battle of the ice

I think if you don’t spend at least four months out of the year battling the cold and ice and snow you lose your humanity and humility. that’s why californians are the way They Are

Psychological Base

Libra Midheaven~Aries IC: If you stripped everything away there is a tired and overwhelmed child screaming to be heard. It can seem like a battle to remember and regain childhood

Scorpio Midheaven~Taurus IC: The core of this nature is immensely entranced and tranquil, there is a stillness the person can envelope into, an inner world that cascades with beauty and safety

Sagittarius Midheaven~Gemini IC: Stripping away of defences can reveal a very unstable and lost core, slipping on quicksand, it can be hard to feel internally still

Capricorn Midheaven~Cancer IC: The psychological base is deeply emotional and expressive of inherited heritage and psychic abilities, there is powerful emotional resilience 

Aquarius Midheaven~Leo IC: If you stripped everything away there is a raw vulnerability in this nature, an abandonment fear that requires close and constant validation

Pisces Midheaven~Virgo IC: The base temperament is highly self critical and afraid of failing, the person feels like they are never ready or equipped for the world

Aries Midheaven~Libra IC: The core of this nature is largely based on forming connections and creating meaningful relationships that guide them into finding their true identity 

Taurus Midheaven~Scorpio IC: The person has a psychological depth that is unspeakable and experienced privately, the nature is relentless, intense, and evocative of darkness

Gemini Midheaven~Sagittarius IC: The base temperament is restless and conflicted, longing for a safe foundation while trying to run from everything

Cancer Midheaven~Capricorn IC: If you stripped everything away there would be a resounding amount of pain and loss here, self satisfaction can be difficult 

Leo Midheaven~Aquarius IC: The person can feel disconnected from themselves and separate from memories, childhood, or parents, it can feel like they will never find home

Virgo Midheaven~Pisces MC: The core nature is innately psychic and receptive, the person had a sense of being different as a child


Jon x Female Reader

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Imagine ruling an empire and being known all around the Seven Kingdoms as the ice queen but when meeting Jon, you fall in love.

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\ Request from anonymous /

Hi if you stil taking request can you do reader is like ice queen and she meet whit Jon Snow . Then they both fall in love.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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❝Queen of Fire & Queen of Ice❞

— ⊰ ❃ ⊱

❝ They say the Fire Queen is touched by ice

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That her hair is like snow,
and that she has a cold look. 

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But her smile counts a different story. 

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It’s like fire, like madness in her heart. 

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She is the queen they follow into war. 

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They say the Ice Queen is kissed by fire

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That her hair is like flames,
and that she has a warm smile. 

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But her eyes count a different story. 

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They’re like ice, like wildness in her veins.

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She is the queen they go to war for.

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Good news Inklings, we’ve confirmed that Splatfests will be returning to Splatoon 2!

While the upcoming battle is between eternal rivals Cake and Ice Cream, let’s #TBT to a Splatoon classic, Cats vs. Dogs! It was a close contest, with both teams fighting tooth & nail, but Team Dogs won by a hair!

What Splatfest was your favorite?