Gashey inspects the contents of a package from Capcom-Unity!

About a month ago, my super close friend Press Start invited me to watch a Capcom-Unity stream where they would be playing Mega Man: The Power Battles/Fighters and the racing game, Battle & Chase.

During the stream they asked a trivia question about The Power Battles/Fighters and the first person to answer correctly would win a rare Japanese Proto Man RC toy!

Guess who won? c:

Thanks to Press Start for being the best friend ever and biggest Mega Man fan I know, “HeatMan” who donated the toy to the contest, and Capcom-Unity for being so devoted to all things Capcom!

I have two announcements. First, for those of you interested in the Rockman: Battle and Chase manhua scans, I’ve started a separate blog (link here) where I will begin posting those…eventually. There will be some kinks to work out along the way, but I hope this blog out for everyone. Please post further questions/comments on that project there. :)

As for this blog, I posted a permanent f.a.q. page to the top navigation.

That is all!

Did they live happily ever after? HAHAHAHAHA. No.
—  Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods