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Battle Theme:

Battle Intro: “I-I’m not much of a fighter!”

Victory: “How did THIS happen…?”

Defeat: “What was I thinking…”

Tie: “…”

Taunt: “You’re gonna’ lose to a b-bard?!”

Reacting to Taunt: “You’re rude!”

Perfect Victory: “Please tell me you’re not for real.”

Tag Quotes

Assist: “Time for an encore!!” Followed by Uta promptly smashing a shamisen over an opponents head. May use the remaining, broken neck as a stake-like weapon.

Your muse down during Assist: “No… No no no! Get back up!”

Using item: “Why do you whine so, my dear…?” Followed by Uta tuning the knobs of her designated instrument for a damage boost. Lyre if shamisen is already lost from Assist.

Healing/Buffing: “Dad said this would ease your mind!” Followed by a  miyako-bushi scale on Uta’s shamisen. Cannot be used if shamisen is lost in Assist.

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anonymous asked:

why do you like Giratina?? i lov hearing about ppl's fav Pokemon im sorry

No way man, never ever be sorry for asking me about my boundless and undying love for Giratina

I love literally everything about Giratina, everything, so actually talking about everything would take a long ass time, so I’m just gonna make a list about some of the things, because if I don’t we will be here a while and I do not want to bore you

1. Design, cry, and battle theme
(In terms of the cry only one Pokemon has been able to best Giratinas cry and that is Reshiram)

2. Personality and motives for doing things

3. Overall backstory 

4. The fact that it was banished from the world for being too violent, and every time it comes back for a little while the first thing it does is fight either Dialga or Palkia  

5. Literally everything about its relation to the distortion world (Everything)

6. This isn’t even really a valid reason but I can relate to it a lot (If you asked me what part of what I relate to what I would 100% have an answer)

7. The fact that it’s not entirely evil like everyone thinks it is, it’s just really really angry all the time (Like everything though it does have its flaws; it’s just not fully fully evil)

8. I really really really really like dragons, antimatter, and things with distortion themes

9. It was the first legendary Pokemon I’d ever seen (Due to the fact that Platinum was the first Pokemon game I’d ever played; so my 9 yr old self was fuckin star struck)

10. According to the movies it can be a giant dork when not seethingly angry

11. This gorgeous entrance 

12. I honestly actually do not have any solid reasons, I just love everything about this Pokemon, I can feel it in my soul
It feels like a crystal egg

It’s just

Really good
Really good dragon


It seems like I didn’t write anything but that’s mostly because a lot of my feelings for Giratina can only be described in thoughts and concepts which causes me to sound like I’m talking about it in only pieces, it might sound like I didn’t put any effort into this at all but I actually put in so much it looks like trash I just really love Giratina aajgghhg

gggHHHHHH thank you so much for asking though like this made my day you don’t even know dude people asking about special interests is good even if I am not good at talking about them

Last Surprise
Last Surprise

You try to run me through
Hold on
Think again
Don’t you know
What you’re starting
But… you sure ain’t got a clue
How bad
This will go
Don’t you know
Know my art
(Art of war)

And as you look to the horizon
Not a cloud
But then stormy weather’s caught you cold
Seems like it crept up out of nowhere
All around
You it’s not quite what you foretold

You’ll never see it coming
You’ll see that my mind is too fast for eyes
You’re done in
By the time it’s hit you, your last surprise

You think you got your game
Planned out
To a T
Yet I’m two
Steps ahead yeah
So… you step into my way
Stand down
It’s a trap
One more step
And you’re dead
(Yeah you’re dead)

Why just a picosecond ago
Clear blue skies
But now lightning’s struck your last resolve
It’s not an accident that no one
Hears your cries
As your last strength seems to dissolve

You’ll never see it coming
You’ll see that my mind is too fast for eyes
You’re done in
By the time it’s hit you, your last surprise

I’m coming
For you
My game’s always so fast, so fine
You’re spun in
By the net you didn’t catch it in time

Better think
About your game
Are you sure
Your next move’s the right one for you?
Are you sure
You won’t get outmaneuvered again
And again my friend?

You’ll never see it coming
You’ll see that my mind is too fast for eyes
You’re done in
By the time it’s hit you, your last surprise

I’m coming
For you
My game’s always so fast, so fine
You’re spun in
By the net you didn’t catch it in time

Last Surprise
Shoji Meguro (feat. Lyn)
Last Surprise

Normal Battle theme from Persona 5. Copyright belongs to Atlus. Mostly uploading to have easy access to it; if I’m asked to take it down, I will comply.

Still, it’s good to hear a new soundtrack from Meguro, but boy does it help paint a picture of how long this five month wait is going to be.

she’s undeniably a god awful person and fully deserved to get bodied by solgaleo/lunala but lusamine really was that bitch like. she was the high profile president of a powerful corporation and ran not one but TWO organizations without breaking a sweat, she designed that box to contain cosmog which simultaneously looks like some kind of scifi bullshit and a louis v spring 2084 collection handbag, she was fully prepared to annihilate the world with ultra beasts because it didn’t meet her standard of beauty (lysandre who?), and she has TWO separate battle themes, one of which plays after she’s fucking fused herself with an alien without so much as flinching. to top it off? she did it all in 6 inch heels and a dress that has a god damn chaos emerald embedded in it. iconic x10


gif battle: harryspotter vs dallisons: hp edition
↳ round one: the golden trio + gold

hermione, when have any of our plans ever actually worked? we plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose.