battle to the finish


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!! ITS DONE !!


Boy you got me helpless
Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless
Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em!

Please forgive me for what I’ve done to your masterpiece LMM, I just really wanted to draw a loyal as hell blue kid from a big family who always feels second best swooning over over a hotheaded, reckless orphan soldier with beautiful eyes

….but I went with Lance and Keith instead of Eliza and Alexander

Shortest final battle

Context: we’re at the last battle, like finishing the campaign. A group of 6 players (our first game) are facing the God of Disguise. The fighter had the only weapon to kill it, a broken ancient dagger, which was meant to stab the God only in the heart.

Gm: You enter the god’s palace. Fear runs through your spine.

Fighter: Can I see him?

Gm: Mocking your inferior power, the God appears from the cealing, laughing at you.

Fighter: *looking directly into gm’s eyes* I throw the dagger

Fighter: *nat 20*

Whole party: Fuck

Gm: *sigh* You hear the dagger entering the god’s body, leaving a shout of sudden pain in the air. The god’s corpse fall as a dead pigeon.

Fighter: Nice. XP please.


“Put your cap back on,” I said. “Get out!” “What?” Annabeth shrieked. “No! I’m not leaving you.” “I’ve got a plan. I’ll distract them.” ….“But you’ll be killed!” 

“I’ll be fine. Besides, we’ve got no choice.” 

Annabeth glared at me like she was going to punch me. And then she did something that surprised me even more. 

She kissed me. “Be careful, Seaweed Brain.”

I feel like I’m years late to this party (which I am) but i’m reading this for the first time and this was cute 

"What? It's perfectly acceptable for me to have body parts on my person that aren't mine!"

In a recent homebrew game with friends and my boyfriend we were just about to finish a battle against four Half-Orcs. There was one left with 14 health and I was the only one close enough for an easy shot. (Boyfriend was a Dragonborn, and our friends were a Halfling, an Elf, and a Gnome respectively. I was a Shaman)

Me: I’m just gonna go ahead and hit it with my greataxe. 

DM: Alright, roll d20 for your accuracy.

*rolls nat 20*

DM: *goes silent* Alright…roll for strength then.

*rolls 15*

Me: Plus my strength bonus I’m hitting him for 19.

DM: *tosses dice then sighs* I’m not even gonna bother with a saving throw. You kill the last orc. No, you don’t just kill it you fucking behead the poor thing and his body just falls to the forest floor with a dull thunk, and ichor starts pooling around the upper body as the head bounces a few feet away before rolling to a stop. 

Me: Wait, did I cut his head clean off? *makes a motion with my hand*

DM: Yes.

Me: *grins* Can I take his head as a trophy?

DM: *pauses and just kinda stares for a second* Fuck it, sure, you now have a trophy.

BF(ooc): Really? Fucking really?

Me(also ooc): Yes. I’m a Shaman, I already have a skull pinning my fucking cloak to my shirt. Besides, now I have an intimidation item. *rest of the group sighs as our DM laughs*

Me(still ooc): What? It’s perfectly acceptable to have body parts on my person that aren’t mine.

Woman - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

A/N - Woman by Harry Styles was a huge inspiration for this song and my imagination.

Bucky x Reader - You want to play office.

Warnings: Smut.

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Just wanted to see Percy as a drummer and it somehow gave birth to this piece.

I just think Percy would be too ADHD (add to that his dyslexia) to properly learn how to read chords and play guitar or piano. Maybe in the long run, someone might teach him other instruments but I think Percy would rock as a drummer.

Also have this fanfiction I’m writing titled “Battle Of The Bands” with drummer!Percy but I haven’t finished writing and editing the first 2 chapters.

(I used a reference pose for this one as well)

A Link Between Worlds Alternate Ending

Hilda: i must take your triforce of courage! *summons yuga*
Link: OR! I could give it to you so you’ll have the whole thing, and we can just wish for both our worlds to have their own triforce again
Zelda’s Portrait on the wall:
Hilda: shit u right


steven universe au

i love part two the most so i drew my faves song

first pic: room where it happens : basically aham, tjeff, and jmads fused and burr wants to know what the fusion was like 

second pic: what did i miss to cabinet battle #1 : tjeff is a slut for fusing lmao (tjeff and jmads thought if they fused they can kick ahams ass but they failed, badly)

third pic : NON-STOP : aham wants to fuse + aburr doesnt = them fusing 

fourth pic : washington on your side : jmads + tjeffs + aburr being salty bc gwash likes aham thus them fusing to express their anger for aham 

fifth pic: election of 1800 : JEFFERSON OR BURR?!!! its literally choosing to fuse with tjeff or aburr and bc aham is a shit, he chooses tjeff

The Paladins Reacting To You Getting Hurt In Battle Would Include..


PROMPT?:  hello! i friggin love your blog. do you think you could do a would include for the voltron paladins, how they would react to you getting hurt in battle/captured?? sorry if it’s a bad explanation, i haven’t really requested for much ahah. thank you so much!

A/N: An option for allura lovers! yay! And hell yeh i added dad Coran. Also this is my first one in this format so be kind? and these all surround the same kind of injury! 

WARNINGS: gender neutral!! pain mention?? cursing

SHIRO: When he hears your body hit the alien dirt, Shiro loses all patience. He orders all the other paladins to start kicking ass and runs to your noodle body. Although he knows it’s probably bad, he would start cradling your neck and wrap his other available arm around your midsection and nervously smile down at you. He would laugh and brush away any dirt or stray hairs. And once you got back to the castle, he would attend to your every need, even the smallest pillow fluff. Lots of “Shiro, I can walk-” “Nope, crutches.” and “Shiro, I’m breathing. You can go to bed.” but he would stay there anyway. He would keep you from fighting for at least a week. And lots of nose kisses once he feels your ‘frail and fragile’ body could handle it.

PIDGE: Once you’re taken out of battle, Pidge’s fighting power like.. triples. She finishes it for you. She will make sure that whatever hurts you, pays for it. Most of the paladins get out of the way once the news gets over the com that you’re hurt. And once she’s pulled away from kicking the enemy and berating it, she runs endless medical tests on you. Space CAT Scans and going into the castle healing pods for at least three hours a day until even the pod rejects you. She will hang out with you and make you soup and bring you water if you even look the least bit dehydrated. She will block off a good portion of the lounge so Lance and Keith have to sit on the last three feet of the couch. No one says anything. They’re afraid. 

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Fun Sormik facts!

As I’ve now played Tales of Zestiria myself (still need to finish the final battle however), I decided to list some cute and fun facts I’ve discovered while playing.

  • Mikleo cuts Sorey’s hair. I mean, that’s so cute. Sorey has his own personal boyfriend hairdresser.
  • Sorey is not allowed to touch Mikleo’s hair, due to an ‘’incident’’. I wonder what the incident is, honestly.
  • Mikleo makes the most delicious snacks. He’s even dubbed as ‘’Sweet Master Mikleo’’.
  • Mikleo can’t cook well. Apparently, since he’s a water seraph, he’s horrible with timing and lets food burn easily.
  • Mikleo is afraid of dogs, which Sorey makes fun of.
  • Sorey called Mikleo a babe
  • Sorey adapted to the water Armatus the most easily, and it’s implied that this is because of his bond with Mikleo.
  • They are both stubborn dorks when it comes to fights with each other.
  • Sorey’s favourite snack is Mikleo’s soft serve ice cream.
  • Mikleo found the Shepherd’s glove Sorey is wearing, and gave it to him. I’m not 100% sure it was Mikleo who found it, but him giving it to Sorey is sweet enough.
  • Mikleo trains in secret. He learned some new artes Sorey didn’t know about, and it’s revealed he practises at night. He also had some training sessions with Edna.
  • Sorey is very affectionate towards Mikleo, in my opinion. I wish the anime would’ve shown that more.
  • Mikleo often gets teased about his and Sorey’s height difference, and he’s very sensitive about it.
    • In addition to this, it’s heavily implied Mikleo chose a staff as his weapon to make up for their height difference.
  • Sorey is seen sleeping with Mikleo in his lap in the ending credits.
  • Mikleo can carry Sorey on his back. I think that’s pretty impressive, considering their height difference and Mikleo’s small figure.
  • Tickle fights!
  • When Sorey lost his resonance, the first one he called for was Mikleo, and he called him twice.
  • They’re both dubbed ‘’Ruin Geeks’’, or ‘’Geek Kings’’, especially by Rose and Edna. 
  • Lailah is the biggest shipper, but I think everyone already knew that.

I’m so glad I bought the game, and I’m thinking of buying the English release of the manga as well. I’ll definitely start writing fanfictions about these two soon, but I’m busy with my final exams currently, so it’ll have to wait.

Something Unspoken

Peter x Reader

Hey, I know it’s been a while but I recently saw Guardians Vol 2 and was inspired, so I hope you like it!

Edit: Also, would anyone like a sequel to this? Let me know if u do!

Words: 2,306

Something Unspoken

Traveling with the Guardians is not an easy feat what-so-ever, but in all honesty, as much as I complain, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Before I spent my time roaming through the galaxy with my new team, I was head nurse for Tony Stark, and when Peter and the rest of his team had met up with the Avengers, I volunteered to go back with them. They had no kind of medical expert on board, and I craved a new sort of adventure. Cap had tried to talk me out of it, said it was too dangerous, to which I told him how much of a stupid hang up that was, seeing as he was a super solider who had fought off aliens himself. He soon realized how silly his initial argument was.

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i want the paladins to get closer and closer, both emotionally and physically, as the show goes on. i could get into the ‘emotionally’ part but i’ll spare you of that. i DO wanna talk about the paladins being physically close though

i mean, think about it. there’s only 7 people on the castle, they’re all bound to get touch-starved eventually. so after a while, they just get really touchy-feely

(details under the cut)

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