battle of the bambis

Open to Survivors/Camp Bound

Ciera sits on the porch steps of the Big House, sobbing as she recalls the many names of people she lost in that battle. Not just Rhys, but also her own sister, Ella, Leia, Bambi, and so many others. She can’t even calm down enough to see the other person clearly. “J-Just d-don’t try to say it’ll be alright.” She begs through the sobbing. “Pl-Please don’t say it unless this is a nightmare.”

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Finally!! Some doodles of the OCs!

The first is Atlas. Or Caldwell. He may get a redesign. He doesn’t really quite want to reveal his first name to folks either. An American parallel to All Might, Atlas has super strength, enhanced bones, and a very deep desire to help anyone in need. He decided to come to UA after the first secretive battle between One For All and All For One in order to protect students and prepare for future battles. Of course, he didn’t actually join UA till a few years later, but his Japanese is still awful. He and Present Mic meet each other halfway. He teaches defense against opposing quirks and tends to play support in major battles.

Bambi on the other hand doesn’t even want to be at UA but she decided to go because it would make her father happy, and she thought he deserved that. She was very little when her (villain) mother was busted but it left a very bad feeling about All Might, even if she admires him. She’s afraid that he might not like her because of her history and tends to avoid any and all situations with him–going so far, even, as to attempt to escape the mock cities. Why is she even still there? Secret, I suppose. She’s incredibly booksmart and spends most of her time reading, even when she’s supposed to be doing homework. She’s always falling asleep in class…

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