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  • Title: Miltiades, God of War
  • Domain: War
  • Alignment: Lawful evil, Unicron-aligned
  • Residence: The mortal realm


  • Disposition: Perceptive, ruthless, impatient, charismatic
  • Weaponry: Two swords
  • Powers: Physical strength
  • Attire: A simple black and red robe with pieces of silver-coloured armour on his shoulders, shins and chest. The armour is engraved with decorative patterns detailing notable battles he has endured and won.

Patronage: Soldiers, warriors, heads of state
Symbolic flora: Dionaea muscipula (venus fly trap)
Symbolic fauna: male lion
Symbolic satellite: Supernovae
Symbolic gemstone: Pyrope
Symbolic consumable: Red wine
Favoured offering(s): Fine wines, trophies from battle (enemies’ weapons, heads, etc), interesting literature
Favoured blessing(s): Victory, liberation, gaining the upper hand

QUOTE: “One cannot be truly free of his enemies until they are dead.”

Battle Quotes - Zahkis Theboxlord

Battle Theme: Tribal Jungle - Jaws of the Jaguar (I think it suits him)

Battle Intro: (if you’re one of his bounty prizes) “Nothing personal…your head will reward me big amounts of gil” (if you beg for a fight with him)“Grreat, I was getting bored! *chuckles*”

Victory: “whoops!…“

Defeat: “oh, but new scars are new battle trophies for me! *giggles*”

Taunt: “ok, Let’s fight seriously, would you?”

Reacting to Taunt: “*laughs* you’re funny!”

Tie: “come on, this is boring…”

Perfect Victory: “Well, this was expected…”

Final Finisher: “I’m getting tirrred of this *growls*”

- - TAG QUOTES - -

Assist: “you owe me one”

Your muse down during Assist: “medic!”

Using item: “I’m borrowing this *makes a smug*”

Healing/Buffing: “*chuckle* really?”

Tag Team Special: “…”

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A Battle of Waterloo trophy comprised of 33 bayonets taken from the battle. Additionally either side of the sun are cap badges of the Coldstream Guards in whose officer’s mess these trophies hung.

The trophy was one of two identical items that were sold yesterday at the Battle of Waterloo Bi-Centenary auction at Lyon & Turnbull.

Isn’t it ironic that the generation who would be considered spoiled and lazy, that the generation who got participation trophies and gold stickers for showing up, has grown to believe in kindness, compassion, mutual respect, and tolerance, while the older generation would have their screams silenced forever?

Maybe getting a gold star didn’t teach us that we were special snowflakes just for existing, but rather taught us to watch for the smile that lit up the challenged kid’s face, as he finally got the same sticker the other kids got.

Maybe getting a trophy for playing soccer didn’t teach us that the world owes us something for existing, but rather let us see the kid who had to work twice as hard just to get up in the morning and put her kicks on and face the day, light up because she may not have won the game, but she won her own personal battle and that trophy will remind her of that for the rest of her life.

Maybe seeing other kids get treated the same way taught us that we are all equals, and we all celebrate our own victories, and those victories are worth celebrating.

Maybe seeing everyone win taught us that to win is a personal thing, and not some random finish line a bunch of stuffy people set up a long time ago that’s collecting dust but can’t be changed because the institution forbids it.

Maybe it taught us to question our own self worth, and taught us to find out what our own finish line is, and to ask others what theirs is, before assuming that we all have the same goal.

Maybe if our parents and grandparents had gotten a gold star for showing up to school when their parents beat them at home, and maybe if they had been told they are worth something just for being alive, because all humans are worth something, maybe they wouldn’t be so angry. Maybe they wouldn’t be so hurt.

Maybe, if they had learned to accept themselves, they would finally learn to accept others.