Did anyone else ever notice that the sword you get from the Treasury underneath Meridell castle is actually Jeran’s sword? Like, Defender of Meridell, the dude who defeated Darigan, Battle for Meridell plot, that Jeran?

This is cool to me because at the beginning of the game, Tor is playing with his sister, where he pretends to be a Defender of Meridell (presumably Jeran!) and she pretends to be Darigan. Tor probably looked up to Jeran as a role model, and might be what inspired him to become a knight in the first place. And then later in his life he actually becomes a Defender of Meridell and gets to use the dude’s sword. More evidence that the sword is Jeran’s comes from the fact that the sword fell off of a Lupe statue in the Treasury, which is presumably, again, a statue of Jeran, the hero who saved Meridell centuries ago.

This also seems to confirm that the events of the Darkest Faerie take place long after the events of the Battle for Meridell, ~1000 years (according to when the treasury supposedly sank.)

Neopets lore

Snow White and Briar Rose are trapped in a world between life and death. They go on a quest to break their respective curses, battling monsters and sinister faery queens along the way, but in the end they discover the “cure” might be something as simple as a kiss.