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Another one when thinking of Prompto. You know it bothers me that Brotherhood didnt have Promptos freckles. Since theyre such a part of him. I almost refuse to accept something that doesnt have Proms freckles. Its also why I hate his playarts figure.

Promptos freckles must be protected!


“Shit! Shit shit shit!”

As he yelled out, Prompto dropped down to his knees, his gun flickering out of sight. This was not the time for this.

Not when they were in the middle of a battle.

“Hey Prom! What’s the matter? Drop something? Can it wait?” Gladio said it almost conversationally, but with a hint of snark. Above them a bird swooped down on them and it was only thanks to Nocts magnificent warping skills that the bird was cut down and not digging its talons in the kneeling blond’s head.

“Prompto this really isn’t the time!” Nocts voice was less easy going, more exasperated. Really in fights like this, aside from his warping and Ignis’ magic, Promptos gunfire was a key in the battle going swimmingly. Gladio had his shield out to act as the defense, considering his great sword couldn’t even hit these birds unless they managed to get stunned.

Which is why Ignis’ fingers were crackling with the lightning magic stone he was on the verge of releasing into the fray. But he wouldn’t when Prompto was on his knees digging in the grass like that.

“Guys I just…! I can't…! Fuck it! Nevermind let’s do this!” and the blond jumped back up, wiping the grass and dirt off his cargo pants and he whipped his gun back out and Noct sighed a ‘good, finally.’

After that the battle ended smoothly. Gladio ran his sword through the last stunned bird, counting their blessings.

“What happened back there Prom?”

The blond squeaked, his face flushed. “I… Uh. I lost a contact.”


“I could feel it shifting when that bird knocked me over before… And then before I knew it I felt it fall out and… and so I tried to find it before someone stepped on it!”

“If it fell in the dirt you wouldn’t want to put it back in your eye though would you?” Noct always sounded so level headed and reasonable. He clapped his hand on his friends back. “C’mon. You have another pair right?”

“Yeah but… those were supposed to last me the rest of the month…”

“These things happen,” Ignis consoled. “Let’s get back to the car. Until we reach a rest station, do you need your glasses?”

Prompto rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah my glasses are in my bag in the car…”

“You wear glasses?” Gladio felt dumbfounded. Was he the only one who didn’t know Prompto wore glasses?

The other three just stared at the larger man as if he grew another head.

Prompto whined. “Ugh lets just go back! My eyes are killing me!”

They trudged back through the high grass to their convertible sitting in the empty parking lot. Making sure the road was empty, Prompto ran across the street to grab his bag out of the front passenger seat. Ignis offered him some hand sanitizer out of his own bag when Prompto went to use his dirty hands to remove his other contact from his other eye. Prompto laughed awkwardly and thanked the man.

Gladio stood beside Noct as the two blonds fussed about and Prompto found the small plastic case deep in his bag that most likely held his glasses. Gladio always assumed that it was for his sunglasses…

“Has he always worn glasses?”

Noct snorted. “He used to, when we were younger. By the time we were in high school though he started wearing contacts.”

“Oh?” Gladio was interested in hearing the story.

“Yeah. Something about it easier for when he runs. And he can feel more connected to his camera without his glasses in the way.” The dark haired youth nodded. “I get it. Glasses sliding down my nose all the time would drive me crazy. I don’t know how Specs does it.”

Gladio glanced back over at the two men by the car and saw Prompto with thin gold frameless glasses propped on his nose. He was laughing at something Ignis had said and his flushed cheeks stood out even more in the light, his freckles more pronounced.

“He looks like such an adorable nerd doesn’t he?” the snark was palpable in Nocts voice as he teased. Gladio sent him a glare but didn’t say anything. Denying it would only make the prince tease more. He knew that.

“Let’s get back to town so we can turn in that hunt.”


Noct is a little shit and I love it.

suspicious-protagonist  asked:

Lance will DEFINITELY ask Allura to dance at least once. But also, Lance and Coran having a dance battle (I don't know why but I feel a mighty need for this)

Lance: Princess, may I have this dance?
Allura: is this part of the ritual? Do we dance with everyone?
Lance: ….yes it’s imperative that we dance together. Otherwise the ritual is incomplete.
(Keith, rolling his eyes in the background)
(After their dance allura arranges them all to dance with each other. She dances with hunk, instructs lance to dance with Keith, shiro with coran, etc)
(Keith: you had to tell her we had to dance with everyone, didn’t you.
Lance, definitely not blushing: shut up mullet)

Dance battles are also an obligatory part of prom. Coran is happy to partake. But let’s be real, the winner of all the dance battles is hunk.

So proms are nice and all but honestly. For people like me who love all the pop punk it’s too easy to get sick of Meghan Trainor and Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber and everyone else.

I know I’m not the only one. So, tumblr, I present my idea.

The punk prom.

No dresses or suits allowed – only your favorite band t-shirt. All the songs would be pop punk, from favorites like tøp and MCR to Paramore and All Time Low and Muse.

At some point, the room would be divided up into teams based off of favorite bands – so, for example, twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, and Panic!. They may not be your favorite bands, but you’d have to pick your favorite of the three and pick a side. These teams will take each other on in a bunch of various games.

You know what it would be called?

Battle of the Bands.

And the best part of it would be the sense of camaraderie, of family, of belonging in a music genre. You wouldn’t have to try and dance to songs you don’t know. Instead of screeching the words to Call Me Maybe, everyone would be screaming the lyrics of Welcome to the Black Parade because it speaks to us all.

It would be beautiful.