battle of wolf


Hi, here’s more of the Bloodborne AU nobody asked for! And here’s some tunes for the mood.

Jamison wakes to a pale sky and hard stone splayed beneath his back.

Sweet smelling flowers cluster by his head. The surrounding garden breathes with the passing winds, soft blades of grass whispering unintelligible secrets by his ears. The air is cool, gentle, the breeze a welcome touch, but no matter how many times he’s come back, everything has a sticky sort of dampness that clings to his clothes and burrows down through his marrow, the kind that hangs around the riverside or amongst weathered gravestones.

Death, he supposes. Not that it ever truly comes.

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Still waiting for Dylan O'Brien to be on 'Lip Sync Battle' and cover Wannabe by the Spice Girls BUT his outfit better be the same as he did in his YouTube video...and longer!

Make this happen …pleaseeee??

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I love how almost everyone has a really deep and tragic back story to explain why they’re on DS9

Benjamin Sisko: My wife was killed in the battle Wolf 395. I had to raise our son, Jake, on my own. I questioned whether or not I wanted to leave Starfleet, but I still accepted the position on DS9. 

Kira Nerys: I grew up in Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation. I learned to fire a rifle when I was 13. During the occupation, I lost both my brothers, my father and my mother. I accepted the posting on DS9 because I wanted to help my people rebuild Bajor but I am still traumatised by the war.

Odo: I worked as a security officer on DS9 while it was originally under Cardassian rule. Before that, I was discovered by a Bajoran doctor and subjected to inhuman scientific experiments. I’m a complete outsider and have no idea where I’m from. The only purpose I believe I have, is providing security on the station.

Julian: I was a disappointment to my parents so they genetically altered me, which made me question my own self-worth. I took a position on DS9 in order to prove myself but I live in fear that people will discover my secret.

Garak: I used to hold a position in the Cardassian military. After making a fatal mistake, I was exiled and forced to live on DS9 with Bajorans who hate my species. 

and then you have Quark…

Quark: I had sex with my boss’s sister.

Ritterkreuzträger Werner Wolf (hier noch Untersturmführer, später Obersturmführer). Er erhielt das Ritterkreuz während seiner Zeit als Adjutant bei Joachim “Jochen” Peiper im III. Batallion des 2. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiments. Peiper empfahl Wolf  für seine Taten während der Schlacht von Kursk (Juli/August 1943) nachdem er das Kommando über die führerlose 13. Kompanie übernahm und einen russischen Panzerangriff verhinderte.