Trying to sing all of the parts to Hamilton at the same time
  • Alexander Hamilton:ALEXANDER HAMILalexander hamilton WHEN AMERICA SINGS FOR yoAmerica sings for youuu never back down you never learn to take your TIIIHIIME OHHH
  • <br/>Shot: I AM NOT THROWIN AWAY MY SHmy SHOT shot
  • You The Schuyler Sisters:cause i'LOOK AROUND LOOKcommon sense by THE REVOsome men say thatNEW YORKyou want a revolutionLOOK AROUND revelation
  • Farmer Refuted:CHAIOS AND BLOODSHEDalready haunt A SOLUTION DONT LET THEM LEADand what about boston look at the ASTRAY and you talk about CONGRESS DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME
  • Helpless:OOOOOOO hey hey I DO I DO I DO I DOOOO HEYYYYY hey hey OOOOOOOO hey hey I DO I DO I DO I DOOOOO
  • Satisfied:A TOAST TO THE GROOMto the groom to the groom to groom TO THE BRIDE to the bride to the briaiaiiadebriaiiaiade FROM YOUR SISTEEEEEEangelicaahaangelicaaaa WHO'S ALWAYS BY YOUR SIIIIIby your side
  • The Battle of Yorktown:the world turned upside down down down download n downFREEDOM FOR AMERICA FREEDOM FOR FRANdown down down doGOTTA START A NEW NATION GOTTA MEET MY SOdown down down WE WON WE WON WE WON the world turn upsiiiiiiiiide down!!!
  • Non Stop:I INTEND TO PROVE BEYOND THE SHADOW OF THE DOUBT WITH MY ASSISTANT COUNCIco-council hamilton sit down our client levi weeks is innocent call your first witness in thats all you had to saOKAY ONE MORE THING
  • Cabinet Battle #1:no we need this plan we need blod stroNO YOU NEED TO CONVINCE MORE FOLKSjames madison wont talk to me thats a non starAHHH WINNING WAS EASY YOUNG MAN GOVERNING IS HARDER
  • Take a Break:TAKE A BREAKhey our kid is pretty greRUN AWAY WITH US FOR THE SUMMER LETS GO UPSTeliza i've got so much on my plaWE CAN ALL GO STAY WITH MY FATHER
  • Election of 1800:OOOOOHthe people are asking to hear my voicOOOOOOOH the country is facing a difficult choicOOOH but if you were to ask me who i promoteOOOOOH jefferson has my vote


Happy Trails to Daveed Diggs! (½)

requested: after the battle of the bastards; jon and you

part 2 of helping jon in battle of the bastards as requested by @rubyquartzshades

okay, sorry im not really good at titles lol ((also, sorry for the super late imagine))


“House Mormont remembers! The North remembers. We know no King in the North whose name is Stark. I don’t care if he’s a bastard, Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins,” your Aunt Lady Lyanna declared. “He’s my King from this day until his last day.”

Everybody in the room kept quiet. It was still. Nobody made a sound or a move. Everyone was looking at your little Aunt in awe. You looked at Lyanna in shock of how fearful and brave she is. Clutching your bow and arrow, you made your way to the front. Everybody’s eyes were on you, following your every move, including Jon’s.

Stopping at the center, you started to speak. “I have fought beside you once. You are committed to fight for what is yours and for your people. I may not know how to swing a sword, but I will fight for you like I did, in that field. I am yours.” You looked at your Aunt and she gave you a little smile. “My house knows no King in the North whose name is Stark. You’re my King from this day until your last.”

You kneeled down, and proclaimed. “The King in the North!”

Lord Manderly and Lord Glover both kneeled down and unleashed their swords, both declared loudly, “The King in the North!”

The room echoed with the sound of the swords being put up in the room. Altogether, the men inside proclaimed Jon, as the King in the North. The chanting echoed throughout the room as the men pledged allegiance. Jon stood and acknowledge the declaration. The chanting ended, with the men going on to rest in their chambers. You and Jon stayed in the room, both eyes looking at each other. He walked over and to you and you stood up.

“Your Grace,” you said, tilting your head.

“Please,” he said, his eyes twinkling in amusement. “Jon.”

You nodded. “I must go. Everybody must be waiting…”

He interrupted you and walked closer, “Let me look at you.”

He placed his hands on your face, touching it and looking at it closely. His hands found your dark hair and pushed it aside. His eyes followed the slope of your neck, and his hands slowly making their way down to your shoulders. “You’re bleeding.”

You touched your shoulder and you saw some blood on your hand. “Just a scratch.” 

He led you to a small room, probably owned by a maester before. He cleaned your wound and placed a chilling substance to heal it. “You have to take care of yourself,” he went in closer and kissed you on the brow. “Remember you are mine.”


Months passed, and winter came. Your room has a few candles and small fire to keep warm. But you opened your window and the cold winter air blew them all out. The snow was falling on your hands as you laid them out in the open. You giggled and even scooped a ball of snow for yourself. You heard the bed creak and out a groan.

“Close the windows.”

You hurled the snow, directly at the bed. “It’s snowing!,” you said loudly, and you started to walk to the bed. You wiggled on the bed trying to wake him up. “Get up!”

He pulled you closer to him, and snuggled the duvet around you. “Stay in the bed a little longer.”

The furs were covering half of his face, his head of curls unkempt. You stayed beside him and snuggled close to him for a moment. You left trails of kisses all over his face, his stubble tickling you. He pulled you closer, and laid his head on the side of your neck. You wiggled in bed again, trying to wake him up. “Please! It’s beautiful outside.”

“I’ve been around snow, for a long time,” his voice muffled by the furs. “Just a little longer.”

You hugged him tightly and wiggled some more. “Jon,” you whined. “Please.”

He groaned while he hugged you backed. “Fine.”

Your laughter filled the room and his feet softly padded through the floor. He was only wearing his small clothes so he walked to the window with the covers. He sat on the chair, looking at you while you played with the snow and fixed yourself another snowball. You tossed it at Jon and he effortlessly caught it.

“Aren’t you cold?” he asked you, confused to how you’re wearing just his shirt and your silk dress.

You kissed him on the brow quickly and played again with the snow. “I am. But it’s worth it.” You waited for the snow to fall on to your hands, when you felt his strong hands gripped your hips and pulled you into him. You sat on his lap and he embraced you with his warmth and furs. “Come here and stay.”

“Okay,” you whispered against his lips and kissed him softly. You gathered the remaining snow on your hands and sprinkled it on to his messy hair. You laughed at him. “Oh my, how handsome.”

He tickled you and pulled you closer to him. You felt his breathe on your neck, making your hair stand up. He hummed a little song, while he cradle you and kissed you on your bare neck, his stubble tickling you. “I didn’t know you love snow so much.”

“It’s so beautiful,” you said completely in awe of how thick and how soft the snow is.

He snuggled closer to you and left a mark on your neck. “You are too. Much beautiful.”

You looked at him and gave him your biggest smile. “I am?”

“Yes.” He gripped your thigh and while the other hand held your neck. He kissed you on the lips, his tongue grazing your lips. He pulled slightly on your lip and kissed you further. You both panted from the loss of breath. He sighed in contentment and pulled you again closer to his body, feeling his naked body underneath, snuggled together. You both watch the snow fall on the window, thankful for how many mornings there is come to spend together. 


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Battle Shot! Orks Vs. Tau

Last weekend our good friend Fiend came down to visit.  We had alot of fun just hanging out, playing Chaos in the Old World, Space Hulk, and 40K!

We had a 1K point battle with his Orks against my Tau. The mission was Seize Ground with a Pitched Battle Deployment.

External image

Start of the game, Fiend runs a trukk towards my hammerhead loaded with 12 boyz, which promptly gets destroyed.

External image

My Kroot run through Lego Canyon towards the objective hidden in the jungle.

External image

My hammerhead launches It’s submunitions at the lootas scoring a direct hit reducing the unit down to two models!

External image

After failing to do any damage at all to the Ork Battlewagon my Crisis suits and HQ fail to get far enough away from the disembarking Nobz, Warboss, and Big Mek (counts-as).

External image

The Nobz boss and mek Charge the crisis suits dealing plenty of wounds and knocking them right out of comission.

External image

Ork Nobz charge past my fire warriors getting just in range of my second squad of suits and bringing them down, only to turn back for the objective they passed, taking a few wounds in the process.

External image

After his squad of nobz was eliminated the warboss decides to seek revenge on the hammerhead, swiftly popping it with his power klaw.

All in all, a very fun game.  Tau victory holding three objectives to the Orks one.  Fiend was a tough opponent and had he done a few things differently the outcome could have definately been in his favor.



Title: Save me from The Darkness

Characters: Dean W., OFC Chloe, Sam W.

Word Count: 2700+

Prompt: ”Oh my God you’re in love!”

Author’s Note: Hello! This is my new entry for SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge I used Dean and my own original Supernatural character Chloe. Angst

Summary: Secrets are revealed and things come to a head as Sam, Dean, and Chloe prepare to battle Amara.


“Chlo?” Dean called his girlfriends name as he pushed the door to her bedroom open. To say things between them were strained was an understatement. She had split time in her own room around his demon days and some how never managed to completely move out of there.

“What’s up?” She asked as she turned around from the mirror, she was getting dressed and he could barely take his eyes off of her. Nothing made him feel more weak around her then seeing her tan skin exposed, all the places his lips had traveled and ached to travel again in front of him. But they had been keeping there distance from each other, which probably was for the best.

“Um…” He cleared his throat and she raised an eye brown as she noticed her half naked self in front of him and rolled her eyes as she went to pull her jeans back on. “Sam and I were talking and I’m sure I’m going to regret saying this, but maybe you should sit this one out…especially after last time.”

The last time her referred to was when her angel powers took over her emotions and almost got her killed in a fight with Amara.

His words hit her like a punch in the stomach which she strongly shook off as she threw her t shirt on, “You and Sam, eh?” Her voice was calm but like always too calm.

She turned towards the mirror fluffing her hair as she untangled her necklaces as she continued to ignore him. Dean reluctantly came up behind her quickly wrapping his arms around her looking to give her some small sense of security or affection to stop these icy exchanges but when she showed her resistance he just gripped her harder, “Please do this for me, I haven’t said anything to you about staying back in a long time, I can’t live with myself is something happens to you.”

Tears streamed down her face, “Don’t act like this has anything to do with me, it has to do with HER.” She managed to push him off as she walked across the room trying to get far away from him. Anger flaring through her body as she paced trying to keep from punching him.

“This again,” he groaned running his hands through his hair.

“You might have Sam or even Cas convinced otherwise but every time you touch me or you’re in the same room with me I can feel it or see it.  Amara Amara Amara,” her voice raised and her eyes flashed with anger and hurt.

“Chloe,” he tried to argue but she stomped across the room and pressed him into a kiss, both her hands grabbing his face as she kissed him harder, all tongue and teeth. Dean was so caught by surprise in the sudden affection that he didn’t realize Chloe’s skin was glowing, her angelic powers taking over as she pulled her mind into his, and he growled against her unable to stop her as she stood there and allowed the assault on his mouth and his mind.

Within seconds Chloe pulled away breathless, hurt and jealousy washing over her face, “Oh my god you’re in love!” She accused her heart pounding in her chest as she slowly panicked, she knew he had been hiding something from her, but nothing had prepared her for this.

“No no no no …Chloe listen to me,” Dean pleaded but it was too late she’d seen everything, every feeling and desire he tried to hide from her was now exposed.

“You said….” Her voice continued to shake as she closed her eyes trying to unsee her image. “You said you never touched her. And you’re not fucking touching me why? Afraid I’d see the truth?”

He went to hold her but she stepped back pushing at his chest, “I fucking knew it…this is worse than the Anna shit which you lied about then!”

“How can you even compare the two, I thought you were dead when Anna happened. She kissed me and I never slept with her,” he pleaded.

“What is the difference? A lie is a lie. I forgave the Anna shit because you didn’t love her and I could tell you were lonely, but this…this is so much worse. She’s all over you,” her face twisted in hurt and disgust. “Your heart your soul, your eyes…I could feel her on her lips.” Her voice cracked as she bit back tears, nothing hurt more than feeling another women on the man she loved.

“I don’t know what you want me to say, I love you…it’s always been you.” He knew these words wouldn’t mean anything now, now that she had seen what he had tried to hide. He couldn’t help what he was feeling for Amara but be knew it couldn’t compete with what he and Chloe had regardless of what she saw or fault.

“You think that’s going to save us now? Three words, eight letters too late,” Chloe took off out of the room grabbing her bag with Dean quickly on her heels, “And you know, I’m going to fucking end this now.”

“What does that mean? Chloe stop…” He tried to catch up with her but she was faster making her way to library dodging Sam as she zig zagged through the tables.

“Sam stop her!” Dean growled at his brother as Sam quickly reached for her arm without a second thought catching her shirt.

“What the Hell is going on with you two?” Sam asked confused as he managed to slow Chloe down enough for Dean to block her from leaving the bunker.

“Get off of me,” she screamed pushing Sam off, “I’m gone Dean whether you like it or not and nothing you can say is going to change that.”

“No you’re not, you’re being ridiculous this is exactly why I said you needed to sit out, you’re letting your emotions take over,” Dean grabbed her shoulders trying to stop her from moving so she would listen.

“Oh am I? Like you already have. You could have ended this months ago but you can’t can you? You’re feelings for her are going to get us killed. The two people who YOU claim are the most important thing to you, yeah remember us?” She snapped at him as she signaled between her and Sam.

“I’m trying to save you both, but I can’t do that if you’re there, she will use you against me in a fucking heartbeat.” Dean remembered the last time as Amara had toyed with Chloe then.

“Why? You’re so fucking in love with her what difference does it make if I’m there or not. I saw it all. ‘We’re bound, Dean. We’ll always be bound. You helped me, I helped you. No matter where I am, who I am, we will always help each other.’ She quoted Amara’s words back at him as her chin quivered and she dropped her bag on the floor pacing back to the library.

"The plan isn’t to help her, it’s to send her back to wherever the Hell she came from. How can’t you not see that? Sam help me out here,” Dean looked at the younger Winchester but what could he say.

“Chloe sit down and just listen, this isn’t going to be easy for any of us,” Sam stepped in front of Dean trying his best to reason with his best friend.

“What are you going to say that will change what’s happened?“ Chloe protested. “How can you take his side on this and not mine! Damn I’ve got the bruises and a front row seat to prove I’m right.”

"I don’t know what you saw but I think Deans right, you’re not looking at it from the right perspective because of how you feel about him.” Sam replied cautiously the words hoping she wouldn’t blow up at him. He had given Dean his word that he wouldn’t let her leave.

“How I feel? I can’t compete with the hold this bitch has over him and it not even about that! Why do you always feel the need lie to me? Both of you, when have I ever lied to either of you about anything? You two lie to me you lie to each other and Cas and here I am always picking up the pieces but I still have the guts to tell the fucking truth. How the Hell is it okay for you to hide something like that from me? You don’t think that was a valuable piece of information that you two are FUCKING bound?”

“Chloe, you’re everything to me, I don’t want her, it’s like she has this hold over me, and she knows if you’re around she can’t get her hands on that, that’s why she attacked you last time!” Dean yelled.

“Both of you need to calm down,” Sam couldn’t believe how out of hand this had already gotten.

“When push comes to shove are you going to able to take her out? Because you’ve had opportunities and you haven’t. She was choking the life out of me and you just fucking stood there,” she cried the flashes of memories flooding into her.

“Does that sound like normal me? I would die trying to save you, fuck both of you. I can’t explain it, the mark is gone and it’s like I traded that for another problem. I can’t get a hold on resisting her if you’re there, it’s distracting.” He confessed.

“Chloe just need to just sit down take a breath and hear us out. Amara was going to kill you because of him, so you’re in danger whether you want to admit it or not,” the younger Winchester tried to get a grip on things.

“I’m not fucking sitting down! I can’t live here like this, all these lies and secrets, you two don’t realize that’s whats destroying us. And Sam you take his side on this? I just got caught up in one of your lies and you know what I got? I got to watch Charlie die and get tortured for three days,” She shuddered at the thought.

“Chloe–I,” Sam shut his mouth looking at Dean what could he say to that.

“How bout this, I’m going with or without you. And trust me, I’m not going to hesitate to shove something through her fucking heart,” Chloe tapped her foot as she looked between the boys.

“Sam,” Dean looked at his brother defeated who shook his head as they silently seemed to be agreeing with each other.

Chloe smiled in victory as leaned down to grab her bag dropping her guard, what she didn’t know is that the brothers had planned for this, and with one swift movement Deans hands were around her wrist locking hand cuffs on them. She wasn’t quick enough to stop him but before Sam could grab her legs she elbowed Dean quickly and slammed her head back into Sam’s nose as she took off running up the stairs.

“I fucking told you that wasn’t going to work,” Dean growled at his brother as he went after Chloe managing to grab her leg and she came crashing to a fall on the stairs. Dean pulled at her feet, “Baby please don’t make me do this.”

“Get off of me,” she growled they struggled with each other. He had managed to get a good grip on her kicking legs but that didn’t stop her arms.  

“Dean just stop,” Sam called as he pressed a tissue into his nose to soak up the blood. He had involved himself enough, Dean was on his own.

“Chloe it’s for your own good,” Deans voice was steady as he crawled over her pinning her arms over his head as his body pressed into hers as she felt the weight of him press her back into the stairs.

“If you do this to me, lock me up down there, we…are… DONE.” Chloe’s words were vicious as she stared into his green eyes.

“You don’t mean that,” he whispered trying his best to hide how hurt he was by her threat. “We could never be done, you’re my soul mate. You and I are the ones that are really bond. Chlo, you saved me from Hell, you love me no matter what, you’re love is what keeps me human, even when I had the mark or was a demon. You, me and Sam against the world. There’s nothing Amara could do to touch that. But I won’t let her use you to hurt me. You saved me, it’s my turn to save you from pure torture or pain or whatever she has planned for you.” Dean sat back on his heels releasing her wrists from his grip hoping she would calm down enough to trust him.

“I’m not going to be a prisoner and I’m not just going to sit down in that dungeon while that bitch is out there ruining my family,” Chloe cried now as she looked away from him all the emotions flooding her at once. She was shocked that they had resorted to this. Even Sam had tears in his eyes as he sat against a table hoping one of them would back down long enough for this to stop.

“Look at me,” he reached for her cuffed wrists and he squeezed her hands, “I promise you, I started this and I will be the one that ends it…”

“Noo..” Chloe tried to stop him as she sobbed. “Don’t do this to me…to us.”

“I promise I will do whatever I have to come home to you. I tried asking you to stay and that obviously didn’t work how I planned, but I have to do this. You have my word. And when I come back through that door I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you,” Dean reached for her face as he kissed her softly tasting the salt from her tears.

“She isn’t going to let you go…you’re not coming back…” Chloe’s spirit broke as she felt defeated her forehead resting against his.

“Chloe, heaven, Hell, purgatory, Angels, demons, a variety of monsters, Hell even humans, none of that has ever kept us apart. This isn’t any different.” Deans voice sounded strong and sure, as it washed relief over her.

She leaned into him catching his lips in a needy kiss as she cried against him and Dean felt a weight being lifted off of him as she seemed to be giving in.

“Your kiss could wake me from the dead. Your love could save me from the darkness.” Dean whispered against her lips as she held his wrists with her hands trying to kiss him harder, craving his touch, she would have taken him right there on the stairs if Sam hadn’t have been there.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she ran her nose against his. “But I can’t do this.”

Confusion washed over Dean as he opened his eyes meeting her blue ones and he watched her stand on the stairs and head for the door. He went to move but she had slipped out of the cuffs undetected and attached him to the metal stairs.

“Sam!!” Dean growled pulling at the cuffs in disbelief that she had managed that, but she whispered a few words of enochin and Sam was glued to the floor unable to come to his brothers aid.

“I’ll be seeing you,” she trembled and in a flash she was out the door and gone.

She was going to make Amara regret the day that she thought Dean was hers.

And the EMMY goes to ...

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series nominations: Jonathan Banks, Better Call Saul; Kit Harington, Game of Thrones; Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones; Michael Kelly, House of Cards; Ben Mendelsohn, Bloodline; Jon Voight, Ray Donovan. Our choice: Kit Harington, Game of Thrones Every year, I hope and pray that the Emmy will go to Peter Dinklage again, but not this time. While Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister is still one of the most interesting characters in the huge ensemble cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, this season was all about Kit Harington’s Jon Snow. Since his resurrection, Jon Snow has reestablished himself at the centre of the epic drama series, depicting emotional intense moments, as well as long-drawn and painstakingly shot battle sequences. Jon Snow is finally the king of the north. Let’s just give him the Emmy already!

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Source: the reel

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped a new video with some epic shots of battle fronts, behind the scenes commentary from the crew, and some new footage of heroes in action. And surprisingly, a whole lot of guns.  At 3 minutes, this “celebration reel” is basically the second trailer of the upcoming film, and it has a ton of material we haven’t seen before. Looking more and more like the intense war story many fans have been waiting for with the classic Star Wars timeline.

“The pressure is so high. Like we’re making a film that’s right touching my favorite movie of all time. But then if you’re too respectful of it that you daren’t do anything new or different or take a risk, then what are you bringing to the table?”

- Director Gareth Edwards

Personally, I’m getting seriously excited for this film. It’s difficult to tamp down how excited I am. Everything we’ve seen of it so far looks professional and badass. I come from the Farscape and Fast & Furious school of fandom, that holds with the philosophy “Everything that can blow up, should blow up.”  This trailer?  I like it.

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WePlay Doom part 3

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