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can you pls do a imagine where eric hurts you at p.e class and gets all worried and that's how you to met? 😘

You felt the air rush past your face as the red ball battled past you. Inches away from colliding with you.
Gym class was not your most favourite classes but it wasn’t your most hated. You scanned the other teams remaining players. 3 guys and one girl vs you and 2 other girls. Slim chances of victory, but you’d go down at least trying.
A sharp blast from the coach’s whistle startled you. As your fallen teammates of the round limped off court. You grabbed a quick mouthful from your water bottle and watched the other side of the court.
The other team were huddled and whispering together, stealing glances over towards you and your teammates. You were as good as alone with your remaining team. They were too worried about breaking a nail than actually concentrating .

Coach yelled for the game to resume. As you figured your two remaining teammates were dispatched quickly. But not before you took out the other teams female player and one of their guys.
‘4 against one…. Yay’ you thought miserably. You dodged ball after ball, stirring up your fallen team.
“Y/N!, Y/N!, Y/N!, Y/N!…” they chanted. You watched closely as one of the guys from the other team get red in the face with anger. Dodging two more oncoming balls, the guy hurled his ball towards your feet just as you dodged another ball. As you landed your feet glanced the ball he’d thrown, causing your ankles to buckle and send you crashing painfully to the floor. A collective gasp echoed around the gymnasium.
“What the hell dude!” Your growled, running your throbbing knee. The guy had the decency to look shocked and dumbfounded.
“Y/n..I’m sorry! Are you ok? I didn’t-…” he stammered before you cut him off.
“Save it Harris!” You spat and limped away to the showers.

You sighed happily as the end of day bell shrilled in your ears. You knee still throbbed slightly from earlier in the day when douche-baggings Eric Harris nailed you in gym. He was such a intense person. You’d seen him stalking the hallways with his friends numerous times, in their trench coats and dark faces.
You quickly made it to you car, only to find none other than Eric himself placing a folded note under your wiper blade.
“What are doing Harris? What the hell do you want?” You asked in a tired voice. You so couldn’t be bothered right now with this shit. All you wanted to do was go home, take a hot shower and relax to your favourite tunes.
“Look y/n, I feel terrible about what happened, I get competitive but that’s no fucking excuse. I just wanted to say I’m really really sorry and if you’d maybe like to get to know me you might not think I’m such a asshole….”
You looked at the note in his hand and took it gently and smiled shyly. You pushed past him smiling.
“Maybe I will Harris, but you better not be a even bigger asshole than you seem” you grinned at his confused and concerned face.

You drove home with a huge grin plastered against your face. You’d pulled over when curiosity got the better of you and read Eric’s note. He’d signed the bottom with his AOL user name. You knew as soon as you got home your plans had changed. It was gonna be a looooong night of learning more about the mysterious Eric Harris….

The only best things from Dark Souls II:

. Looking Glass Knight and it’s Boss theme

. The female Pyromancer enemy

. The Majula theme was the only good part of that hub

. That bit when you see Vendrick’s hollow form

. There was actually a proper PVP battle arena (Yet no Red-Eye orb?)

. The Faraam set

. The supposed idea of what the Pursuer could’ve been, an actual stalking Boss

. Gavlann’s catchphrase

. The actor who played Darth Maul voices some guy

. The fact that I was an idiot buying the collectors edition cheap at £60 and I got a exclusive rare limited metal card from Amazon (only 2000 made), sold the card on eBay and got my money back

. The knowledge that you shouldn’t blindly trust fanboys or sequel hype

. A reminder that even Dark Souls could have its own version and be as ‘okay’ as Devil May Cry 2

. The concept of the Blue Sentinels (if it was implemented properly)

. Finally leaving the Shrine of Amana, thank god

. The Heide Knights

. Knowledge of what I-frames are and how enemies track you, as seen on how shoddy they were at several times

. Finally glad that Bloodborne and Dark Souls III brought back online level scaling based on soul-level and replaced soul-memory

. Gave me insight on hack fraud YouTube channels, etc that call people stupid that are critiquing the obvious problems in the game

. Fume Knight was awesome

. Introducing Hexes

. Made me understand more on how enemy placement can effect games

. Jester Thomas is the realist MVP


**FAIR WARNING: Some offensive material, but just you wait ;) homophobes & sexists won’t prevail**

Host: Give it up for everyone’s favorite rebels, Evane vs the Kingdom of NORTAAAAAA!!

KON: You’re just two bitches, sailin’ along!

What’d you think? We’d praise you in song?

Girls are weak, the boys should rule,

Females just think that they’re oh-so-cool!

Please, do you really think that you’re powerful and great?

We’ve never had one ruler who hasn’t been straight!

Well we had ‘Tibe-Tibe’ but didn’t he die?

Well there’s a reason and his grave shows why!

Evangeline: Hmm well let’s think then, who should rule?

Elane: There’s no one more confident you fuckin’ fool!

Evangeline: Oh the Calore brothers? Maven and Tibe?

Evane, together: We got bigger balls than those two combined!

Audience: oooHH SHIT!

KON: Oh sure, and you say that you’re good with knives?

Girls should be cooks and quiet home-wives!

That’s how it’s been and that’s how it will be,

Can you imagine? Not a ‘he’ but a ‘she?


Evangeline: Yeah, you say all these things with a nice big smile,

But might I remind you that I won Queenstrial?

Elane: She’s the most powerful out of all the women here,

Evangeline: Thanks for the compliment, but stay quiet, my dear.

If anyone has the right to rule it’s us,

Not the brothers who fall at one kick in the guts!

KON: And what are we gonna have if you two lead?

‘Oh cramps, oh pain’ when you two bleed.

Guys don’t have these problems, unlike girls,

You spend hours gettin’ ready ‘my face my curls!’

Audience: dAMN!

Elane: *sarcastically* We very much appreciate your traditional style,

Evangeline: But can’t we just mix it up once in a while?

Elane: Your lying little media is filled with hate,

Evane, together: Name a more Iconic duo, yes I’ll wait! *get back to back and cross arms*

[crowd goes wild]



Host: Give it up, or Maven-iac and Cal CALOOOOOORE!

Cal: You’re a bitch!

You’re a liar!

You should admit that you can’t even hold ya fire!

You’re alone,

So I’ll be crude,

I bet you know that I was first that Mare screwed!

Maven: Well maybe somethings you say are quite true,

But–to be frank–I am a better liar than you!

Now Mare’s crying cuz you left her alone,

Good luck with the crown now that you’re on your own!

Daddy can’t help you, are you so scared?

Without him behind you, you are impaired! *crosses arms*

Cal: What?

You think I’m not independent?

Yo mama was devastated cuz you were her descendant!

But I bet you’re happy now that they’re dead,

Your mind is free, so why are you filling with dread?

Everyone hates you!

The courts took you down!

I bet they wanted someone handsome for the crown! *gestures to himself*

Maven: Look at yo’self!

You think you should be so proud?


You’re even getting his receding hair-line!


Cal: Either way,

Mare liked it,

Cuz–guess what–I was the first she showed her cli…

Censoring: BEEEEEP!

Cal: I have the looks,

I hold the cards,

You thought she’d fall for you while she was held by prison-guards?!

Cuz you’re sad!

And you’re whiny!

Just cuz yo mama sometimes slapped you on your hiny!

Word. *drops mic*

[crowd goes wild]


Still in time for Doyle Appreciation Week \o/

I’d imagine the Feds would have had some inside jokes and plenty embarassing little stories circling around about him (nothing too mean spirited tho) i.e. that time Doyle met Agent Washington for the first time and fainted

But after Armonia the tone would shift and stories would change. Someone was once having a breakdown and he came to give them a small pep talk. Someone harsly bad-mouthed the Rebels and - despite the many disagreements between the factions - he asked them to stop doing that.

The best thing about those stories? All of them are true things that happened. And no one takes them more to heart than Kimball.


I love this entire trailer that never happened


Shownu protecting Kihyun from wild Minhyuk 🐹🐻🙅🏻‍♂️🐶


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