battle of the 7 potters

Dramione AU #7

After the battle at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy went on hiatus. Nobody had seen him in 5 years. Draco had locked himself in his bedroom. he never forgave himself for what he did with the vanishing cabinet, but more than anything, he hadn’t forgiven himself for what he let his aunt do to Hermione.
Hermione Granger, the only woman besides his mother that he ever loved. He thought about her all the time. He could still hear her screams echoing in the walls of the manor, his heart broke every time he thought about the scar that his aunt Bellatrix gave her. He had to make things right. He thought of every memory he had of her and apparated to her house. He landed outside of an apartment door. He lifted a shaky hand and knocked twice on the door. he heard foot steps coming towards the door and it swung open, revealing Hermione. Her jaw dropped in shock as she stood there in silence. Draco was about to open his mouth to start talking but stopped as he saw a small engagement ring sitting on her finger. he then saw a tuft of orange hair appear behind Hermione. Ronald Weasley, he thought. Draco shook his head slightly and apparated back to the manor. He couldn’t do it, he had lost his chance.

Imagine (7) - Harry Potter

Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys: HP: Can I please have one where you’re so nice and everyone in the school loves you because you’re smart, and kind and always there for ANYONE who needs someone to talk to. Then you save Fred in the Battle of Hogwarts and you get crushed but you’re not dead but they’re having a hard time saving you and Fred is so greatful and you can figure the rest out (but please don’t kill the reader) THANK YOU

First of all, I would like to take a moment to say that I’m a Potterhead and I love Harry Potter so much. So I apologise if what I’ve written doesn’t match up to your expectations :(  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this :)

(not my gif.)


“For Hogwarts,” you mumbled under your breath as you stared across the impending sky of doom, preparing for what was to come.

“For Dumbledore,” added the Weasley twins as they stood beside you, still grieving about the Headmaster’s death.

6 years ago, you received a Hogwarts letter and was sorted into Ravenclaw upon arrival. From then on, you became someone who was frequently bullied in school to someone who actually felt accepted and welcomed. You certainly didn’t take that for granted; you appreciated your new change in life and treated everyone of equal status, be it muggle-born or pure bloods.

You were also one of the most skilled duellist in Ravenclaw, being the best in defensive spells. It was as if, you were meant to be a wizard. You enjoyed being in Hogwarts, especially since you were helping Professor Flitwick manage the Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team. Above it all, you also made a breakthrough: successfully making a rip off version of the Maurader’s map when the Weasley twins refused to share it with you unless you went to the Yule Ball with Fred. 

However, all these changed ever since the TriWizard Tournament when it was revealed that Voldemort was back.

You went through a bloody load of ups and downs since then. You joined the Dumbledore’s army when Umbridge took over and got tortured by her, you went to the Ministry of Magic to assist Harry Potter in getting his prophecy, and in the midst, you also suffered the loss of many loved ones.

Right now, you were preparing for the biggest battle of your life and in the worse case scenario, you were preparing for your death.

Kingsley placed you and the Weasley Twins in charge of the defence of the castle’s secret passages since the three of you had the best knowledge about the secret passageways. At this point in time, you were grateful that the Weasley Twins were fighting alongside with you instead of someone like Argus Filch. They were always lightening up the mood, making the best out of every moment. 

“Hey, remember when you made an aging potion to infiltrate the age line during the TriWizard?” You asked.

“Yea,” replied Fred, not quite sure where the conversation was leading to.

“Took us an entire day to finally remove those beards,” George added with a cringed expression.

“I actually tampered your potion so that it will never work…” you chuckled. You’d figured that you should come clean since there may or may not be any chance to do so in the future.

“Ya didn’t…” Fred covered his mouth.

“I did,” you nodded my head.

“Also, remember when I rejected your invitation to the Yule Ball?” You asked.

“I lied about being sick. I actually went with one of the Durmstrang students,” you added before Fred could reply.

“That’s impossible, we would have seen you-”said George as you raised your eyebrows at him.

Oh, potions,” George mumbled.

“Fred, she’s a tough one,” George flashed an easy smile and patted Fred on his shoulder.

“Do ya not remember that we saved ya from Umbridge while she was torturing ya?” Fred attempted to gain a leverage on you.

“I do, and I still thank you for that,” you smiled.

“Then why not ya make it up to me with a lil’ something?” Fred smirked as he busted a move. 

“Oh Fred, when will you ever learn?” You sighed.

Your conversation with the twins came to an end when jets of dark magic started to erode the protection spell that Professor Flitwick had casted on Hogwarts. The protection spell was getting weaker and weaker, and you knew that the battle of Hogwarts was inevitable.

“You ready?” asked George and you and Fred nodded.

Me too,” George replied while three of you gave each other an assuring smile. All of you weren’t sure of what the outcome was going to be, were clear of one thing - you weren’t going to give up Hogwarts or Harry Potter without a fight.

Just like what you had expected, the protection spell had crumbled within a few minutes. Death eaters wasted no time and penetrated Hogwarts from every part and every corner. You were duelling masked and hooded men with the help of the Weasley Twins as well as other students. Many, many masked and hooded men.

Yells, shouts and the unmistakeable noises of duelling filled the corridor, but you and the twins were handling the situation in the secret passages well, occasionally chatting with each other while battling.

Jets of light flew in every direction and Percy Weasley soon came to join before George went in the other direction to assist Angelina Johnson who was also defending the passages.

The man duelling Percy backed off, fast: then his hood slipped and then they saw a high forehead and streaked hair-

"Hello Minister!” bellowed Percy, sending a neat jinx straight at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand, and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort. 

"Did I mention I’m resigning?” Percy smiled as he aimed an offensive spell directly at Thicknesse.

‘Ya joking Perce!’ shouted Fred, as Thicknesse fell to the ground with tiny spikes erupting all over him; he seemed to be turning into some kind of sea urchin. Fred looked at Percy with glee. 

From the corner of your eye, you spotted a death eater casting a blasting curse. You knew it was going to hit you and everyone around. You had to do something. You had to save them.

“You actually are joking … i don’t think I have heard you joke since you were-”

“Revulto!” You casted a revulsion jinx and a flash of purple light aimed straight at Percy and Fred, pushing them away from you.

The air exploded immediately.

In that fragment of a moment, the world was rent apart. You felt yourself flying through the air and all you could do was hang on tightly to your wand, and shield your head in your arms. You heard the screams and yells of your companions without a hope of knowing what had happened to them- and then the world resolved itself into pain and darkness. 

You were buried in the wreckage of a corridor that had been subjected to a terrible attack. Cold air told you that the side of the castle had been blown away, and hot stickiness on your cheek told you that you were bleeding copiously. You were scared, perhaps more scared than you had ever been in your entire life. You wanted to stand up, but you couldn’t. Were you going to die?

Fred was struggling to his feet in the wreckage, and then the two redheaded men were grouped on the ground where the wall had blasted apart. They were searching among the wreckages for any students, with Fred only focusing on finding you.

“I’m here…” You wanted to scream, but you didn’t have the energy to do so. You found yourself slowly closing your eyes and saying hello to Death until-

“No no no!” Fred shouted as he removed the wreckages laid on top of you, only to find you partially unconscious. You were slowly slipping away.

“Get her to the Great Hall now!” shouted Percy as Fred carried you on his back. He couldn’t risk using an apparition spell and was running for his life to the Great Hall, not failing to attack any Death eater that were in his way. You had saved him, and now you were going to die. He couldn’t let that happen.

Fred burst through the Great Hall where all the casualties were gathered around, be it dead or alive. As he walked towards Professor Nurse Wainscott, he caught a glimpse of Tonks and Lupin, holding their hands. It may sound sweet, but Fred’s heart ached because in actual fact, they were dead. 

“Ya have to save her! She’s dying!” exclaimed Fred as he found Nurse Wainscott, tending to all casualties under a cloaking spell against the death eaters. She was your best chance in getting you alive.

He placed you down on a stretcher and allowed Nurse Wainscott to examine your injuries. You were unconscious, but you could feel what was going on. You weren’t dead, yet.

“That’s a blasting curse,” uttered Nurse Wainscott.

“It’s going to be hard to cure this one,” Wainscott broke a sweat.

Fred’s expression changed to an expression of horror and fear. He had witnessed too many deaths. He simply couldn’t bear the pain of allowng another to die, especially since you saved him.

“But possible,” added Wainscott.

“Do ya magic,” replied Fred.

“Mr Weasley, I suggest you leave Y/N here and help Mr Potter with the others, they need you,” Wainscott said.

Fred hesitated, but he knew that it was for the best. You would have done the same thing.

He bent down towards you, unsure of whether you would hear his words.

I’ll be back soon,” said Fred as he held your hand tightly, praying that you would survive.

Funny thing was, although you were unconscious, you could still hear him. It became a source of strength for you. You couldn’t die, you were only 18!


“Vulnera Sanentur”


Nurse Wainscott casted many healing spells and fed you many potions. You felt hot then very very cold, it seemed to be working until you felt even more pain.

“I’ve done my best Miss Y/L/N, it’s up to you now,” Wainscott whispered in your ear and left a prayer before attending to other casualties.

I’ll be back soon,” 

“I’ve done my best Miss Y/L/N, it’s up to you now,” 

These words repeated continuously in your head. You felt yourself getting weaker and weaker, and soon, you couldn’t feel anything. That’s when you knew that you were dead.

“I’m sorry,” you uttered with your last final breath.

“Grandma?” you opened your eyes and you were suddenly in your childhood home, watching your grandma knitting.

“Y/N?” your grandma gasped.

“You aren’t supposed to be here,” she said.

“Apparently I am. I’m dead aren’t I?” Your eyes started to get wet. As much as you were pleased to be with Grandma, you didn’t want to die.

“You weren’t supposed to die, I know your future,” she said as she gave you a hug.

“Well, future screwed up,” you mumbled.

“Not for long,” your grandma stopped knitting and sat you down.

“Now Y/N, I want you to close your eyes and think about every happy moment and every reason as to why you deserve to live. You only have one shot,” your grandma looked into your eyes and told you.

“I’ll be by your side,” she gave you an assuring smile and grabbed your hands.

You closed your eyes and started doing what Grandma had instructed you to do. You thought of your family and friends. You thought of Hogwarts and every happy moment of your wizarding life. You thought of why you deserved to live; you still had a long way to go. Then you thought of Fred Weasley: he wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of you saving him.

“Tell grandpa that I miss him,”  your grandma said and suddenly your vision went black again.

You heard anguish cries and screams around you and slowly opened your eyes.

The entire Weasley family members were around you, including Ron and Hermione. Mrs Weasley was tearing up, unable to accept the fact that such a young girl was dead. Ron was looking upon you with his hands around Hermione’s waist, reminiscing the good old times when you would help him love advice. George and Percy was grieving. As for Fred, he took your death the hardest. He was holding onto you, his head leaning on your body and sobbing.

“She’s alive,” Hermione said as she witnessed your eyes opening.

“Wainscott said that she was dead-” said Fred as he looked up upon you.  

“Surprise?” You used your strength to at least say something.

“Bu-but how?” asked Fred.

“I just didn’t want to die,” you said, struggling to give an assuring smile.

“Is it over? Did we win? Where’s Harry?” You asked.

“We won,” Ron said triumphly.

“Everyone, let’s give Y/N more space and time to heal,” instructed Mrs Weasley wiped off her tears.

“I’m glad you’re alive Y/N, thank you for saving my sons,” she said as she glanced at Percy and Fred before planting a kiss on your forehead as a form of gratitude and strength.

As everyone was about to leave, you grabbed Fred’s arm.

“Don’t go,” you said.

He listened to you and sat back down.

“Ya saved me,” mumbled Fred.

“I know. Don’t ask why, I just did,” you said.

“From now on, ya can help yourself to anything you want in Wizard Wheezes, all right? No charge,” replied Fred. His offer was nothing compared to what you had done.

“I like that,” you laughed before realising that you wounds hurt every single time you laugh.

“And Y/N,”

“Do ya want to invite me to the Yule ball this year? Alumnis are welcomed to be student’s dates. You, me, dancing.” Fred smirked as he busted a move, again. 

“Oh Fred, when will you ever learn?” You chuckled.

“But I will love to do so,” you smiled.

George Weasley Imagine for anon

“Can you do a George imagine where him and the reader are engaged and he lost his ear in the battle of 7 potters and he’s super self conscious about it and thinks that the reader won’t love him anymore?”

*your p.o.v*
I walked in our shared room with George, and I found him looking at his reflection in the mirror. He had this weird face, like he wasn’t satisfied with what he sees, plus he looked sad.
“George?” I asked, touching his arm gently, and he jumped. “Woah, are you okay?”
“Y-yeah, of course.” He mumbled, sratching the back of his neck nervously.
“I don’t believe you. Something is bothering you and I know it. You can tell me, I won’t judge” I said, hugging him from behind and resting my head on his back.
“If I tell you, would you be a 100% honest with me?” He asked, turning around to face me.
“Of course George” I said nodding with my head.
“Do you find me attractive?” He asked.
“You are the most handsome guy I ever met, why are you asking such question?” I asked.
“Even if I have only one ear?”
“George Weasley. You are beautiful with or without that ear. I fell in love with you before the accident in the Battle of Hogwarts, and I am still so in love with you like before. God what am I saying? Each day that passes by makes me love you even more. You know, I love you because you are an amazing person who can make me laugh when I don’t want to, and you are truly one of the best people I ever met. Sure, you are really attractive, that’s a bonus. I love you George, with or without that ear”
“I am so glad I am engaged to you, I love you y/n” he said with watery eyes, while kissing me gently on the lips.
“Never forget that okay? You-” I kissed his forehead. “Are-” I kissed his nose. “Beautiful” I kissed his lips.
“Thanks y/n. I don’t know what I would do without you” he whispered, kissing me again.
“I know, I’m awesome. Hey want to know a little secret?” I asked. “Almost no one notices the ears, if it makes you feel better” I said chuckling, making him giggle.

30 Days of Harry Potter

Day 18 A part of the books/movies that makes you cry.

First, the Battle of the Seven Potters - We lose Hedwig, Mad Eye and my dear George’s ear.

Second, Dobby’s death. I HATED Dobby in Chamber of Secrets but he totally was redeemed in the final movie and then next thing I knew, he had a knife in his little elf gut and I felt as though I did too…

Third, the poor dragon trapped in Gringott’s that’s trained to fear pain.

Fourth, The battle of Hogwarts of course. Fred, Tonks, Remus, Lavender (maybe?), Colin and even Bellatrix… giving up their lives to fight for the good of their world, (even if they weren’t on the right side… cos Bellatrix, crazy as she was, was fighting on behalf of the man she truly loved… so…. ) <3