battle trophy

‪object show host: ur eliminated‬

‪object athlete: Eliminated?? 😳the ONLY 😤😤thing here 👏Eliminated 😏are my Obstacles🙌. My GRIND 💪‬💯never STOPS 🚫❌ 😂😂 Yall will be taking Ls while ill be taking 😏WINS 👏👏

how to care for your autobot

a five step decepticon guide to courting them

  • step one: consider why you want to court an autobot. are you really committing this atrocity? 
  • step two: reconsider.
  • step three: if you’re intent on going through with it, realize that autobot romance differs from romance as we decepticons know it.
    the small, weak frames prefer gifts like cards, crystals and treats.
    leaving large piles of weapons, in the hopes of impressing them, doesn’t work. 
    (nor, unfortunately, does battle trophies.) 
  • step four: handle with care. don’t shove them. or punch them.
    placing them on your lap should be handled delicately. just tuck them up against you and trap cuddle them there. 
  • step five: remind your autobot of your affection. they are fragile beings who need to feel ‘validated' 

note by [ megatron ]: reclaiming my time. 

number of mega-cycles wasted here: three. 

With the passage of time, we get older… not necessarily wiser. Battle scars and trophies are proof that “we were there.” But they somehow fail to validate the experience in a way that is meaningful, let alone profound. So, how do we determine what really matters?  I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure the answer lies closer to that scar on my right shin than on the shelf next to my trophies (which, of course, my dad has collected, shined, and displayed in his bar in the living room.) […]

While scoring goals and winning games are lovely to look at, those “roses” are empty on their own. I’ve realized that the emotional aftermath of big wins is the same as the emotional fallout of big losses…temporary. What actually sustains and enriches is the effort put forth…the investment. After fourteen years of youth soccer, four years of college, and (almost) two years as a professional, I still must try hard to not allow my football dream to be my master. After all, my career is not my identity; but my goals are important to me because I’ve watered them…I’ve tended them. That said, from winning I’ve learned to dream big and rejoice freely and from losing I’ve learned to how to get up, brush myself off, and forgive. Assimilating these lessons is how I can still play the game…the application of these lessons off the pitch…priceless.

Rookie for Life,

- Christen

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Infant Allura with a hella vice grip.

“-and that’s if the woman could be bothered to actually do any work.”

Coran sighed and fought the urge to roll his eyes. Of course it would be today, when he had offered to take Allura and give Illyere a few hours to herself, that one of the governors would come in with a bug up his nose and several grudges to air. 

The fates did tend to conspire against him after all.

“Your lordship, I assure you, Her Majesty has been quite diligently dealing with the problem-” The imperiously disbelieving sniff Governor Jorpek made in response made his metaphorical hackles raise, but his attention was caught by an insistent squirm in his arms. “-eh? Allura?”

“Hmn!” He’d forgotten she was awake, and the infant princess had wiggled from her sleeping position into a sit-up, and was reaching out for the governor, who blinked at her in surprise. “Hnn!”

Coran was no less caught off guard. Allura never reached for anyone unless she liked them, and why she would like that pompous-

Augh, get her off!”

Tiny fingers had latched into the old man’s beard with a claw-like grip, and the small bundle was nearly ripped out of Coran’s arms when Jorpek reeled back with a howl of pain. Momentarily stunned, Coran quickly recovered and tried to pry her loose, only to find that it was like trying to wrench open an Orichian-made latch-vice, and in the end, Allura came away with a fistful of hair.

“Well!” the governor snapped, gaze blazing as he pulled up a holo-mirror. “It’s clear the little monster takes after her demon of a mother!”

“Oh, for-” 

He didn’t get the chance to finish his rebuke as he man swept out of the room. Good riddance. They’d have to handle his kullashit later, but for now, Coran didn’t want the headache. 

There was the handful of hair Allura was waving around like a battle trophy to be dealt with.

“-and she’s never done anything like this before. Not to your face, certainly.”

Alfor bounced their daughter in his arms, and she giggled up at him, wrinkling her nose happily. “Maybe there was something in particular about him she didn’t like. His voice?”

“Hm… well…” Coran scratched his head in thought, then his eyes lit up. “Ah! Allura,” he said, and the infant turned her head to look at him. “Your mama’s ugly.”

And he ducked as she puffed up her cheeks in a scrunched up scowl and chubby fingers immediately made a grab for his hair.

Alfor cracked up in a bark of laughter. “Hah! It seems Miss Illyere’s picked herself up a new guard! Our nobility will have to be more clever about their insults from now on.”

“Indeed,” Coran said with a grin, then patted Allura on the head. “I didn’t mean it, sweetbug,” he said, leaning in to kiss her on the forehead. “Your mama’s the prettiest flower in the garden.”

“Hnn!” Allura continued to scowl up at him, as if threatening him that he better mean it, and he and Alfor both laughed all the harder.

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could you do where s/o surprises the boys with a kiss on the nose? cute confuse flustered bros, thank you lovely!

Listen anon, nose kisses are the best kisses and anyone who disagrees can fight me right here right now. They’re just so soft. So pure. 

That being said, I really enjoyed this request! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios :)


He was sitting on the pier of Galdin Quay, feet dangling above the water as he clutched to his fishing rod. Noctis had left to enjoy his favorite pastime as soon as he awoke, but the sun was already high in the sky. You needed to get moving.

The boys decided to send you to retrieve him, insisting that you were the “only one who could take his eyes off the water.” The suggestive wink that Gladio sent your way was enough to make you blush as you turned on your heel, rushing in the direction of your boyfriend before anything else could be said. Within minutes you were only steps away from his still figure, the young prince seeming completely unaware of your presence.

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BTS reaction to their S/O being so mad at a video game...

Request said: Can you do a BTS reaction to their s/o being so mad at a video game that you rage quit and have to cuddle with them to calm down?


Jin: You were just playing a game on your phone, you were trying so bad to beat your rival. When suddenly the game ended and  “Fail” flashed on the screen. You screamed “AISH…”  as you threw your phone and it landed on the couch. You huffed, making Jin laugh because you looked so cute to him. Then he will come and hugged you from behind and say “Jagi, you don’t need to be mad….Let’s go and watch your favorite Disney movie and cuddled” he would suggest you would smile a bit and then agree with it.

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Suga: You were just playing a game in your Nintendo switch, when suddenly you failed to past yet again the same level that you’ve been stuck in a week “WHY???? JUST WHY??” you started to scream, making Suga a bit annoyed, but he just waited a bit but you keep screaming so he went over turn off the console and took your hand but your started to say “Suga, I am not in the mood”you huffed. But he ignored you and took you to the room, turn on the TV and cuddled with you, until you’ve felt better or until fell asleep in his arms and he did the same. 

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J-Hope: You were just laying around and trying to pass the new level on ‘The Legend of Zelda’. But when the TV screen flashed “You failed to completely  mission” this got on your nerves and threw the remote control, making Hoseok jump in surprise and say “Y/N what’s wrong?” he would say getting to your side. “This stupid game!…I..” you started to say but Hoseok cut you off “You lost, right?” he would chuckle. “Yeah” you would nod. “Well, I hope this works out” he would say as he started to hug you and the hug converted into a cuddle on the couch. 

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Rap Monster: While Namjoon was reading a book you were just trying to past the next level to your video game on your phone, since Namjoon  was reading and you wouldn’t want to disturb him you just took out the sound. Everything was quiet until you phone flashed “Try Again”. “Try again….huh??? I’ve been try for a week and half and yet I haven’t passed you!” you screamed at your phone with anger, making Namjoon close his book and stare at you. “Y/N? Did you lose again?” he would ask. But since you were really angry and you didn’t want to scream at him, you keep quiet. “So is true huh?” he would ask and you would bit your lip and nod. “Well I have a better idea, why don’t we eat your favorite ice cream and then cuddle?” he would suggest. “I agree” you smiled making yourself feel better. 

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Jimin: You were just playing around with Clash Royale in your phone, you were trying to pass to the other arena, but you keep losing each battle and  losing trophies, which meant you were back at the 6th arena. “AISH….Really!! What a stupid game” you screamed throwing your phone away and it landed on the table.  Jimin had wide eyes because he had never seen this side of you. It took a couple of minutes to approach to you with a bowl of popcorn and he said “Hey, forget about that princess, let watch a movie and eat this” he said motioning to the bowl of popcorn. You didn’t say anything, you just sat down at the sofa. But once the movie started Jimin wrapped his arms around you and you snuggled to his chest, you guys cuddle like that until you fell asleep in his arms.

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Taehyung (V): You were sitting around playing the new Crash that just launched, you just bought it because it brought you memories of you growing up with your big brother. So far so good, until you got stuck in a level. This made you hysterical, because you just couldn’t pass the mission. It was your tenth try until yet again you’ve died this made you scream and the remote control went flying. V was just looking at you and trying to see which way was best to approach to you…so he just waited until you’ve cooled down a bit. Then he came with your favorite candy and gave them to you and suggested to binge watch Kdramas and cuddle in which you happily agreed. 

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Jung Kook: Jung kook was in the studio with the guys, while you were trying to pass Overwatch on your own. You’ve passed a couple of levels until you’ve got stuck in one and this made you super angry. You decided to try one last time but immediately failed and this made you so angry and you started to yell at the TV. Jung Kook had just arrived and with the sight of you yelling at the TV, petrified him, so he just stand there until you finished yelling your head off. When you were done, he took the TV control and turn it off and went your side and hugged you. You were at first confused but then you gave into the hug. “Look let’s wait until tomorrow and I’ll help you pass that level…okay?” he would ask. You just nodded your head. “So let’s eat and then cuddle while we watch TV” he would say. “I’ve missed you” he would shyly whisper. 

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Prompt 13: Look

Thrawn-centric drabbles written for the Star Wars Fictober Challenge. All completed prompts can be found bundled up in my fic The Contemplative Man.

  • Characters: Kanan Jarrus, Thrawn (referenced)
  • Rating: G
  • Word Count: 620

Kanan thinks about what Thrawn looks like.

When everyone talked about Thrawn, Kanan did his best to envision what this villainous pain in the ass looked like. And it wasn’t as easy as it sounded, given everyone described him differently.

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Genesis: "Angeal why is there a dead dragon on the helicopter landing pad??? We've told Sephiroth to stop bringing home trophies." Angeal: *heavy sigh* "You know those foreigners we found wandering in the wilds? Apparently, in their military society, battle trophies are appropriate courting gifts." Genesis: "... Ifrit's nutsack, you're serious." Angeal: "I'm happy for Sephiroth, but I do wish his attempts to woo that red-eyed hell bastard didn't smell like Reno after a night in the slums..."


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During the Dance of the Dragons, most of the dragons were killed. But at least four of them had fates unknown. Or at least, that's what I believe the WOIAF book said. Silverwing, Sheepstealer, The Cannibal, and Morning. What do you think became of those dragons?

We know what became of Sheepstealer (almost certainly):

Most of these clan names have some meaning, however obscure those meanings might be to us. The Black Ears take the ears of men they defeat in battle as trophies, we know. Amongst the Burned Men, a youth must give some part of his body to the fire to prove his courage before he can be deemed a man. This practice might have originated in the years after the Dance of the Dragons, some maesters believe, when an offshoot clan of the Painted Dogs were said to have worshipped a fire-witch in the mountains, sending their boys to bring her gifts and risk the flames of the dragon she commanded to prove their manhood.

Likewise Silverwing:

SILVERWING (Ser Ulf the White): Good Queen Alysanne’s dragon, mounted by a dragonseed and betrayer, survived him and the Dance both, but became wild and made her lair in an isle in Red Lake.

(My guess is that Silverwing died no later than the 140s, but probably in the 130s: the last dragon died in 153 AC, and Silverwing hatching a few years after Alysanne’s birth would make the she-dragon around a century old by the 140s - not an extreme age for a dragon, but hardly young, especially with far fewer dragons to keep the magic in the world.) 

The Cannibal, prosaic as it is to say it, I think just flew east and died shortly after the Dance. There were no more dragon carcasses on Dragonstone on which he could feast, nor many hatchlings to make his meals. Food was scarce, and like any large apex predator facing a dwindling supply, the Cannibal probably flew off in search of easier meals elsewhere.

As for Morning … Rhaena’s dragon seems to have been much smaller and less vigorous than its pre-Dance kin, since it only hatched after 130 AC and died sometime in or before 153 AC (compare that to the 200-year lifespan of Balerion, or even the nearly two century-long lifespan of Vhagar). I highly doubt Morning was ever ridden, but instead was probably nurtured, perhaps on Dragonstone, with the hope that its progeny would rebuild the draconic powerbase of House Targaryen after the devastation of the Dance. From Morning might have come that “stunted little female” as well as either od the mastiff-sized hatchlings which constituted the last of the Targaryen dragons.

My thoughts to the PS4 version of Undertale

- I totally love the borders of the screen, especially the colorfully artistic ones.

- The changed dialogues are a nice touch. I giggled when I found the hidden two frogs in the wall in the ruins.

- Finally more than enough time for Mettaton’s essay! (… I still wrote “Nothing” in the end…)

- I didn’t expect that the time travelling thing (”I’m the legendary fartmaster”) with Sans in the judgement hall works on the PS4, too.

- The dog shrine was cute at first but got cringy very quick. Especially when you try to change the music. It was still funny, though.

- I still didn’t beat Asgore until now. I wonder what will happen during Flowey’s battle.

- The trophies are really easy to get. Undertale is the second PS4 game where I was able to get 100% of all the trophies. (The first one was the VR-game “Job Simulator”.)

- It’s so weird to play Undertale on my PS4.

- Oh! And I met Goner Kid! Sadly I didn’t see any other hidden grey NPC…

Getting and Keeping Players: Designing for Engagement


The number of ways video games can be produced, distributed and consumed by players makes it a diverse and flexible form of entertainment that reaches millions of people. Some games are made to educate or enlighten players while some are made to help them pass the time. Whatever the purpose of the game, players may not be expected to complete the entire thing in one session (unless the game is comfortably short). Most games have campaigns or a story/questlines to finish. Other games have levels. Designing games for engagement is not standardized, yet there is one subset of the game industry that has a few recognizable design patterns that can be considered the standard for its respective platform – and possibly integrated in other genres/platforms.

Why Mobile Games?

It is hard to deny the success of the mobile game industry in terms of revenue and market draw. It is likely that most of the people you know own a smartphone and play at least one. For years now, developing games for mobile devices has been coined “developing for casual players” simply because games were now accessible to an audience outside of the traditional player market – a very large audience! The low-barrier to entry meant that more developers were putting product on the platform, and competition for downloads on user’s devices became fierce.

Success for developers that do not have an existing following (player-base, social media presence) consists of developing a game that provides the player with an enjoyable experience  - the nature of the free to play mobile game landscape is one where the developer must be able to craft an enjoyable experience immediately.

If players are not hooked from the get go, the game gets uninstalled – a killer for free to play apps. Therefore, there is a focus on getting the initial experience and long-term experience fine-tuned. The similarity in the tactics used by popular mobile titles such as Clash Royale or Hearthstone lends to the formation of what could be considered design patterns.

You have probably  heard of the buzz words: Engagement, Replayability and Retention. These terms all have similar meanings but they represent the end goal of development. We want the player to spend time in our games and come back when they have closed the game.

In terms of mobile development, strategies for engagement can be grouped into three (3) aspects:

  1. Trying the Game: Player Initial Experience
  2. Social Play: Involving Friends
  3. Come Back: Feeding the Cat

Engagement may not measure the “quality” of the time the player spends in the game (unless under playtesting conditions) or how good the game is getting players into flow, but they can help determine goals and rewards that may encourage replay.

1. Trying the Game

Enticing the player to try your game is difficult unless your studio is known or uses promotion strategies. Games – especially mobile games – are judged from the moment the potential player sees your icon on the screen. Developers should focus on the “Give and Get”. Give players a good initial experience that lets them know what they can expect in terms of rewards and progression and they will in turn reward you with not dropping your game after 2 hours.

Who is your target player?

The target market is not just a business term that makes the design process corporate. There are many different kinds of fun and while a game can attempt to hit fun for all the types, it is more sensible to create a fun experience that a segment of the population would like.

Mobile game designers especially have to be keenly aware of the target player, and not just the who. It is worth thinking about where you expect the players to play (on the bus, during breakfast). Will they have access to the internet? What is the target market interested in – what motivates them?  

The Initial Experience

First impressions matter. Judging a book (game) by its cover (app store icon) is a real occurrence.

Most game design articles or books would tell you to focus on the tutorial – the initial experience - of your game.

They are right.

However, I would go further and say make the vertical slice of your game fun, and make the process of going through it juicy. This vertical slice may be the tutorial, but since a direct tutorial may not be applicable to all situations, it may be a simple level for the base mechanic. Whatever the form, it should give the player a taste of not only what the core gameplay is like, but more importantly, how they would be rewarded or progress if they kept playing. The best tutorial is one that gets the player playing immediately.

For these three games, the tutorial do not feel like a chore you need to slog through. In the case of Candy Crush when a new mechanic is introduced, the subsequent level is what is an easy version of that mechanic in use.

Polish - Feedback

Video games are a predominantly visual medium where most responses to actions and information are conveyed through dedicated UI elements or cues within the game world. The visuals in games are meant to evoke a mental response and convey imagery that makes the player implicitly understand the mood/setting/theme of what it is they are looking at. Appropriate use of colour and cues can determine how immersed a player will be in a game. The trick to designing a visual world is the design visual cues in such a way that the player is more or less unaware of the prompts.

However, sound is just as important. Sound is used to create immersion and engagement within games. It is usually considered a feedback mechanism that lets the player know that something is happening or has happened.

A user is more likely to get played if it feels like a finished product - juicy feedback at the right times is part of this.

2. Social Play: Involving Friends

The trend of many popular mobile games is sort of social aspect whether it’s something as simple as sharing a funny status using a connected social media account or the fact that the entire game is competition based.

The obvious idea here is to get more people to play the game, but most do prefer to engage in activities in which they can involve their friends.

In addition to multiplayer, PvP, the Clash Royale uses the idea of clans where groups of up to 50 players can give and receive cards, chat and do friendly battles. Players are able to join clans with their friends. The aspects of gifting and communication is novel in a mobile game and works well in keeping players interested as they can easily join clans with their friends and share resources. There are also leaderboards and a match replay feature that focuses on the higher ranking players, encouraging players to work in order to get their name in the rankings.

Hearthstone and Clash Royale include an emote system to facilitate communication between players while in game

Screens like this are the only reason I play candy crush. My mother – a person who I think is part of the main demographic – demands that I send her lives. I now have the game on my phone and play it during long commutes. I have my Facebook account connected to it and it was interesting to see my friends icon-ified on the level screen. So, I know who’s playing and how far they are and my mother can get upset over her friends being further than her.

3. Feeding the Cat: Come Back

From your well-crafted initial experience, the player should be able to expect what they will be getting out of the game if they keep playing it. Mobile games typically have short play sessions where the end of a session is implied by a timer, waiting to unlock, the completion of a task, etc. However, the overall game can go on for much longer. How do we compel the user to come back when they have ended a session? Here is where rewards and progression systems come in.

Reinforcement schedule

No one does anything for nothing. Rewards are another important motivator for players. The kinds of rewards given to players are varied and are usually categorized as either intrinsic or extrinsic. Rewards are further categorized in terms of the value they give to the player; however, it might be when the rewards are given that makes the most impact on retention.

Clash Royale’s chest system is a clear example of a schedule. The game encourages players to return to the game to unlock chests after the correct amount of time has passed. Also, the differences in unlock time encourages players to plan unlocks around their personal schedules (e.g. unlock 12 hour chests overnight). This is almost like feeding a pet where a habit is formed.

Resources (cards) for levelling (player and minions) are scarce and cannot be acquired without chests unless the player makes purchases with real currency. Gold can be acquired through battle wins and makes gives the player a reason to play even if chest slots are full.

The player can win or lose “trophies” during battles and the number of trophies determines the arena the player will battle in. Also, minions (cards) need to be levelled in order to remain competitive.

Progression - Not just Levels and Levelling

Players need to accomplish things. They need to progress. Also, they need to feel it. Many games start with the player’s character at the peak of their abilities and then strip those abilities a short time later. Players are shown what they would be working toward, making the player more motivated.

Pathways from the new player stage to master player must be developed to keep players of all skill levels engaged.

In general, mobile games tend to focus on the following to get players to come back for repeat play sessions:

  1. Content Unlocks - players get new items/skills/rewards for completing goals. The new unlocks can be in-game tools, ugrades or even vanity items such as skins for characters. Players are rewarded for participating in the game.
  2. Timed Events - players are encouraged to return at specific times (See above section on reinforcement schedules)
  3. Personal Investment - players who are able to change things within the game will feel more attached to their virtual world.


In this blog post, we looked at the design principles used by mobile games to stimulate player engagement and retention. A lot of points were discussed, but the general takeaways are:

•       Know your audience

•       Get them playing immediately

•       Visuals and Feedback matter

•       Develop pathways from new player stage to master player

•       Consider social aspects – if they fit!


someone who i have never met before said they’d get a lot of people in my den because it’s cool. i have 15 people in it right now. the problem is they said it was a store, and i have no interest in trading my stuff. the fuck should i do? i currently exited out of aj but like will that make things worse?

Haha I changed her costume

Shizu changes her costume when they’re all practicing their signature moves and upgrading their costumes. She changes hers entirely, except for a couple elements. She keeps the colours and the bracers and similar boots, but she changes the rest cause she doesn’t feel that the old one really… suits her anymore.

Shizu goes through a LOT of personal growth, especially after the school trip arc. Her original costume was just… to have a costume and a couple design elements she liked, but it was plain. But after everything that goes down, and her newfound confidence and strength, she decides to completely change her costume and goes with this!

The most notable things about it are; she shows off her scar, because she wears that thing like a battle trophy and she thinks of it as a mark of her own strength. She makes the costume more dynamic, and more hero-looking because she finally feels like she’s set on that path and she actually spent a while designing this so that it was perfect. And, she included that pink thing. You can’t make it out here, sorry, but it’s a heart to reflect her hero name, Heart Booster.

She’s growing into herself a lot and wants to show it. Her friends are ecstatic when she unveils her new costume, because the Shizu from even the second season wouldn’t have worn something like this.