battle sketch

the reason straight men will dress up in drag for lip sync battles and comedy sketches is because it’s a joke to them

the reason straight male athletes will behave homoerotically with each other is because being gay is a joke to them

the reason straight girls will call each other girlfriends and kiss each other for the amusement of men is because being gay is a joke to them

just throwing that out there

Off and on

So I was going to draw more Graves-backs, but then it all ended up as more of an outfit design appreciation aah
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HiJack March Madness 2017
Round 1, Battle 2: Team Android!Jack/Engineer!Hiccup

my contribution for round two.
Hiccup creating a special series of androids, the G-Series with Jack being the No.5.
You can guess who the other 4 are.
They all have a special chip that, compared to other androids, gives them something you can consider a free will and a personalety. Who knows what problems this can cause?
And what happend with the prototype model No.0 that escaped because of a malfunction?

A lot of room for fanfictions XD