When you start watching death note you think “wow these two intellectuals are going to do mental battle, chasing each other from long distances and having skirting meeting” not “these two are gonna be handcuffed together fist fighting in a girl’s living room by episode 18”

freckles — s.h.

wc: 1k

summary : sam holland has never liked his freckles but he finds ways to love them thanks to you.

a/n : i had to rewrite this because tumblr ate it when i tried to save the draft and idk i don’t feel like this one is as good. but i was inspired by my own poetry lol

Sam Holland has freckles. They’re minute in size and caramel in color. Like droplets of rain on the concrete sidewalks they dot his face. From his cheeks to his forehead to the bridge and slope of his nose. His freckles only seem to grow in number and he was sure he didn’t like that.

Sam Holland has freckles and he seems to hate them all. They’re everywhere and he wonders why he had to be cursed with them. They’re clustered all over his face and he didn’t like that. One day he notices that they had begun to pepper down to his shoulders. He can’t help but sigh and throw on a shirt. At least he can cover those.

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Return to the Isle: Part 2

Request: Can I have a harry hook x reader where the reader is carlos’s twin sister and goes to auradon with them and then also comes back to rescue Ben. When they’re on the isle she is captured with ben by harry because they know how much Carlos loves her and that will help convince the vks to bring the wand. Then can you do fluff where she ends up falling for harry eventually. I hope this makes sense haha. Also, I love your writing!!

Warnings: Fluff, kidnapping, fluff, mentions of abuse, and did I mention fluff?

Words: 1,587

A/N: Due to much demand, here is Part 2 of Return to the Isle! And since she asked, @chloe-skywalker  you have been tagged!

‘Oh no.’ [Y/N] thought to herself as Harry Hook, the only son of Captain Hook, grabbed her by her arm and began to forcefully pull [Y/N] towards Uma’s ship, him being far too strong for her to be able for her to pull herself free of his grip.

“Hook, let me go!” [Y/N] pleaded, doing her best to pull herself free of his grip, which only seemed to cause him to tighten his grip even further before he got annoyed and picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as though she were nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

“Love, quit struggling. You’re seriously making this difficult.” Harry said nonchalantly, as though he wasn’t completely kidnapping you. “Uma!” Harry called when he stepped onto the ship, the turquoise haired girl turning around upon hearing her name and grinning when she saw what Harry had brought.

“Perfect!” She shouted happily, coming over to Harry and [Y/N] as Harry sat her down, grabbing some rope to tie her to a pole. “Now they’ll have no choice but to bring the wand. Mal will want her little boyfriend back, and Carlos will be willing to do anything to get his sister back safely. Hook, you are a genius!” Uma said, bouncing up and down similar to a child who just learned she got what she wanted for Christmas.

“He’ll never hand over the wand!” [Y/N] argued, although she already knew that they would. With it being a fake wand, there was no reason for them not to hand it over right away. Although she had to make it seem as though it were going to be the real one.

Uma rolled her eyes at [Y/N]’s argument, laughing as she tapped her on the cheek. “But he will. Your brother has always been soft when it comes to you. It’s pathetic, really…Hook, make sure she doesn’t cut herself free somehow. You know how the De Vil kids are.” Uma said before leaving to go attend to some final details.

After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Harry spoke first, which surprised [Y/N]. “You look good.” He said simply, polishing his hook, to which [Y/N] scoffed.

“Like you knew what I looked like before I left.” She said, looking away and towards the inner part of the Isle, her wondering if Carlos has noticed her absence yet. Surely he had. Carlos always noticed when something was wrong when it came to [Y/N].

This time it was Harry’s turn to scoff. “Please, of course I did. You and I had every class together up until high school, remember? We used to play together until your mother got angry at you that one day.” Harry said, letting out a small sigh after he thought a little bit. “I’m surprised you came back. I thought you hated it here.”

“I do.” [Y/N] said, looking at him. “But I love Carlos. If he comes back, so do I. He’s all I have. Wherever he goes, I go.” She said, sighing some as she looked down at her feet, then Harry sighed and stood up, looking over the water before looking back at [Y/N], something else in his eyes that she couldn’t quite name, although it was there for just a moment before the same cold look went back to his eyes.

“Whatever, [Y/N]… whatever.” He said, going behind her and tightening the ropes before leaving, and [Y/N] laid her head back against the pole to think, her eyes closing since that would help.

A million thoughts raced through her mind. A lot of them involved trying to escape, trying to find a way to warn Carlos and the others, or even just a way to convince Uma and the others to just let them go. But no matter what she thought about, her mind drifted back to Harry, trying to decipher the look in his eyes.

Disdain? No, that wasn’t it…[Y/N] knew Harry’s look of disdain. Anger? That definitely wasn’t it, Harry’s angry look could cause even a mummy to drop dead. It seemed more…hurt? Yeah, that was it. But why would he be hurt? They never were friends, not since they were small children, when their bond was rivaled only by the bond [Y/N] had with Carlos.


“Harry!” A young [Y/N] screamed with laughter, Harry standing above her with his hand forming a hook with his index finger.

“Aye! I got ye now, lassie! Prepare to walk the plank!” A six-year-old Harry said with an overly exaggerated pirate accent, even for him. Although Harry didn’t look threatening, his hair was in his eyes and the fake eye patch he wore was too big for his face so it kept sliding down.

“Please no, Captain Harry! I’ll do anything! I’ll join your pirate crew if you’ll let me live!” [Y/N] laughed loudly as she pretended to try to shield herself, laughing as she tried to ‘plead’ with the young pirate.

“A girl can’t be a pirate!” Harry said, still pretending to be a pirate just like his dad, grinning as he stood tall, one of his front teeth missing from an accident he had had while trying to play with a sword too heavy for him.

“Yes a girl can!” She argued, looking around and picking up a stick and holding it like a sword, which made Harry laugh again so he joined her, the two of them starting their own little sword battle, jumping around and chasing each other through the streets of the Isle, their laughter echoing through the crowd.

Suddenly when [Y/N] turned around, he wasn’t there. “Harry?” She called out to him, looking around and lowering her imaginary sword. “Harry!” She yelled again, jumping when suddenly someone grabbed her, turning around and seeing Harry standing there, a mischievous grin on his face, as per usual. “Harry Hook! Don’t do that, you scared me! I was worried!” [Y/N] scolded, hitting his arm with the stick and crossing her arms as he laughed.

“Oh come on, [Y/N], it’s just a bit of fun! Why were you worried? Do you looooooove me?” Harry teased with a laugh, grinning a wide grin before he looked over when the shrill voice of Cruella De Vil rang through the crowd.

“[Y/N] DE VIL!” Cruella screamed, and fear immediately went through her young body as she watched her mother approach her, fury in her eyes. “You didn’t take the trash out again! This is the third time this month!” Cruella screamed, grabbing her young daughter before looking at Harry, realizing what had happened. [Y/N] ditched chores to play.

“Momma, I swear I-” [Y/N] began to say, her imaginary fear replaced with the all too real version, her mother being the one person she was truly afraid of.

“You are never to see this boy again, do you hear me? You’ll be sorry if I ever catch you with him again!” Cruella shouted, shoving her young daughter away from the young pirate, who watched on in shock as his only friend at the time was taken away.

~End of Flashback~

In that moment, she realized just why Harry was hurt with what she had said. [Y/N] had Harry along with Carlos. He was her friend. The memory had even jogged a little something else… [Y/N] remembered that she had a crush on the son of Captain Hook during her childhood. The years of isolation from him having caused her to forget her feelings. But now, along with the memory of a dear friend, they have returned.

But [Y/N] knew she wouldn’t be able to talk to Harry, not yet…not now. She had to buy her time.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur. While she was glad to be reunited with her brother again, she stopped to look at Harry before she ran after the VK’s. “You guys go ahead…I have some business to take care of.” [Y/N] said to her friends, looking up at them and then looking at Carlos, who had a clear expression of worry. “Seriously…I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you at the limo in five minutes.” She assured him before going to find Harry.

It took less than thirty seconds to find the sopping wet pirate, he was feverishly trying to dry off his vest. “Hook!” [Y/N] said as she approached him, and he looked at her in confusion, opening his mouth to say something when she, for the first time in her life, was bold about something. She pressed her hands to his cheeks and kissed him, pulling away after a moment. “I remember…I remember.” She said softly as she looked at him.

Harry at first was confused, then it hit him like a ton of bricks; giving her the all too familiar grin from their childhood as he put his hands on her waist, pulling her close and returning her kiss. “I was beginning to wonder, love.” He breathed against her lips.

The pair stood like that as long as possible, before she had to pull herself away. “Come to Auradon with me…please. You can be so much more than this.” She whispered as she looked up into his ocean blue eyes, able to see the wheels turning in his head before he grinned.

“The Isle was getting boring anyway.”

“You told a mortal girl (Rachel Elizabeth Dare) about half-bloods?”
“She can see through the Mist. She saw the monsters before I did.”
“So you told her the truth.”
“She recognized me from Hoover Dam, so—”
“You’ve met her before?”
“Um, last winter. But seriously, I barely know her.”
“She’s kind of cute.”
“I-I never thought about it.”

— The Battle of the Labyrinth

Next up is Undyne!

Opening Battle Quote

* She’s been chasing you for a while now–she must be tired after so much running!
…You hope.


Loyal, kind, and ferocious…

Since she has taken the role of the captain of the Royal Guard, she doesn’t have a lot of time to calm herself down and relax.
This means she’s normally very high-strung and antsy, and the smallest bit of news (good or bad) tends to set her off if she can’t get a hold of herself in time.

Asgore’s continued isolation in his castle has also left her (unwillingly) in charge of the entire Underground, so not only does she have to focus on basic monster’s needs, she also has to protect everyone she can while constantly worrying about her father figure.

Role in Monofell

It is her sole duty to serve the denizens of the Underground, but with HOPE rapidly depleting with no end in sight, she had taken it upon herself to start harvesting human SOULs to free everyone.

Notable Differences

  • Her magic reflects her mental state, so her spears are normally always bursting with unrestrained and chaotic magic.

  • She wears her SOUL on the outside of her body as a show of strength and a challenge. Who would dare fight someone brave enough to bare their weakest point?


Papyrus is the skeleton who is tall and active. Within a red tunic and a pair of white pantaloons, he also tied the sleeves and trouser legs in linen, which looked like a martial artist. It is quite true. He always wears in a red headband with writing “The Hero” (义者) which is made by himself.

Papyrus is not quiet but obtrusive in the group, so this lets people feel him in the ways of confidence and innocence. He didn’t have any close friends ever, because he likes to talk about his dreams with others in unfiltered ways, which let others felt unrealistic. However, in the Peach Blossom Village, he is the welcome one by his enthusiasms. He is really helpful and honest to strangers as well as a hero he wants to be. Papyrus likes to do some run errands works that most of guys are annoying to do, and this is one part of his exercise for him to be a hero. If you truly become a friend with him, he will help you to escape from the chasing battle.

Papyrus likes to advocate justice, and a part of adamancy in his mind will help him to recognise humans are evil. In contrast, his methods in treating the evil enemies are adorable. He wants to be friends with humans who fell in Arcadia. On the other hands, he doesn’t want to break the law of his justice. In this way, he chose to design some puzzles on your ways to the Peach Blossom Village but always failed. Facing your flirts, he would be surprised and then angrily say that was the trick of humans.

Papyrus is strict to his brother. Right now, he is trying to organize a series of manual exercises for him, but Sans always likes to escape by his “Space Transportation”. The reason of his restriction to Sans is that Papyrus always thought Sans cannot protect himself well. Sans is always an idiot that needs to be guarded well.

Papyrus is sometimes careless and absent-minded. For example, he prepared some pickles for you on the way, but he forgot to leave a pair of chopsticks for you. Sometimes, he is really clever, which just like what leaves you some wrong messages to Undyne in the ways of your chasing battle.

(It is a plate of well-done pickles, but there are no chopsticks for you to use. You gave up for that.)

Miscellaneous Setting

He likes to call himself as a hero, and he always helps people in the village. However, the Peach Blossom Village is quiet and peaceful, and there are not some naughty guys to make trouble here. In this way, Papyrus is looking forward a magnificent world for him to fight, and he wants to hear someone call his name in some corners of this world for help.

Facing the kindness of you, Papyrus kept telling himself that this was the cheat of humans. You would find he was murmuring to himself.

He has a soft heart, and it is hard for him to kill someone even his enemies are sinful. He cares you a lot, even he never knows you are kind or not. He prepares pickles for you as your hunger meal and some puzzles as after-meal snack.

He really wants to leave Arcadia and travels around the world.

He likes to call himself as “the Great Papyrus” or “the Just Papyrus”, although he knows that he is not great at all.

He learnt to make pickles from Undyne.

He hates poems, and he hates Sans recite poems to him.

He once gave a scarf to a scarecrow.

He is a vegetarian.

 He is a part of power to maintain “the Barrier”.

If you killed him advance, you would not meet Sans in the Waterfall.


The Dialogue of Papyrus before the battle with you







(These words must be in the font of PAPYRUS.)

Alter Egos (pt. 4)

Anti struggles to get to his feet after being knocked off the raised nook and onto the floor far below. It’s a fight to get a breath into his stunned lungs, and when he finally gasps in sweet, book-scented air, Wilford Warfstache is dragging him to his feet and throwing him against of the giant, wooden shelves. “Who do you think you are coming in here and threatening people?”

“He was hidin’ Chase from us,” Anti says with an agitated grin. “Besides. I thought we were friends, Wilfster. What’s wrong with roughin’ up the babbling idiot?”

Wilford tosses Anti across the aisle into the adjacent bookshelves. “That babbling idiot is my best friend!”

Host descends the steps quickly. “Wilford! Stop it, now! The Host is fine!” Chase races down after the Host, eyes following Wilford’s arms to where he has Anti’s t-shirt gripped in his fists. The pink Ego is fighting back his murderous rage, visibly shaking with the effort, and when Host reaches him, he places a hand on Wilford’s shoulder and whispers something to him. Chase watches it all from a few feet away where he feels well-removed.

Wilford is terrifying, but Host doesn’t seem to mind. And once his words reach through to the angered Ego’s mind, Warfstache relaxes, releasing Anti with a sigh. Dr. Schneeplestein limps over from the corner of the library he was thrown to, and his blue eyes skitter away from Chase whenever he draws near. Anti just smirks. “The Doctor and his monster are reunited. Say Frankenstein, ya ready to blow this popsicle stand?”

Wilford jerks forward again, but Host grabs both his arms, holding him back. “Pick your battles, Wilford.”

Chase glances at the Doctor who flinches away and walks towards Anti, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him towards the elevator. “Let’s get out of here before something else happens.”

Anti lets Dr. Schneeplestein lead him along as he giggles and continues to taunt the others. “Ya know, Hosty, we weren’t trying to make a little hero.”

Host stands between Anti and Chase. “Stop, Anti.”

But the glitch continues with sick glee. “We wanted ta make a monster. Can’t have that little wimp following us around. We needed a monster to keep up with us!” Dr. Schneeplestein shoves Anti into the elevator.

“Come along soon, Chase. I think it is time that ve leave,” the Doctor calls back as the doors slide shut, and Chase takes the first real breath since he sent that electric shock out from his body.

Wilford tilts Host’s chin up, checking the cut again. “You’ll need to see Doc before long just to make sure you don’t need stitches and that it doesn’t get infected.” Warfstache, still full of pent-up aggression, draws his gun and fires it a few times in the air, causing Chase to jump.

“You did good, Will,” Host assures him. Then turning to Chase, “Chase will have to go soon. Will he be ok if the Egos leave Chase alone with Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein?”

Chase backs up against one of the bookshelves and tries to get his breathing under control. “I-I don’t know. My thoughts are all mixed up…”

Wilford puts the gun away, sure that it’s not helping the situation any and grips the hair at the back of his neck. “For what it’s worth, you really did save the Host. Google alerted me that Anti was headed back to the library, but I was busy trying to restrain Dark. If you hadn’t been here, I wouldn’t have made it in time to keep Anti from… well, you get the idea.”

Chase considers this for a moment before he mutters, “But they made me to be a monster, just like them.”

Host takes another step closer. “Chase needs to understand that Dr. Schneeplestein might’ve engineered him to be one way, but that doesn’t mean that Chase is cursed to that one path.” Host gestures from himself to Wilford. “Both Host and Wilford have to deal with their own inner demons, and they have to do so every day. That doesn’t make them monsters. It’s the choices they make each day that determine whether they will give in to the demons.”

Chase thinks back to the way Wilford had to hold himself back and the way the Host used his abilities to calm his friend rather than let him hurt even his enemy. Anti’s laugh and the Doctor’s measured words ring through Chase’s mind until he shakes his head. “I don’t want to be like them, not today and not ever.”

He smiles up at Host and Wilford with a new light in his bright blue eyes. “I think I’ll try to be a hero. Someone has to keep those two in check, after all.”

Wilford wiggles his mustache and quirks an eyebrow. “You knoooow… Silver Shepherd might have an extra super hero suit laying around…”

And that’s how a man made to be a monster chose to become a hero instead.

The End.

Request: Which Imagine dragons song would the egos listen to?

Requested by: monstermemories

Darkiplier: Demons

Wilford Warfstache: Thunder

Googleplier: Radioactive

The Host: Roots

Antisepticeye: Battle Cry

Chase Brody: Believer

Jackieboy Man: Walking the Wire

Dr Schneeplestein: Whatever it takes

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25 Rollins 😉

#25: “Why are you all wet?”

You had headed out to the grocery store because you were planning on making dinner for you and your boyfriend tonight. He was back in town for a few days and you wanted to treat him to something nice because he had been working so hard. 

You were on your way over to his place now and had sent Seth a text telling him to have the door unlocked since you forgot your key to his place, but when you got there the door was still locked. You kicked your foot against the door, not having any free hands and you could hear Kevin barking from the other side.

“Ju-just a sec- whoa! - second!” You could heard Seth’s strangled call from the other side of the door. 

The door flew open and there he stood, his hair pulled back in a messy, sloppy, sopping wet bun, his shirt and beard both dripping with water, and a very defeated look on his face. 

“Why are you all wet?” you laughed as you looked him up and down. He was soaked. “Wait, let me guess! You were doing the dishes and fell in?” 

“Ha-ha,” Seth said dryly making you laugh even more. “No, I was trying to give Kevin a bath but he wouldn’t cooperate.”

You looked down at Kevin who was wagging his tail excitedly at your feet, only his back paws looked a little damp. You looked back at Seth and raised an eyebrow.

“I swear to you he is a completely different dog when you get him near water.” Seth said defensively as he took the grocery bags from your hands and placed them on the counter. 

“Well that explains why you didn’t get my text,” You said as you embraced him quickly before bending down and scooping Kevin up. “What do you say me and you got get you all washed up! Huh Kevin? Does that sound like fun?” 

Seth rolled his eyes as you cooed at his small pup, “You won’t be smiling once you get him in there!” He called after you, watching you disappear into the bathroom with his dog.


In a few short minutes Kevin came running out of the bathroom with damp fur and you came out completely dry. Seth’s eyes widened as he saw you before he turned to Kevin and narrowed them, “Traitor.” 

You laughed as you made your way over to Seth and wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning back a bit so you could look up at him, “Don’t be jealous babe.” 

Seth smiled as he leaned down, placing a soft kiss on your lips. You hadn’t noticed the water bottle he had in his hands until you felt something cold pouring over the top of your head. 

You jumped back with shock as he cackled with laughter. 

“You’re going to pay for that,” You challenged, your eyes darting over to the sink where there was a spray hose for doing dishes. Seth saw your eyes and both of you moved at the same time. Ready to battle it out as Kevin chased after the two of you.