battle truck

Soldiers of the Totenkopf Division pose in front of their truck on a rural road in France, May-June 1940. The division quickly established its fighting reputation during the Western Campaign, which Generalfeldmarschall von Manstein later stated to be ‘great dash in the assault and steadfast in defence’.



random object #9

Random object series I’m doing with David @davidhobbekyns. Today’s subject: teddy bear. Sammy used to go on many adventures with two little boys. He traveled on trains, flew on top of the space shuttle, extinguished fires on a fire truck, battled Godzilla, dinosaurs and Beanie Babies and sat atop a great Lego masterpiece overlooking the carpeted land. Now he’s retired and is content to sit all day and just people watch. His fur is no longer soft but matted from all of his adventures. He smells a little funny too. ; ) He sat for a photo shoot this morning with this camera that I bought several years ago at an auction. I wonder how old it is?