battle of the genderbends

Seeing cisswaps on my dash makes me itch to draw them, it’s been so long. Here’s a sloppy sketch for the time being.


Please, don’t repost without my permission

Well, i make a new genderbends, this time for Kars, Mista & Prosciutto

Kars was a real challenge for me, because of her hair and costume (Paint so much skin its very hard ;v;)

They name changes to Tarja for Kars (Reference of Tarja Turunen Nightwish ex-Vocalist) Gina for Mista & for Prosciutto i dont have name too jet ;v;

Tom Holland’s lip sync battle

was the best thing I have seen ever?! 

ok so he starts classic, singing in the rain, top hat and umbrella. Then he disappears behind a wall, and when you next see him he’s changed 

in full freaking drag

honestly. too cool. music turns into rihanna’s umbrella, tom holland slays it all, he has a background in musical theatre and can dance, im just so impressed

someone on twitter has a clip here 11/10 definitely watch it.  i could watch this on repeat for days.

if this doesn’t make you respect tom holland 523462470812239413% more then… go live your life with less badass spiderman

100 day drawing challenge!!!

1. In modern clothes
2. Making breakfast
3. Going to the ball
4. War paint
5. Summer
6. Autumn
7. Winter
8. Spring
9. In pajamas
10. As superheroes
11. Kissing
12. School Au
13. As the villains and/or good guys
14. Personality swap
15. Family portrait
16. Bloody nose
17. Horns
18. Post apocalyptic
19. Tattoos
20. Pride flags
21. Lying on the floor
22. Taking a selfie
23. Clothes swap
24. Under an umbrella
25. Death
26. Nightmare
27. Transformation
28. Galaxy
29. Tears
30. Video games
31. Christmas/birthday
32. Sleeping
33. With someone from their past
34. Battling
35. As a small child
36. Older
37. Weapons out
38. Genderbend
39. Underwear
40. Intoxicated
41. Peering down a cliff or building
42. Dancing
43. Stretching
44. Running
45. Trapped
46. Magic girl
47. Cup of coffee
48. Headstone
49. Mortally injured
50. A line from a song
51. First meeting
52. Flustered or embarrassed
53. Stargazing
54. With or without glasses
55. Humans or monsters
56. Sick
57. Halloween
58. Wanted posters
59. Hats
60. With their fears
61. What’s in their bag
62. Underwater
63. Power form
64. Cosplaying a character
65. New hair styles
66. Wearing the clothes your currently in
67. Mermaid au
68. With or as dragons
69. As or with animals
70. Fantasy class
71. Board games
72. Hogwarts au
73. Royalty au
74. Elements (avatar last air bender)
75. Tribal au
76. Victorian era
77. Masks
78. God au (pick existing gods)
79. Team photo
80. Steampunk au
81. Unusual angle
82. High five
83. Medieval au
84. Sins
85. Different style
86. Design a characters room
87. Skating
88. Characters aesthetic
89. Punk or goth
90. Armor
91. Futuristic
92. Redesign an old character
93. Carnival
94. Pokémon trainer
95. Scars
96. Cops and robbers au
97. Hoodies
98. Short comic
99. Grand heist
100. Backpack

I will be trying to draw my own characters for all of these. It’s a way to help me improve my drawing skills and practice my characters. Obviously you don’t know them but if you see a character you like or think will work for another prompt or just want to see them with that prompt let me know cause odds are I’m going to run out of steam. If you have any questions about any of the characters and want to know more feel free to ask. And yeah enjoy.

boy322worl  asked:

uHH... Do you know about Getsu Fuuma? Is one of the characters what appears in HoD

Yup! He also appeared along with Simon in both Konami Wai Wai World games, as well as Monster Retsuden Oreca Battle. A genderbended version of him was also in Otomedius Excellent together with Kokoro Belmont.

Best samurai Belmont buddy, 10/10.


o v o i might be a little too infatuated with the genderbend ryuu thing

im thinking that if this does happen, all the boys in school will think that ryuu’s the pretties girl they’ve ever seen and start to chase him around to ask him out u v u so io’s going to make sure he’s safe and sound from the pushy guys until he he turns back into a boy again

and ryuu with a slightly altered battle lover outfit ?? this was my first time drawing the uniform, much less a modified female version.


μ’s Genderbend x SHINee’s songs 

all of this song are in SHINee album; Hello
Well… since SHINee have 5 members and μ’s got 9 so… let’s divided them into 3 *shots*

Cool Team - LUCIFER
Pure Team - Hello
Smile Team - Get It *)

*) I was torn between Get It and Ready or Not to fit them since those guys would likely to start rap battle lol.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Marin and Adrienne in college and both are being worked through the bone. Imagine Marin tucking Adrienne into bed afternfinding her passed out on her desk. The looks of relief they share when they finished any major projects that has come up

aAAAAA yes please! they would both be super appreciative of the time they could spend together during finals week, even if its only 5 minutes they can spare. and even when akuma pops up they love that they can finally have some time together as their alter-egos, even if they have to spend it in battle.


Sailor Moon fans! There was a great sailor moon cosplay meetup at MegaCon 2014 and the wonderful fdsedanoarts came with his camera and has featured several cosplayers (including myself as Sailor Neptune) in three of his videos. This one is the most Sailor Moon heavy so please come check it out! Below is the times you’ll see sailor moon cosplays and the links to the other two videos which have short sailor moon features. ~ MEW21 Cosplay

Main Video Linked - MegaCon 2014 Part 3

0:54 - Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity

1:17 - Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter

2:37 - Princess Serenity feature

2:44 - Super Sailor Uranus Feature

2:52 - Super Sailor Saturn Feature

3:02 - Super Sailor Neptune Feature

3:10 - Sailor Pluto Feature

3:35 - Sailor Galaxia Battle with Outer Scouts/Uranus and Neptune killing Pluto and Saturn

3:58 - Queen Beryl final battle - Inner Scouts and Princess Serenity

MegaCon Video Part 1 - Featuring Genderbend Sailor Scouts (Sailor Lads) VS Sailor Ladies at 3:49

MegaCon Video Part 4 -

1:07 - Outer Scout Group Feature

1:27 - Tuxedo Mask and Princess Serenity

1:37 - Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Cosmos Feature