battle of the seasons 2


This Just In: The Beppu twins aren’t just stalkers and kidnappers, they are also some real kinky motherfuckers.

Magnus is after-battle hugs, rollercoaster rides, clubbing, spilled alcohol, red grape vine, hot summer nights, drawings of constellations, broking glass on the floor and fairy tales that end in tragedy.

Whereas, Alec is the winter’s first snow, hot drinks in old mugs, records playing on repeat, the smell of old books, soft cotton, history novels, the feeling of morning sunshine, a lover’s tight embrace and acoustic guitars.

Together it’s a perfect harmony. 

me, looking at klance before season 2: look it’s them…. my sons…my boys in love… married…canon to the klanon….my favourite battle couple

me, looking at klance after season 2: *cries in missed opportunities*

Okay, I have issue with the “I want this.” because he didn’t actually ask if Magnus did but I assume that’s a set up for the apparent angst of the next episode. So I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt. They haven’t let me down yet on the Malec front. But I do hope they address that Magnus was AT LEAST worried about how soon they were doing this. 

They haven’t let me down before… we’ll hope they keep that up.