battle of the dudes

please write more lgbt characters in books that aren’t specifically about sexuality (although we need more of those, too).

i just want to be able to pick up a book and see two girls falling in love while trying to battle a corrupt government, while trying to defeat this one evil dude, while time travelling. i don’t want ‘lgbt’ to be a genre of its own, you know? i want genre books with main characters who just happen to be lgbt. i want this so much. 


My gift to you all, here is my fan art.

@loverofpiggies - Stay RAD miss piggies, Thank you for your awesome comic series.

@jakei95 - Thank you for the great animation of Underverse and the other awesome and funny comic you makin.

@jokublog - We’re glad you made the Twins, I love them so much. <3

@superyoumna - Your animation and artwork was fantastic, especially Color!Sans. Can’t wait for your animation series of Othertale.

@alainaprana - I really love your plushies and stuff and not gonna forget your comics so cute and adorable.

@nekophy - Senpai, I am sorry I literally put you on cat suit, haha. Imagine is your BATTLE BODY >w>

@shinydiamondblog - Dude senpai, Stay strong and thank you again for the event, can’t wait for the next one if you wanted to.

@walkingmelonsaaa - Thank you for the tips you giving for us, I will use those tips when I step to digital.

@blogthegreatrouge( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Everything you draw you making me blush like a tomato, love all your arts tho ! Keep it up.

Sorry if looks blurry to you (I guess) You guys are so awesome and entertaining. Thank you for your hard work. We all followers are happy on your artworks and shenanigans with each other. (English is not my first language) 


Inspired by a game with @acetyleni. Mei’s comment about mountains was so anticlimactic that it made us laugh for a good 2 minutes.


Ok… So MAYBE I might be going a bit overboard with this Undertale stuff. I mean now I’m drawing stuff that’s not even in the actual game. (Well maybe or maybe not having not done the genocide run yet) I’m just happy to have a Pap picture to go along with my sans one!
Sorry about my trash :)…….. HAHANOIMNOTGETDUNKEDON!!!!!!!

celestino dragged yuuri to the fancy champagne party and sat by while yuuri drank 16 glasses of champagne and challenged an angry 14 year old to a dance battle. yuuri was pole dancing half naked with another half naked dude in the middle of a room full of gucci suits and evening gowns and celestino didn’t intervene. and then yuuri caused a huge noisy scene grinding on viktor while a bunch of mostly sober people watched on in speechless horror.

I’m assuming he’s the one who eventually crowbar’d yuuri off of viktor’s pliant body and brought him back to his hotel room safely but still where the fuck was he

i’ve been laughing way too hard because i found out Alexander, one of colin’s worst rated movies, has its own discovery documentary and honestly it’s the greatest thing ever, this pic sums it up