yet, there was nothing you could do..

You pondered this day and night, which was why perhaps you had so little sleep.

It was one of those nights when your fear and anxiety was too high so you decided to put on my suitable clothes and take a walk around camp. You were doing just so, not disturbing anyone when a hand touched your shoulders causing you to almost jump out of your skin.

“Gods be good Y/N!” The hearted laugh of Robb spoke as your jump clearly startled him, “You will be the death of me, I swear it.”

“I am so sorry Robb.” You sighed, grabbing your arm and meeting his eyes. “I meant no harm I just could not sleep.”

He nodded, taking your arm, causing you to look up upon him “Understandable. I wish you would of told me you haven’t been sleeping.”

“How could you-” He pointed to the bags under your eyes and you sighed, “I am just so frightened Robb.. And yet I have never felt safer… I am sorry.. It’s very confusing and conflicting. I mean not to trouble you. You have enough troubles without my fault.”

“You are no trouble, my dearest, I assure you. You best not even say that.” He smirked, “I know you are loving it here… And I assure you, so long as it in my power none shall harm you.”

You nodded and smiled gratefully, though his words brought little to no comfort with them. “I cannot bear to think what happens after the war.” Sighing and cutting him off before he could reassure you, you stressed, “Should the Lions win, I will loose my head. The Stags will banish me. And the Wolves… I know not what they will do to me…”

“You mean me?” He asked, slight hurt in his voice, “You do not trust me, my Lady?”

“I am fearful… I believe this right is given and fair. I have betrayed all those I loved and now they must kill me. I have lied and ran and left my home for the place that I believe is truly my home but never will be.”

“But what if it is?”  He asked, stepping in front of you and grabbed both your arms as you stared into his eyes and he into yours, “I have the right mind to marry you, Y/N. Not when the war is over, but right now.”

You looked at him in shock, “Robb I-”

“I know, I promised to a Frey girl, but I don’t care.” He kissed your lips fiercely and pulled you closer to him, responding almost instantly, your lips squeezing his arms as his lips brushed yours. Finally pulling apart for you to breathe, he pressed his forehead to yours, whispering against your lips, “Tell me you love me, Y/N. Tell me now.”

“I love you.” You spat out instantly, kissing him gently, quickly, but urgently, “I love only you Robb,” You spoke as you went back into his lips, feeling him smirk and move his arms so he could lift you into the air and hold you in his arms.

“Then, my beautiful winter flower, we will never be separated again.”

Battle Shot! Orks Vs. Tau

Last weekend our good friend Fiend came down to visit.  We had alot of fun just hanging out, playing Chaos in the Old World, Space Hulk, and 40K!

We had a 1K point battle with his Orks against my Tau. The mission was Seize Ground with a Pitched Battle Deployment.

External image

Start of the game, Fiend runs a trukk towards my hammerhead loaded with 12 boyz, which promptly gets destroyed.

External image

My Kroot run through Lego Canyon towards the objective hidden in the jungle.

External image

My hammerhead launches It’s submunitions at the lootas scoring a direct hit reducing the unit down to two models!

External image

After failing to do any damage at all to the Ork Battlewagon my Crisis suits and HQ fail to get far enough away from the disembarking Nobz, Warboss, and Big Mek (counts-as).

External image

The Nobz boss and mek Charge the crisis suits dealing plenty of wounds and knocking them right out of comission.

External image

Ork Nobz charge past my fire warriors getting just in range of my second squad of suits and bringing them down, only to turn back for the objective they passed, taking a few wounds in the process.

External image

After his squad of nobz was eliminated the warboss decides to seek revenge on the hammerhead, swiftly popping it with his power klaw.

All in all, a very fun game.  Tau victory holding three objectives to the Orks one.  Fiend was a tough opponent and had he done a few things differently the outcome could have definately been in his favor.


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Look, all I want out of this life is to reunite Senya with both of her asshole children so they can join our shitty family and we can run around the galaxy together ruining everything Valkorion wants, while he can do nothing but watch.

That the Hurricane bore the brunt of the Battle of Britain is beyond dispute. Hurricanes were responsible for 80 per cent of the interceptions of enemy aircraft during the battle and shot down more of them than all other fighters and all forms of ground defence put together.
—  They Flew Hurricanes, by Adrian Stewart

Agitha is the one who looks after Gohma and it’s kin after battles.

Some days, Gohma doesn’t want to battle.  All those eye shots…

As a result, Agitha has a Gohma suit of sorts to take it’s place.  Everything’s the same as the regular Gohma, only Agitha’s in place of the eye.

At times like this, ‘Gohma’ tends to be avoided more often.

Fated || One-Shot

The battle ignited passion in Áshildr like nothing else could. It was the heat of so many bodies smashed together, locked in combat on a bloodstained battlefield. The chorus of steel clashing and the splintering of wooden shields sang in her ears, her heart thumping erratically to the improvised tune.

Her axe was bloodied and shield long abandoned after having it cleft in twain by a berserker she had slain swiftly thereafter. She prowled the battlefield, cerulean eyes aflame as she cast her sights to the left and right, catching sight of her sisters and their gleaming golden hair caught by the light of the sun bearing down on them.

Áshildr’s gaze snapped forward again, anticipation trilling up her spine as she laid eyes upon a warrior caked in sweat, dirt and blood. His features were barely visible, but Ash could see the gleam in his eyes, fierce pits boiling over with the desire to see victory or to die noble and be carried to the doors of Valhalla.

She was going to grant his wish, twirling her axe in hand as she parted the sea of fighters that clattered about her. The warrior dislodged is sword from the open throat of the man he had slaughtered and in that moment, their eyes met. Exhilaration flooded her as she broke out into a run, the warrior turning his shield toward her and rattled the flat of his blade against it to goad her.

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I don't know if I have the rights to ask, but can you explain the 'Sorey says something to Rose that we don’t hear before sending her away' thing? What exactly did Sorey said? My English isn't that good, so the whole paragraph kinda confuses me.

Oh, sorry! I was referring to the part in the final battle. After Sorey has shot all the seraphim out of Seigfreid, he pushes Rose away from Heldalf so he can fight him on his own. We see Sorey mouth something, but we don’t hear what it is. Then Rose screams “You idiot!”

Sorry, I probably could have written that more clearly. :)

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Shot at the night/battle born

shot at the night: “once in a lifetime we’re breaking all the rules / to find that our home has long been outgrown”

battle born: “the season may pass but the dream doesn’t die” or “you never shine if you never burn”

thank you!

[send me song titles and i’ll tell you my favourite lyric]

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Is it strange that I took the time, to guess which pokémon trainer sprites you used to create the Reborn Leader battle sprites and mug shots? They're so beautiful and well done ;w;

(Cont:) “To elaborate and correct me if I’m wrong ;w; For Amaria’s battle sprite you used Jasmine’s pose from HGSS and her Mugshot is Cynthia. Charlotte’s battle sprite is the BW Ace Trainer and her Mugshot is Misty with Blaine’s peace sign. Ciel’s is BW Lass with Fantina’s Arm, and her mugshot is Fantina.”

tbh it’s been so long since I made them that I don’t even remember for sure– but from vague memory that’s probably all correct. I remember I used Jasmine’s pose a lot in general..

I’m glad if you still think they’re well done though. I generally aim for it to not be so transparent that it’s obvious in-game (which is why I growl at Taka but that was his design so (insert more growling here))…

…anyway nah, it’s probably not that strange. I passively do that sort of thing with other sprite edits I see too.