This Is Your Life live @ Lollapalooza Brasil 2013

My favorite moment of the year. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any surprises when it comes to the songs because I really don’t like the setlists they make for festivals and I for sure wasn’t expecting to hear this song live! So when they came back for the encore and Brandon went like “Did you miss us? We missed you too… This Is Your Life”, my heart almost exploded. In my head I was “OMG THE WAVE I’M GONNA DO THE WAVE”. Since I first watched the RAH dvd I had this dream and I just couldn’t believe it was coming true. Before Brandon stand up for it I was already putting my hands up lol. A couple of days later I watched the recorded stream and during this part I totally lost it. Those images are so beautiful… there were over 50k people there and I was part of it. All I could think was that I was part of it.

I’ll never forget such magical moment.