battle of the team mates

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» 30 Rules to Marriage by delictor

Lance and Keith accidentally get married and it’s not actually as bad as they thought it would be.

» Always Keith by spacegaysgettingspacelaid

Keith’s Galra side pops out in the middle of a battle, and his team mates all suddenly seem to want him dead. No one can see him as anything more than Galra scum.

(Except Lance. Lance just wants to know why he can’t be a Gryffindor.)

» Astraphobia by Anthropedia

Keith had long since made his peace with this. But why did it have to happen now? And as it stands, Keith is the only one who is willing to accept that things are turning out this way.

» bruises by Chaosandthecalm 

“Show me how much you hate me.”

Keith wants to know what Lance’s problem is. The answer might surprise him.

» By God Don’t Let Go Of Me by whichlights

After the disaster that was the corrupted wormhole, the paladins struggle to reunite. That may be a little more difficult than anticipated seeing as the universe won’t throw them a goddamn bone.

"If you let go I think I may shatter.” Keith laughed. “Please just keep looking at me so I can pretend we’re going to be okay.”

» cause you’re learning me by safra

Here’s what Lance knows about his mysterious flatmate:

 1. His name is Kevin. Or Keith. Or something like that.
 2. He’s studying astrophysics which, honestly, is pretty cool.
 3. He doesn’t know how to use the washing machine.
 4. He can’t cook. Like— At all.
 5. And— Well. And that’s about all Lance knows about the mysterious Kevin/Keith because,  after nearly two months of living together - after almost two months of sharing a bathroom and  a kitchen and all the other things that come with being flatmates - Lance has never, not even  once, actually seen him.

» Color Me Blue by TheQueen

This time he will fix things. This time they won’t fail.

This time he’ll save Lance.

» Colour Wheel by isafangirl


People are born from three colours, they are either yellow, blue or red. Everything about them is that colour, in varying shades. 

They can only see the colour they were born from (as well as black and white). As the years go by, they touch people with the other colours, and if their relationship with them is special enough, they may share their colours with each other. These special people are called soulmates.

» Convalescence by Dee Olive and harenp

Keith doesn’t know what’s going on anymore, doesn’t know what to believe. His brain is a wreck, his body is littered with scars and these strange people keep claiming to be his friends.

Then again, what can you expect when you suddenly wake up with no memory?

» Costumed Identities by Trashness

Lance and Keith are rival cosplayers, who only know each other by their online usernames. They are fiercely competitive, but are also desperately attracted to each other. You’d think they would just get together already, but there’s a couple of problems.

» Crossroads by manamune

When Keith crashed his Lion into a Galra warship in order to stop it from destroying a solar system, and more importantly, his friends, he was fully prepared to die for it.

What he didn’t prepare for was to wake up in an alternate universe where he and Lance were dating.

» Don’t Break Connection, Baby by princedeadend

Keith works part-time as a phone sex operator and receives a prank call from Lance. This does not go as planned for Lance.

» Freeing the Black Paladin by CaptainPlatypus

Keith had been born a part of Zarkon’s Empire and as a young Galra he had fulfilled his duty to become a soldier of the Empire. An honour he’d been told, but his human blood had exposed him to the darker side of the Zarkon’s rule. 

No one left the Empire, but with the help of the Champion he had escaped. 

Now Keith was determined to repay the favour and free his saviour. He’d use anyone to do it, even the new Paladins of Voltron.

» Frozen Time & Forgotten Hearts by Linea14

Keith and Lance were in love long before lasers rained down upon Altea. But after Lance is shoved in a cryopod and slumbers for 10,000 years, Keith is surely dead… right?

» Fuzz Therapy by anonymouse_fiction

After some (worried) complaining from Lance, Keith finally decides to learn how to take care of his Galra fur right. What no one was expecting was how gosh darn fluffy he would be.

» Halcyon Days by bolbessa

Lance might be royalty. Keith might be escorting the future king back to the kingdom. It’s possible that neither of them are entirely aware of these facts.

» Happiness by Skullnar 

Captured, Lance is left in a cell to rot. He expects torture, questioning, and threats. However, all he gets is a Galra named Keith, who just happened to be in the same cell as him. Lance is sure he is a spy, seeking to attain information. What he doesn’t expect, though, is to find himself befriending the Galra.

» High Tide by princevince

1. the state of the ocean’s tide at it’s highest
2. the highest point of something
3. a culmination

» Hold On To Me by kalekeith

It’s been 14 hours and 27 ticks since Lance had made a god awful pun, or shitty pick-up line, or faux-suave gesture – which Keith isn’t in the least slightly concerned about; not at all.

» Homecoming by Thesis

Two deaths and one funeral. Keith has trouble readjusting to Earth and Lance has trouble dealing with Keith.

» Honey & Lemon by DylanOhBrien

Keith has one rule: keep any interaction with a customer terse and professional. It’s a rule he’s strictly followed since he’s started working at Shiro’s shop.

Then Lance walks through the door and Keith thows professionalism right out the window, along with any semblance of dignity he had left.

» I Never Knew Daylight (Could be so Violent) by Talinor

Are you there, God? It’s me, Lance. He thought. I know we don’t talk much, but listen. I don’t care what it is, I’ll do it. Just let him be okay.

» Infection by 5557

Lance is convinced that he is infected with an alien sickness. Why doesn’t anyone believe him?

It must be Keith’s fault.

» it’s an imperfect magic by DovahFinn

Keith didn’t even know unreciprocated soulmates were POSSIBLE, so of course fate gave him one and then got him stuck in space with him.

» i won’t just buy you a rose by glitterfreezing

lance is a struggling florist with a passion for poetry and coffee.

keith is a highly frustrated barista at the bookstore-slash-café down the street.

their inevitable meeting causes their individual worlds to change forever—for the worse, obviously. the course of true love never did run smooth, but this is just ridiculous.

» Kiss My Ice by delictor 

Lance hasn’t skated in a year since the accident that cost him the Olympics. Keith can’t skate for shit but that doesn’t stop him from catching Lance’s attention, even when he can’t so much as stand up after falling on the ice.

» Laws of Gravity need not apply by Yuu_chi

It’s a difficult thing to go from secretly crushing on your school rival at a distance to sharing a tentative psychic connection with him, an audience of three other people, and an assorted collection of sentient machines.

Harder still to watch that crush come to be something more.

» Leave Me Stranded by aethris

Keith opened his mouth and closed it. His eyes seemed pained. “Lance,” he began, “I understand-”

“You don’t know anything about how I feel because you don’t care about ANYONE!” He let go of the other boy’s shirt and pushed him away. Keith’s back banged against the other treadmill.

The silence was heavy. Lance glared at Keith, fists raised, prepared for a fight.

But for once, Keith didn’t glare back at him. “So.” Keith’s voice was almost too strained and quiet to hear. “That’s how you feel.”

Then he turned around and left the room without another word.

» moments of silence by attemptsonwords

Quiet moments between two boys who spend most of their time yelling at the other.

» phlogiston by stalemateBecks

When Lance was eight years old, his abuelita sat him on her knee and told him; love is a leveler.

At the time, Lance had no idea what she meant. Love was still a rather far-off and foreign concept, but he was enamoured with the general idea behind it, even if it seemed a bit confusing. The phrase stuck with him, but had ultimately been pushed to the back of his mind when he couldn’t figure it out.

Now though, his back arched against the wall and Keith burning caustic kisses into his skin, he thinks he might get it.

» Rapid Escalation by Lys ap Adin

Pidge and Hunk finally give Keith a hint to explain Lance’s behavior, and after that, things escalate.

» Stay Awake by Talinor

Sometimes Lance forgot one simple mistake could mean the end.

AKA Lance nearly dies, Keith saves him, and both question their feelings.

» the cartography of a soul by songs

Suddenly, Lance’s chest hurts. Keith’s voice is so hoarse and hesitant. And Lance— Lance knows there’s a right thing to do. He should say, “You’re human,” should say, “you’re still one of us." 

» The Constellations in Your Eyes by lottienaut 

Keith can’t sleep and, as it turns out, neither can Lance. They meet on the observation deck of the Castle of Lions and have a revealing conversation.

» This Time Don’t Make Me Leave by Qpenguin98

When he gets out of the car and looks up, he realizes Lance is right. He can see stars and constellations and the moon shining down. He feels awestruck.

» thread our way through a string of stars by steelthigsvoideyes

Lance is a humble astrophysics student trying to conduct research, which turns out to be a bit difficult to do when he finds a strange guy sitting in his customary research spot. A strange guy looking for aliens, no less.

Lance isn’t going to stand for this.

» Unbroken by fickleminder

In which the cryo pods can bring back the dead.

» What the Night Knows by RubyFiamma

A mission gone wrong has Keith wandering around aimlessly seeking some sort of solace.

» You’re My King and I’m Your Lionheart by Lulatic

Lance is a Galra prisoner, Keith is the prince that falls in love with him.

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anonymous asked:

sasukarin fans are still using the argument that sasuke unlocked the mangekyou to save karin which meant he romantically loved her since theyre the eyes that reflect the heart. i thiught he just awoken it bc of itachi but idk if im wrong or not so can you give me your inputs please :)

Sasuke had the power amaterasu sealed in his eye by itachi for 2 reasons :

- he wanted to give him a new power

- to protect against obito’s manipulation 

Every sharingan shown in the series has a unique power that comes with it. while Itachi got tsukiyomi, shisui got kotoakatsukami and obito got Kamui- Sasuke got the power to control the amaterasu flames. Now, it might not be the flashiest of the bunch but it’s VERY useful in battle where he can pull stunts like this

and very importantly he can also stop the flames from burning. This control is something even Itachi did not have and is called kagutsuchi where sasuke casts amaterasu with his left eye and controls the flames with his right one. This is also useful since prior to this, amaterasu was an uncontrollable, inextinguishable flame that is difficult to manage in battle and thus has limited uses aside from it being a very quick, hard to dodge, impossible to terminate attack. the quickness also has disadvantages for the user since if it’s so quick, how do you manage it efficiently? I mention all this because those people can forget this series is a shonen

Sasuke first used this technique in the middle of his fight against Bee. 

It’s true that Sharingan activates due to intense emotions, but it gets developed through practice and evolves through emotional pain into the superior version known as mangekyo sharingan. However, this technique is not ‘awakened’ it’s already present with the mangekyo sharingan he awakened after itachis death and after amaterasu was sealed in his eye.

Throwing the bone, it’s true that Sasuke usually advances when he is feeling things very intensely- that’s always been common place 

But that really should not get anyone cheering for the losing team

let’s evaluate the scene where he first used his technique to help his team mate. 

Sasuke as a team leader has always put his team’s safety above his whenever possible, he was fair and respected all of them. This stopped during the 5 kage summit arc, but was a very relevant part of his character prior to that.


during said fight his team is put in grave danger to protect him

seeing this, he is reminded of his family 

the intensity of the feelings he associates with team 7 makes his control eyes bleed and boom he uses his attack again but there is a difference he feels

karin attempts to save her team mates and gets caught up in the attack and touches sasukes flames so sasuke helps her using his new found attack. Genuinely? What did people expect? That he would just let the team mate he dragged into battle die from his OWN attack? Do you know Sasuke at all?

Later, he acknowledges the new power that he did not know about prior to his team 7 emotional boner

This is not sudden proof that he loves thy who he knows not the last name of, but rather is a shonen power awakening moment show casing sasuke’s morality right before he jumps off the deep end and the amount of care he still despite everything has for team 7, sakura included of course. 

Thank you for the ask and I apologize for the late reply.

Call it Heaven - Part 2

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Do I make you uncomfortable?

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader) 

You’re a Hydra weapon accidentally brought to life by Tony. Afraid and confused you forge a connection with the first person you see, never wanting to leave his side.

Words: 1898 Warnings: Swearing

An: Another one that took forever, hope it’s ok! :) 

Translations: Isus hristos, femeie/Jesus christ, woman | M-aș putea obișnui cu asta…taci. /I could get used to this…shut up/  | Orice ai spune/whatever you say

Tags: @namiheart, @lexbugz, @iamtheonewhocares, @goal-mine, @officialstegosaurus

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  

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Sunlight leaked through the curtains casting a glow over the girl sprawled over his chest, her soft hair tickling his skin slightly and her legs tangled up in his. Her skin was so pale and soft and he remembered how she felt so good pressed against him last night, the kiss like nothing he’d felt before.

Pietro wanted to touch her so badly, kiss her and pleasure her. But he still didn’t know anything about her. What if she was dangerous? She was so vulnerable last night, it would feel like he was taking advantage. All he wanted at that moment was to stay with her and listen to her melodic voice that was pure heaven, it lulled the nightmare from his mind like a…


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A short and quick drabble I wrote based on spoilers and my own feelings. Not even posting it on any fanfiction website, just letting it out there.

It’s kind of my theory of how things may play out in IW and it was easier to explain it with a fic. Things may go entirely different but you know, I think it’s highly possible the concept may remain the same.

Happens on the course of events in Infinity War, here we go.

Steve didn’t mean to overhear the conversation. He wished he never have. For some reason Maria Hill was the only one who Tony decided to trust with that secret and he intended to keep it. He wasn’t meant to know it at all, so he would try and pretend he doesn’t. That’s quite an irony, actually, he was good at that. Good at keeping secrets.

Then he found out what they’re really here for and what they’re up against. He’s spent months in Wakanda not even knowing what was in store for the Earth. Somewhere in the middle of the discussion about destroying Thanos he remembered the conversation he witnessed by accident and once again he felt like he needed to keep it to himself, if Tony didn’t want others to know, they shouldn’t know. He felt sorry for him, especially now when they were about to face something no one has ever battled before. The one thing Tony feared the most long before Captain even believed it was possible.

So no, Steve wasn’t surprised when he found out Tony was engaged. Somehow he always knew he would set things right with Pepper. But when he found out about the baby he felt sorry for Tony because in the darkest of times he happened to have yet another person in his life who will be in need for protection. Whom he’ll have to protect from the inevitable. If it’s born at all that is, if the world would still exist.

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anonymous asked:

Ok so í saw headcannons are open yippe! But can you do one where reader is the youngest member in the batfam (boys & girls) how they treat you, if you can, thank you

YES (Somewhat similar to the six year old reader with Cass headcanon) BTW MasterList is here

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RvB episode 15 spoilers

Okay, but… This episode was actually quite insightful.

We have always seen that Griff didn’t really “care”; about anything. That was a part of his character. It was a defense mechanism to make words bounce off and not hurt him that the whole team (and blue team) would say to him. The words that he makes the vollyballs say when describing him. But that is a sure sign that not only are these words said to him, he internalizes it and he believes it. He is loathing himself and the man who wanted to be left out of the battle is missing his team mates, and his best friend. Even with the pop’d volly ball church, Griff shows that he cares if Church comes back to life and is worried that him not doing anything to fix him (staying behind when the team left) will be the reason why they can’t save him (both the ball and Church) . And when Locus comes back (HALLELUJAH) he repeatedly asks if his friends are okay. He may think that his failure to be there will cause the downfall of his friends.

Six Years Old

A/N: Inspired by this photo by this artist. This is not anything in particular. At most, it’s a collection of my image of Shikamaru and Temari at certain points in their lives. (I appreciate feedback and constructive comments!)

Six years old. Shikamaru joins the academy. He hates waking up early every morning. His teacher calls Ino, Chouji and himself a “little gang” even though they fight and Ino bites. He grumbles in the morning but at least he goes to sleep with a grin.

In the same year, Temari attends her Uncle’s funeral. She smothers her mouth and cries silently in her room at night. At home she is consumed with fear, at school she feels anger, and she thinks these feelings make her weak. She is nine years old.

Eight. At this age, Nara boys are supposed to have mastered basic shadow manipulation but Shikamaru spends more time with Kiba and Chouji than he does training. His father tells him to include Naruto in their games. He doesn’t comprehend when his father says “Naruto doesn’t have a family”. Where did his family go?

Eleven. Temari cleans blood from her younger brother’s cheek. Every time he shudders she wants to hug him, but his wide eyes terrify her. She says soft, meaningless words until he stops muttering and in the days following after she sees blood on her hands that isn’t there. Kankuro arrives home three hours late some nights, but her father doesn’t notice.

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rizzyrisso  asked:

Can I have a haikyuu fluffy scenario on Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Kuroo, Kenji and Bokuto being jealous and overprotective without their fem s/o noticing it? (Example is like when another guy checks her out without her noticing and these dorks noticed them and will act all knight-in-a-shining armor) but it's still up to ya. :D I hope it makes sense to ya. I'm soooo sorry! :/ I just can't help but imagine them like that and it's so cuuute!!! ♥♥ And I really really love your scenarios and hcs!! :D

Iwaizumi’s wasn’t so much a “knight-in-shining armor type of thing, but it was nice to imagine Iwaizumi doing these things to me (灬♥ω♥灬) You guys already knew this, Iwaizumi is my weak spot, haha. Hope you and the others enjoy @rizzyrisso!


Iwaizumi tried to ignore the fact another guy was eyeing you while practically panting like a dog in heat during the game. Because one, he was in the middle of a game. There was no way he was going to run into the bleachers to yell at some random guy. Two, if he were to do that, you would be angry with him for the rest of the day. And three, he doesn’t need to make a big scene in front of his team, coaches, and an audience. For now, spiking the ball into his opponents’ side of the court to make a point for his team would suffice. Barely.

Just as the Iwaizumi’s hand slams against the ball and onto the back line of the court, the final whistle blows, alerting the gym of the winning point being Seijou’s. Iwaizumi could hear your cheers and looked to you with a smile. He returned his appreciation with a smile and thumbs up, enjoying seeing you blush and smile to him, and only him. What he didn’t appreciate was the random guy behind you growing a green monster under his skin as his eyebrows furrowed. It was only natural Iwaizumi turned with an annoyed face and a mad pout.

“My, my Iwa-chan, now I know why you’ve been on top of your game today,” Oikawa teased with his happy smirk.

“Go die, Shittykawa,” Iwaizumi said while walking passed Oikawa.

“Gah, so mean!” Oikawa replied as he froze in his steps, appalled by his best friend’s words.

As Iwaizumi gathered his sports bag and was out in the hallways of the gym, he noticed you awaiting for him. A smile grew on his face as you quickly walked up to him with an energetic smile.

“Hajime! Good job! You did such a good job today” you said excitedly, practically jumping up and down. You could hear his team snickering behind Iwaizumi as they noticed his ears go red. You looked to him with an apologetic look. “Ah, sorry, Hajime. You were just amazing.”

“Er, it’s okay. Thanks for coming today,” Iwaizumi said, looking to the side. Suddenly, an unwelcomed visitor came into his view behind you a few ways down; the random guy who kept eyeing you with lust earlier in the bleachers. He was laughing with a friend, but as he looked to the side, the random guy noticed you and his eyes turned into hearts. Then they traveled to Iwaizumi, and then the death match of stares began. You noticed behind Iwaizumi the rest of the Seijou volleyball players snickering even more, but you couldn’t help but figure out what they were snickering at. Maybe it was Iwaizumi’s hair, it was a bit unruly.

“Ah, I brought you water by the way. I know yours is probably gone, so I went and bought you this one. Its even ice cold!” you said as you took the bottle out of your bag. Iwaizumi looked down to you a little surprised, then blushed even more to see your smile.

Iwaizumi took the ice cold water bottle out your hand gently, and quietly thanked you. His eyes peeked over to the random guy, who was now with furrowed eyebrows and a deep frown off annoyance. It only angered Iwaizumi more to see that random guy like that and not leaving.

In one swift motion, Iwaizumi took your face with his right hand, giving the random guy a perfect view of your lips smashing together. Your boyfriend hadnt even given you time to respond, but as the kiss lingered, you didn’t want to. You could smell the strong scent of Iwaizumi’s sweat, feel the heat from his hand transfer to you, or was that your cheeks on fire? Soon, you kissed him back, no questions asked. Iwaizumi opened his right eye to see the guy in shock, still standing. His friend next to him was even snickering at his friend’s loss in this battle for you. Of course he did, and Iwaizumi knew he won. But he wanted to prove it. As your lips departed, Iwaizumi let out his tongue and licked your lips, causing you to squeal. Iwaizumi could hear his team mates snickering, enjoying this battle between their ace and new enemy. But he didn’t care, you were Iwaizumi’s girlfriend and he was going to let the guy know. To his surprise, you let out your tongue for a second before Iwaizumi took his back. The taste of your tongues mingling caused your cheeks to warm even more, you knew you were a new shade of red. But as your lips finally departed, Iwaizumi pecked your lips with his one last time and backed away still holding your face.

“You’re mine,” Iwaizumi whispered quietly.

“Huh?” you asked, looking up curiously (and quite confused) at Iwaizumi. But all you could see was Iwaizumi looking to the side.

Iwaizumi watched the random guy walk off with his friend, his shoulder sulking as his friend patted his back with sympathy. And slowly, Iwaizumi’s eyes traveled back to yours, noticing your eyes looking up at him and the hand he held your face warmer than before.

“Whoo, nice Iwaizumi,” Hanamaki called out with a whistle.

“I didn’t see that coming,” Matsukawa commented as he looked to Oikawa and Hanamaki with crossed arms and a pleased smile.

“Neeeeh, Iwa-chan, what a green monster you have inside, don’t you?” Oikawa asked in a sing song tone, sticking his tongue out playfully.

As Iwaizumi turned around to punch Oikawa right in the face, you could see Kunimi with a straight pout on his face. He slowly looked to you as the third years tried stopping one another. “____-senpai, can you tell them we need to go home, please?”


“Ne, my girlfriend dressed super cute today!” Oikawa exclaimed loudly with his hands clasped together at his face. You gave him a weary smile, embarrassed from his antics. What you didn’t know were the two guys looking to Oikawa with jealous eyes and to you with hungry, flirty eyes. “And its all. For. Me.”

“T-Toruu, it’s just a dress. It’s super hot today, I just-”

“I know, I know. ‘You dressed for the weather’. But can’t I appreciate my girlfriend? I mean, you’re so pretty, _____. If I don’t tell you now, who knows what will happen to us?” Oikawa said with a frown and puppy dogs eyes as he swung his arm around you.

You held your hand to your mouth as you laughed joyfully. “Toruu, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m all yours, and you’re all mine.”

Oikawa’s lips were against yours as you wrapped your arm around his waist. You two began to walk, where you noticed a couple of guys you hadn’t known staring at Oikawa with keen eyes. But once their eyes met yours, a smile was atop their face. It was strange, but you smiled back.

“Ah, ____, isn’t that your Mom over there?” Oikawa asked as he pointed to the other side of the road. Oikawa watched as you looked over with a raised eyebrow, questioning why your mother would be in the same area as you when she had work. Before you could turn around, Oikawa snapped his head to the two guys staring at you with daydreaming smiles. The three stared at one another, a small growl leaving their mouths. Oikawa began to show his teeth, still growling, but as he felt you slowly turning back, he pouted with annoyance to the guys. His gaze turned back to you with a pleasant smile.

“Toruu, that wasn’t my Mom. I think that was an old man, in fact,” your voice trailed off questionably as Oikawa looked to you with a forced smile. “What’s wrong?”

“Ah, nothing. Cmon, _____, the movies going to start soon! And we should get a seat in the back so I could do this to you during the whole movie,” Oikawa said in a quiet voice as his lips met your neck, his teeth soon grazing your skin.


Oikawa let you playfully slap his arm. It allowed for everyone else to know that you were his, and he hadnt’ planned on that changing anytime soon.


You felt Kuroo wiped away the dripping ice cream from the corner of your mouth with his thumb. As you looked to him curiously, he charmed you with his smile.

“Aw, thanks Tetsu. You’re so sweet,” you replied with a smile. Kuroo’s smile grew bigger as he leaned forward.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Kuroo replied with open eyes. You were too busy smiling as you licked your ice cream to notice Kuroo evilly smiling over to the two boys giving Kuroo dirty looks. They had been staring at you with hearts in their eyes for the past fifteen minutes, as if Kuroo weren’t there. Kuroo huffed in his mind at the disrespect the two guys had.

“Ah, Tetsu I think it’s time we go. Your parents are probably waiting for us at the train station now,” you said, standing up and throwing the last of your ice cream cone into your mouth.

Kuroo followed your moves and took your hand, letting your fingers intertwined. The two of you walked hand in hand, stepping simultaneously towards the direction of the two Kuroo had noticed earlier staring at you. Kuroo wasn’t quite paying attention to what were you saying because his eyes were following the other twos, who had been watching Kuroo hold you in his hand.

Quickly, Kuroo looked to you to see if you were still laughing about what you  were talking about. At the sight of your smile, Kuroo had a small smile. It suddenly disappeared once the two fo you were aligned with the two guys’ gaze. Kuroo looked to the two with over powering eyes. Kuroo’s gaze shocked the two guys, causing them to feel a dark shadow take over their existence.

Just as Kuroo and you had taken another step, Kuroo quickly looked to you, laughing along with you as if he was listening to you the whole time. Kuroo looked back behind him with a snicker as he noticed the two guys as pale as ghosts.


“You know, ____, I have to say I am a little jealous,” Futakuchi admits with a shrug of his shoulders and defeated smile. You look to him curiously as you hold the dachshund puppy close to your chest. As you tilted your head in confusion, Futakuchi almost couldn’t believe the dog copied your movements as well. “Ah, is that the dog you want?”

“Ah, ain’t that cute? You should get a dog just as cute as you, ____-san!” the clerk commented with a charming smile. Futakuchi had his lips in a straight line, annoyed by the pet clerk’s fourth comment on how cute you were. It annoyed Futakuchi more when the clerk would smirk to him and you wouldn’t notice. Sometimes you would even laugh at the clerk’s actions.

“Mmm, do you think so? I am kind of getting attached to this one, Kenji,” you said with a little frown, looking towards Futakuchi. Futakuchi held his head high and his nose in the sky as he could see the clerk looking to you with disbelief that you hadn’t acknowledged his comment. For now.

“Well, I like him, babe. We can get him,” Futakuchi said with a big smile as he took the puppy dachshund from your hands. You brought your hands clasped together to your face with hearts in your eyes as the puppy barked happily in Futakuchi’s arm.

“Ah, great! Let’s go get him a bed! Could you show us where the beds are, please?” you asked pleasantly as you turned to face the clerk. The shine in the clerks eyes had come back once your attention had averted to him.

He awkwardly cleared his throat and pointed with his thumbs behind him, trying to seem as cool as ever. “Right over here, ____-san! Be sure to pick a bed that’s just as cute as your bed sheets. You two could be matching,”

In Futakuchi’s mind, he teeth were grating together in annoyance. But on the surface he could only force a smile as his eyebrows twitched irked. But it disappeared once you had swept the puppy into your arms now, running towards the beds. Futakuchi trailed behind you, enjoying your laughter, until he had felt the clerks presence.

Futakuchi squinted his eyes, giving threatening looks to the clerk, who was trying just as much. Except his stare had no effect on Futakuchi. In fact, he continued to stare to the clerk, taking a step each second that slowly passed. And with each step, a word left Futakuchi’s mouth. “She’s. My. Girl. Back. Off. Man.”

“Kenji! I think I found one that he likes! I think this could fit in that little walkway I have next to our bed!” you had called out a littles way down the store with a smile and a wave of your hand. Quickly, Futakuchi looked back to you with a smile.

“Coming, baby!”

There was a vengeful smile atop Futakuchi’s face once an older lady had come to the registers to ring up your new dog’s things. It made you confused, but you had no care to question it.


“Honey Owl! Honey Owl!” Bokuto called as he jumped up each step he took.

You looked to your overly excited boyfriend with a weary smile who had an armful of flowers in his hand. “Kou, you know we’re not going to need all those flowers though, right?”

“Ahhh, but Honey Owl, these are all so pretty. They scream you!!!” Bokuto complained as he neatly put down each bouquet of flowers back into their vases. You walked over to your boyfriend who had suddenly been covered in petals of flowers in his whacky hair do. You couldnt help but share a small laugh together as Bokuto looked up and his eyes followed to the petals you picked from his hair.

Suddenly, Boktuo heard a lingering whistle from afar. He looked to you, assuming it had been you. But as you gave him a curious look with a smile while you picked the flowers out of his hair, his eyes examined the room. There was a group of guys who were looking over to you with snickers and raising their eyebrows in approval to what they were eyeing, clearly something lower than your back.

With a big pout, Bokuto grumbled in annoyance. Your eyebrows raised as you looked to him confused. “Owl-kuu, is there something wrong?”

“Ah, nothing! I just thought there was a bee in my hair also,” Bokuto said quickly, his smile bigger than usual.

Before you could question him any further, you noticed a man walking to the counter with the bouquet you had ordered. It was just in time for you to be finished with taking out all the flowers of Bokuto’s hair. “Kou, look! Its the flowers I wanted!”

Quickly, you ran off passed Bokuto to look to the bouquet. Bokuto turned around to watch you hurry to the flowers excitedly. It brought a smile to his face as he watched you approach the flowers with love and excitement. But as Bokuto could hear the excited howls from the guys earlier, he turned to them with annoyance.

In one swift motion, Boktuo approached the guys with a scowl and a pointing finger. “Listen here, assholes. That’s my girlfriend and only I can whistle at her and call her hot in public. Not you weirdos.”

“Us? Weirdos?” one of the guys said with a smile of disbelief. This didn’t satisfy Bokuto.

“Yeah, weirdos. I’ll say this again,” Bokuto replied slowly, with eyes more sharp and a smile more devious than he’s had in awhile. Not since a match against the top schools. “She’s my girlfriend. Back. Off.”

“Owl-kuu, come here! I need your help to carry them to the car!” you called out with your hand cupping your mouth next to it. Quickly, Bokuto looked to you with a cheerful face and his smile as big as ever whenever he saw you. He began running towards you in a hurried matter. Once he was within your circle, you looked to the group of guys. They looked a bit taken back. “Friends of yours?”

“Ah, you could say something like that,” Bokuto said while rubbing the back of his neck, embarrassed. Usually you would question this strange behavior Bokuto was expressing, but as he picked up the vase with a smile, you couldn’t help but stop. “Lead me to my car, Honey Owl?”

ok so time for cool story everyone remembers that one dlc for dragon age 2 where corypheus the motherfucker grilled the shit out of you and your team mates in first minutes of battle? well i do and defeating him was a challenge but then i happily realised that if you hide in the corner of one of those balconies the fire wont reach you

so everytime the bitch tried to make fries out of me i had to cover fenris with my hawkes body (that asshole kept trying to run away and kill the motherfucker despite the hecking FIRE EVERYWHERE) and i find it incredibly romantic

OKE finished Lemon’s lil sketchy ref <3

THIS IS LEMON!! His primary color is yellow (go figure). His specialty are chargers, and so far his favorite is the splat charger. He is very shy with people he doesn’t know, and will usually subtly hide behind his brother, Leif. Despite this, he’s very protective of Leif, especially during turf wars. Lemon keeps a close eye on his brother during battles, and probably neglects his other team mates coughs– u could say theres a “bro complex” heh.. w eh ehe… sweats…… Oh, and he has a tooth gap cause so cute <33 he’s also shorter than most male inklings his age TuT i have a weakness for smol n cute gomen


Kanda: Kills everyone. He targets enemies but if you get in the way and you’re on his team he will cut you down too. Also if you’re just being annoying. Or Lavi.

Lavi: Makes intricate strategies and memorizes all the battle stats, knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lenalee: Always there to help out her team mates and keeps a close eye on everyone. Is a ruthless fighter and the fastest player.

Allen: Gets lost ALOT. He often gets distracted by stopping to help others in game or does side missions rather than focus on the main objective. He is very helpful but sacrifices himself way too often. He is much better at online poker.

Komui: Hacks the game and creates Komrin’s everywhere to do his bidding. (After Komrin destroys nearly everything, Kanda kills it.) Komui wont play after that he is too upset.

Miranda: Finds gaming quite overwhelming and pauses the game a lot to get her bearings. She prefers to stay behind and give back up to her team mates.

Marie: Is incredibly good at video games considering he is blind.

Krory: Accidently chose to play as the villian and gets really distressed about having to kill the goodguys. Cries a lot.

Bookman: Has read every strategy guide and game review but never actually plays the game.

Hevlaska: Can immediately tell you your gaming stats and skill level by using her creepy telepathy innocence thing.

Daisya: Can only play football games but he is really good at them.

Cross Marian: Cheats.

I don’t really know what I’m doing here. Feel free to add more characters to this list.

Once a solider, always a solider.

Shown briefly, Cap and Bucky are in position from a seemingly approaching Iron Man. Both men are skilled tacticians and weapons experts, but they’re in a completely different place where they were in Captain America: Winter Solider. Again, brothers in battle and team mates. It’s a nice detail with them taking this stance; it’s smart and a great character moment.

gliscor619  asked:

I'm kind of surprised that Belladonna doesn't get splatted more often. Considering how heavy and (EXTREMELY) slow the Dynamo rollers are compared to the Carbon and normal rollers, you'd think someone would just blast her at a distance before she got close.

When did i say she doesn’t get splatted?

No, she is willing to sacrifice herself if it means she will take you down with her. One common strategy of violet team does is that she rushes in like a tank and takes out as many opponents as possible before going down herself. Thus, giving her team mates an opponent free battle ground.

We all know how friking intimidating aggressive dynamo rollers are and they usually take one or two people down before going down themselve