battle of ortona

Sherman tanks of the 1st Canadian Armored Brigade in Italy, advancing towards the Gothic Line, 26 August, 1944.

The brigade took part in the British Eighth Army’s assault landing on the toe of Italy in Operation Baytown on September 1943. Its regiments participated in the Battles of Potenza, Termoli, Ortona. During the fourth and final Battle of Monte Cassino in May 1944, the brigade helped break the Gustav Line, crossing the Gari River in support of the 8th Indian Division. Its regiments helped the 1st Canadian Division and the British 78th Division in breaking the Hitler Line. It cooperated with the British XIII Corps in the Battle of Lake Trasimeno. It was active in the crossing of the Arno River and later fought on the Gothic Line.

Combined with the 1st Canadian Infantry Division and 5th Canadian Armoured Division as part of I Canadian Corps, the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade was moved from the Italian Front and joined the First Canadian Army in Northern Europe at the beginning of 1945. (Photo source - © IWM NA 18051)
No. 2 Army Film & Photographic Unit - Sgt. Palmer

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Question. You write a lot of genres. I liked your historical AU the best :-) Do you think you could write anymore in the future?

Hello :) Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Ummmm. See, here’s the thing. If I knew there would be readers for it, I would definitely write more. I’m always hesitant to start new things with this fandom because I have really bad anxiety and I hate uploading something, only to get empty views on it (this happens all the time to authors). Unfortunately, we have a really bad habit of not commenting on works - I still don’t understand why though.

But if I were to write any historical AUs/ One-shots it would be these:

1) Cold War RusAme AU - I would love to write pockets of the Cold War, such as the proxy wars in Vietnam and Korea. I think the rivalry of ideologies would be such interesting plot material (To clarify, I’m not romanticizing what happened, those wars were awful, cruel, and promoted neo-colonialism).

What intrigues me most is the Cuban Missile Crisis. How I view it, America and Russia would treat each other separately, as both nations (where they ‘hate’ each other, notice the quotes) and humans (where they’re able to drop their guards and seek intimacy in the other).

2) Canada Throughout the World Wars AU - Canada doesn’t get enough credit for everything they contributed to in the world wars. My point of emphasis would probably focus on the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the two battles of Ypres, and then maybe the Battle of Ortona.

3) The Fall of The Berlin Wall Two-Shot - I would like to continue “The Dissolution of Awesome” and write about how Germany and Prussia react after seeing each other for the first time in what most have been decades, seeing as how the USSR acted as the representative entity for all world meetings.

4) VE Day One-shot- I’m very tempted to write the celebrations at the end of the second world war. I would flesh out all perspectives, ranging from the victors to those who gave their unconditional surrender. (Remember that Japan hadn’t yet surrendered at that point!)

Sorry if I went on a bit of a tangent there :p I just think this fandom has a lot of missed potential with regards to portraying historical events. It’s just disappointing when people don’t do their research or minimize/dismiss past horrors.

Thanks for dropping by :)