battle of the bullies

You know what would be awesome? A Klingon grandma. Think about it: there are monsters in your closet and you can’t sleep? GRANDMA WILL CRUSH THEM FOR YOU!!!! Being bullied at school? GRANDMA WILL TEACH YOU 8 TRADITIONAL FIGHTING TECHNIQUES!!  Get in trouble at school for standing up to your bully? YOU WERE HONORABLE IN BATTLE!! HOW DARE THEY!!! THE ADMINISTRATION WILL HEAR FROM GRANDMA!!! The mean girl at school called you fat and ugly? GRANDMA THINKS YOU’RE PERFECT!! EAT A COOKIE!!!


Everybody has a fight, everybody has a battle, everybody has something that people bully them about or everyone’s been stepped on at one point or another and that song [“Be Alright”] is sort of just like… you’re gonna be alright.

Another video game wallpaper! This time, the PlayStation 2 (one of my favorite consoles!)

This was also lots of fun, and I know I left out a bunch of other great games, maybe volume 2 soon?

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John Green and the Fault Lines in His Mind
In his new book, “Turtles All the Way Down,” the best-selling young adult novelist addresses a deeply personal subject: anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.
By Alexandra Alter

From The New York Times:

Mr. Green’s onscreen persona for YouTube shows like “Crash Course,” is ceaselessly energetic and positive. But he has wrestled with weighty subjects in his books — his young characters battle illness and mortality, depression and bullying — and has occasionally addressed his own mental health issues. In a video posted this summer, he discussed how difficult it is to talk about his experience of obsessive compulsive disorder, in part because language so often fails to capture abstract feelings.

With “Turtles All the Way Down,” Mr. Green tried to bridge the language barrier by bringing readers inside Aza’s consciousness, subjecting them to her anguished obsessions. Now, with the book’s release, he’s speaking to fans and interviewers about something deeply painful and personal.

“I want to talk about it, and not feel any embarrassment or shame,” he said, “because I think it’s important for people to hear from adults who have good fulfilling lives and manage chronic mental illness as part of those good fulfilling lives.”

A piece of Me (What you need to know about why I disappear)

Hello to each one of you who are taking the time to read this post. Thank you for letting me share my experience with you, I know this might be a little long but I think some of you can relate to my story. This is the reason why I have not been so active in my blog lately. I know many of you are waiting for me to post more frequently, but the fact is that I can’t. Let me tell you why. 

2017 has been probably one of the craziest years of my life, a year in which I have experienced so many different things that have made me feel every shade in the spectrum of emotions. It started really good. I was happy, lived each day planning for the future, did things to project my dreams, challenged myself to easy new things, etc. It was good. That was until I fell into a crisis not many people know about. If you check the activity of the blog you will see the moment in which I crumbled. It was awful, I cried myself to sleep most of the nights, felt alone even when I was surrounded by people, I restarted to have anxiety attacks, and new panic attacks that froze me, it felt as I was drowning within myself. I was definitely not good. 

Days went by, weeks went by and I found someone who I thought cared for me. We lived beautiful moments together, we made so many memories, he was there for me most of the time, I felt I could be myself when I was with him, I felt safe. He made me happy in the moment I needed it the most. Since the day we started our adventure together we both knew it was not going to last, we had this small timeframe, a small forever to enjoy, but we were limited by the future and we were both aware of it. The thing is that our story ended before time had anything to do with it, I still don’t know what happened, wether if it was my fault or his, wether we were just not meant to be. We were so different that for a moment I believed that it was true that opposites attract. It was not. By that time I had already managed to pick myself back up, he helped me and didn’t even know it. Things ended and I felt stranded in the middle of so many thoughts and yet in an absolute void. I had promised myself I would not give up my feelings for him, but I did, I fell so hard that it hurt when he was not around anymore. 

Somehow I managed to move on pretty quickly, that was until I heard something that broke me completely. He was still talking about me, just not like he was in love anymore, he was destroying me, damaging my reputation, lying about the kind of girl I am. You see, for some people this might be meaningless, “just ignore him” is what they would say, but I couldn’t. He had told me how much he cared, how in love he was, and then was trashing my name. That was my true breaking point, I felt as if life had no meaning, and I don’t mean suicidal in any way, I love living, that is just not even an option for me. No meaning as in the way in which we struggle everyday to be someone we can be proud of, someone to show the world. I had battled for more than 8 years against bullying when I was in school, fought against all odds to become the woman I am proud to be, and he started ruining everything with just one sentence. I just crumbled. 

Anxiety attacks came back, crying myself to sleep came back, bursting into tears out of the blue came back, my days were a consistent struggle for happiness. Suddenly I opened my eyes to the reality I was living. I was not happy, and it was not only for him, I was not happy because I had lost myself to society. I was living to people’s expectations and not my own, I was being the perfect girl everyone expected and wanted me to be, I had forgotten to stick to my ideals, I let my actions be what the people around me wanted them to be. I was living for others, I was not living for myself. I was not proud of the person I had become. 

It made thing worse, but it gave me the boost I needed to take myself out of that mess. I decided I had had enough, of everything that was so toxic for my body, my soul and my mind. I decided to leave. Probably the most scaring thing I have ever faced in my entire life. I was too scared, too afraid of change, of stepping out of my comfort zone, of leaving everything behind, of the novelty that I was about to experience. I was afraid something similar could happen to me again. I was so scared to say goodbye. What happens is that the boy who broke me, asked for forgiveness, and explained how things were not what I had heard, that he had nothing bad to say about me because I was one of the best things that had happened to him. You can call me an idiot, naïve, stupid, or whatever thing comes to your mind, but I believed him. Wether I liked it or not I had learned to read him, I knew how he lied, and this time he was not. All of my defenses went down in that moment, that was my weapon, the injury I still had, so once again I was left in an infinite uncertainty. I still cared about him and I though he still cared about me too, so the night we said goodbye my heart broke once again. 

I moved to a new city, a new country, with a different language, different culture. I was alone facing new challenges and all I wanted was him, to tell him everything, but he just didn’t care. He forgot about me. And so did other of my friends. I left and was useless for them, so they took a step back. It has been hard facing this new reality in which people I thought were going to be with me forever are just gone. I came here with the purpose of finding myself again, of making me proud of the person I am, I came here to change. I am facing a whole new world, by myself, for myself. However I have never been happier, I have experienced some of the best times of my life, I have met new people that have brightened my days and look forward to all the memories I am going to make.

All of this has been to tell you that at this moment of my life the person I need to save is myself, the person I need to motivate the most to grow is myself. I love helping you, it is one of the most fulfilling things I do, but I cannot help you if I cannot help myself. I am trying to find me, within this process I will gain so much more experience than what I have now and that will allow me to be more prepared for you. I am making progress, I have only had two anxiety attacks since I moved here, more than a month ago. It is a steady process, I am working hard on getting better. I will not leave you, I need you more than what you think, but just be patient with me. I am struggling and need some time to work things out. 

Thank you for all your support. 


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hello!! i really love ur blog aah,,, could u maybe do headcanons for iida with an s/o who is short & soft but also surprisingly strong? if not thats fine! i hope ur both doing well!!

Awww this is cute!! Also we are both doing amazing, thank you sweet anon!!

Originally posted by lunxsole

Iida with a Short, Soft, but Tough s/o

  • It is well established that Tenya Iida is the king of being a helicopter boyfriend. Part of this has to do with the fact that he cares about his s/o and doesn’t want anything to happen, another part is the fact he enjoys his s/o’s company. This is all well and done, when he can actually see them.
  • His height, in this situation, is not a helping factor. Sure, he grabs things for his s/o whenever they ask (”Whatever you need, dear!!”), but when it comes to finding his s/o in a crowd, please help this man. Very prone to losing them in crowded hallways or walking in large crowds.
  • There is an immediate reaction, and his s/o can tell when they’re out of his sight by the sound of his engines revving and the people moving out of the way. Just be patient, he freaks out because of love.
  • Bends down to talk to so that he’s eye level with his s/o. It’s out of a deep respect for his s/o, and if he can sit he will, but he does like to be on their level. It may seem demeaning or annoying at first, but quickly his s/o learns that it’s just him being respectful. If his s/o asks him to stop, Tenya will without question, but if not, expect eye level conversations.
  • Again, will reach high shelves for his s/o, or if they prefer to get it themselves he will lift them up no problem.
  • Tenya very much admires his s/o’s softness, though. He tries to hide it, but he is wound pretty tight (if his s/o massages his back they will find knots galore). He needs something this soft in his life. Whether it be the kindness they show others, or the feeling of resting his head on their lap, he’s in heaven.
  • If his s/o speaks to him gently or plays with his hair while saying compliments and just being sweet, Tenya Iida will be six feet under in less than a minute. No one has ever really been mean to him before, but hearing kind words and feeling the softness of his s/o course through him is special. It means so much to him.
  • The first time he saw his s/o show off their strength, though, he was floored. Whether it be in battle, showing off the limits of their quirk, or standing up to a bully, he finds a new trait to admire.
  • Just because his s/o is a sweetie, doesn’t mean their a pushover, and Tenya learns this quickly. His gut reaction is to defend you in these situations, but he knows his s/o can handle themselves.
  • The fact that his s/o is both soft and strong lets him know that there is more to them that meets the eye, and he feels this warm feeling in his chest that makes him smile each time, without fail.

~Admin Kaz



Remus Lupin

What He Can’t Tell You (Ravenclaw reader)

Draco Malfoy

Family Addition (G/H/R/S reader)

Sirius Black

What Happened That Halloween Night (3rd person)

George Weasley

From Day One (Slytherin reader)


Dating Charlie Weasley Would Include (Gryffindor reader)

Dating Oliver Wood Would Include (H/R/S reader)

Dating Cedric Diggory Would Include (Hufflepuff reader)

Dating Sirius Black Would Include (Hufflepuff reader)

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include (Hufflepuff reader)

Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include (Ravenclaw reader)

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include (Hufflepuff reader)

Dating George Weasley Would Include (Gryffindor reader)


James I (Being Replaced) + Oliver (Falling From His Broom)

Charlie (Leaving) + Albus (Astronomy)

Sirius (Self Love) + Neville (Greenhouse Seven)

Regulus (Leaving for the Cave) + George (Under the Weather)

Remus (Sing For Me) + Louis (Yellow Tulips)

Alice (Ice Cream) + Victoire (Snowball Fight)

Andromeda (Detention)

Ginny (Battle of Hogwarts)

Harry (Dobby’s Death)

Molly I (Brother’s Funeral) + Neville (Brave) 

Narcissa (Ballet) + Pansy (Slap in the Face) + Lorcan (Rictumsempra)

Lily (Comforting) + Fleur (Focus on Winning) + Roxanne (Flourish and Blotts)

Frank (Confession) + James II (Deflating His Large Head)

Remus (Taking Care of Him) + Seamus (Crystal Ball Gazing)

Peter (Blackmail) + Teddy (His Parents Grave)

Draco (Pansy’s Plan)

James (Just a Hufflepuff) + Cedric (Miss the Most) + Fred II (Legacy)

Sirius (Enemies) + Ron (Amortentia)

Regulus (Dark Arts) + Scorpius (Time Turning)

Bill (Thestral Flying)

Lucius (Worst Time) + Blaise (Slug Club)

Charlie (His Reason For Staying) + Hugo (Insecure)

Arthur (A Muggle Proposal) + Draco (Disapproving Parents)

Peter (Animagi) + Neville (St Mungo Christmas)

James I (Ruffled Hair)

Sirius (Letter By Owl) + Dean (Healers)

Frank (The Prophecy Affecting Your Son)

Remus (Transformation) + Fred (Telling Them Apart) + Louis (Family Friends)

Severus (Looking Out For Him) + Harry (Into the Forest)

Sirius (Family Ball)

Regulus (Leaving Home) + Cedric (Post Graveyard)

Arthur (Wedding Before Hiding) + Oliver (Hogwarts Orchestra)

Lucius (Cruciatus Curse) + George (Dance Lessons)

Ron (Expecto Patronum)

James I (Quidditch Cup) + Seamus (Pyrotechnics)

Viktor (Training Together)

Frank (The Struggles of Seventeen) + Fred II (Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes)

Peter (Finally A Hero) + Bill (Battle of the Astronomy Tower)

Percy (Estrangement)

Remus (Proposal at a Wedding) + Fred I (A Weasley Christmas)

Severus (Double Agent)

Charlie (Romania)

Lysander (Owlery)

Cedric (Yule Ball)

Draco (Choosing the Right Side)

Dean (Unexpected Guest)

Albus (Slytherin Dork)

Sirius (Settling Down) + Harry (Protection) + Lorcan (Matchstick Girl)

Arthur (Diagon Alley) + Hermione (Horcrux Hunting)

Blaise (Voldemort’s Ally)

Scorpius (Amortentia)

Sirius (Halloween) + George (Losing an Ear)

Draco (Arrogant Bully) + James II (Best Friends Brother)

Luna (Battle of Hogwarts)

Frank (Jealous) + Ron (Hogwarts Kitchens)

Regulus (Defection) + Teddy (Belonging)

James I (Teammates) + Oliver (Quidditch Celebration)

Remus (Prefects) + Neville (Greenhouses)

Ginny (Dumbledore’s Army)


James Sirius Potter

Albus Severus Potter

Lily Luna Potter

Rose Granger-Weasley

Hugo Granger-Weasley

Victoire Weasley

Dominique Weasley

Louis Weasley

Molly Weasley II

Lucy Weasley

Fred Weasley II

Roxanne Weasley


HP Next Generation 

Disney Princesses

Nygmobblepot AUs I want

Maybe one day I’ll get around to doing something with these but until then I want this list out there because if someone does any of these I’ll be forever indebted
also some of these were inspired by other people’s AUs but I can’t remember who now so if you want recognition just ask

Mayor Assistant AUs

  • Ed leaves little notes and things that hint out to Oswald that he loves him
  • Ed tries to get Oswald a date for a gala and tries to figure out who Oswald is into and surprise its him
  • Ed leads Oswald around by the hand so as to not lose him in crowds of reporters but there’s no crowd now
  • Oswald needs to learn to dance and Ed takes him and they are the only two without partners

    Teen AUs
  • Os fights a lot and Ed heals him, Ed trips on nothing a lot and Os heals him
  • Ed is bullied, Oswald is short but likes to punch bullies
  • Ed has very few friends and Os is new and is he flirting or trying to make friends? Is this buddies watching a movie or is it a date? He doesn’t know
  • Ed and Os having water ballon/nerf gun/something battles
  • Budding killers Os and Ed argue over who gets to kill their bully
  • Both their parents starting dating again but their dates are assholes so Ed and Os bond over their hatred for them
  • Ed rides the bus and wow is it raining so Os shares his umbrella
  • Os is stealing his phone back after it’s confiscated in class and Ed is stealing lesson plans

    College AUs
  • Ed’s obsessive ex Isabella won’t leave him alone so his dorm mate Os takes it upon him self to fake date Ed
  • Ed really needs this book and Os is overdue so he track him down to yell at him and oh no he’s cute

  • Os made to much food and invites Ed over to help him eat it all and wow what a romantic atmosphere

  • Os asks Ed for books suggestions and Ed’s face is so cute when he talks of his favorites
  • Ed and Os fake dating to get unlimited food deals at restaurants because they’re broke

  • Our parents are homophobes so let’s fake date and fuck with them wait this is nice let’s really date

    Criminals AUs
  • Os faked his death with Ed’s help and now he’s back and they have fun fake fighting
  • Ed needs to bury a body and Os is out in the woods hiding one and his shovel broke
  • Ed helps Os with his plans to return as King after the docks
  • Ed takes care of sick Os while Os rants about how evil he is and doesn’t need to be taken care of
  • Ed takes Os hostage not knowing the cops are after Os too so now they are on the run together
  • Os jumps in Ed’s car and makes him his getaway driver
  • They destroy the city together and wow do they make great partners
  • Ed makes up a challenge for Os and Os is bad at them so by the time he solves it Ed’s asleep with the food cold and candles burned out and a love confession in his hand
  • Os checking Ed out as Ed weaves through a laser grid

    Soulmates AUs
  • Ed can see colors and would have to give them up to be with his soulmate and now the colors are fading and who are they
  • Os’s soulmate tattoo is penguin facts and he will fight his soulmate for this
  • Ed can only see in the color of his soulmates eyes and it changes every few days because Os has an extensive contacts collection and wants Ed to have colors so Ed repays him by matching colors

    Various AUs
  • Ed is a sphinx and Os is a vampire
  • Cuddling while stuck in a storm
  • Ed meeting Os because his nose was broke accidentally by Os’s umbrella
  • Body swap with clumsiness
  • Ed not touching anything of Os’s after the docks and Babs breaks something and he looses it

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What kind of uncle would the UT/UF/US/SF skelebros be to their brother's kid?

UT!Sans: He’s the chill uncle. The one who brings cringe-worthy gifts (shitty gag stuff he picked up in gas stations) and embarrasses you with those awful nicknames from when you were six, but who’s there for you. Great help on science projects, even if he’s constantly enforcing nap breaks in the middle of it. When Papyrus’ kid(s) is (are) younger, they always want him to babysit because he lets them watch TV all night and eat like garbage. He never pushes you to say what you’re thinking, but he’s pretty good t picking out when you’re in a low place. He doesn’t try to be your therapist, but he’ll check up on you, make sure you’re eating right. He doesn’t tell Papyrus if you don’t want him to and if he doesn’t think you’re in a dangerous enough place that he needs to be told. Your dad can be a little much when you’re shutting down. But he’s pretty used to keeping secrets from his brother. At least this is one he won’t feel as guilty about.

UT!Papyrus: The hype uncle. He is always really enthusiastic about whatever you’re doing, to an embarrassing extent. He shows up at your childhood soccer games wearing the team colors. Tests? His house is always open as a place of study! He’s constantly trying to get you interested in either puzzles or pasta, but honestly he’s about anything you’re into. Being babysat by him essentially means also being babysat by Undyne, and things tend to get wild. He will always make certain you are Hydrated. Always trying to make sure you avoid picking up your dad’s lazy habits. The Ultimate Pep Talk giver. He believes in you 110%, and he want you to too.

UF!Sans: He doesn’t totally know what to do with you before you get old enough that Papyrus stops shooting daggers at him for swearing in your presence. Red doesn’t deal well with little kids. You mostly remember him as a rough laugh after a joke that you don’t totally get but has your dad red-faced and yelling, a voice yelling at you to get off the fence if you don’t want a broken neck, a strong hand pulling you out of danger or ruffling your hair on his way out the door. You get closer once he starts feeling like he can talk to you more or less adult to adult. He’s a good person to go to when you just need to get away for a bit. He loves your dad as much as you do, but he gets that he can….be a bit much. If you ever get in trouble, he’ll give you a ten minute dressing down and likely cuss your ass out, but he won’t tell your parents unless you’re in real danger. Any s/o’s that hurt you have him to reckon with. He won’t ever tell you that he loves you, but he’ll show it constantly, and a “heh, proud of ya, kid” goes a loooong way with the two of you. 

UF!Papyrus: The involved Uncle. He is constantly in your business. He likely knows your class schedule better than you do.He doesn’t totally trust Sans  to be as updated as he should be about your activities, so he picks up the slack. Is constantly going to battle for you. Bullies? Unfair teachers? Bitchy exes? Things of the past. Let them try messing with 6 feet 7 inches (11 inches with his heels on) of skeletal bad temper. But don’t think you’re bullet proof from his scoldings. You are a constant recipient. Still, being his nibling gives you a little more leeway than a brother or a child. Sniffle a bit, and he’ll likely stop and mutter something about how you probably get the point now. He want you to live up to your potential, even if he can choose a dickish way of expressing it. His gifts are rare and holiday limited, but thoughtful.

US!Sans: When you were a kid he was your idol. He seemed like a superhero. Strong. Brave. Kind. Short enough that he seemed to understand you better than the other adults (although you learned not to mention this observation to him). He had your boundless enthusiasm, and more often than not he was more playmate than adult figure. Then you grew older. And you fell into the trap so many people did. You mistook his openness for naivety, his optimism for childishness. You began to feel like you had to protect him, not he you. It kept going, until you got hurt. You were scared, you didn’t know where to go. And its then that your hero returned, there as a shoulder to cry on.

Also he teaches you to cook and color-coordinate like a boss.

US!Papyrus: The Bad Influence ™. You learned from him how to talk your way out of basically anything and run from what you couldn’t. He gives you sweets whether or not you’re supposed to be eating them. He lets you stay up way past your bed time. Anytime he’s left in charge is a time when you can keep your room however the flip you want. And you can get literally anything out of him if you catch him smoking around the house and promise not to tell your dad. Spoils you senseless. He’s not the most responsible of guardians, but he helps you have fun and reminds you not to take life too seriously. He’s good at helping you talk out your insecurities. 

SF!Sans: He teaches you how to fight. If you’re not that physical a person he may be a bit of a nightmare for you but any training you express an interest in, he is there for. He’s oddly kind of affirming? I mean, its mostly also a back-handed compliment to himself but still. “BUT OF COURSE YOU’RE ACCOMPLISHED. YOU’RE MY NIBLING!” Any potential s/o’s have to go through his screening first, a daunting task that has chased off many an asshole. He abjectly refuses to let you take any of life’s shit lying down. 

SF!Papyrus: Quiet, but non-judgemental. You’re not sure what it is about him, but he can get you to spill your guts about anything while still somehow respecting your privacy. He helps you roll your first joint (waiting until you’re old enough). He’s always honest with you, even on the questions that make most other adults turn away and blush, or tell you you’re not old enough. Through processes none of them fully understand, all of your friends have his number on their phone, but its come in handy more than once when you need to be picked up and you’re in no fit state to pick up the phone. He keeps every present you’ve ever given him, including those awful painted mugs from when you were four years old. 


My son Troye Sivan told us he was gay at 14. It made me nervous - I’d heard horrific stories of homophobic bullying and kids being suicidal at school. What’s worse is our education system won’t fight it - Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t renewed Safe Schools funding.

Gay teens are 14 times more likely to kill themselves in Australia. Despite this, most schools won’t opt in to the program unless it’s made compulsory - it’s frightening.

Troye was was terrified but needn’t have been - his coming out video went viral and we couldn’t be prouder of him. But Troye was lucky. Thousands of gay teens battle aggressive intimidation, exclusion and even attempts of suicide.

To exclude anti-LGBTQI bullying programs from schools is beyond cruel. I’d like to think all parents would fight for a system that makes their child feel safe, not worthless.

Please sign and share my petition for the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Education Minister Simon Birmingham to extend the funding for Safe Schools and make it compulsory for all schools to have the revised program.


Cass: [1] Its extremely soft feathers make no sound in flight. It silently sneaks up on prey without being detected [2] When darkness falls, the rings on its body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby [3] They fly around on moonless nights and attack careless prey. Nothing can beat them in a battle in the dark [4] It will use its arms like swords in order to protect someone. It is a master of courtesy and swordsmanship

Dick: [1] Swellow flies high above our heads, making graceful arcs in the sky [2] Despite the beauty of its lilting voice, it’s merciless to intruders that enter its territory [3] For the sake of its friends, this brave warrior of the sky will not stop battling, even if injured [4] Altaria envelops people it loves with its cotton-like wings

Damian: [1] At first sight, Poochyena takes a bite at anything that move [2] This special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions [3] It is said to be difficult to earn its trust. However, it is extremely popular for its cute looks and behavior [4] Although it possesses a violent temperament, it won’t put up with bullying

Tim: [1] In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Pokemon’s wrists burn  [2] The hotter the flame sac on its belly, the faster it can fly, but it takes some time to get the fire going [3] Treeko is cool, calm, and collected - it never panics under any situation. If a bigger foe were to glare at this POKéMON, it would glare right back without conceding an inch of ground [4] Salamence came about as a result of a strong, long-held dream of growing wings. It is said that this powerful desire triggered a sudden mutation in this Pokemon’s cells, causing it to sprout its magnificent wings

Jason: [1] When Staravia evolve into Staraptor, they leave the flock to live alone [2] Ninetales is a very vengeful Pokémon that has been known to curse those who mistreat it [3] Rumored to sense disasters with its horn, it became a target. It fled deep into the mountains [4] Marowak is well known for ferocity with its bone club, which it is said to collect from a hidden graveyard. Upon evolution, Marowak has overcome the grief of its mother’s passing. Now ferocious and violent, Marowak is an adept combatant, and uses the bone it carries as a weapon and a boomerang

A Light To Call Home (submitted by mage-of-the-shadows)

from these 3 prompts:

prompt 8: Harry is the first friendly face that Draco sees after the Battle of Hogwarts.
prompt 397: Harry and Draco meet in the Hogwarts kitchen during a sleepless night.
prompt 441: During their last year Draco is traumatized and shocked over the battle at Hogwarts. He’s bullied and the only one to talk to him is Harry.

Donald Trump to be first President to speak at anti-LGBT hate group's event
Donald Trump is to address the annual conference of an anti-LGBT group which has been classified as a hate group. The US president will become the first sitting president to address social conservative activists and elected officials at the Value Voters Summit in Washington DC on Friday. President Trump has addressed the event which is hosted by the Family Research Council three times in total and did so last year as the Republican presidential candidate.

Donald Trump is to address the annual conference of an anti-LGBT group which has been classified as a hate group.

The US president will become the first sitting president to address social conservative activists and elected officials at the Value Voters Summit in Washington DC on Friday.

President Trump has addressed the event which is hosted by the Family Research Council three times in total and did so last year as the Republican presidential candidate.

The Family Research Council opposes and actively lobbies against equal rights for LGBT persons. The conservative Christian group campaigns against same-sex marriage, same-sex civil unions, LGBT adoption, abortion, embryonic stell-cell research, pornography and divorce.

Every year the conference sparks controversy for its choice of speakers and in 2010 the Southern Poverty Law Centre, a legal advocacy organisation which specialise in civil rights, went so far as to classify the Family Research Council as an anti-gay hate group.

Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, condemned President Trump’s decision to address the event.

“By appearing at the Values Voter Summit, President Trump is lending the legitimacy of his office to a hate group that relentlessly demonizes LGBT people and works to deny them of their equal rights,“ he told The Independent.

"His appearance puts the lie to his campaign promise to be a friend to the LGBT community. Bigotry is not an American value, and our president should speak out against it.”

Tony Perkins, the president of Family Research Council, heaped praise on President Trump for his appearance the conference.

“Values voters have waited eight years for a leader who puts America’s mission first and respects the values that made America into a great nation,” he said in a statement.

“Values voters are coming to our nation’s capital thankful to hear from a president who is fulfilling the promises that he campaigned on. Since the early days of the campaign, President Trump allied himself with values voters, promising to put an end to the eight years of relentless assault on the First Amendment.”

The event, which counts religious extremists, white supremacists, and far-right activists among its attendants, will also include speeches from former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and former White House aide Sebastian Gorka.

Donald Trump’s least presidential moments so far…

Phil Robertson, a professional hunter who starred on reality TV show Duck Dynasty, is another speaker. The businessman, who has called gay marriage "evil” and “wicked”, stoked controversy for remarks made during a GQ interview back in 2014.

He was asked what was sinful and replied: "Start with homosexual behaviour and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”  

Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who refused to answer a question about whether homosexuality should be punished by death, will also be addressing the summit.

This ties in with the views of the Family Research Council who have previously claimed “homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large, and can never be affirmed” and it is “by definition unnatural, and as such is associated with negative physical and psychological health effects.”

The Family Research Council opposes civil rights laws to be expanded to encompass sexual orientation and gender identity as illegal bases for discrimination. On top of this, it supports a federal conscience clause which allows medical workers to refuse to deliver certain treatments to their patients, such as abortion, blood transfusion or birth control.

Back in February 2010, the organisation’s Senior Researcher for Policy Studies, Peter Sprigg, said on NBC’s Hardball that gay behaviour should be outlawed and “criminal sanctions against homosexual behaviour” should be enforced.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre has condemned the beliefs of the Family Research Council and argue it makes untrue claims about the LGBT community founded on “discredited research and junk science”.

“The intention is to denigrate LGBT people as the organisation battles against same-sex marriage, hate crime laws, anti-bullying programs and the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy,” it says in a statement on its website.

“To make the case that the LGBT community is a threat to American society, the FRC employs a number of ‘policy experts’ whose ‘research’ has allowed the FRC to be extremely active politically in shaping public debate. Its research fellows and leaders often testify before Congress and appear in the mainstream media. It also works at the grassroots level, conducting outreach to pastors in an effort to ‘transform the culture’.”

President Trump touted himself as a champion of gay rights during his presidential bid but LGBT rights groups argue he has waged a war on their freedoms. On inauguration day, the Trump administration immediately erased all references to LGBT people and everyone living with HIV from

What’s more, days after being sworn in Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew his predecessor’s guidance on protections for transgender students in public schools that allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity.

This summer, President Trump, who has long courted the evangelical Christian vote, announced a ban on qualified transgender people serving in the military in a series of tweets. He then signed a directive reinstating a ban on transgender individuals from serving in the military.

The most recent target on transgender people by the Trump team came this week when the Justice Department announced that an anti-discrimination law does not protect transgender workers. This has potentially opened people up to discrimination in the workplace because of their gender identity.

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