battle of nu'anu

The  Battle of Nuʻuanu

In the late 19th century the Hawaiian Chieftain Kamehameha sought to conquer all the islands of Hawaii under his rule.  He raised an massive army of 1,200 war canoes and 12,000 men, all of whom were well trained by two European military advisors.  Furthermore he was able to arm his army with muskets acquired from American and British traders.

With superior tactics and weaponry Kamehameha was able to conquer Maui and Oahu.  One of the most notable clashes was the Battle of Nuʻuanu, in which Kamehameha’s forces were easily able to beat back the army of Oahu.  With cannon and muskets the warriors of Oahu were forced to take cover on a nearby cliff.  Kamehameha’s army followed and forced them to either fight to the death or jump.  As a result 800 Oahu warriors were pushed off the cliff or forced to jump.

After the Battle of Nu'uanu in 1795 the Hawaii, Oahu, and Maui were united under Kamehameha’s rule as the Kingdom of Hawaii.  By 1810 most of the smaller Hawaiian islands become vassals of the Kingdom, making Hawaii a truly unified realm.