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'Black Panther' trailer decoded: Secrets of the new Marvel movie

Black Panther trailer decoded: Ryan Coogler on the new Marvel movie

Source: Entertainment Weekly

‘Black Panther’ trailer deep dive

Wakanda doesn’t reveal all its mysteries at once. Sometimes you have to look deeper to even know what you’re seeing. The teaser trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie has finally dropped, and EW’s special guides to the footage are director and co-writer Ryan Coogler (Creed, Fruitvale Station) and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. They’re opening the door to this fictional African nation. Let’s take a closer look…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

We don’t open on Chadwick Boseman’s black-clad hero. We start with the villain. Andy Serkis was last seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Ulysses Klaue, a mercenary arms trader in Avengers: Age of Ultron who had gotten his hands on some of the precious metal known as Vibranium — then lost his hand to the vicious robot overlord.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

He’s back now, and in custody, being questioned by Everett K. Ross, a CIA operative who thinks Wakanda is just another African savannah. For geeks, it’s Bilbo vs. Gollum, all over again. “One person knows quite a bit about Wakanda and another person who thinks they do, but they don’t,” says Coogler. “But I thought it would be awesome to start with a character who has seen Wakanda in its true light.” But look who is watching…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

This interrogation takes place in a safehouse in Korea, where a few visiting dignitaries are watching the interrogation from behind one-way glass: Black Panther himself, T’Challa, and his security chief Okoye (The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira.) They know a lot more than either of these men. And they’re worried. The less anyone knows about their homeland, the safer it is.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Vibranium is the unique metal with almost mystical, technological powers. A little bit of it was used to make Captain America’s shield, and massive stores of it from within the heart of Wakanda have allowed the nation to develop technologies that make the rest of the world look like the Stone Age. Here, Coogler says we see the Royal Talon Fighter, Black Panther’s personal shuttle, flying over the capital city.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Wakanda is steeped in tradition, and we see a flashback to one of them: The steps of the Royal Talon Fighter open as T’Challa descends into the waters of Warrior Falls, where kings are coronated. He is ascending the throne after the murder of his father, T’Chaka, in Captain America: Civil War.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

In the background stands Zuri, Forest Whitaker’s character, a shaman and trusted adviser of the king. Here, T'Challa stands without armor in a holy place, before his people — the leaders of the tribes of Wakanda. They do not always unite like this. Although it is united against the outside world, Wakanda is divided within itself.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

“He’s somewhat a religious figure or spiritual figure,” Coogler says of Zuri. “Spirituality is something that exists in Wakanda in the comics, and it’s something we wanted to have elements of in the film. Forest’s character, more than anything, is a major tie-back to T’Challa’s father. Zuri is someone he looks to for guidance.” He says to think of him as the Wise Old Man — Black Panther’s version of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

These children are part of Zuri’s sacred ritual, creating something for the king from a plant unique to Wakanda. “People who read the comics would be familiar with the Heart-Shaped Herb and the ceremonies that surround that,” says Kevin Feige. “That’s partially spiritual. We certainly don’t call it magic, but there’s Vibranium that has been interwoven within that soil and that land for thousands of years, so there are other things going on with it.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

“The Heart-Shaped Herb is how Black Panther achieves his powers. He can fight hand-to-hand with Cap, who’s a supersoldier, so he has super strength and heightened instincts that give him his enhanced abilities,” Coogler says. But not just anyone can partake of its powers. “The Heart-Shaped Herb is what Black Panthers over the generations would consume, once they earn the title, which gives them their physical edge.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The king doesn’t have to face every challenge alone. One of his most loyal agents of the Dora Milaje is Nakia, played by Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o, seen here in a casino in femme fatale mode. T'Challa is going to need the help…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

If there’s one thing we know about power, it’s that someone else will always try to take it from you.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Klaue wants Vibranium, but this masked man wants something more — perhaps power over the nation that Black Panther rules. This masked figure is ready to spring Klaue loose from his CIA safehouse, and the two villains will join forces.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

In the comics, Klaue’s weapon was a sonic emitter he used as a prosthetic for his missing arm. In this film, he attaches a piece of advanced Wakandan mining equipment as his arm-cannon — which is presumably what led the CIA and Black Panther to capture him. In this shot, we can see the limb has been taken from him.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

But you can’t keep a bad guy down. Here we see Klaue in the midst of a heist at a museum displaying treasures from Wakanda. Coogler isn’t ready to reveal the exact context of this scene, but you can bet he has inside information.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

This was the man in the mask: Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan, who also teamed with Coogler for Creed and Fruitvale Station.) The man with the hostile name is a Wakandan exile, being escorted into Black Panther’s throne room under the watch of W'Kabi, a loyal adviser to T'Challa played by Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Here we see the larger view. It’s tough to see, but Black Panther is face-to-face with Killmonger, facing him down before the room full of tribal leaders.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The camera lingers on one especially compelling presence among the tribal rulers. Coogler says the man with the emerald suit and lip plate is “the elder of one of the largest tribes in Wakanda.” He’s played by actor Isaach De Bankolé, known for brutalizing Daniel Craig’s 007 in Casino Royale. Across from him sits T'Challa’s widowed mother, Ramonda (played by Angela Bassett)…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

This is Ramonda in all her glory, flanked by Lupita Nyongo’s Nakia and T'Challa’s sister, Shuri, played by Letitia Wright. Everett K. Ross, an outsider, is with them in the background as they venture into mountain territory of the Jabari tribe — and their ominous ruler…

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Meet M'Baku, played by Winston Duke (Person of Interest). As the ruler of the mountain tribe, he has a ruthless nature, and in the comics — where he wore a mask and white, fur-covered armor and went by the name “Man-Ape” — he was one of Black Panther’s most dangerous foes.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Will M'Baku and T'Challa end up in battle? Probably; everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fights sooner or later. But all we know from the teaser is that M'Baku has a knock-down, drag-out fight with Eric Killmonger at what looks like the Warrior Falls in some kind of trial by combat. (You can spot the river tribe leader looking on from the back left.)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

This shot it set outside one of Wakanda’s Vibranium mines. The Dora Milaje stand to one side, while tribal leaders, including Daniel Kaluuya’s W'Kabi (although he’s out of focus) stand to the right.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Black Panther, king, defender, and servant of the country walks before them with his mask off in a pose that seems intended to suggest he means no harm. This is one mystery we will have to wait to have solved.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

We also get a sample of peaceful life in Wakanda. Here, the king greets a child alongside Nakia under the quietly intense protection of Dora Milaje bodyguard Ayo (played by Florence Kasumba), known from Civil War for the line, “Move, or you will be moved.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Here we see political life for the young ruler as he ventures outside the borders of his country to speak before the United Nations — although such interaction with fellow countries is what got his father killed. Some threats can’t be defeated with isolationism. Look closely at the monitors in this still, and you’ll see “Climate Change” is on the Black Panther’s agenda.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

But peace is not long-lasting. In this shot, Jordan’s Killmonger faces down an entire squad of Dora Milaje on what appears to be a landing pad on the outskirts of the city.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Coogler doesn’t want to reveal too much about Killmonger’s background, but in the comics, he has one of the darkest origins for a supervillain. One should not experiment with sacred herbs meant only for the royal bloodline. And sometimes, in those cases, death might be a more welcome outcome than whatever survival follows.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

As Killmonger does battle, the Dora Milaje may find that the other tribes of Wakanda are no longer loyal to their king.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Family is different. T'Challa will always be able to count on his sister, Shuri. And Nakia, as a member of the Dora Milaje who is often sent on missions around the world, is another woman Panther knows he can trust.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Wright’s Princess Shuri character is not only a fighter but a brilliant scientist, on par with Iron Man’s Tony Stark, Coogler says. She has spent her life researching and experimenting with Vibranium, and these twin blasters are just one of her devices.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

As the trailer wraps, we see Black Panther in full costume — and far from his homeland. Judging by the signs in the background, this is a scene set in Korea, either before or after Klaue is captured.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Take note: This is an example of the bad luck that follows if this particular black cat crosses your path. Black Panther will be in theaters on Feb. 16, 2018.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Jasper Request #2

anonymous asked:

Could you please do a Jasper x reader where she’s human and it’s during the training scene in eclipse and one of the werewolf’s get a little to close to her

Sorry for the delay, I will hardly have anytime to write requests for a whole week, but still feel free to send them in. And, the ending is a bit unclear so I may do a full blown imagine based on this request

Jasper decided to take you along with the rest of his family because he wants you to see the dangers both him and the wolves are to you. Showing you how much worse newborn vampires are compared to aged ones like him was eye-opening, but did not dissuade your feelings for him. You knew that Edward would bring Bella, but you never really got along with her. You two had nothing to talk to each other about and you personally, weren’t her biggest fan because the Volturi found out about you as well and you had to be turned within a amount of time.

As you stood on the sidelines, watching Jasper teach the wolves how to really fight vampires, a smaller wolf kept glancing at you. With brown fur and and skinny legs, you could tell this wolf was technically a pup. You were told that the youngest wolf the had was just younger than 16 and it broke your heart a little. Edward spoke up then,

“They want to know what Y/N is to us, as they know Bella is  my mate.”

Jasper stopped his demonstration and looked at you who waved awkwardly at the wolves who were all staring at you now. Jasper smirked and in the blink of an eye, was by your side.

“Y/N is my mate. Though I would have turned her as soon as the Volturi found out that Alice is in fact not my mate, I want her to know all that she is getting into before I change her.”

Jasper kissed your hand and you giggled, swaying your body side to side to the beat of a song in your head. Edward spoke again,

“They want to know when exactly you plan on doing so.”

You answered,

“After the battle. After we leave town. Way out of the jurisdiction of your tribe.”

The smaller wolf whined slightly and edged closer to you. Jasper’s posture stiffened at the movement. Edward hastily spoke,

“Seth imprinted on Y/N, but the imprint is set to place him as her brother and protector. Her eventual leaving is causing him a bit of distress. None of the wolves imprints have ever manifested as strictly brotherhood before.”

A silver-gray wolf growled at this and snapped at the large black wolf. Edward spoke,

“It appears, their legends have proven to have falsehoods. Imprinting was believed to be for reproduction and soulmates. But since you and Jasper are mates, that whole concept is false.”

So, you witnessed the pack fall apart that night, your mate become increasingly protective, and a peaceful solution between the wolves and Cullens resolve.

“And it was there - under the darkened skies and beside ghosts of old, that our forefathers witnessed the dawn of wisdom.” - Orator Tial

Today I’m sharing the first part of the lore of Mythaura. This will give you the brief overview of recorded history of the “Aura” - the magic of this world as it were, and origins of the beasts. There will be more sections of lore to come, each featuring an important event leading up to present day of the game.

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The First FOURTEEN MINUTES of Survivor New Zealand, Premiering this Sunday!

After a search of over 8000 applicants around the country, the chosen sixteen castaways are sent to Nicaragua to battle it out for $100,000. On the season premiere, two tribes immediately face the pressure when confronted with a double Tribal Council right off the bat.

40 Days, 16 Castaways, One Survivor!

Yona ch.136 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 136 “Message” summary with pics and color title page

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The Battle for Yoosung

Hello guys!! Sorry I forgot yoosung in my previous HC so I decided to do a post JUST FOR HIM CAUSE HE IS A PRECIOUS BABY WHO DESERVES THE WORLD

-> MC has a younger better looking sister and that sister (she isn’t a sister anymore :) ) tried hitting on Yoosung <-

• it’s been six months since your first RFA party.
• You and yoosung were “couple goals” because YALL did everything together.
• you played games together, cooked together, -exercise if you know what I mean ;) - because lord Jesus Christ
• this boy was gaining muscle from having you pinned against a certain wall c:
• :)
• so you and Yoosung were finishing battling a certain tribe that took FOREVER to beat
• beat with your team and his team joining forces
• this bean was happy
• he put you back down and just blurted out
• I want you to meet my family
• I kid you not he was like
• (/.O) me ?
• yes!! YOU
•(O.\) BUT WHY
• idiot cause I love you and I want you to meet them
• you smiled and hugged him and kissed him gently
• I know and they will love you
• you went to the other room and saw the chat room blowing up
• you logged on and saw yoosung asking for advice for meeting parents
• -Zen: Just act professionally like Trust Fund Kid Does
•-Jumin: At least I am a better actor than Zen would ever be
•- Jaehee: Mr. Han I don’t appreciate you putting down Zen acting career
•- Jumin: he has a career ? Then why he isn’t receiving checks like I am Assistant Kang. Oh right, he only gets letters.
• - Jaehee Kang has left the Chatroom-
•- Jumin: that is what zen says before he enters an audition
• - MC joined the Chatroom-
• MC DID YOU eat
•-MC: no i didnt because me and Yoosung are going over to my parents TODAY
•- Yoosung has left the Chatroom-
• MC: I have to go you guys :) make sure everyone stays safe! And remember to eat!
• - MC has left the Chatroom -

• Yoosung why did you leave !?
• you just ran to him and hugged him and told him to relax
• you kissed and reassured him that everything was going to be and that your parents are not gonna know if they had sex
• he turned red
• you guys got in the car and went on your way
• you guys arrived and he was a mess
• he was sweating everywhere
• doing breathing exercises like a pregnant woman
• you grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeeze and looked at him with your eyes
• he relax and was ready
• you heard him sigh “ I am a man”
• you knocked on the door and your father opened it and gave you a TIGHT HUG
• yoosung was thinking
• he extended his arm out and your father just got his arm and pulled it to bring him into a hug
• HUG. YAAAAASSSSSSSSS he was thinking mentally
• he met your mom and she instantly called him son
• he felt right at home
• they told him that this was the first time MC brought anyone home
• he cried on the spot
• you hugged him
• your mother hugged you hugging him
• your father did the big group him
• then you heard your sister sighing
• YALL need to get over yourself-> said Ashley
* yup this bitch name is Ashley* ( if I used your name here you are a wonderful person C: I’m just thinking of whatever name comes into my head )
• but then she saw yoosung
• she lived for innocent men
• she loved the power of making them blush and flustered
• she found a new prey
• she walked up to yoosung and looked him up and down
• MC DO I HAVE something on my shirt do I have something on me
• Ashley: yeah you are gonna have me all over you soon
•MC: Ashley i SWEAR leave him alone. He is mine. Now. Back. Off.
•Ashley: awwwwww MC are you sccaaarreeed ~~
Scared that he will chose me over you
• Yoosung: there THERE is No competition

your parents cried :’)

Hobgoblin (AD&D)

Hobgoblins! Like goblins, only…hobbier?
Or rather, they’re bigger and stronger and…more orange than regular goblins. And I hear they’re highly militarized in structure.
But only the parts of the military that make them more evil.
Let’s take a gander, then!

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Yona ch.138 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 138 “Disturbance” summary with pics

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“I can tell you a story, an ancient legend among my people. It’s about an angry warrior who lived his life in conflict with the rest of his tribe. A man who couldn’t find peace, even with the help of his spirit guide. For years he struggled witg his discontent. The only satisfaction he ever got came when he was in battle. That made him a hero among his tribe, but the warrior still longed for peace within himself. One day, he and his war party were captured by a neighbouring tribe led by a woman warrior. She called on him to join her tribe because it was too small and weak to defend itself from all its enemies. The woman warrior was brave and beautiful and very wise. The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lightet. From that point on, her needs would come first. And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace.”
“Is that really an ancient legend?”
“No, but that made it easier to say”



Sagathavuld in southwestern Rhûn was the tribal realm of the Sagath-Easterlings.

The Sagath were an Easterling Tribe on the eastern Borders of Rhovanion. Sometimes also the Brygath of southern Rhûn were called “the Southern Sagath”.

In the Ulgathic tongues, the word Sagath means “Raiding People”. The actual collection of tribes which call themselves Sagath is limited to those in Rhovanion and southern Rhûn who still trace their ancestry back to the Szreldorn survivors of the Battle of Dagorlad. These tribes exist mostly in central and northern Rhovanion, though there are still scattered bands who prowl the plains west of Buhr Armenrik. These Sagath lead a life of mayhem, stealing what they need or desire from their neighbors and the caravans that still cross the open plains. Theirs is the most mobile culture in Rhûn, for they lay no legitimate claim to any of the lands they traverse. Instead, the bands are always on the move, keeping all of their posessions in the great wagons for which they are known. The Sagath are a male dominated society. Women hold no social standing except between themselves, and have no sayin the movements or actions of the band. A Sagath band normally consists of several dominant male warriors who vie constantly for prestige among their peers. Power within the band is a constant test of strength, which has sometimes led a Sagath band to destroy itself. This greatly inhibits their ability to organize themselves into a fighting force to challenge the sedentary peoples of Rhûn, though there are a few notable exceptions to this rule. The Hûz (formerly Hos) clan is an example of a succession of Sagath warlords who have consistently been able to dominate their peers and vie for real power in Rhovanion. The Hos clan was founded in the opening days of the Third Age by a member of the Szreldorn family who once owned the lands upon which Ilanin sits. Subsequent warlords in the tribe’s history have used this extra evidence of legitimacy to maximum advantage. Beyond those who consider themselves Sagath, there are many other tribes in all corners of Rhûn who are called Sagath by others. Particularly warlike bands of Logath, Urgath, and especially Brygath are all named Sagath by their neighbors. In most areas of Rhûn, the term simply connotes an aggressive band who is prone to take from their neighbors what they cannot make of buy for themselves. This has led to a great deal of confusion for visitors to Rhûn. Vidugavia and Minalcar made the mistake of asking the question, “Where are the Sagath?” Any tribe, when posed this question, is libel to point out the biggest rival. This led the western army, in their ignorance, to commit grievous mistakes in southern Rhûn and to alienate most of its residents.

The remaining Sagath allied themselves -or were subjugated by - the Kings of Mistrand and became part of the Igath or Wainriders.

After the fall of the Wainrider empire the term Sagath appeared on and off as a denomination for plundering or renegade easterling tribes as a dialect term in the local Westron dialects of Rhûn, however these later “Sagath” had mostly little to do with the original tribal confederation of Urgathic and Szreldorn descent.

So I didn’t know if I would post this but here I am, doing so. Because compared to my other blog I run (aka my personal) I have more followers here. So here it goes…

I can’t believe you are all letting Timeless slip through our fingers??? Honestly???

The main cast is comprised of 7 people, 4 of which are POC??? And one of these in the main cast is a lesbian who is married to another WOC with 2 daughters??? And literally all the bad guys are white???

And the show is surrounded by 3 of them time traveling but it has explicitly shown that traveling to past decades is only good/non dangerous for one of them (because that one is a white male, while the others are a woman and a black male)???

They’ve also had the focus of their time traveling episodes on real historical figures who were forgotten, more often than not other POC?? 

Travels back to the Alamo?? Time to tell you about the fact that most of the people who fought on both sides were black and latino (if that wasn’t obvious since Texas was part of Mexico and the other side was Mexico), and in fact that Mexico had outlawed slavery years prior and it wasn’t until Texas won their independence then the US came back in and grabbed it that they had slavery. 

Travels back to the French and Indian War?? It’s time to meet Nonhelema, a real, powerful Shawnee chieftess who often led her tribe into battle, as well as stood in front of the US Congress to request land for the Shawnee in Ohio, and married 2 Shawnee men, as well as a white general at some point and would write the first English-Shawnee dictionary. 

Travels back to the 1969 Moon Landing? Time to meet Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who wasn’t allowed in the room to watch the landing (which I found a fault in “Hidden Figures” because by showing her in there for the John Glenn thing then not showing the moon landing day at all they make you assume she was allowed in for the moon landing, she wasn’t) but basically did everything to make sure it was successful, such as figuring out how fast they’d have to go to break the barrier, where they would need to find them when they came back down, all that.

Next week they’re traveling to the Wild West? Time to meet the Lone Ranger, who maybe people don’t know because of the myths put out by Hollywood, was a real man, but he was an African-American man named Bass Reeves who lived on tribal lands with Seminole and Muscogee tribes after he escaped his white slave owner, but as you should know, found and brought to justice outlaws. And time to meet Tonto, who wasn’t exactly one person in real life but based off Seminole and Muscogee friends who helped him.

And this show isn’t even on fucking, I don’t know, HBO or the CW or some network who is usually more like this. It’s on NBC, yeah one of the three main commercial television networks. But what is happening to it? 

It’s on the brisk of possibly being cancelled, it’s currently considered a “bubble show”, which means their ratings aren’t good enough to renew but not bad enough to guarantee cancellation. However, no show with ratings under 3.5 has ever been renewed by NBC, and last week, their ratings were 3.45. 

I don’t know how everyone can argue for representation and acknowledgement like this, then not actually watch it and so they end up cancelled after one season.

I don’t know how I want to end this but plead with you to please watch this show if you are not already, and watch it live (also this Monday, during it’s broadcast at 10est/9cst people are planning to try to have #RenewTimeless trend on twitter so tweet it). Or well it’s bye to probably the only realistic, inclusive time traveling/sci fi show, and probably sent a loud message to NBC on their future endeavors.

Essays in Existentialism: Ice and Fire

Winter came.

The dead would not die and stay dead, the world was at war with itself, and to compound the misery, winter came with a wrath that was a distant memory for most who lived. It did not creep in, nor did it apologize for its untimely birth. Instead, it just rattled the doors and ravaged the land in a different kind of war.

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The Battle Masters tower is overrun by orcs from the combined tribes of Citadel, RAFM, and Prince August.  I love making detailed terrain pieces from scratch, but it is so convenient to snap together the 5 panels to make this tower and place it on the table with no worries about damage during transport or attacks by snack-stained player fingers.


Though countless calendars are used across Muka, by far the most widely-used is that of the Uratemba Hegemon, which marks its first year as the date when the legendary king Vidzo consolidated the Uratemba states into the Uratemba Paramountcy. The current year is 732 ALC; seven hundred and thirty-two years after the Leopard Crown.

This is a short timeline of events known (or theorized) to have occurred on Muka from the perspective of the Uratemba Hegemon. Much of it may not be wholly accurate.

~13,000,000 BLC: The universe begins. The early universe is filled with a hot, roiling mist, with constant winds that blow in a great vortex across the whole of the cosmos at such great speed that no worlds can form. Strange beings inhabit this windy expanse; large flying creatures with great intelligence sadly wasted on their featureless home glide along the gusts of wind at the edge of the universe, constantly hunted by living clouds that cannot move of their own will but devour any flesh that passes through them.

~5,850,000 BLC: The winds and heat of the early cosmos dissipate, leaving a cold, quiet universe with little movement. The creatures that had come to exist during the earliest times slowly die out as they starve one by one, and their bodies break down into dust and water. Some of the largest of these bodies begin to collect into large spheres, which become the first planets, and some continue to gain even more size until they become stars. It is during this time that the planet Muka takes form, as well as its sun.

~400,000 BLC: Life begins on Muka. Humans emerge soon afterwards. 

~80,000 BLC: Deities begin to settle in the cosmos around the planet Muka. Human worship of these deities may have occurred. It is still some time before the arrival of the deities known to modern humans. The earliest gods that came to Muka moved on to other worlds before the advent of recorded history.

~30,000 BLC: The ancestors of the Uratemba people spread northward from Sitepe, introducing nomadic cattle and goat herding to much of southeastern Pakate. Likewise, the Perqai cross the Chagar Toktar and spread westward, displacing the Ostis-Weiksai as they do so and encountering massive beasts, which they slaughter in great numbers.

~20,000 BLC: The ancestors of the Achak people begin to practice magic in relation to their honored dead.

~15,000 BLC: The ancient Matkat begin their westward trek towards their modern home of Rikamatka. The Pibbern discover metalworking.

~12,000 BLC: Agriculture begins on Pakate. The Perqai slaughter all land-dwelling megafauna south of Aus-Notlom and drive the Ostis-Weiksai northward.

8000 BLC: By this point, all deities now acknowledged to exist in the cosmos around Muka have arrived. Human societies slowly begin to recognize their presence over the next several thousand years, and the religious practices of today take form.

~6000 BLC: The Worijaya begin to colonize the mainland of western Pakate and make contact with the Chran Nong.  

5290 BLC: Chatsrilan Achak comes to rule the people of Brasat Hot. They build the city of Krong Saraob with their bare hands and slay an army of one thousand tomb-defiling sorcerers before disappearing from Muka altogether. No corpse is ever seen.

4000 BLC: By this point, agriculture has reached nearly all the peoples of Pakate. The Pibbern have perfected the art of bronze casting.

3960 BLC: The Ultïn Haganate is founded by an unnamed hagan. The Jasïr dynasty begins.

3928 BLC: The Jasïr dynasty ends with a brief civil war. It is replaced by the Tolkustai dynasty, founded by Hatun Hulkarïm I Tolkustai. The Haganate capital of Talarïn is founded.

~3900 BLC: The early city-states of the Uratemba begin to emerge. Mukotange is founded and is one of the earliest cities on Pakate to be built from stone.

~3000 BLC: The dual gods Moqos-Yorunnos, likely with assistance from many other deities, construct the Dawn Beacons, two anchoring points for an unimaginably complex array of transmundane mathematics that act as a cosmic barrier preventing the entry of any more deities into the cosmos around Muka. Wizards come to recognize the existence of these anchors, and worship of them as two minor gods, called the Sweirai by the Perqai, becomes widespread.

~2800 BLC: The city-states of the Ashibtu begin to emerge. The first dedicated places of learning for non-divine magic are likely founded.  

~2400 BLC: The horse is first domesticated.

~1800 BLC: Metalworking begins somewhere on Pakate. 

1200 BLC: By this point, much of Pakate is familiar with the casting of bronze.  

~800 BLC: Written language first emerges on Pakate. Three distinct writing systems are developed: one by the Achak, one by the Uratemba, and one by the Ultïntar. Most written language on Pakate today is either derived from or heavily influenced by one of these three systems.

~700 BLC: The Pibbern discover how to smelt iron. The chariot is invented.

680 BLC: The Ultïn Haganate, making use of advanced bronze military technology and early chariots, conquers much of central Pakate. At the peak of their empire, their holdings represent nearly one third of the continent’s landmass.

400 BLC: The Achak people learn how to use the magically-preserved spirits of their ancestors to imbue their warriors with ghostly power. The Ultïntar abandon the forests of Prai Staeng Hao and Prai Klar Chrantaet to focus on holding the Moldweru, an invaluable source of timber, against the Perqai.

350 BLC: The Prekstai use magic to temporarily make all the plants in the Moldweru extremely poisonous. The Haganate abandons the forest to focus on holding the mountains to their east.

200 BLC: By this point, most magical and priestly traditions on Pakate have developed to largely resemble their modern forms.  

140 BLC: The Pibbern construct several dozen Nilpin Brillimp, confluence-towers, allowing safe travel between the surface world and the Pibbern Warren. Most are abandoned and fall into ruin as the Pibbern discover that the surface world is not as interesting as they had hoped.

60 BLC: Northern raiders – perhaps Medgas in origin – begin to harass the city-states of the Uratemba. 

0 ALC: The poet-king Vidzo, honey-tongued child of a traveling merchant, convinces the leaders of the Uratemba city-states to unify into one state in order to repel the raiders. His plea is made in the form of a song; they are so impressed with his poetry that they unanimously elect him king of their new state, called the Uratemba Paramountcy. Mukotange, seat of the most influential among the old city-states, is selected as its capital.

40 ALC: The Uratemba Paramountcy conquers the islands to their west. They begin to expand northward.

216 ALC: The Paramountcy stops its conquest. The Chambered Seas and Idinu-Mush-Ut mark the borders of their territory. 

200-400 ALC: The Paramountcy grows wealthy from trade in the Chambered Seas and begins to develop ambitions to conquer their northern coasts.

491 ALC: An influential organization of disgruntled nobles and powerful wizards forces Kupongesi Ya Vidzo, final monarch of the Uratemba, to abdicate the throne. The Paramountcy becomes the Hegemon, ruled by a senate rather than a monarch. Senate membership draws heavily from the noble families of the Uratemba, and wizards, much to their disappointment, are prohibited from holding political office.

~520 ALC: The Uratemba discover the secret of smelting zvachosimbi.

547 ALC: Instituting several reforms to their military and equipping their soldiers with weapons and armor of zvachosimbi, the Hegemon conquers Idinu-Mush-Ut and Gam-Riktu from the Haganate with little difficulty.

606 ALC: The siege of Dannu-Meru ends with victory for the Hegemon. The realm of the Ashibtu is now fully under Uratemba control.

650 ALC: The Uratemba Hegemon makes contact with the continent to their east, which they learn is called Yakni. Though the inhabitants of Pakate had been made aware of this continent through magical observation centuries ago, no successful voyage had yet been made to its landmass. Dignitaries from the city of Tichay Puk on Yakni visit Mukotange and offer the Uratemba very profitable trade opportunities in exchange for zvachosimbi.

650-732 ALC: The city of Tichay Puk equips mercenary armies with foreign zvachosimbi and expands its territories by a factor of more than ten, becoming the dominant political entity in the far south of Yakni.

690-698 ALC: The Uratemba Hegemon conquers Bweikstanom and moves on to take several islands from the Warosmai.

712 ALC: Warrenlord Tilb IV of the Pibbern contacts several of Pakate’s most influential leaders and extends his greetings to them. The Pibbern Warren begins construction of two massive elevators powered by Pibbern magic outside the cities of Mukotange and Krong Saraob.

729 ALC: Sporadic raids by well-armed warriors and competent battle-wizards from the Perqas tribes begin to harass the Hegemon’s northern border. 

732 ALC: Hatun Tïrïmek II Japïlak takes the throne of the Ultïn Haganate after her father abdicates due to illness. She claims she has secret plans to reclaim her nation’s land lost to foreign invaders over the past several centuries and assigns an absurd number of wizards to her court at Talarïn.

cassie-jellyrolls-hardcore  asked:

Hi! I don't know if someone else requested this already,but could you write a viking! AU Where Tom clan are invading Marcos island ,but when Tom sees Marco he's in love with him?

Sure I can!!!! I loved this so much!!!! I’m not sure how historically accurate this is, so it may not be so viking-ish. Tom’s tribe is very small and they’re voyagers, who pillage and rob villages. Marco is the viking princess of his tribe. I hope you enjoy! I liked writing this a lot!!!!!!

“Marco!” Janna cried. Hearing her call his name in this tone was never good. Jana was the leading warrior of the tribe, and she never rallied up troops like that unless there was immediate danger. Marco ran out of his home and stopped Star, who was grabbing her sword and getting ready to fight with the other girl.

“Star! What’s happening!?” He cried.

“Janna spotted a ship when she was on sentry duty. We thought it could be passing by, or a trader maybe. But it was going too fast and there were weapons. A lot of weapons.” Star stressed. Marco shook his head.

“They could be merchants! They could be coming to sell or-” Star cut Marco off.

“We saw the demon crest on the sail.” Star told him. Marco nodded, understanding. There was tribe referred to as the “Demons”. Nomads who ran from place to place, to steal, murder and cause chaos. They had run-ins with this tribe before, but the warriors of Marco’s tribe had run them off years ago. But now they weren’t going so easy, because now they had a new leader who was here to surprise the viking leader.

“Get all able-bodied people ready to fight!” Marco told Janna. “And have anyone else somewhere safe, ready to supply weapons and aid in battle. But do not attack until my order.” Marco told her.

“What? We just wait?” Janna asked.

“Yes, I want to try and turn them away without a battle.” Marco told her. Janna looked at him like he was insane, and started to protest, but Marco ignored her until Star made her follow orders. Marco made his way to the beach and had his troops rally up behind him. He stared down at the ship that came up fast onto shore. There was jeering and yelling as young nomads came pouring off the boat, wielding axes and spears.

“Oh well look what’s here!” A blonde boy shouted. “Princess Marco grew up! We last saw you when you were a little babe! Do you remember that princess? When we attacked your village!” He laughed.

“We drove you off once and we’ll do it again.” Marco told them threateningly. “Now I demand to speak with Lucifer.” He growled.

“Ya’ hear that, Chet?” A girl hopped out of the boat. “He wants to see the chief!” She howled with laughter. Chet came up next to her and made a look that mimicked mock-sympathy.

“Aww, poor little Marco. Ya’ didn’t hear the news? Luci’s dead! Lucifer’s REAL dead!” Chet laughed sickly.

“Then take me to your chief.” Marco told him. The two nomads exchanged looks and began laughing. Marco looked passed them and saw a figure bring himself up to the deck of the ship, and then jump over the rail to hit the sand.

“Who wants to see the chief?” He growled.

“This kid right here.” Chet scoffed. The boy came closer, he was a great deal smaller and younger that the other nomads, but his threatening demeanor was far beyond theirs. When he reached the boy he whacked him upside the head.

“Show some respect for the viking princess.” He flashed Marco a smile. The princess fell back when he saw the boy had sharp teeth, like that of a monster. “Nice to meet you, I’m Tom. The Demons’ new chief. Took over after my dad had an… unfortunate accident.” Tom got a sick grin and Marco tried not to let his disgust show on his face. “It’s truly a pleasure to meet you, and even more so to take your island.” He grinned and turned to the boat. “Demons!” He called. “Tear this place apart!” Tom raised is fist and the Demon tribe cheered, running into battle.

“STOP!” Marco screamed. The Demons all expected to ignore this plea, but Tom raised his hand up, signalling that he was willing to listen. “Tom, you aren’t stupid. You know very well you’re outnumbered. Turn away now, we don’t want a fight.”

“But we do.” Tom hissed.

“I don’t think that’s true.” Marco countered. Tom narrowed his eyes and grabbed Marco by the wrist, but the viking ripped away and kicked Tom in the gut. The Demon fell to the ground and Marco stood above him.

“Not bad, princess.” Tom smiled a tad. Marco took a step back and reached his hand out, to help his opponent up. “But I’m still gonna take your land, resources, anything I can grab really.” He giggled and Marco seethed.

“We won’t give up so easily.” he growled.

“Then what do you propose, my liege?” Tom asked in a sarcastic tone.

“A gentleman’s war.” Marco offered. “We meet on the beach for battle at sunrise tomorrow. Nobody steps foot on the battle ground before so. And we fight. Winner will take what he desires.” Marco offered.

“Is he insane?” Chet whispered to the other demon.

“No way Tom will agree to this.” The girl mumbled. “We can’t agree to this. We don’t have as many people or weapons… the only way we win our battles is by blind ambush. Tom knows this.” She assured.

“You have a deal.” Tom held his hand out and all the soldiers, from both sides, held still. Marco smiled and shook the demon’s hand.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Marco told him. “Not a minute before. And until that time, get the fuck off my island.” Marco hissed. Tom grinned a tiny bit and turned away. He signalled his troops to get back on the boat. They all did so and Marco walked off, being chased by Star and Janna.

“How could he agree to something so stupid?” Star asked. “He has less than half of the people to fight as us! What was he thinking? He knows he can’t win unless he has some sort of ambush, or trick.” She explained.

Tom walked to the ship and felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw a girl, who stood a great deal taller than him. “What were you thinking!?” She exclaimed. Tom looked passed her at Marco, who was walking back into his village.

“I have no clue.”