battle of the bullies

the imitation game (PSA)

this is alan turing. he saved over 14 million lives and stopped WWII 2 years before it would have stopped without him. he designed one of the earliest computers and had a brilliant mind.

alan was an insane human being and a gift to this world because without him, people like you and me might not be here, and we definitely wouldn’t be reading this because we have tumblr, or even computers. this man not only had an incredible mind, but he had a beautiful heart too. he had a friend named christopher, and another one several years later named joan. he didn’t have a lot of people in his life, but the ones that he did have, he loved and helped and supported.

the reason that I’m on an alan turing rant because this movie hurts me so much to watch. (but i honestly love this movie) alan turing was a victim of bullying, harassment, blackmail, and homophobia. he was bullied in school and throughout his whole life. a soviet spy blackmailed him into staying quiet by threatening to expose his sexuality. after the war, he was exposed as a homosexual and was sentenced to 2 years in prison, or hormone therapy. he chose the hormone therapy.

a short while later, the man who saved millions of lives and billions of future lives, took his own. alan turing committed suicide on june 7th, 1954. that is why i’m writing this. alan was alone. he was bullied, he was tired of fighting, but worst of all, he had no one. he had been treated like nothing his whole life even though he did beyond amazing things. people didn’t like him because he was different. this led him to suicide, so in other words, he killed himself because he was hated for being different.

this is alan when he was surrounded by people who knew him for his differences and accepted that those differences made him amazing.

this is alan when they were investigating him for indecency.

this is alan on the hormones. he is weak, broken, afraid, and in this picture looking at his last friend and the first person to accept him for being gay. he was dead a short time ofter she left him. she was his last smile and last flash of life behind his eyes.

so, please don’t bully people. no one deserves that. no one deserves to feel like they are wrong because they’re different.

don’t judge people without knowing their whole story. they will surprise you.

don’t be ashamed of yourself for any reason, be proud to be how you are, because you are beautiful however you are.

stand up for people, help people, and never make anyone feel alone. help people who sit by themselves or don’t get talked to.

stay alive, because its worth it. you are important and you can do a lot. you are not alone, because if you’re reading this, then you have me. message me if you need to, ill try to help you. if you can’t stay alive for yourself, stay alive for me.

and as cliche as this is, please just love yourself. i know it can be hard sometimes, but you deserve a second chance, and there is hope.

ok my slightly random love yourself PSA is over, and I’m sobbing, but yeah sorry i felt the need to do that.


Everybody has a fight, everybody has a battle, everybody has something that people bully them about or everyone’s been stepped on at one point or another and that song [“Be Alright”] is sort of just like… you’re gonna be alright.

Another video game wallpaper! This time, the PlayStation 2 (one of my favorite consoles!)

This was also lots of fun, and I know I left out a bunch of other great games, maybe volume 2 soon?

Be sure to credit me if you plan on using this image please!

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What kind of uncle would the UT/UF/US/SF skelebros be to their brother's kid?

UT!Sans: He’s the chill uncle. The one who brings cringe-worthy gifts (shitty gag stuff he picked up in gas stations) and embarrasses you with those awful nicknames from when you were six, but who’s there for you. Great help on science projects, even if he’s constantly enforcing nap breaks in the middle of it. When Papyrus’ kid(s) is (are) younger, they always want him to babysit because he lets them watch TV all night and eat like garbage. He never pushes you to say what you’re thinking, but he’s pretty good t picking out when you’re in a low place. He doesn’t try to be your therapist, but he’ll check up on you, make sure you’re eating right. He doesn’t tell Papyrus if you don’t want him to and if he doesn’t think you’re in a dangerous enough place that he needs to be told. Your dad can be a little much when you’re shutting down. But he’s pretty used to keeping secrets from his brother. At least this is one he won’t feel as guilty about.

UT!Papyrus: The hype uncle. He is always really enthusiastic about whatever you’re doing, to an embarrassing extent. He shows up at your childhood soccer games wearing the team colors. Tests? His house is always open as a place of study! He’s constantly trying to get you interested in either puzzles or pasta, but honestly he’s about anything you’re into. Being babysat by him essentially means also being babysat by Undyne, and things tend to get wild. He will always make certain you are Hydrated. Always trying to make sure you avoid picking up your dad’s lazy habits. The Ultimate Pep Talk giver. He believes in you 110%, and he want you to too.

UF!Sans: He doesn’t totally know what to do with you before you get old enough that Papyrus stops shooting daggers at him for swearing in your presence. Red doesn’t deal well with little kids. You mostly remember him as a rough laugh after a joke that you don’t totally get but has your dad red-faced and yelling, a voice yelling at you to get off the fence if you don’t want a broken neck, a strong hand pulling you out of danger or ruffling your hair on his way out the door. You get closer once he starts feeling like he can talk to you more or less adult to adult. He’s a good person to go to when you just need to get away for a bit. He loves your dad as much as you do, but he gets that he can….be a bit much. If you ever get in trouble, he’ll give you a ten minute dressing down and likely cuss your ass out, but he won’t tell your parents unless you’re in real danger. Any s/o’s that hurt you have him to reckon with. He won’t ever tell you that he loves you, but he’ll show it constantly, and a “heh, proud of ya, kid” goes a loooong way with the two of you. 

UF!Papyrus: The involved Uncle. He is constantly in your business. He likely knows your class schedule better than you do.He doesn’t totally trust Sans  to be as updated as he should be about your activities, so he picks up the slack. Is constantly going to battle for you. Bullies? Unfair teachers? Bitchy exes? Things of the past. Let them try messing with 6 feet 7 inches (11 inches with his heels on) of skeletal bad temper. But don’t think you’re bullet proof from his scoldings. You are a constant recipient. Still, being his nibling gives you a little more leeway than a brother or a child. Sniffle a bit, and he’ll likely stop and mutter something about how you probably get the point now. He want you to live up to your potential, even if he can choose a dickish way of expressing it. His gifts are rare and holiday limited, but thoughtful.

US!Sans: When you were a kid he was your idol. He seemed like a superhero. Strong. Brave. Kind. Short enough that he seemed to understand you better than the other adults (although you learned not to mention this observation to him). He had your boundless enthusiasm, and more often than not he was more playmate than adult figure. Then you grew older. And you fell into the trap so many people did. You mistook his openness for naivety, his optimism for childishness. You began to feel like you had to protect him, not he you. It kept going, until you got hurt. You were scared, you didn’t know where to go. And its then that your hero returned, there as a shoulder to cry on.

Also he teaches you to cook and color-coordinate like a boss.

US!Papyrus: The Bad Influence ™. You learned from him how to talk your way out of basically anything and run from what you couldn’t. He gives you sweets whether or not you’re supposed to be eating them. He lets you stay up way past your bed time. Anytime he’s left in charge is a time when you can keep your room however the flip you want. And you can get literally anything out of him if you catch him smoking around the house and promise not to tell your dad. Spoils you senseless. He’s not the most responsible of guardians, but he helps you have fun and reminds you not to take life too seriously. He’s good at helping you talk out your insecurities. 

SF!Sans: He teaches you how to fight. If you’re not that physical a person he may be a bit of a nightmare for you but any training you express an interest in, he is there for. He’s oddly kind of affirming? I mean, its mostly also a back-handed compliment to himself but still. “BUT OF COURSE YOU’RE ACCOMPLISHED. YOU’RE MY NIBLING!” Any potential s/o’s have to go through his screening first, a daunting task that has chased off many an asshole. He abjectly refuses to let you take any of life’s shit lying down. 

SF!Papyrus: Quiet, but non-judgemental. You’re not sure what it is about him, but he can get you to spill your guts about anything while still somehow respecting your privacy. He helps you roll your first joint (waiting until you’re old enough). He’s always honest with you, even on the questions that make most other adults turn away and blush, or tell you you’re not old enough. Through processes none of them fully understand, all of your friends have his number on their phone, but its come in handy more than once when you need to be picked up and you’re in no fit state to pick up the phone. He keeps every present you’ve ever given him, including those awful painted mugs from when you were four years old. 

Nygmobblepot AUs I want

Maybe one day I’ll get around to doing something with these but until then I want this list out there because if someone does any of these I’ll be forever indebted
also some of these were inspired by other people’s AUs but I can’t remember who now so if you want recognition just ask

Mayor Assistant AUs

  • Ed leaves little notes and things that hint out to Oswald that he loves him
  • Ed tries to get Oswald a date for a gala and tries to figure out who Oswald is into and surprise its him
  • Ed leads Oswald around by the hand so as to not lose him in crowds of reporters but there’s no crowd now
  • Oswald needs to learn to dance and Ed takes him and they are the only two without partners

    Teen AUs
  • Os fights a lot and Ed heals him, Ed trips on nothing a lot and Os heals him
  • Ed is bullied, Oswald is short but likes to punch bullies
  • Ed has very few friends and Os is new and is he flirting or trying to make friends? Is this buddies watching a movie or is it a date? He doesn’t know
  • Ed and Os having water ballon/nerf gun/something battles
  • Budding killers Os and Ed argue over who gets to kill their bully
  • Both their parents starting dating again but their dates are assholes so Ed and Os bond over their hatred for them
  • Ed rides the bus and wow is it raining so Os shares his umbrella
  • Os is stealing his phone back after it’s confiscated in class and Ed is stealing lesson plans

    College AUs
  • Ed’s obsessive ex Isabella won’t leave him alone so his dorm mate Os takes it upon him self to fake date Ed
  • Ed really needs this book and Os is overdue so he track him down to yell at him and oh no he’s cute

  • Os made to much food and invites Ed over to help him eat it all and wow what a romantic atmosphere

  • Os asks Ed for books suggestions and Ed’s face is so cute when he talks of his favorites
  • Ed and Os fake dating to get unlimited food deals at restaurants because they’re broke

  • Our parents are homophobes so let’s fake date and fuck with them wait this is nice let’s really date

    Criminals AUs
  • Os faked his death with Ed’s help and now he’s back and they have fun fake fighting
  • Ed needs to bury a body and Os is out in the woods hiding one and his shovel broke
  • Ed helps Os with his plans to return as King after the docks
  • Ed takes care of sick Os while Os rants about how evil he is and doesn’t need to be taken care of
  • Ed takes Os hostage not knowing the cops are after Os too so now they are on the run together
  • Os jumps in Ed’s car and makes him his getaway driver
  • They destroy the city together and wow do they make great partners
  • Ed makes up a challenge for Os and Os is bad at them so by the time he solves it Ed’s asleep with the food cold and candles burned out and a love confession in his hand
  • Os checking Ed out as Ed weaves through a laser grid

    Soulmates AUs
  • Ed can see colors and would have give them up to be with his soulmate and now the colors are fading and who are they
  • Os’s soulmate tattoo is penguin facts and he will fight his soulmate for this
  • Ed can only see in the color of his soulmates eyes and it changes every few days because Os has an extensive contacts collection and wants Ed to have colors so Ed repays him by matching colors

    Various AUs
  • Ed is a sphinx and Os is a vampire
  • Cuddling while stuck in a storm
  • Ed meeting Os because his nose was broke accidentally by Os’s umbrella
  • Body swap with clumsiness
  • Ed not touching anything of Os’s after the docks and Babs breaks something and he looses it

My son Troye Sivan told us he was gay at 14. It made me nervous - I’d heard horrific stories of homophobic bullying and kids being suicidal at school. What’s worse is our education system won’t fight it - Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t renewed Safe Schools funding.

Gay teens are 14 times more likely to kill themselves in Australia. Despite this, most schools won’t opt in to the program unless it’s made compulsory - it’s frightening.

Troye was was terrified but needn’t have been - his coming out video went viral and we couldn’t be prouder of him. But Troye was lucky. Thousands of gay teens battle aggressive intimidation, exclusion and even attempts of suicide.

To exclude anti-LGBTQI bullying programs from schools is beyond cruel. I’d like to think all parents would fight for a system that makes their child feel safe, not worthless.

Please sign and share my petition for the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Education Minister Simon Birmingham to extend the funding for Safe Schools and make it compulsory for all schools to have the revised program.

I love how the new Boruto series is touching on every shojo romance trope you can find:

The hero makes a dramatic entrance on the first day of school.

Battle and reformation of the school Bully.

Childhood friends/rivals battle over the last soba bun.

The mysterious transfer student with an undefined interest in the protagonist.

It amuses me. Truly this is a show for the new generation.
BBC announces major new season, Gay Britannia, marking the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act
Bold and provocative stories celebrate the LGBTQ community

Olly Alexander: Growing Up Gay - w/t (1 x 45)

Recent figures show that more than 40 percent of LGBT+ people will experience a significant mental health problem, compared to around 25 percent of the whole population, and are more than twice as likely to have attempted suicide*. In this eye-opening and timely film, young pop culture icon Olly Alexander explores why the gay community is more vulnerable to mental health issues, as he opens up about his own long-term battles with depression.

As the outspoken frontman of British band Years And Years - who have seen a phenomenal rise to fame - Olly is a powerful voice on mental health, bullying and LGBT+ rights. He has broken taboos with music videos that celebrate queer identities and spoken openly about his own sexuality, as well as his ongoing struggles with anxiety.

In the film Olly will join young people on their journeys battling issues that parallel his own - from homophobic bullying to eating and anxiety disorders - and along the way he’ll ask what can be done to address them.

Bang Bang

° Tumblr friends virtual spooning is comforting

° I won’t be doing a yoga challenge this month. My IG is now private. I’m tired of being stalked.

° Stalkers who don’t want our children won’t physically harm me or destroy my property in private. It’s too easy to identify the culprit and if anything did harm me, they’d have to care for the kids.

° Cleaning my floors wasn’t as fun and therapeutic as I was hoping this morning.

° Lawyers are just bullies I hired to fight my battles. I must never forget that they are bullies. They don’t care about me. They can and have bullied me, too with simple apathy and trying to convince me I deserve less for my time and our children.

° DCSE is limited. They are overworked and underpaid. They don’t have time to pursue a case until arrearages total 2-3 months.

° I’m a smart person. I have savings. I don’t live and die by money. I live on principles and discipline.

° I didn’t need a reminder of why I filed in the first place, but I’m still dancing to his tune to get out of this mess.

your personal universe: why maladaptive daydreaming is not a disorder

In this post I will talk about maladaptive daydreaming in autistic people, because I am an autistic person. I will describe my personal experience that is 100% subjective and doesn’t match the experience of every autistic person on Earth. However I am sure that a lot of autistic people will relate to what I have to say. I do not wish to offend anyone with this post and if I will, I am sorry. Now on with the story.

As long as I remember myself, I was always very different. I understood it very early on, back when I didn’t even go to school yet. I knew that I am not like other kids: I speak differently, move differently, and think differently. Back then I didn’t consider it a bad thing, and I had no reason to. Life is simple when you are a kid, it doesn’t hold much challenges.

But it changed drastically as soon as I began middle school. First year of middle school was the first time I realized that I wasn’t just different – I was wrong. Or at least that is what I was forced to believe. From that time, life became a battle. I was bullied by my classmates, misunderstood by my parents and teachers, I struggled, I suffered, and there was nothing I could do about it.

It took me a long time to find out that there wasn’t anything wrong with me after all. I’m just autistic. All my problems and struggles suddenly made sense when I realized that, and I promised myself that I will never ever think of myself as wrong again.

I remember that when I was 14, life was so bad for me, I didn’t want to live. I didn’t actively plan suicide, but I lay in my bed all day, refused to eat and get up, and silently wished that I will just die. The only things that got me through that time were my special interests and… wait for it… maladaptive daydreaming.

What is maladaptive daydreaming?

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If you were abused as a child and didn’t realize until you were well into adulthood clap your hands 👏🏾 👏🏾

If you’ve been battling depression and anxiety that was caused by your parents bullying you your whole life clap you hands 👏🏾👏🏾

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AHH THANKYOU FOR REPLYING TO MY LAST ASK~! I heard that you both like these guys.. so could I also request some Niles and Shura relationship headcanons with a female s/o? It can be Fluff, angst, both- anything like that would be great. Thanks! :D

Haha, it’s no problem at all~ Thank you very much for requesting these two, especially since they’re my favourites! Also, this is gonna be my first contribution to Niles’ birthday today, so hopefully, these prove sufficient enough. ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯

~Admin Vivi-tan


- Unless he’s busy, Niles is the type of lover who would never leave you alone. He’ll always attempt to have a conversation with you, and even if he doesn’t have anything to say, this guy still wants to hang out.

- Aside from buying lingerie with you, one of his favourite activities is watching the moon. Bonus points if you cuddle against him or let him place an arm around your shoulder, though he’ll still come close to occasionally copping a feel with attempted subtlety.

- He’s very sadistic towards those that don’t treat you right… especially bullies. Sure, he might not fight any battles in front of you but when you’re nowhere to be seen, he’ll secretly go off to rip out their arm or two and relish in it.

- Instead of being a pacifist, Niles would always be in for vengeance with you, so pranks are pretty much fair game, whether or not it’s through ill will or just for fun. As long as it’s not too much, like stealing, that is.

- If your things get stolen, then oh, you can rest assure Niles will somehow retrieve it back for you… either by stealing it back or taking advantage of his underground connections.

- He can instantly make you putty in his hands with even one of his most innocent massages. Honestly, since he has such immeasurable skill, you swear that Niles should be a masseuse in Nohr.

- Niles will never push away your affection. Chances are, he’ll always return your embraces and kisses even if it does turn into a touchy make out session half of the time.

- You can never keep your secrets around him for long. Since he’s already interested in you, he’ll continually pry and observe you until he pretty much memorizes all your favourite foods and kinks to your best lingerie sets which he’ll bring up ever so teasingly.


- Shura never lets you get cold at night. He’ll always drape his cape over you for extra warmth and if you insist, he might even cuddle with you. He’s actually quite warm like this and when his breath ghosts over the crook of your neck, it’s more of a soothing sensation than a ticklish one.

- Though Shura’s convinced he doesn’t deserve you, the man can still get pretty jealous, which he won’t easily admit without much prodding.

- Shura would always like how soft your hand felt, compared to his rougher, calloused one. Out of embarrassment, on the other hand, he doesn’t do it too often… only sometimes, but when he does, it’s always timed in such a deliberately smooth move.

- Still, when it comes from you, Shura actually likes affection… and would prefer you to initiate it than himself. He tends to be impatient if you don’t give him what you want.

- He actually enjoys listening to you talking about your dreams, unless it’s something really ridiculous like wanting to be a mushroom when you grow up.

- Unlike Niles, Shura isn’t really good with massages. Without even intending to, he might be a little too rough upon using his hands onto your shoulders… but I have a feeling he’s pretty proficient at giving you blanket burritos.

- Though he finds it childish, Shura would still make the best blanket forts with you and actually make it look comfortable.

- You just so happened to drown? Oh, then Shura is definitely the best guy to rescue you. He’ll use his manly arms to quickly swim over and carry you back to safety, though afterwards, he’ll still scold you for not being careful enough.

- Shura really likes seeing you in sweaters and large baggy shirts. It just… does things to him, to say the least.