battle shell



Let There Be Light – a 1946 documentary film by John Huston, following 75 US soldiers experiencing “battle fatigue” or “shell-shock,” and their ensuing diagnosis and treatment. The quaint, dated style stands in sharp contrast to the often devastating interviews with veterans fresh from WWII. This is an incredible resource if you have any interest in the era.

The film was banned due to “demoralizing” content portraying the human toll of war, until it was finally resurrected in the 80s.


((And the last part of the Halloween suggestions! There were other suggestions but I just didn’t have the time. Again, I really enjoyed doing these costumes, especially Sapphire Shores! Also Hunter Humming and Sorceress Swirly for their hero classes; I enjoyed doing their designs too! With Paladin Pan, they’d make a great team! I just wanted an excuse to draw them in their costumes, they’ve been stuck in my head for sooooo looooong!))


“Kycilia tugged on her veil-like mask…. Her mask made of a rubberized material that fit like a second skin, but she normally wore it down around her neck like a scarf, only raising it above her nose before going into battle.

She was a woman of considerable vanity who to pretend it helped preserve her complexion, but in reality she hated the smell of battle. In the past, the only time she not worn it in battle, a supposedly inactive shell had exploded, killing a soldier next to her and overpowering her with the stench of death.”

-from Mobile Suit Gundam Novel Vol. 2: Escalation; by Yoshiyuki Tomino