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Hi! I have so far been very impressed by your posts, so now that I'm in a pickle, I thought I'd send up the distress beacon your way. I need the list of the pilots & their call signs who flew with Rogue Squadron during the evacuation of Hoth. I know that Luke Skywalker flew as Rogue Leader and that Zev Senesca flew as Rogue Two, and I know that Wedge, Wes, Hobbie, and co were there but not their call signs nor the names of the other 7 pilots. My usual sources are unreachable. Help??

As you may know, Rogue Squadron wasn’t actually Rogue Squadron by the time of the Battle of Hoth. Prior to it, it was called Rogue Flight and was part of Red Squadron, and during the battle it was formed into a makeshift force called Rogue Group, which included pilots from several different squadrons (Red, Green, and Rogue Flight). The pilots and gunners together during the battle numbered 23, and each pilot-gunner pair flew one snowspeeder and shared a call sign. So, we have:

Rogue Leader: Luke Skywalker and Dak Ralter

Rogue Two: Zev Senesca and Kit Valent

Rogue Three: Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson

Rogue Four: Derek “Hobbie” Klivian and Kesin Ommis

Rogue Five: Tycho Celchu and Tarn Mison

Rogue Six: Samoc Farr and Vigrat Pomoner

Rogue Seven: Nala Hetsime and Cinda Tarheel

Rogue Eight: Vekozev Kabir and Stax Mullawny

Rogue Nine: Stevan Makintay and Barlon Hightower

Rogue Ten: Tarrin Datch and Hosh Hune

Rogue Eleven: Tenk Lenso and Jek Pugilio

Rogue Twelve: Dash Rendar (flying solo)

The first two are organized pilot first and then gunner, but for the others I can’t be sure who took which position. If you need to know that, feel free to ask and I’ll search around some more.

I hope that helps!

~ Jacen


The Empire strikes back by being a bastard. Their target is the flippin shield generator, but they take some time out of their day to gun down the people on foot running away from our their giant machines of death.

“No one ever complained about the cold on Hoth; we never felt it. Even though we were blinded by blizzards, we could see the final end of the Rebellion in our blaster sights. Was it only a mirage? Perhaps, but on that day, on that planet, our blood ran hot with dreams of victory, melting the ice that stood in our way.”

–Retired Clone Trooper, 501st Legion Diary, The Battle of Hoth.

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A bit of meta on the battle of Hoth pls? :O

I never really looked at that one in depth, tbh but i think it was a failure on the Empire’s part. Ozzel’s deadly mistake wasn’t that much of one - the probe had already revealed Imperial presence. Sending in probes, you have to factor in the risk of their being discovered, which no one apparently did. And the Battle of Hoth hits right in a pet peeve i don’t think i’ve ever ranted about before: energy fields. Great for ships, but the setting up one on a planet means covering only a limited area, unless we’re talking about a network, and that’s not the case on Hoth. What a sheld doesn’t protect you from are the repercussions of what happens outside of it. 

Sure, for rebels or insurgents with few resources, disabling the shield generators make sense, but for the Empire - especially on a planet that’s not even settled? When the Empire fleet Hoth and finds the Rebellion’s raised shield, they should just have bombarded the shit out of the landscape just outside the area protected (from orbit would be even more efficient); the Rebels could have thinned out some of it with their defences, but they couldn’t have stopped it in view of the fleet’s resources (there’s what, at least six SD there?). Shields can’t protect you from from massive earthquakes. 

Of course it’s horrible, but you know. Efficient.