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One thing that is….oddly refreshing about Wonder Woman is that Diana doesn’t have a ‘no killing’ rule like Batman and Superman.

Which means I don’t end up sitting there during fight scenes going ‘that guys’s dead’, ‘him too’, ‘oops, and him’, ‘this is getting to be a pretty high body count for someone who doesn’t kill, isn’t it Bruce?’

8 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as alcohol and violence, description of injuries

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Double Contest

Hi Bonkle Tumblr

Soooo, there was about a 50/50 split between those of you asking for a writing contest and those of you asking for a MOC event. To maximize interest and participation I’ll be hosting both. I’ll do a full formal announcement post this weekend but here are the themes for each of the contests. 

MOC Contest Theme: Nuparu’s City Service Vehicles 

The leaders of New Atero need to build public works vehicles to service all parts of the city, and there’s only one engineer crazy (and cheap) enough to hire for the job, Nuparu! 

The basic goal of this contest is to over-engineer any basic kind of public service vehicle to as crazy a degree as possible. Nuparu would clearly build a serviceable garbage truck, and then add tank treads and Cordak Blasters to it so it can double for city defense. A flying fire truck with battle rams, a snow plow with spider legs and laser beams, the crazier the better. 

Writing Contest: Slice of Life on Spherus Magna

Bionicle lore is filled with obscure one-shot side characters and beings who started as important to the storyline but faded into the background. Your mission is to write this character out of the ashes of obscurity and help them find their way in the world after the migration from the GSR. 

For instance, what is Kapura going to do with his life if the guard is dissolved, what are all the Ko-Matoran going to do now that their astrology no longer works? What are all the Order agents going to do if there’s no Great Spirit to serve anymore, and are some of the Dark Hunters going to try and walk the straight and narrow? 

For both contests I’ll be offering Shapeways printed masks and parts along with a grand prize of a new Bionicle set for each contest. MOC contest participants can submit entries using sets designed from actual parts or those made in modeling programs so long as they use only parts modeled after real Bionicle pieces. The writing contest will probably be capped at 5,000 words to make reading through submissions more manageable. To make things as fair as possible I will try to secure guest judges for each contest so there is no playing of favorites. 

Full details this weekend folks, thank you to everyone who responded with their suggestions, keep em coming!

Supervising (TMNT 2016)

Summary: Sure, the turtles are shitballs — but they’re Casey’s shitballs now. 

Rating: G. 

Notes: Another quick character study that ate my brain. Casey Jones is the worst (and best) in any universe.


In the past week, Casey Jones has been arrested, shot at, exploded, knocked unconscious, crashed his car, held at gunpoint by New York’s finest, and helped stop an actual alien invasion. And that doesn’t include “fighting ninjas in an alley”, or “I nearly got my ass beat by a talking rhino and warthog”.

Correction! says Donnie’s voice brightly, in the back of his head. You did get your ass beat by a talking rhino and warthog. Come on, Jones, be accurate.

Casey sighs and sinks a little lower in his chair. Once he’s comfortable, he gives Donnie a mental finger — then adds the second for good measure. Donnie likes to play up the whole Who, me? I’m just a nerd thing, but he is clearly the biggest little shit out of all the turtles.

Which, considering who Casey’s keeping company tonight, is really saying something.

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