battle of the labrinth


For some reason I think it would be cool if this had happened.  Set just before the battle of the labrinth.

It had been a few days since new camper Will Solace had been claimed by Apollo.  Everyone could see it straight away, he was a healer through and through.  A basket player however, he was not.  Headcouncillor and big brother Lee Fletcher was horrified, and demanded he learn right away.  As they were practising, one of the Aphrodite girls, Drew Tanaka, came by.

“Looking hot there Solace!” She called out, her back up chorus giggling away.  Will caught the ball and looked at her.

“Girl, please.  I’ve kissed more guys than you have.”  Then, using the shock of the players against them, he shot the ball through the hoop, no rim.  "Later guys" He called as he strolled off, whistling to himself. 


Fantasy April Bookhaul

Percy Jackson and the OlympiansRick Riordan

Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken

The Infernal Devices - Cassandra Clare

Harry Potter - J.K Rowling


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