battle of the exes*

Yoo I just read this article about a woman who was trying to catfish her ex-husband during a custody battle and use the catfishing against him and what happened is that the husband went to a legal notary and made a notarized and dated affidavit saying he suspects the person talking to him is his ex-wife and that he is going to pretend to play along with the cat fish so that *he* can use it against her in the legal battle it’s like fucking Death Note

Griffin: okay boys are you ready to play some dungeons and dragons

Justin: *cheats with magic to deus ex machina his way through difficult battles*

Travis: *acts erratically and makes impulsive decisions with little respect for the DM’s narrative vision*

Clint: *attempts impossible physical feats or tries to use inappropriate spells and botches his rolls and/or loses his dice/spell cards/character sheet*



Harry is featured in NME’s 2017 Preview Issue

EXPECT IT: Second half of the year. 
First came Zayn Malik. Next in the solo album battle between ex One Directioners, it’s Harry’s turn. The record already has two things going for it. Firstly, both Bruno Mars and mega-producer Max Martin (he of ‘Shake It Off’ and ’…Baby One More Time’) are rumoured to be working on it. Secondly, Styles has outstanding hair. He can’t fail.

Mortal AU. Will Solace who had just lost a brother through an accident is currently on a battle for the sole custody of his niece who’s own neglectful mom had suddenly showed up, wanting the child and whatever it was that she inherited. Nico di Angelo, top lawyer in town is most likely Will’s best bet with winning the case.

Only thing is that, Nico di Angelo used to be his ex-boyfriend whom, if Will is being true to himself, he still had feelings for.

When it’s all over & you bump into him on the street weeks or months later, & you realize that you don’t know that person anymore. Don’t be sad. Don’t feel defeated. Remember, he doesn’t know you either. And that should be the best and the most empowering thought that you’ve had since he left.
—  Took me 18 months to realize this.